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  November 13, 2004

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Brain image Long-term memory protein 'found'  - BBC   Left:  The identity of the protein which is key to developing long-term memory has been confirmed. say US scientists. Scientists have suspected for a long time that the mBDNF(mature Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) protein plays a role in memory development. But the Institutes of Health team claims in the journal Science to have proved the protein is the key, using experiments on mouse brains. Protein mBDNF is produced by a chemical reaction involving the enzyme plasmin and proBDNF. Unfortunately, the substance which creates plasmin, which it is thought people with Alzheimer's disease lack, can affect the blood.
Image of a dialysis machine 'Biological' kidney implant hope  - BBC  Left:  19,000 UK people receive dialysis.  The first human trial of an artificial 'bio' kidney has shown encouraging results, offering hope of a working implant for patients, say US experts. Ten kidney patients at the University of Michigan tested the device, which works in the same way as dialysis but is partly made of human cells. Eventually, scientists hope the device will become an implantable long-term replacement for failing kidneys. It is made up of hollow fibres lined with the type of kidney cells that reabsorb vital electrolytes, water, and glucose filtered out of blood, in addition to producing other important molecules that the body needs to fight infection.

Betting on Bush: What online gambling can tell us about winning elections  - BBC  The polls were off-beam, the pundits were caught napping, the press didn't cover itself in glory - did anyone confidently predict the result of the US election? The gambling community, perhaps. A glance at the returns of some of the world's biggest betting exchanges shows that President George W Bush remained a clear favourite with punters right down to the wire. Indeed, electronic gambling is proving so uncanny a predictor of everything from oil prices to football results, that experts reckon it could be harnessed for more wholesome purposes than making money.  
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Alzheimer's Disease:

11/13/2004: Bern bears get chance to get out of the pit and into a park  - BBC
11/13/2004: Pressure on Europe's bird species
  - BBC
11/13/2004: Howard backs stem cell research  - BBC
11/13/2004: Kenyan dispute illuminates bioprospecting difficulties  - Nature
11/13/2004: Mice regrow damaged spinal cord  - Nature
11/13/2004: Illegal seeds overtake India's cotton fields  - Nature
11/13/2004: Half of European bird species in danger - New Scientist
11/13/2004: Mothers' genetic skew linked to gay sons - New Scientist
11/13/2004: Student Finds New Species of Amphibian  - NY Times

Climate, Environment:
11/13/2004: Polar people 'will need to adapt'  - BBC
11/13/2004: Geology toolkit: What is the UK really made of- Uncover the rocks beneath you  - BBC
11/13/2004: Australia in grip of water crisis  - BBC
11/13/2004: Tiny sea squirts could be new species - MSNBC
11/13/2004: Golf courses make good homes for birds - MSNBC
11/13/2004: Global warming alters US wildlife  - Nature
11/13/2004: China reveals official greenhouse gas emission figures for first time - SpaceDaily
11/13/2004: As the Arctic Warms  - NY Times
11/13/2004: Multimedia: The Arctic  - NY Times
11/13/2004: Report Heightens Pollution Dispute at Indonesian Bay  - NY Times
11/13/2004: Q & A: Storms and Sea Life  - NY Times
11/13/2004: Marsh Grass Threatens Plants in S.F. Bay  - NY Times
11/13/2004: Bottom - Dwelling Marine Life Found in Ga.  - NY Times
11/13/2004: Scientists Find Arctic Warming Quickly  - NY Times

11/13/2004: Halo fans' hope for sequel  - BBC
11/13/2004: Players sought for $1m prize  - BBC
11/13/2004: Sequel verdict Halo 2 impresses with addictive gameplay and compelling plot  - BBC
11/13/2004: $100 million in sales for 'Halo 2' - CNN
11/13/2004: Don't fool with Swedish Girls of Gaming  - CNN
11/13/2004: Game mocks real tragedy, gang experts say - MSNBC

11/13/2004: This Utility Doesn't Need Wires
 - Business Week
11/13/2004: That's cell entertainment
  - C/Net
11/13/2004: Trojan horse drives spam into cell phones
  - C/Net
11/13/2004: Race on to build fiber optic networks--Alvarion
  - C/Net
11/13/2004: FCC further deregulates Net calls
  - C/Net
11/13/2004: Trojan spammers take aim at mobile phones
 - New Scientist

11/13/2004: Beam Up That Data - Business Week
11/13/2004: Private company launches 64-bit parallel processor core  - C/Net

11/13/2004: US top of supercomputing charts  - BBC
11/13/2004: The questfor speed  - C/Net
11/13/2004: Photo: IBM's unusual design  - C/Net
11/13/2004: Will pocket-size Sony PC take on iPod?  - C/Net
11/13/2004: IBM offers Blue Gene as commercial supercomputer  - C/Net
11/13/2004: A speedy recipe for supercomputing  - Nature
11/13/2004: US heavyweights storm supercomputer league - New Scientist
11/13/2004: Panel Urges Washington to Finance Fast Computer
  - NY Times

11/13/2004: Firefox browser takes on Microsoft  - BBC
11/13/2004: Public value key to BBC websites  - BBC
11/13/2004: Pupils can e-mail teachers for out-of-hours revision help  - BBC
11/13/2004: New browser to challenge Microsoft  - CNN
11/13/2004: Election rules could reach Internet  - CNN
11/13/2004: Fired up about Firefox 1.0  - C/Net
11/13/2004: $1 million bond set for alleged spammer's freedom
  - C/Net
11/13/2004: Should Microsoft own antispam?
  - C/Net
11/13/2004: Track those goods, prices on eBay
  - C/Net
11/13/2004: Double MyDoom for Internet Explorer flaw
  - C/Net
11/13/2004: Firefox 1.0 fans clog Mozilla site
  - C/Net
11/13/2004: Rice fields yield Internet riches
  - C/Net
11/13/2004: Worm lures users into online booby trap
 - New Scientist

11/13/2004: Putting Computing Power on Tap - Business Week
11/13/2004: Microsoft ready to launch search engine  - C/Net
11/13/2004: Feds charge man with selling Windows code  - C/Net
11/13/2004: Short films star on Amazon  - C/Net
11/13/2004: Music sharing that's free and legal  - C/Net

11/13/2004: Fusion reactor decision must wait  - BBC
11/13/2004: EU may go it alone on nuclear fusion  - CNN
11/13/2004: Cleaning up with energy  - C/Net
11/13/2004: Fusion plant talks end without decision - MSNBC
11/13/2004: Nuclear fusion negotiations go critical - New Scientist

11/13/2004: Experts examined: Heart surgeon Magdi Yacoub on prejudice and pioneers  - BBC
11/13/2004: Regular pill popping decreases heart risks  - Nature
11/13/2004: Vital Signs: Heart Disease: Dirty Twist to Clean Bill of Health  - NY Times

11/13/2004: Travel Companion on the Breast Cancer Journey  - NY Times

11/13/2004: WHO fears malaria drug shortages  - NY Times
11/13/2004: Advisory Issued on Rare Disease Spread by Sex  - NY Times
11/13/2004: Germs, Germs Everywhere. Are You Worried? Get Over It.  - NY Times

11/13/2004: 'Biological' kidney implant hope   - BBC
11/13/2004: Fumes 'not winter asthma trigger'  - BBC
11/13/2004: Burning debate: Nine views on a ban on smoking in public in Scotland  - BBC
11/13/2004: Doctors renew smoking ban call  - BBC
11/13/2004: Vital Signs: Treatments: For M.S., a Possible Memory Jolt  - NY Times
11/13/2004: Living With A.L.S.  - NY Times
11/13/2004: I Beg to Differ: A Diabetes Researcher Forges Her Own Path to a Cure
  - NY Times

11/13/2004: Teenagers to get safe sex texts  - BBC
11/13/2004: Kids pumping ironThe under-12's get their own gym in Scotland  - BBC
11/13/2004: How men give promiscuous women a 'sperm' chastity belt  - BBC
11/13/2004: Vital Signs: Regimens: Weekend Work for Lazy Eye
11/13/2004: Risk: How a Baby May Save Your Joints  - NY Times
11/13/2004: Invest in a Child's Future: Shop Smart for the Right Doctor  - NY Times
11/13/2004: The Claim: Sleep Inspires Creative Thinking  - NY Times
11/13/2004: Lead Poisoning Can Strike Years After Bullets Lodge  - NY Times

History, Anthropology:
11/13/2004: T. Rex fancied ribs, scientist says - MSNBC
11/13/2004: Kicking the hobbit habit  - Nature
11/13/2004: Miniature People Add Extra Pieces to Evolutionary Puzzle  - NY Times
11/13/2004: Observatory: Ancient Beauty Secrets  - NY Times
11/13/2004: Ancient bear made early migration  - BBC

11/13/2004: Betting on Bush: What online gambling can tell us about winning elections   - BBC
11/13/2004: Space Odyssey:The BBC goes in search of new frontiers in television  - BBC
11/13/2004: Art attack: Ancient African rock threatened by modern-day vandals  - BBC
11/13/2004: E-university's record 'abysmal'  - BBC
11/13/2004: Software: Look Hard Before Leaping - Business Week
11/13/2004: Remote technology spares U.S. soldiers  - CNN
11/13/2004: Pollsters can't survey cell phone-only users  - CNN
11/13/2004: Shopping with my Friendsters  - C/Net
11/13/2004: The hidden cost of buying information  - C/Net
11/13/2004: Organizing for effectiveness in the public sector  - C/Net
11/13/2004: East, east, and away: Will your job move to China?  - C/Net
11/13/2004: ‘Polar Express’ takes quick trip to 3-D - MSNBC
11/13/2004: Long after Kinsey, only the brave study sex  - NY Time  - NY Timess
11/13/2004: Graphic: Attitudes Toward Sex, Then and Now
11/13/2004: Finding Healing Music in the Heart  - NY Times
11/13/2004: Stickers Put in Evolution Text Are the Subject of a Federal Trial  - NY Times

11/13/2004: Long-term memory protein 'found'   - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
11/13/2004: Second black hole found at the centre of our Galaxy  - Nature
11/13/2004: Life-or-Death Question: How Supernovas Happen
  - NY Times
11/13/2004: Last Gasp of a Dying Star? Spacecraft to Find Out
  - NY Times
11/13/2004: Graphic
  - NY Times



11/13/2004: Rocket shadow: The Brazilians wary of their nation's space ambitions  - BBC
11/13/2004: Rules outlined for $50-million space prize
  - Nature
11/13/2004: Prize aims for orbiting space tourists
 - New Scientist
11/13/2004: Cassini discovers music of the rings
 - New Scientist
11/13/2004: Probe arrives at Moon's gateway
  - BBC

11/13/2004: Putting a face to 'Big Brother'  - BBC


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