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  November 12, 2005

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Plant oil 'acts like cancer drug'  - BBC   LeftNearly a third of cancers carry the Her-2/neu receptor.  Scientists have pinpointed how evening primrose oil fights breast tumours. It is down to a substance in the oil called gamma-linolenic acid that acts on the same receptor in tumours as the powerful breast cancer drug Herceptin. Unlike Herceptin, which blocks the Her-2/neu receptor, GLA interferes with the gene carrying the DNA code needed to make the receptor work. Studies have shown that the drug Herceptin (traztuzumab) cuts the risk of tumours returning in women with early stage Her-2/neu-positive breast cancer by 50%. 
Glimmer of first stars spied  - Nature  "This is probably the first direct indication of their existence," says Alexander Kashlinsky, an astronomer at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, and a member of the team that made the discovery. These earliest stars are known as 'population III' (after young population I stars that look like our Sun, and population II stars, which are older and more rare). They are thought to have formed less than 200 million years after the Big Bang, the fireball of creation that astronomers believe heralded the beginning of our Universe some 13.7 billion years ago. Although they are too distant and old to be imaged directly, their signature should be left behind in the cosmic infrared background radiation, which Kashlinsky describes as, "the repository of emissions for all stellar populations that have ever existed in the Universe".   

 Mathematicians Get A Handle On Centuries Old Shape - Science Daily  It has been almost 230 years since French general and mathematician Jean Meusnier's study of soap films -- the same kind used by children today to blow bubbles -- led to one of the fundamental mathematical examples in geometric optimization. Meusnier showed that one of nature's simplest geometric figures -- an ordinary two-dimensional plane -- could be twisted infinitely into a helicoid, a shape that has the delicate balance everywhere of a soap film. Meusnier offered mathematical proof that the helicoid -- which resembles a parking garage ramp -- was a "minimal" surface, meaning that each part of the surface had the same shape as a curved soap film. In new findings published online today by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a team of mathematicians from Rice, Stanford and Indiana universities offers the first proof since Meusnier's for a new type of minimal surface that meets the same criteria of being an infinitely twisted version of a fundamentally simple shape. Mathematicians Matthias Weber of Indiana, David Hoffman of Stanford and Michael Wolf of Rice call the new surface a "genus one helicoid." From far away, the surface looks much like Meusnier's helicoid. However, when untwisted, the new shape differs from the flat plane of Meusnier's untwisted helicoid in a key way: It has a curved handle, much like the handle one might find on the flat lid of a kitchen pot.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

11/12/2005:Next-generation DNA microarray manufacturing ... - FirstScience
11/12/2005:Singapore takes biomedical science as growth engine: minister ...
 - FirstScience
11/12/2005:Japan's whaling fleet sets sail  - BBC
11/12/2005:Abortion test case returns to court  - BBC
11/12/2005:Have Your Say Should parents be told if under-16s want an abortion?  - BBC
11/12/2005:Greg Blonder - Business Week

Climate, Environment:
11/12/2005:28 Fighters Against Environmental Catastrophe - Salon
11/12/2005:Air pollution 'will be tackled' by 2008 ... - FirstScience
11/12/2005:Private sector accepts the challenge of recycling waste ... - FirstScience
11/12/2005:Why firms now must compete on social and environmental issues ... - FirstScience
11/12/2005:Dam project gets $152bn ... - FirstScience
11/12/2005:Kyoto to 'reduce Europe's growth'  - BBC
11/12/2005:Petrol pump fumes to be targeted  - BBC

11/12/2005: The Many Ways to Make a Game - Business Week
11/12/2005:Newsmaker: 'Madden' meets the Xbox 360  - C/Net
11/12/2005:Why Microsoft plays games with iPod  - C/Net
11/12/2005:17 comments  - C/Net
11/12/2005:Xbox 360 launch party in the desert?  - NY Times
11/12/2005:Sneaking ads into games  - Wired News
11/12/2005:Rock the mountain in 'SSX' downhill
  - CNN

11/12/2005: Linux Answers Phone Makers' Call
 - Business Week
11/12/2005:Dialing Up Linux
 - Business Week
11/12/2005: Wireless: Harsh Signals for the Telecoms
 - Business Week
11/12/2005:Wireless is more for cable sector
  - C/Net
11/12/2005:Cable goes for the quadruple play
  - C/Net
11/12/2005:Unsecured Wi-Fi would be outlawed by N.Y. county
  - C/Net
11/12/2005:FCC drops E911 cutoff date
  - C/Net
11/12/2005:Hyped over Skype
  - C/Net
11/12/2005:New mobile device more bling tone than ring tone
  - CNN

11/12/2005:At least Ballmer didn't say Athlon  - NY Times

11/12/2005:Photos: Historic PCs  - C/Net
11/12/2005:Video: Building Apples on the cheap  - C/Net
11/12/2005:Woz tells Homebrew how Apple grew  - C/Net
11/12/2005:Let your eyes be the judge?  - NY Times

11/12/2005:War and Peace, 20 Pages at a Time  - NY Times
11/12/2005:Crooks turn to online card fraud  - BBC
11/12/2005:Gunning for Google: To counter the search titan's rise, Yahoo!and Microsoft are pursuing partnershipsthat stand to alter the Internet landscape - Business Week
11/12/2005: File-Sharing Sites' New Tune - Business Week
11/12/2005:Perspective: A worm by any other name  - C/Net
11/12/2005:Perspective: Why they say spyware is good for you  - C/Net
11/12/2005:Australian ISPs tapped to kill zombies
  - C/Net
11/12/2005:Google thinks small
  - C/Net
11/12/2005:Grokster to stop distributing service
  - CNN
11/12/2005:Yahoo-TiVo to blend TV, Web services
  - CNN

11/12/2005:Free ideas: The value of open source according to tech guru Tim O'Reilly  - BBC
11/12/2005:Nano lawsuit goes international  - BBC
11/12/2005:Grokster quits file-sharing fight  - BBC
11/12/2005: Chicken Little's News for Pixar - Business Week
11/12/2005:Ballmer on why Microsoft is different  - C/Net
11/12/2005:Open source, open wallet  - C/Net
11/12/2005:New worm targets Linux systems  - C/Net
11/12/2005:38 comments  - C/Net
11/12/2005:Last waltz for Grokster  - C/Net
11/12/2005:16 comments  - C/Net
11/12/2005:Microsoft's big product rollout and more  - NY Times
11/12/2005:Windows AntiSpyware becomes 'Defender'  - C/Net
11/12/2005:History's worst software bugs
  - Wired News
11/12/2005:Extra services, extra charges
  - C/Net

11/12/2005:China lifts target for renewable energy use ... - FirstScience
11/12/2005:Renewable energy investment at record high - report ... - FirstScience
11/12/2005:Energy demands set to soar  - BBC
11/12/2005:A car that zooms without the fumes  - C/Net
11/12/2005:Plan drafted for fuel cells on airliners  - El. Engr. Times
11/12/2005:Samsung readies long lasting fuel cells  - El. Engr. Times

11/12/2005:Post-op heart therapy saves lives  - BBC

11/12/2005:Plant oil 'acts like cancer drug'   - BB

11/12/2005:Gloomy estimate of bird flu costs  - BBC
11/12/2005:Past pandemics: A look at some of history's worst killer diseases  - BBC
11/12/2005:Happy marriage 'helps fight flu'  - BBC
11/12/2005:Bird flu claims Vietnamese victim  - BBC
11/12/2005:Malaria risk 'depends on house'  - BBC
11/12/2005:Technology zeroes in on bird flu  - C/Net


11/12/2005:Pedometer scheme for children  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
11/12/2005:Theory of evolution compatible with Bible: Vatican ... - FirstScience
11/12/2005:Six-year war over evolution comes to a head ... - FirstScience
11/12/2005:Raising the dead: An archaeologist gave up gentle academia to exhume bodies. Why?  - BBC

11/12/2005:Google Duo's New Jet Is a Wide-Body 767-200  - Wired News
11/12/2005:Silicon Valley Loves -- and Fears -- China  - Wired News
11/12/2005:A Constant State of Insecurity  - Wired News
11/12/2005:Depression Worked for Lincoln; Why Not for You? - Slate
11/12/2005:The 10 Worst Jobs in Science - Popular Science
11/12/2005:Taper is no match for Begley's Best ... - L. A. Times
11/12/2005:The research money crunch  - C/Net
11/12/2005:Performing Shakespeare, helped along by Microsoft  - NY Times
11/12/2005:TV's new parallel universe  - C/Net
11/12/2005:NBC, CBS to offer shows on demand for 99 cents  - C/Net
11/12/2005:Social funds warn Web firms on human rights  - C/Net
11/12/2005:Google introduces ad-services referral program  - C/Net
11/12/2005:Indian challengers sneak up on Bangalore  - C/Net
11/12/2005:India and China vs. the world and each other  - NY Times
11/12/2005:Hackers emptying online brokerage accounts  - CNN
11/12/2005:Cruise ship 'used sonic weapon'  - CNN
11/12/2005:Plasma display shortages coming, says analyst  - El. Engr. Times

11/12/2005:How women and men react differently to humour  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
11/12/2005:Glimmer of first stars spied  - Nature  - Nature
Mathematicians Get A Handle On Centuries Old Shape  - Science Daily


11/12/2005:Own Robby the Robot  - C/Net

11/12/2005:China Eyes 2017 Moon Landing - CNN
11/12/2005:Astronauts Want Asteroid Collision Plan ...
 - FirstScience
11/12/2005:Asteroid May Yield Next Sample of Space Matter ...
 - Washington Post
11/12/2005:Russia set to launch six spacecraft in 2006 ...
 - FirstScience
11/12/2005:United States, Partners Mark Space Station's Fifth Anniversary ...
 - FirstScience
11/12/2005:Earth reaches out to love-lorn Venus ...
 - FirstScience
11/12/2005:Astronauts install space station cameras
  - C/Net
11/12/2005:Super-rocket's next critical test

11/12/2005:Now hear this! How technology has brought books to blind people  - BBC
11/12/2005:Here comes the sun: Gloomy Italian village plans giant mirror  - BBC
11/12/2005:In pictures: The technology that brought books to life for blind people  - BBC
11/12/2005:Hotel card-keys edge toward extinction  - NY Times
11/12/2005:US military sets laser PHASRs to stun - New Scientist


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