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  November 12, 2004

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Fly (BBC) Cloning of flies is latest buzz  - BBC  Five genetically identical fruit flies were produced at the lab of Dr Vett Lloyd at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Fruit flies have long been a "model" to study reproductive biology and the team thinks its insects may help science understand why cloning is often flawed. The Dalhousie fly clones were produced in a slightly different way to the method made famous with Dolly the sheep. For the Dalhousie flies, the donor genetic material came not from an adult cell but from an embryo cell. It took about 800 transfers to produce the five fly copies.
Polar bears (University College London) Arctic heads into warmer future  - BBC  Left:  Polar bears use the ice floes to hunt seals.  The Arctic is undergoing rapid and possibly irreversible change, according to a new report prepared for the eight nations which rim the region. The Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (ACIA) endorses recent warnings about melting ice, with perhaps all ocean ice disappearing in summers by 2060-2100. The statement, to be published next week, has concerns too about raised levels of ultraviolet light brought about by ozone thinning. Average Arctic temperatures have risen at twice the rate seen elsewhere on the planet. 

Horses ploughing   PA

Climate gas cuts 'are affordable'  - BBC  Left:  Friendlier farming is one way to tackle climate change.  The world can ward off a dangerous rise in temperature much more cheaply than many people think, a UK scientist says. Professor John Schellnhuber, of the University of East Anglia, believes the cost of averting runaway climate change could be as low as 0.3% of global GDP. He is telling a high-level conference in the German capital, Berlin, that the world can avoid a major catastrophe. But he says there is no simple solution for reducing greenhouse gases, and the world will need a mix of strategies.
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Alzheimer's Disease:
11/12/2004: New Oral Vaccine For Alzheimer's Disease - Science Daily
11/12/2004: Animal Study Suggests Safer Immunization Approach To Alzheimer's
 - Science Daily
11/12/2004: New Technology Points To Possible Targets For Epilepsy And Alzheimer's Drugs
 - Science Daily

11/12/2004: Cloning of flies is latest buzz   - BBC
11/12/2004: Research Team Discovers Possible Genetic Mechanism Behind Congenital Heart Defects ...
 - FirstScience
11/12/2004: Sexual competition drives evolution of a sex-related gene ... - FirstScience
11/12/2004: Eco-Friendly Disc To Store Data On Corn - SpaceDaily
11/12/2004: Farmers Don't Need A New Superstar Toxin To Fight Bugs - Science Daily
11/12/2004: New Method Studies Living Bacteria Cells - Science Daily
11/12/2004: Bug's-Eye-View Of Urinary Tract Reveals E. Coli Infection Genes - Science Daily
11/12/2004: Academics Work To Help Stressed-out Cats - Science Daily
11/12/2004: Chimpanzee 'Workshop' Discovered In Congo - Science Daily
11/12/2004: Clues To The Puzzle Of 'Talking' Root Cells - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
11/12/2004: Climate gas cuts 'are affordable'   - BBC
11/12/2004: Arctic heads into warmer future   - BBC
11/12/2004: Global warming severest in Arctic: Four-year, eight-country scientific study ... - FirstScience
11/12/2004: US grant for India to reduce indoor pollution ... - FirstScience
11/12/2004: Coyotes Roam, Not Far from U.S. White House ... - FirstScience
11/12/2004: Modeling Framework Projects Significant Increase in Ozone-Related Deaths ...
11/12/2004: Italian Senators Fight to Save the Fiat 500 from Anti-Pollution Rules ... - FirstScience
11/12/2004: Digital Temblors: Computer Model Successfully Forecasts Earthquake Sites -
11/12/2004: Researchers sound alarm bells over rapid Arctic warming - SpaceDaily
11/12/2004: Financial world goes green as climate change treaty gets Russian boost - SpaceDaily
11/12/2004: Brazil hails Russia's signing of Kyoto climate pact - SpaceDaily
11/12/2004: Future NOAA Spacecraft Will Improve Management Of America's Coastal Waters - SpaceDaily
11/12/2004: NOAA Offers Ionospheric Products - SpaceDaily
11/12/2004: Beijing Admits Defeat In 'Blue Sky' Plan To Clear Up The Air - SpaceDaily
11/12/2004: Moderate Earthquake In Russia's Far East - SpaceDaily
11/12/2004: Effects Of Road Deicing On Environment - Science Daily
11/12/2004: Laser Technology Helps Track Changes In Mount St. Helens - Science Daily
11/12/2004: Munching Microbes Could Cleanse Arsenic-contaminated Groundwater - Science Daily
11/12/2004: Cars, Not Crops, Should Be Chief Targets In Reducing Greenhouse Gases, Ecologists Say
 - Science Daily


11/12/2004: Multi-rate Laser Pulses Could Boost Outdoor Optical Wireless Performance
11/12/2004: Super Slow Light May Help Speed Optical Communications
 - Science Daily


11/12/2004: Virginia Tech Announces Its Rebuilt System X Achieves 12.25 Teraflops - Science Daily



11/12/2004: Greenpeace 'shocked' overdeath of anti-nuclear protestor ... - FirstScience
11/12/2004: Tumbleweeds Good For Uranium Clean-Up - SpaceDaily

11/12/2004: Further Evidence Reveals The Association Between Periodontal Disease And Coronary Artery Disease - Science Daily
11/12/2004: Study Finds Nearly 60 Percent Of American Adults May Have Elevated Blood Pressure - Science Daily

11/12/2004: Potential New Oncogene May Be Missing Link In Cancer-causing Chain - Science Daily
11/12/2004: New Tool Reveals Molecular Signature Of Cancer And HIV - Science Daily
11/12/2004: Prevention Of Prostate Cancer, Osteoporosis In Men Under Study - Science Daily

11/12/2004: Use Of Stomach Acid-suppressive Medications Associated With Increased Risk Of Pneumonia - Science Daily
11/12/2004: Tests Begin Of Flu Vaccine Grown In Insect Cell Lines - Science Daily
11/12/2004: Immune System In A Bottle Could Help Prevent Flu Vaccine Shortage - Science Daily

11/12/2004: Genetics Play Role In Response To Most Common Asthma Drug - Science Daily
11/12/2004: Gene For Diabetes Found - Science Daily
11/12/2004: Olfactory Bulb Stem Cells And Lou Gehrig's Disease - Science Daily

11/12/2004: Gene Mutations Responsible For Childhood Cataracts Discovered ... - FirstScience
11/12/2004: Inadequate Physical Activity Worsens As Teenagers Become Adults - Science Daily
11/12/2004: Scientists Detail Latest Advances In Development Of Prosthetic Devices For Paralyzed - Science Daily
11/12/2004: Growing Epidemic Of Wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration Ushers In New Era In Treatment Of The Disease - Science Daily
11/12/2004: MRI Improves Treatment Of Deforming Birthmarks - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
11/12/2004: Thirty-four Paleolithic Age sites found in central China ... - FirstScience
11/12/2004: Honeybee Puts Question Mark Over Chicxulub Asteroid Event ... - FirstScience
11/12/2004: Exploded Star Possibly Affected Human Evolution -
11/12/2004: Mystery Unwrapped: Texas A&M Team Uncovers Mummy Secrets - Science Daily
11/12/2004: Fossil Suggests Long Neck Made This Reptile An Effective Predator - Science Daily
11/12/2004: Skeleton Reveals Lost World Of 'Little People' - Science Daily

11/12/2004: Russia postpones military rocket launch - SpaceDaily
11/12/2004: EU congratulates Bush, urges joint work on key challenges - SpaceDaily
11/12/2004: EU chief calls on Bush to help improve transatlantic ties - SpaceDaily
11/12/2004: For Asia, Bush Means Global Warming, Insurgencies And Free Trade - SpaceDaily
11/12/2004: Disgraced Pakistani Nuclear Scientist In Poor Health: Lawyer - SpaceDaily
11/12/2004: Seoul Urges Pyongyang To Take Bold Step On Nuclear Drive
11/12/2004: UN Has Preliminary Agreement With Brazil On Nuclear Inspections - SpaceDaily
11/12/2004: China's Foreign Minister To Visit Iran, Nuclear Program On Agenda - SpaceDaily
11/12/2004: US Attack On Iran inconceivable, Says UK Foreign Secretary - SpaceDaily
11/12/2004: Newly-Built Fallujah Hospital Destroyed By Missiles: Doctor - SpaceDaily
11/12/2004: US Triples Global Estimate Of Shoulder Fired Missiles - SpaceDaily
11/12/2004: Terrorists Trying To Get Their Hands On Nuclear weapons, Australia warns - SpaceDaily
11/12/2004: Iran:EU Reach 'Preliminary Deal' After Crucial Nuclear Talks - SpaceDaily
11/12/2004: Egypt Rejects Allegations Of Secret Nuclear Programme - SpaceDaily
11/12/2004: Almost Good Enough To Eat: Food Taboos In Brazil - Science Daily
11/12/2004: New System 'Sees' Crimes On Audiotape - Science Daily
11/12/2004: Fatal Attraction: A New Study Suggests A Relationship Between Fear Of Death And Political Preferences - Science Daily

11/12/2004: Scientists Reveal Significant Behavioral Impacts Of Early Life Stress, Study Therapies - Science Daily
11/12/2004: Lighting Up The Human Brain At Night - Science Daily
11/12/2004: Jefferson Scientists Find New Way To Convert Adult Human Stem Cells To Dopamine Neurons - Science Daily
11/12/2004: Reductions In Blood Oxygen Levels In Newborns Could Contribute To ADHD Development - Science Daily
11/12/2004: Estrogen Or Stimulating Environment Boost Memory - Science Daily
11/12/2004: Calorie Restriction Leads To Some Brain Benefits But Not Others In Mice - Science Daily
11/12/2004: Exercising Limbs Protects Brain Cells Affected By Parkinson's, Study In Rodents Shows
 - Science Daily
11/12/2004: Molecular Mechanism Sheds Light On Neurodegenerative Diseases - Science Daily
11/12/2004: Can't Place A Name To The Face You Just Saw? - Science Daily
11/12/2004: A Time To Rhyme: Children Process Words By Sound While Adults Process By Meaning - Science Daily
11/12/2004: Infection, Not Lack Of Oxygen, Plays Larger Role In Premature Infant Brain Injury - Science Daily
11/12/2004: Marijuana-Like Compounds May Aid Array Of Debiliatiing Conditions Ranging From Parkinson's Disease To Pain - Science Daily
11/12/2004: Several New Techniques Show Promise For Spinal Cord Repair - Science Daily
11/12/2004: Nerve Navigation Findings Prompt New Direction For Spinal Cord Research - Science Daily
11/12/2004: 'Going Through The Motions' To Better Treat Dementia - Science Daily
11/12/2004: Toddlers' Imitation Predicts Well-Developed Conscience - Science Daily
11/12/2004: Therapy, Medication Combination Superior For Children With Obsessive-compulsive Disorder
 - Science Daily
11/12/2004: Jefferson Neuroscientists Find Evidence Of Lead Exposure Affecting Recovery From Brain Injury - Science Daily
11/12/2004: Researchers Develop Neural Prosthesis Allowing A Monkey To Feed Self Using Only Its Brain - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy: -
11/12/2004: Possible Source of Cosmic Rays Found
11/12/2004: Astronomers Untangle Black Hole Radiation
11/12/2004: Shock to the (Solar) System: Coronal Mass Ejection Tracked to Saturn
11/12/2004: Scientists Zero In On Why Time Flows In One Direction
 - Science Daily

11/12/2004: Physical Activity in Middle Age Cuts Risk of Early Death ... - FirstScience

11/12/2004: Mixing Biology And Electronics To Create Robotic Vision - Science Daily

11/12/2004: Possibility of Life on Mars ... - FirstScience
11/12/2004: Titan: A Good Mystery
11/12/2004: Control of Mars Rovers Shifts to Cornell -
11/12/2004: U.S. Air Force Orbits New GPS Satellite -
11/12/2004: China Ramps Up Human Spaceflight Efforts -
11/12/2004: Shuttle's Safe Return Illusory - SpaceDaily
11/12/2004: NASA Grows Ice For Space Shuttle Tests - SpaceDaily
11/12/2004: China sends new satellite into orbit - SpaceDaily
11/12/2004: First Close Encounter Of Saturn's Hazy Moon Titan - Science Daily
11/12/2004: Spirit Adds Clues About History Of Rocks In Martian Hills - Science Daily
11/12/2004: Keeping Messenger On Course To Mercury - SpaceDaily
11/12/2004: New Soyuz Model Successfully Launched - SpaceDaily
11/12/2004: Hypersonic Flight Set For Next Week - SpaceDaily
11/12/2004: Keeping Messenger On Course To Mercury - SpaceDaily
11/12/2004: NASA chases air-speed record ... - FirstScience
11/12/2004: NASA to Attempt Mach 10 Flight ... - FirstScience
11/12/2004: Lengthening Mars Rover Mission Presents Challenge To Cornell Researchers And Students Working ... - Science Daily

11/12/2004: UCSD chemists use tiny 'chaperones' to direct molecules and nanoparticles in drop of liquid ... - FirstScience
11/12/2004: Chemists Use 'Chaperones' To Direct Nanoparticles In Drop Of Liquid - SpaceDaily


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