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  November 11, 2005

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Indonesia To Launch Another Telco Satellite - SpaceDaily  Indonesia plans to launch a new telecommunication satellite this month to replace an older one, an industry spokesman said Thursday. The 73-million-dollar Telkom 2 satellite was built by US firm Orbital Sciences Corporation. Indonesia currently has three Palapa telecommunication satellites in orbit, two of which are operated by Indosat, another Indonesian telecommunication company. An archipelago of more than 17,700 islands, Indonesia depends largely on rocket-launched satellites for telecommunications. Telkom 2 will be put into orbit by an Ariane5 rocket of the European company Arianespace.   
Oil Firms Under Pressure From Consumers - SpaceDaily  Left:  "Big-oil behemoths are making out like bandits, while the average American family is getting killed by high gas prices, and soon-to-be record heating oil prices," said Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y. "We need to fix this."  Major oil firms together amassed a staggering $32.8 billion in net income during the third quarter, as gas prices top $3 a gallon. The figure includes earnings from ExxonMobil, BP, Royal Dutch/Shell, Chevron and ConocoPhillips. The announcement of record profits was attacked by critics and even some conventional allies. ExxonMobil, making corporate history as the first U.S. firm to surpass $100 billion in quarterly sales, which had a total revenue of $378 Billion.   

Bush Unveils U.S. Flu Readiness Plan - SpaceDaily  President George W. Bush has outlined a long-awaited national preparedness plan for pandemic influenza, asking Congress for $7.1 billion in emergency spending to boost the country's readiness for an outbreak that could include avian flu. Three major influenza pandemics struck during the 20th century, and public health experts have warned repeatedly that another pandemic is overdue. So far, the avian flu virus strain H5N1 has not gained the ability to spread from human to human, but the prospect of such a mutation worries experts, because humans lack natural immunity to the virus.    
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Alzheimer's Disease:
11/11/2005: Scientists Show How Thinking Can Harm Brain Cells - Science Daily

11/11/2005: Toothfish crew found not guilty  - BBC
11/11/2005: Cull to be kind? South African elephant boom sparks row over shooting plan
  - BBC
11/11/2005: Release the hounds: How hunts aimed to abide by the ban as a new season began  - BBC
11/11/2005: Urea protects sleepy frogs  - Nature
11/11/2005: Victims of genetic discrimination speak up - New Scientist
11/11/2005: 'Monkeyluv': Primates Are People, Too  - NY Times
11/11/2005: First Chapter  - NY Times
11/11/2005: New Study Uncovers Major Inaccuracies In Global Wildlife Trade Monitoring - Science Daily
11/11/2005: Compound In Wine Reduces Levels Of Alzheimer's Disease-causing Peptides - Science Daily
11/11/2005: Odd Energy Mechanism In Bacteria Analyzed - Science Daily
11/11/2005: Technique Offers New View Of Dynamic Biological Landscape - Science Daily
11/11/2005: Behind the Recent Spate of Vampire Bat Attacks - Space.com

Climate, Environment:
11/11/2005: Petrol pump fumes to be targeted  - BBC
11/11/2005: Huge iceberg breaks apart in Antarctica - MSNBC
11/11/2005: And Sometimes, the Island Is Marooned on You  - NY Times
11/11/2005: Graphic: An Island That Bumps Into Backyards  - NY Times
11/11/2005: Huge Iceberg Breaks Apart in Antarctica - Space.com
11/11/2005: Expanding Desert Could Cover China's Breadbasket In Sand - SpaceDaily
11/11/2005: Volcanic Eruptions Impact Sea Level - SpaceDaily
11/11/2005: First Test Of Carbon Sequestration In Lava Rock - SpaceDaily
11/11/2005: New Model Helps Assess Ocean-Injection Strategy - SpaceDaily

11/11/2005: GTA: San Andreas toasts success  - BBC
11/11/2005: Horror time It's all guts and gory glory in the latest more mature games  - BBC
11/11/2005: Hey, you got your iPod in my Xbox 360  - C/Net
11/11/2005: Market growing for refurbished, used iPods  - C/Net
11/11/2005: Why Microsoft plays games with iPod  - C/Net
11/11/2005: A bright, handy new BlackBerry  - C/Net
11/11/2005: Stores look for a niche as gadgets grow up
  - NY Times
11/11/2005: Rock the mountain in 'SSX' downhill
  - CNN


11/11/2005: Video: Moore amazed at his namesake law  - C/Net
11/11/2005: A notebook-sized screen created by a printer  - NY Times
11/11/2005: Moore's Law lives  - C/Net
11/11/2005: Cambridge, Novaled claim OLED advances  - El. Engr. Times
11/11/2005: Panelists ponder challenges of 45 nm  - El. Engr. Times

11/11/2005: Homebrew Club celebrates 30 years

11/11/2005: Have your say: Are you mashing, remixing and creating on the web?  - BBC
11/11/2005: Just Googling it is striking fear into companies  - C/Net
11/11/2005: Don't blame the online mappers  - C/Net
11/11/2005: Photos: Cartography in the Internet era  - C/Net
11/11/2005: FBI agents bust 'Botmaster'  - CNN
11/11/2005: Consumer Reports: Shopping Online Smarter - Space.com
11/11/2005: Vast Cyberlibrary Unveiled By Google
 - SpaceDaily
11/11/2005: Video and the Podcasting Star
  - Wired News

11/11/2005: Money-spinner: Open source code is proving lucrative for programmers  - BBC
11/11/2005: Malaysia warned over pirated CDs  - BBC
11/11/2005: Microsoft's other OS  - C/Net
11/11/2005: Week in review: Redmond guns for Google  - C/Net
11/11/2005: Easy animation to get novices jumping for joy - New Scientist
11/11/2005: Apple Preps WYSIWYG Widget-Maker  - Wired News

11/11/2005: Oil Firms Under Pressure From Consumers - SpaceDaily
11/11/2005: Evergreen Solar inks deal, sales double  - El. Engr. Times
11/11/2005: Darpa funds solar power for battlefield  - El. Engr. Times
11/11/2005: Largest solar cell research effort launched - MSNBC
11/11/2005: Canola Oil May Soon Burn In Engines Rather Than Frying Pans - Science Daily
11/11/2005: New Turbine May Boost Wind Power  - Wired News

11/11/2005: Shortness Of Breath Without Chest Pain Can Signify The Presence Of High Risk Heart Disease - Science Daily

11/11/2005: Hope over cheek lung cancer test  - BBC
11/11/2005: Focus On Lung Cancer: How To Prevent And Treat It - Science Daily
11/11/2005: Studies Find No Evidence That Estrogens In Soy Increase Uterine Cancer Risk - Science Daily

11/11/2005: Bush Unveils U.S. Flu Readiness Plan - SpaceDaily
11/11/2005: Dutch lesson: What BBC's Panorama learnt about a bird flu outbreak in 2003  - BBC
11/11/2005: Edible vaccines 'to replace jabs'  - BBC
11/11/2005: Wild Birds Help To Create Human Flu Vaccine - Science Daily
11/11/2005: New And Sharper X-rays Of Cell's Ribosome Could Lead To Better Antibiotics - Science Daily

11/11/2005: New drug for hard-to-treat asthma  - BBC
11/11/2005: Hope over new MS treatment  - BBC

11/11/2005: Gory burger posters target young  - BBC
11/11/2005: Rural casualty: From farm injuries to stranded climbers - how one A&E copes  - BBC
11/11/2005: Family balancing choice opposed  - BBC
11/11/2005: Estrogen And Exercise Promote Leanness In Similar Ways
11/11/2005: UCSF Surgeon Develops New Spinal Surgery Technique - Science Daily
11/11/2005: Human guinea pigs pay for lax FDA rules - Seattle Times

History, Anthropology:
11/11/2005: Ancient church discovered in Israel - MSNBC
11/11/2005: ‘Intelligent design’ trial concludes - MSNBC

11/11/2005: Why scientists believe hormones make women safer drivers  - BBC
11/11/2005: News Corp. may form Net company  - C/Net
11/11/2005: Craigslist founder pro-community journalism  - C/Net
11/11/2005: Online auto sales scammers to serve time  - C/Net
11/11/2005: Excited and wary, investors look at China  - NY Times
11/11/2005: Researchers look to create a synthesis of art and science  - NY Times
11/11/2005: Photo: Scary movie? A tech school kick-off  - NY Times
11/11/2005: Images: The human search tool  - NY Times
11/11/2005: LED belt buckle puts your name in lights  - C/Net
11/11/2005: Four charged in plan to steal Navy secrets  - C/Net
11/11/2005: Location, location, location. Research, research.  - C/Net
11/11/2005: MIT maps wireless users across campus  - CNN
11/11/2005: Bomb squad blows up science-fair project - MSNBC
11/11/2005: Sen. Kerry takes aim at science policies - MSNBC
11/11/2005: Take risks in business, but don't count just on luck
11/11/2005: Founder of Vanguard sticks up for investors - Seattle Times
11/11/2005: The Google effect: It's got Wal-Mart, others worried - Seattle Times
11/11/2005: Magellan manager leaves, so what? - Seattle Times
11/11/2005: Indexing performed best in the long run - Seattle Times
11/11/2005: Giving up a job to pursue dream career - Seattle Times
11/11/2005: No time like the present for a seasonal job
 - Seattle Times
11/11/2005: When your eye's on a job, how pushy is too pushy?
 - Seattle Times
11/11/2005: Managing "teenagers" in the workplace
 - Seattle Times
11/11/2005: Networking is vital, but it's the quality that pays off
 - Seattle Times
11/11/2005: Passion, grunt work build success
 - Seattle Times
11/11/2005: High Seas Drug Runners Ditch Cops
  - Wired News
11/11/2005: FBI Pushing Patriot Act Powers
  - Wired News
11/11/2005: Call It 'Gorilla' Marketing
  - Wired News
11/11/2005: Volvo Concept Car Can Haul Ash
  - Wired News

11/11/2005: Turning Sensation Into Perception - Science Daily
11/11/2005: Dyslexia- Risk Gene Is Identified - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
11/11/2005: 'Cloudshine' may reveal secrets of star birth - New Scientist
11/11/2005: Yale Scientists Confirm How Crystals Form
 - Science Daily
11/11/2005: Asteroid Apophis: Dealing with Earth's Future Troublemaker
 - Space.com
11/11/2005: Quantum Chaos
 - SpaceDaily


11/11/2005: The robot that thinks like you... - New Scientist
11/11/2005: New Robot to Use Legs and Wheels - Space.com

11/11/2005: Sea launch for UK-built satellite  - BBC
11/11/2005: NASA tightens its belt, again
  - Nature
11/11/2005: 'First Man': A Walk on the Bright Side
  - NY Times
11/11/2005: First Chapter
  - NY Times
11/11/2005: Space Station Milestone: NASA Marks Five Years Of A Unique 'Room With A View'
 - Science Daily
11/11/2005: Scientists See Light That May Be From First Objects In Universe
 - Science Daily
11/11/2005: Public Split on Alien Invaders and Spooky Specters
 - Space.com
11/11/2005: NASA Chief Defends Space Exploration
 - SpaceDaily
11/11/2005: Venus, A Planet Of Broken Dreams
 - SpaceDaily
11/11/2005: Venus Express' Pre-Launch Sequence
 - SpaceDaily
11/11/2005: Naming New Lands - September Flyby
 - SpaceDaily
11/11/2005: Venus Express En Route To Probe The Planet's Hidden Mysteries
 - Science Daily
11/11/2005: NASA Mars Spirit Rover 'Everest' Panorama ...
 - FirstScience
11/11/2005: International Space Station Orbit Raised ...
 - FirstScience
11/11/2005: 11.10.05: NASA Flying Wing Model Soars In Historic Wind Tunnel ...
11/11/2005: NASA telescope gets image of young stars ...
 - FirstScience

11/11/2005: Wireless: The new backseat driver?  - C/Net
11/11/2005: Photos: Crash-free Caddies  - C/Net
11/11/2005: 'Chicken Little' gives peek at digital 3D  - C/Net
11/11/2005: Disney takes 3D digital  - C/Net
11/11/2005: Battle for the digital bookshelf gains momentum - New Scientist
11/11/2005: Carbon Nanotube Membranes Allow Super-fast Fluid Flow - Science Daily
11/11/2005: Space Tech Onboard Transatlantic Racer
 - Science Daily
11/11/2005: Duke Engineers Developing Ultrasound Devices Combining 3-D Imaging With Therapeutic Heating
 - Science Daily
11/11/2005: Tool Tackles Translucence And Other Color Challenges
 - Science Daily
11/11/2005: Imagine, Make It Real in Fab Lab
  - Wired News


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