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  November 11, 2004

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Larsen B ice shelf   British Antarctic Survey World 'will act on climate gases'  - BBC  Left: The Larsen B ice shelf will collapse: An "instructive disaster"  Sir Crispin Tickell, a former diplomat and government adviser, says urgent action is needed because climate change is more serious even than terrorism. Many in the US administration are "in a state of denial", he says, but other US attitudes on climate are changing fast. The six main threats he believes are pushing the environment to the edge are: population increase; land degradation and waste; water pollution and supply; climate change; energy production and use; and the destruction of biodiversity.  
A British tank and crew in the desert Sarin 'Gulf war syndrome cause'  - BBC  Left:  Some 6,000 Gulf War veterans have suffered from various complaints  New Scientist magazine has reported a leak of a US inquiry into the ill-health of veterans of the 1991 war. The US Department of Veterans Affairs' Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses is due to publish its findings next week. But the magazine said researchers have found neural damage consistent with the nerve agent used by Saddam Hussein. The New York Times newspaper reported last month that US scientists believed the syndrome did exist and was caused by "toxic exposure" but it was not clear whether this was from drugs or nerve agents.

Supernova 1987A   Nasa/P. Challis/r. Kirshner/B. Sugerman

Supernova produces cosmic rays  - BBC  Astronomers claim to have found the first firm evidence that cosmic rays can come from stars that have exploded, or supernova remnants. The radiation is probably generated by the supernova remnant "accelerating" cosmic ray electrons, Nature reports. The mechanism through which the expanding remnants of supernovae accelerate particles has already been worked out in theory. But unequivocal evidence for the production of high energy particles by these shattered stars has proven surprisingly hard to find. RX J1713.7-3946 exploded some 1,000 years ago, leaving behind an expanding shell of debris.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

11/11/2004: School evolution debate going to court in Georgia - MSNBC
11/11/2004: Evolution flap flares up in Wisconsin
11/11/2004: Sperm cell study could help male fertility - MSNBC
11/11/2004: Jackpot in the genomes - MSNBC
11/11/2004: Fish with cleft lip solves evolution riddle  - Nature
11/11/2004: California says 'yes' to stem-cell research  - Nature
11/11/2004: Early embryos fuel hopes for shortcut to stem-cell creation  - Nature
11/11/2004: Registry could nail causes of Parkinson's  - Nature
11/11/2004: China takes steps to secure pole position in primate research  - Nature
11/11/2004: Editorial: Good eggs  - Nature
11/11/2004: The fertility riddle  - Nature
11/11/2004: Age is no barrier...  - Nature
11/11/2004: Waiting for the second coming  - Nature
11/11/2004: Fertility 2079  - Nature
11/11/2004: California backs $3bn stem cell fund - New Scientist
11/11/2004: Fish fossil confirms origin of nostrils - New Scientist
11/11/2004: Cells from babies help heal their mothers - New Scientist
11/11/2004: Side Effects: I Drill; Therefore, I Am. Chimpanzees Seem to Agree.  - NY Times
11/11/2004: Spawning of Interloper Fish in Potomac Worries Experts
  - NY Times
11/11/2004: Measure Passed, California Weighs Its Future as a Stem Cell Epicenter  - NY Times
11/11/2004: Sperm Stem Cells Are Grown Outside Body  - NY Times

Climate, Environment:
11/11/2004: St. Helens sprouts 300-foot lava plug - MSNBC
11/11/2004: World 'will act on climate gases'   - BBC
11/11/2004: Scientists intrigued by rare dead whale - MSNBC
11/11/2004: Watching and waiting - MSNBC
11/11/2004: Sink or swim  - Nature
11/11/2004: Climate change clouds commercial licence to krill  - Nature
11/11/2004: Massive peat burn is speeding climate change - New Scientist
11/11/2004: Bush stands by rejection of Kyoto Treaty - New Scientist
11/11/2004: Seals bludgeoned and shot on Irish island - New Scientist
11/11/2004: Arctic Hit Hard By Climate Change ... - FirstScience

11/11/2004: Trio of Hot New Games Victimized by Piracy  - Technology Review 

11/11/2004: Service sends traffic images to cellphone
 - Washington Post

11/11/2004: Inkjet printing promises cheaper circuits - New Scientist
11/11/2004: Single Field Shapes Quantum Bits  - Technology Review 

11/11/2004: IBM smashes supercomputing record
11/11/2004: Russia Seeking Ways to Boost Software Production  - Technology Review 
11/11/2004: IBM Supercomputer Again Claims Performance Record  - Technology Review 

11/11/2004: 'Phishing' email covertly redirects web browsers - New Scientist

11/11/2004: Hollywood to sue internet file sharers - New Scientist

11/11/2004: Cosmic Log: Greenbacks for green energy - MSNBC
11/11/2004: Weather hots up under wind farms - New Scientist
11/11/2004: A new type of solar cell - PhysicsWeb

11/11/2004: Vioxx heart risks apparent for years - New Scientist


11/11/2004: Diluted flu vaccine works well  - Nature
11/11/2004: Flu vaccine goes five times further - New Scientist
11/11/2004: US flu season starts slowly  - CNN
11/11/2004: Flu Shots Skin Injection Might Stretch Supply of It  - NY Times
11/11/2004: The Flu Hunters  - NY Times
11/11/2004: Special Section: The Flu  - NY Times

11/11/2004: Living for Today, Locked in a Paralyzed Body  - NY Times
11/11/2004: Audio and Photos: 2 Patients' Stories  - NY Times

11/11/2004: Stuck on you  - Nature
11/11/2004: Seals bludgeoned and shot on Irish island - ABC
11/11/2004: A Foot in the Doctor's Door  - Technology Review 

History, Anthropology:
11/11/2004: Recreating a 2,000-year-old cosmetic  - Nature
11/11/2004: Largest ever field of impact craters uncovered - New Scientist

11/11/2004: Sarin 'Gulf war syndrome cause'   - BBC
11/11/2004: Air Force launches new GPS satellites  - Nature
11/11/2004: Hotlines capture e-voting glitches  - Nature
11/11/2004: Bush wins second term as US president  - Nature
11/11/2004: British Museum bids to stop illicit traders using eBay  - Nature
11/11/2004: US in U-turn over Gulf war syndrome - New Scientist
11/11/2004: Success claimed for US e-voting machines - New Scientist
11/11/2004: Crime scene DNA puts names in the frame - New Scientist
11/11/2004: Concerns over tilting Taj Mahal dismissed - New Scientist
11/11/2004: UK government 'obstructing' open-access publishing - New Scientist
11/11/2004: Commentary: Defining a Doctor, With a Tear, a Shrug and a Schedule  - NY Times
11/11/2004: Rightsizing TV  - Technology Review 
11/11/2004: RFID Rights  - Technology Review 

11/11/2004: NASA studying 'Rain Man's' brain - MSNBC
11/11/2004: Demo: Magnetic Brain Imaging  - Technology Review 

Physics and Astronomy:
11/11/2004: Supernova produces cosmic rays   - BBC
11/11/2004: Cosmic doomsday delayed
  - Nature
11/11/2004: Hubble spots triple eclipse on Jupiter
 - New Scientist



11/11/2004: Spaceship team gets its $10 million prize - MSNBC
11/11/2004: Hunt for shadowy Kuiper belt objects all set
 - New Scientist
11/11/2004: Martian Robots, Taking Orders From a Manhattan Walk-Up
11/11/2004: Graphic: Manhattan to Mars  - NY Times
11/11/2004: Saturn gets a shock - PhysicsWeb
11/11/2004: Journey Toward 'Burns Cliff Continues - SpaceDaily
11/11/2004: Christmas Presents To Be Rocketed To ISS - SpaceDaily
11/11/2004: Excerpt From White House Press Briefing on The President's Space Policy ... - FirstScience
11/11/2004: November 10 - Mariner 5 Visit's Venus ... - FirstScience
11/11/2004: Space probe detects ice volcano on Titan ... - FirstScience

11/11/2004: Stickiness takes on new shapes  - Nature
11/11/2004: Green groups baulk at joining nanotechnology talks  - Nature
11/11/2004: Lasers Move Droplets  - Technology Review 
11/11/2004: Coated Nanotubes Record Light  - Technology Review 


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