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  October 9, 2004

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Going Private: The Promise and Danger of Space Travel -  Commercial zero-gravity jaunts became available for the first time this month. A successful manned space flight took place yesterday. And earlier this week, entrepreneurs announced a $50 million prize for the first private orbiting vessel, as well as public flights into space as early as 2007. "It's going to transform everything," George Whitesides, executive director of the National Space Society, said of private space tourism efforts. 
Captive Carry Rehearsal Flight Successful; Mach 10 Free Flight Next - SpaceDaily  NASA aeronautics researchers are looking forward to flying the X-43A research aircraft at speeds up to 10 times the speed of sound later this fall, following a successful "captive carry" dress rehearsal flight from NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center Sept. 27. The X-43A is powered by a revolutionary air-breathing supersonic-combustion ramjet - or "scramjet" - engine. If successful, the Mach 10 flight will break all speed records for an aircraft powered by an air-breathing engine. Project engineers are expected to set a tentative date for the final X-43A flight for early November. 


'Tomato treatment' slows cancer  - BBC  In their mice research, the Dutch scientists found a low dose of the synthetic lycopene slowed the growth of human prostate tumours implanted in the mice by over 50% by day 42 of the study, compared to mice who had not had the treatment. And when the lycopene was combined with vitamin E, it reduced the growth of tumours by up to 73%. The researchers found that levels of PSA (prostate specific antigen) matched the growth of the tumour, meaning that can be used to monitor the treatment's effects in men. "What was particularly marked was that it was the low dose of both lycopene and vitamin E that was the most effective."
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Alzheimer's Disease:

10/9/2004: N.D. Conducts 5-Year Study on Pronghorns - ABC
10/9/2004: New wildlife trade curbs sought
  - BBC
10/9/2004: Asia needs network to fight illegal wildlife trade - New Scientist
10/9/2004: Tenn. Seeks Help in Plant Categorization  - NY Times
10/9/2004: Researchers Identify 'Light Meter' That Controls Pupil Constriction - Science Daily
10/9/2004: Scientists Sequence Genome Of Organism Central To Biosphere's Carbon Cycle - SpaceDaily
10/9/2004: Fish Near Some Colorado Treatment Plants Found With Male-Female Tissue ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
10/9/2004: Washing Away - ABC
10/9/2004: Back in Action - ABC
10/9/2004: Interactive: How Volcanos Work - ABC
10/9/2004: The 'Ring of Fire' - ABC
10/9/2004: Scientists Fear Aftermath of Eruption - ABC
10/9/2004: Denmark to Claim North Pole, Hopes to Strike Oil - ABC
10/9/2004: Russia May Ratify Kyoto Protocol in Oct. -- Minister - ABC
10/9/2004: Casinos Produce Clean Air for Customers - ABC
10/9/2004: Limited black rhino hunt approved  - BBC
10/9/2004: Americans wait as volcano boils  - BBC
10/9/2004: Simple changes could save swordfish - New Scientist
10/9/2004: FSU Scientist Finds Evidence Of High Iron Content Beneath Hawaii - Science Daily
10/9/2004: Seismic Study Of Ancient Cataclysm Begins - Science Daily
10/9/2004: Midwest Thunderstorm Study Points Toward Better Forecasts - Science Daily
10/9/2004: New Cyber Infrastructure Offers Access To Ocean Observatories - SpaceDaily
10/9/2004: Evidence Shaky For Sun's Major Role In Past Climate Changes - SpaceDaily
10/9/2004: Scientist Finds Evidence Of High Iron Content Beneath Hawaii - SpaceDaily
10/9/2004: African Conflict Is Seen Rooted in Environment ... - FirstScience
10/9/2004: Russian Expects Vote on Kyoto Treaty ...
 - FirstScience
10/9/2004: Talk of El Nino floods, droughts worries farmers ...
 - FirstScience
10/9/2004: Tyson, Wal-Mart to Join Emissions Program ...
 - FirstScience
10/9/2004: Astronaut Thirsk replaces Williams on sea mission due to health concerns ...
 - FirstScience
10/9/2004: Mount St. Helens' Crater Floor Rising
 - ABC
10/9/2004: Mount St. Helens Rumbles Back to Life
 - ABC

10/9/2004: Work on Halo 2 game 'finished'  - BBC
10/9/2004: GameBoy action: Golf with Mario and Japanese manga to keep thumbs busy  - BBC
10/9/2004: Revamped Tungsten hangs on to data  - C/Net
10/9/2004: Battle of form (and function) in MP3 players  - C/Net
10/9/2004: Review: 'Kombat' online a beautiful thing  - CNN
10/9/2004: The Crew of Halo 2  - Wired News
10/9/2004: PalmOne Lengthens Tungsten's Memory  - Wired News

10/9/2004: FCC Boss Backs Cingular-ATT Wireless Deal
 - ABC - Business Week
10/9/2004: For Cingular, Now Comes the Hard Part

 - Business Week

10/9/2004: Cox brings VoIP service to more cities
  - C/Net
10/9/2004: Net grants to schools halted as FCC tightens rules
  - C/Net
10/9/2004: Supreme Court upholds Do Not Call registry
  - C/Net
10/9/2004: Boosting antenna's range
 - Seattle Times

10/9/2004: Prevention or cure: Protecting your PC can have unforeseen consequences  - BBC
10/9/2004: Low-temp polymer nanotubes foretell plastic circuits  - El. Engr. Times
10/9/2004: Microchip imperfections could cut cloning - New Scientist
10/9/2004: Mechanical Memory Switch Outstrips Chip Technology - SpaceDaily
10/9/2004: Nanotube Diode Reverses Itself  - Technology Review

10/9/2004: The iMac G5- Elegant -- But A Lost Opportunity
10/9/2004: Fox joins Blu-ray group  - C/Net

10/9/2004: Review: Software to Capture Web Page Info - ABC
10/9/2004: Stopping Nuclear Terror - ABC
10/9/2004: Spammers given boot by net host  - BBC
10/9/2004: Americans 'misjudge online risks'  - BBC
10/9/2004: Amazon expands Web services efforts  - C/Net
10/9/2004: Anti-virus firms battle over ads on Google  - C/Net
10/9/2004: Viral movies possible with RealPlayer flaw
 - New Scientist
10/9/2004: California goes after spyware
  - Wired News
10/9/2004: Restoring file-sharing's good name
 - Seattle Times
10/9/2004: E-mails on the go push etiquette limits
 - Seattle Times
Chance to try out new MSN Messenger - Seattle Times
10/9/2004: Getting Closer, Yet Farther Away
  - Wired News
10/9/2004: Startup Devises Way to Squash Worms
  - Wired News
10/9/2004: No Internet for 2 Weeks: How 28 People Coped
  - Wired News

10/9/2004: Sony abandons its anti-piracy protected compact discs  - BBC
10/9/2004: Go Digital: Lawrence Lessig on copyright vs creativity and GameBoy training for traders  - BBC
10/9/2004: Picture perfect?  - C/Net
10/9/2004: Microsoft hopes cash register OS adds up in sales  - C/Net
10/9/2004: Briefly: Korean software maker joins Asian Linux group  - C/Net
10/9/2004: Interesting bits and bytes - Seattle Times
10/9/2004: Chance to Try out New MSN Messenger - Seattle Times
10/9/2004: Genome Model Applied to Software  - Wired News
10/9/2004: Pirating Just Got Easier  - Wired News

10/9/2004: Two held in French anti-nuclear protest - New Scientist
10/9/2004: GE's 1.5-Megawatt Wind Turbine First To Reach 2,500 Installations - SpaceDaily
10/9/2004: Fill 'er Up, With Microbes  - Wired News
10/9/2004: Change in the Chinese Wind  - Wired News
10/9/2004: Global Stocks of Nuke Bomb Material Are Growing, Says Survey ... - FirstScience
10/9/2004: PanAfrica: ADB Encourages Renewable Energy Development in Africa ... - FirstScience
10/9/2004: Global Stocks of Nuke Bomb Material Are Growing, Says Survey ...
 - FirstScience
10/9/2004: Activists await US nuclear shipment to France ...
 - FirstScience
10/9/2004: Sweden to shut down second nuclear reactor next year ...
 - FirstScience

10/9/2004: Different strokes: What's the difference between ischaemic and haemorrhagic?  - BBC
10/9/2004: Why heart patients are being prescribed vibrating trousers  - BBC

10/9/2004: 'Tomato treatment' slows cancer   - BBC
10/9/2004: Spiritual guidance: Chaplain is appointed to comfort cancer patients  - BBC
10/9/2004: New Therapy For Specific Form Of Leukemia - Science Daily

10/9/2004: Infection Resurrection
10/9/2004: Video: Protecting Yourself Against Infections - ABC
10/9/2004: Officials: Flu Vaccine Plentiful in Minn. - ABC
10/9/2004: De Klerk: AIDS Poses Threat in S. Africa - ABC
10/9/2004: Winter flu jab campaign kicks off  - BBC
10/9/2004: Thailand bird flu deaths increase  - BBC
10/9/2004: Spring-fall Flu Shots Safe, Protect Children
 - Science Daily

10/9/2004: Smoking Moms May Boost Tots' Risk of Colic - ABC
10/9/2004: Asthma holiday:Tailored adventures for children with the debilitating allergy  - BBC
10/9/2004: Drug doctors 'failed patients'  - BBC
10/9/2004: Text messages help smokers quit  - BBC

10/9/2004: Jagged Little Pills - ABC
10/9/2004: Video: Who Needs Vitamin and Mineral Supplements? - ABC
10/9/2004: Arkansas Experiences Pharmacists Shortage - ABC
10/9/2004: Official: Canada Drug Buys Save Ky. Money - ABC
10/9/2004: Mini lab offers on the spot tests  - BBC
10/9/2004: Safety first: How our medicines are given the seal of approval  - BBC
10/9/2004: Midwives in maternity pay appeal  - BBC
10/9/2004: Keep fit insurance boon  - BBC
10/9/2004: Dentists warned on tooth extraction
  - BBC
10/9/2004: Russian prisons 'full of disease'
  - BBC
10/9/2004: Effects of withdrawing Vioxx from the market
10/9/2004: JPL Software Links Pediatric Doctors With New Research
 - Science Daily
10/9/2004: Botox Lawsuit Is Raising Eyebrows
  - NY Times

History, Anthropology:
10/9/2004: 1957: First Sputnik satellite launched: Russians win first leg of space race  - BBC
10/9/2004: Climate Change Plus Human Pressure Caused Large Mammal Extinctions In Late Pleistocene - Science Daily
10/9/2004: Canada's Rain Forest Wolves a Link to Past ... - Nat'l. Geo. News

10/9/2004: Led Astray - ABC
10/9/2004: Ohio Scientists Develop Armor for Humvees - ABC
10/9/2004: Bush, Kerry Don't Spend Much on Online Ads-Study - ABC
10/9/2004: U.S. Scientists of Smell Sniff Out Nobel Prize - ABC
10/9/2004: Secrets of smell land Nobel Prize  - BBC
10/9/2004: Question of trust: How new sites are seeking to sift facts from fiction on the net  - BBC
10/9/2004: US cyber security chief resigns  - BBC
10/9/2004: US fingerprints more travellers  - BBC
10/9/2004: The Rippling Pain from Vioxx - Business Week
10/9/2004: TiVo and NetFlix: Picture-Perfect Duo? - Business Week
10/9/2004: Best Buy initiates a battle of the brands  - C/Net
10/9/2004: Futurist for the feds  - C/Net
10/9/2004: National IDs for everybody?  - C/Net
10/9/2004: Conway or the highway  - C/Net
10/9/2004: Open source trade-off  - C/Net
10/9/2004: Satan's little helper  - C/Net
10/9/2004: Disabled hail e-voting despite doubts  - CNN
10/9/2004: Yahoo CEO describes art of the deal    - C/Net
10/9/2004: Art that goes on the blink - L. A. Times
10/9/2004: Tech's triple-digit club
  - CNN  - Nature
10/9/2004: Study: More Internet Ads in Presidential Race, but TV Still Dominates
  - Technology Review
10/9/2004: Geeks Take on the Mississippi
  - Wired News
10/9/2004: Pinpointing Voters on a Map
  - Wired News
10/9/2004: Sweet Scent of Nobel Victory
  - Wired News
10/9/2004: E-Voting Fans: The Disabled
  - Wired News
10/9/2004: Privacy Watchdog Condemns U.S. Visit
  - Wired News
10/9/2004: Turbulence Ahead for Discount Airlines
  - Wired News
10/9/2004: Man the Antimatter Guns
  - Wired News
10/9/2004: Virtual Assistants Become Real Help
  - Wired News
10/9/2004: Green roots: The first African woman to win the Nobel peace prize
 - ABC
10/9/2004: Kenyan tree planter wins Nobel Peace Prize
 - New Scientist

10/9/2004: Experts: Quiet Life Stressful for Farmers - ABC

Physics and Astronomy:
10/9/2004: Neb. Professor Connects Football, Physics - ABC
10/9/2004: Flash, Bang!The pictures that tell us about the beginning of time
  - BBC
10/9/2004: Unexpected Beat in Heart of Milky Way
10/9/2004: Colorado U. Proposal For Imaging Distant Planets Funded For Further Study
 - SpaceDaily
10/9/2004: Astronomy month in South Africa ...
 - FirstScience



10/9/2004: Robotic capsule to crawl through intestines - New Scientist

10/9/2004: Going Private: The Promise and Danger of Space Travel -
Captive Carry Rehearsal Flight Successful; Mach 10 Free Flight Next - SpaceDaily
10/9/2004: Shuttle loses March-April window  - BBC
10/9/2004: 'Halt science decline in schools'
  - BBC
10/9/2004: New Horizons Set To Launch With Minimum Amount of Plutonium
10/9/2004: Plenty Of Space To Make A Profit
 - SpaceDaily
10/9/2004: Azerbaijan Joins Intersputnik
 - SpaceDaily
10/9/2004: Japanese University Develops $19,000 Rocket for Enthusiasts
  - Technology Review
10/9/2004: Mars Rovers Planners Plot Crater 'Escape'
 - ABC
10/9/2004: Genesis Samples Arrive at Space Center
10/9/2004: Space Tourism Faces Safety Regulations - ABC
10/9/2004: Cracked rock points to more martian water
  - Nature
10/9/2004: Water coursed through Martian hills
 - New Scientist
10/9/2004: Mars Express 'divining rod' mission delayed
 - New Scientist
10/9/2004: Still Exploring After Martian Winter, Rovers Send Back More Signs of Water
  - NY Times
10/9/2004: Mars Rovers Planners Plot Crater 'Escape'
  - NY Times
10/9/2004: Mars Rovers Probing Water History At Two Sites
 - SpaceDaily
10/9/2004: Opportunity Rover Stumbles Upon Rocky, Maybe Watery, Find
 - Seattle Time
10/9/2004: Mars Rovers Probing Water History At Two Sites
 - SpaceDaily
10/9/2004: Mars Water, Escher-style Puzzle
 - SpaceDaily
10/9/2004: Ophir Chasma, Part Of Valles Marineris
 - SpaceDaily
10/9/2004: Armchair Astronomers Revel In Comet's Path
 - SpaceDaily
10/9/2004: Water Coursed Through Martian Hills
 - New Scientist
10/9/2004: Mars Express 'divining rod' mission delayed ...
 - New Scientist
10/9/2004: Planet Signs? Sifting a dusty disk ... - FirstScience
10/9/2004: Taking the Express Train to Venus ...
 - FirstScience
10/9/2004: Cassini Spies Saturn's Moon Tethys ...
 - FirstScience
10/9/2004: SpaceShipOne Burns Rubber, Laughing Gas-More Fun Facts ...
 - Nat'l. Geo. News
10/9/2004: Mars Rover Finds More Water Evidence ...
 - Discover

10/9/2004: Sweet smell of success  - Nature
10/9/2004: Blood doping test cannot be cheated - New Scientist
10/9/2004: NASA propose biggest pinhole camera ever - New Scientist
10/9/2004: World Trade Towers Design Exceeded Wind Load Codes - Science Daily
10/9/2004: Building a Nanomanipulator  - Technology Review
10/9/2004: Bye-Bye, Blueprint: 3D Modeling Catches On  - Wired News


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