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  October 8, 2004

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American Superconductor Achieves Full Power Of 5MW Ship Motor - SpaceDaily  Left:  The 5 MW rotor shown here developed under this contract will operate at 230 revolutions per minute (rpm) and represents a ten-fold increase in torque over the 5,000-hp, 1,800 rpm HTS motor AMSC built and tested during 2001. The low-speed, high-torque 5 MW HTS motor is a critical development milestone on the path to 25 MW and 36 MW motors, which are the power ratings expected to be utilized on electric warships and on large cruise and cargo ships. HTS motors of these power ratings are expected to be as little as one-fifth the volume of conventional motors.  
Researchers Use Semiconductors To Set Speed Limit On Light - SpaceDaily  Left: Simulation of slow light as optical signal enters and exits semiconductor quantum wells. Credit: University of California, Berkeley  In a nod to scientific paradox, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, have slowed light down in an effort to speed up network communication. They have shown for the first time that the group velocity of light - the speed at which a laser pulse travels along a light wave - can be slowed to about 6 miles per second in semiconductors. The researchers envision a future of 3-D graphics transmission, high-resolution video conferencing as good as face-to-face encounters  

Towards Molecular Electronics - SpaceDaily  A team of engineers at Northwestern University has become the first to precisely align multiple types of molecules on a silicon surface at room temperature - an important step toward the goal of molecular electronics.  "Our process works at room temperature and on silicon, which suggests that it can be made compatible with conventional silicon microelectronics. Ultimately, we want to integrate with current technology, thus creating a bridge between microelectronics and nanoelectronics. "Previously we were working with single molecules on silicon," said Hersam. "This new process enables us to build more complex structures."
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Alzheimer's Disease:

10/8/2004: Great White Shark Sets Record at Aquarium - ABC
10/8/2004: Egyptian Wildlife?
 - ABC
10/8/2004: Dog Extinctions Show Why Bigger Isn't Better
10/8/2004: Bangkok animal trade talks open  - BBC
10/8/2004: Asian vultures need vet drug ban  - BBC
10/8/2004: 'Breed them': The only solution to prevent vultures going extinct?  - BBC
10/8/2004: Birth control for koalas ordered - MSNBC
10/8/2004: Extinction looms over larger species  - Yahoo
10/8/2004: 'Most Recent Common Ancestor' Of All Living Humans Surprisingly Recent - Science Daily
10/8/2004: Time Running Out For South Asian Vultures, Ecologists Warn - Science Daily
10/8/2004: Molecular Motor Implicated In Tissue Remodeling - Science Daily
10/8/2004: Genetic Mutations Linked To The Practice Of Burning Coal In Homes In China - Science Daily
10/8/2004: US scientists map genome of greenhouse gas-eating algae - SpaceDaily
10/8/2004: Sea of Ancient Microbes Found Atop South African Mountain  - Wired News
10/8/2004: Cigarette smoke busts up DNA, causes chromosome instability ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
10/8/2004: Blowing Steam - ABC
10/8/2004: Volcano FAQ - ABC
10/8/2004: Interactive: How Volcanos Work - ABC
10/8/2004: The 'Ring of Fire' - ABC
10/8/2004: Mount St. Helens Erupts After 18 Years - ABC
10/8/2004: Cheaper vs. Cleaner - ABC
10/8/2004: Right Whales May Not Be Going Extinct - ABC
10/8/2004: Mount St. Helens a Volcanic 'Ring of Fire' - ABC
10/8/2004: Tourists Flock to See Mount St. Helens - ABC
10/8/2004: Mexico's 'Volcano of Fire' Spews Lava - ABC
10/8/2004: Mount St. Helens Awakes, Erupting Steam and Ash - ABC
10/8/2004: NJ Spurns Venezuela's Plan for a Bald Eagle Refuge - ABC
10/8/2004: Mexico's 'Fire Volcano' Erupts, No Evacuations Yet - ABC
10/8/2004: Atlantic Hurricanes Should Slow in Oct-Forecaster - ABC
10/8/2004: Volcano research goes high-tech  - C/Net
10/8/2004: Mount St Helens growls again  - Nature
10/8/2004: Models may underestimate climate swings - New Scientist
10/8/2004: Inspector General Says E.P.A. Rule Aids Polluters  - NY Times
10/8/2004: With Russia's Nod, Treaty on Emissions Clears Last Hurdle
  - NY Times
10/8/2004: Graphic: Tipping the Scale
  - NY Times
10/8/2004: Mount St. Helens Releasing Steam After Days of Quakes
  - NY Times
10/8/2004: McGill Research Shows Increased Carbon Dioxide Levels Decrease Algae Growth
 - Science Daily
10/8/2004: Scientists Issue Mount St. Helens Volcanic Advisory
 - Science Daily
10/8/2004: Evidence Shaky For Sun's Major Role In Past Climate Changes
 - Science Daily
10/8/2004: Strong Earthquake Shakes Central California Fulfilling USGS' Parkfield Forecast
 - Science Daily
10/8/2004: US Stands Firm On Kyoto Rejection Despite Russian Move To Ratify Treaty
 - SpaceDaily
10/8/2004: California Goes Ahead With Disputed Smog Plan
 - SpaceDaily
10/8/2004: Climate Change And Global Decision Making
 - SpaceDaily
10/8/2004: Emission Of Smog Ingredients From Trees Is Increasing Rapidly
 - SpaceDaily
10/8/2004: Australia defies new pressure to sign Kyoto after Russia moves to ratify
 - SpaceDaily
10/8/2004: Portugal facing EU action for lax disposal of ozone-depleting pollutant
 - SpaceDaily

10/8/2004: Universal soldier: A sneak peak at the sequel to the best-selling Halo game  - BBC
10/8/2004: Coin slot racer: Outrun 2 takes Xbox back to the arcades but falls short  - BBC
10/8/2004: Dare you fight the possessed tomatoes?  - C/Net
10/8/2004: Updated Tungsten, Treo set for release  - C/Net

Researchers Use Semiconductors To Set Speed Limit On Light - SpaceDaily
10/8/2004: Magnifier software for mobiles to help visually impaired users
  - BBC
10/8/2004: Photo journal: Broadband proves a goldmine for rural community in Cumbria
  - BBC
10/8/2004: Robbery suspect caught on cell phone camera
  - CNN
10/8/2004: Mobile-Phone Ban May Be Near End
  - Wired News

10/8/2004: Towards Molecular Electronics - SpaceDaily
10/8/2004: Intel programming tools reach new 64-bit chips  - C/Net
10/8/2004: Matsushita blends FeRAM technology with smart cards  - El. Engr. Times
10/8/2004: TI, Memsic cut deal to sell CMOS MEMS sensors  - El. Engr. Times
10/8/2004: Angular pits boost DVD storage - PhysicsWeb
10/8/2004: Fast, Robust, And A Blast From The Past, Mechanical Memory Switch Outstrips Chip Technology - Science Daily

10/8/2004: Gates: PCs fall short  - C/Net
10/8/2004: Cray signs two supercomputing customers  - C/Net
10/8/2004: New Format Could Store All Of Homer's Life On One Optical Disk - SpaceDaily

10/8/2004: Net giants adopt anti-spam system  - BBC
10/8/2004: Banks sound alarm on online fraud  - BBC
10/8/2004: Poison porn pics show up online  - BBC
10/8/2004: More Australia child porn arrests  - BBC
10/8/2004: Gates: Microsoft to offer anti-spyware  - C/Net
10/8/2004: Viral movies possible with RealPlayer flaw  - C/Net
10/8/2004: Week in review: A snapshot of the new virus
  - C/Net
10/8/2004: IE--embraced, extended, extinct?
  - C/Net
10/8/2004: Planning to dump IE? Think again
  - C/Net
10/8/2004: Getting Closer, Yet Farther Away
  - Wired News
10/8/2004: Net Giants Adopt Anti-Spam System
  - Wired News

10/8/2004: Judge Challenges EU Position on Microsoft - ABC
10/8/2004: US music targets more 'pirates'  - BBC
10/8/2004: IBM expands data centers, on-demand service  - C/Net
10/8/2004: New MSN Messenger beta leaks onto Web  - C/Net
10/8/2004: Desktop Linux a vehicle for pirating Windows  - C/Net
10/8/2004: Microsoft had agreed to sanctions, EU official says - Seattle Times
10/8/2004: Microsoft Fights EU Windows Curbs  - Wired News

10/8/2004: Docomo fuel cell targets mobile recharging of phones  - El. Engr. Times

10/8/2004: Heart pump trial to start in UK  - BBC
10/8/2004: Blair heart work 'successful'  - BBC
10/8/2004: Blair's outlook: Health experts explain how the heart op will affect him  - BBC
10/8/2004: Researchers Pinpoint Cause Of A Severe Cardiac Arrhythmia - Science Daily

10/8/2004: Cancer in the Crosshairs - ABC
10/8/2004: Video: The Stress of Cancer - ABC
10/8/2004: Vitamins pills do not stop cancer  - BBC
10/8/2004: More Telling Tests for Prostate Cancer - Business Week
10/8/2004: DNA Sequence Controls Expression Of Gene Involved In Cancer - Science Daily

10/8/2004: Kenyan Company to Make AIDS Drug - ABC
10/8/2004: Ind. Notes Decline in West Nile Cases - ABC
10/8/2004: Experts predict measles epidemic  - BBC
10/8/2004: Stress For Newborns Could Weaken Immune System Later In Life - Science Daily

10/8/2004: What's in a Warning? - ABC
10/8/2004: Vioxx Recalled - ABC
10/8/2004: Weigh In - ABC
10/8/2004: Asthma Research Draws a Fresh Breath - Business Week
10/8/2004: Arthritis drug withdrawn over heart fears - New Scientist
10/8/2004: Cigarette Smoke Causes Breaks In DNA And Defects To A Cell's Chromosomes, Pitt Study Finds - Science Daily
10/8/2004: A Coffee a Day Can Make You an Addict  - Wired News

10/8/2004: Warnings Sent to Emory Brain Patients - ABC
10/8/2004: Life Support - ABC
10/8/2004: Video: How Good is Your Hospital? - ABC
10/8/2004: S.D. Hospital to Join Patient Care Study - ABC
10/8/2004: Playing It Safe - ABC
10/8/2004: Video: Injury Prevention for Kids - ABC
10/8/2004: Healthy Woman Quiz: Sports Injuries - ABC
10/8/2004: USDA Expands Healthy Lunch Pilot Program - ABC
10/8/2004: New Menopause Hormone Therapy Guide Issued
 - ABC
10/8/2004: Ramadan medication warning
  - BBC
10/8/2004: John, Paul, George, Ringo...and Steve?
 - Business Week
10/8/2004: Health Is Wealth
 - Business Week
10/8/2004: New Java looks to shake up desktop
  - C/Net
10/8/2004: Vitamin boosts may increase death rate of users - study
  - Yahoo

History, Anthropology:
10/8/2004: Data: Columbus Might Be Buried in Spain - ABC
10/8/2004: 2,500-Year-Old Pomegranate Found in Greece - ABC
10/8/2004: 'Kennewick Man' scientists protest bill - MSNBC
10/8/2004: Out Of Africa: Scientists Find Earliest Evidence Yet Of Human Presence In Northeast Asia - Science Daily

10/8/2004: Feds Ply Waters Off Ga., Seek Lost H-Bomb - ABC
10/8/2004: U.S. Cyberchief Resigns After a Year on the Job - ABC
10/8/2004: Bill Gates: U.S. Need Not Fear Overseas Tech - ABC
10/8/2004: Blair Recovering After Heart Procedure - ABC
10/8/2004: Meet the grandchild: Small jaw, big lips, manga eyes - it's the human face of 2050  - BBC
10/8/2004: 'Funny science' gets its reward  - BBC
10/8/2004: Delhi issues plea on US sanctions  - BBC
10/8/2004: Sport of the future: How sport will look in the year 2050  - BBC
10/8/2004: MIT's Chief On America's Slide and How to Fix It - Business Week
10/8/2004: A Breakthrough for MIT -- and Science - Business Week
10/8/2004: H-1B limit maxed out  - C/Net
10/8/2004: Outsourcing picks up in Malaysia  - C/Net
10/8/2004: Blogs put real-time spin on debate coverage  - C/Net
10/8/2004: Mastering imitation and innovation  - C/Net
10/8/2004: How Germany can win from offshoring  - C/Net
10/8/2004: Amateur revolution  - C/Net
10/8/2004: Area codes, now divorced from their areas  - NY Times
10/8/2004: A virtuoso and his technology  - NY Times
10/8/2004: Truth squad referees Bush-Kerry debate - Washington Post
10/8/2004: Solution for the 'Slashdot Effect'?
  - Wired News
10/8/2004: Combover, karaoke, 'five-second rule' honored
  - CNN
10/8/2004: U.S. cybersecurity chief resigns
  - CNN
10/8/2004: 'World Bank' for sale on eBay
  - CNN
10/8/2004: Federal prosecutors getting buyout
  - CNN
10/8/2004: Netflix, TiVo deal to download movies
  - CNN
10/8/2004: Kyocera adds wireless design center in India
  - El. Engr. Times
10/8/2004: Laughter in the lab
  - Nature
10/8/2004: Flatulant fish net Ig Nobel award
  - Nature
10/8/2004: Invisible gorilla steals Ig Nobel prize
 - New Scientist
10/8/2004: Horrific death toll in Darfur revealed
 - New Scientist
10/8/2004: EU, U.S. talks over government subsidies in nose dive
 - Seattle Times
10/8/2004: Former Boeing official sentenced in Air Force contract conspiracy
 - Seattle Times
10/8/2004: Bekins Moving official pleads guilty in tax case
 - Seattle Times
10/8/2004: Criminal probe of Fannie Mae reportedly begins
 - Seattle Times
10/8/2004: Price of heating oil is expected to jump
 - Seattle Times
10/8/2004: Bush, Kerry lock swords over who would be best commander in chief
 - SpaceDaily
10/8/2004: The Tomorrow That Never Was
  - Technology Review 
10/8/2004: Solution for Slashdot Effect?
  - Wired News
10/8/2004: Point. Shoot. Kiss It Good-Bye
  - Wired News
10/8/2004: Hanging Up on Telemarketers
  - Wired News
10/8/2004: And Now, a Few Words From the Urinal
  - NY Times
10/8/2004: TimeLine: 70 Years Ago in Science News ...
 - Science News

10/8/2004: Scanners 'improve brain surgery'  - BBC
10/8/2004: Brain-scanning Life's Memories Yields New Insights - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
10/8/2004: Three Cosmic Explosions Could Precede Supernovae - ABC
10/8/2004: Pionium atoms arrive en masse
 - PhysicsWeb
10/8/2004: After Trio Of Explosions, Scientists Say Supernova Is Imminent
 - Science Daily
10/8/2004: A Moon And Its Flock
 - SpaceDaily
10/8/2004: Colorado Proposal For Imaging Distant Planets Funded Further
 - SpaceDaily
10/8/2004: Stunning Hubble Space Telescope Images Chosen for 2005 Calendar; ''Year in Space'' Includes Many of Hubble's F ...
 - FirstScience
10/8/2004: Finding planets through a pinhole ...
 - Science News
10/8/2004: Science Safari: Skeptical Brains ...
 - Science News


10/8/2004: Drugs delivered by robots in the blood - New Scientist

10/8/2004: Cosmic Log: Real-life rocket tales - MSNBC
10/8/2004: Space station strategy
  - Nature
10/8/2004: One Down, One To Go
 - SpaceDaily
10/8/2004: NASA Seeks Ideas On Building Spaceships For A New Century
 - SpaceDaily
10/8/2004: Replacement crew to be sent to ISS on October 14
 - SpaceDaily
10/8/2004: All's Fair in Space War
  - Wired News
10/8/2004: Is there life on Mars? Yes, in 2033 ...
 - FirstScience
10/8/2004: NASA Education Program Begins Another Year of Inspiring Students ...
 - FirstScience
10/8/2004: NASA Leaders Weigh Impact of Hurricanes on Return to Flight Plans ...
 - FirstScience
10/8/2004: NASA In-orbit News Conference Highlights Space Station Briefings ...
 - FirstScience
10/8/2004: 'No experiments' for SpaceShipOne
  - BBC
10/8/2004: Genesis Samples Arrive at Space Center
  - NY Times
10/8/2004: Engineers Investigate Mars Rover's Steering Problems
 - Science Daily
10/8/2004: The Forensics of Genesis
 - SpaceDaily
10/8/2004: Martian Salts Could Reveal History Of Water On Mars
 - SpaceDaily
10/8/2004: The Birth of SpaceShipTwo
 - SpaceDaily
10/8/2004: Passengers Queue For Ride To Space
 - SpaceDaily



10/8/2004: Device has keen sense for mini-motions  - C/Net
10/8/2004: Cruise control keeps an eye on traffic - New Scientist
10/8/2004: Home Theater Sweet Spot: New Technology Grants Every Listener The Best Seat In The House - Science Daily
10/8/2004: Sandia Creates Motion Detector 1,000 Times More Sensitive Than Any Known - Science Daily
10/8/2004: NASA Technology Means No More Flying Blind - Science Daily
10/8/2004: IMEC launches nanotechnology research for post-CMOS era - Silicon Strategies
10/8/2004: It May Not Be Possible To Create Perfect Lens
 - SpaceDaily
10/8/2004: Motion Detector Is 1,000 Times More Sensitive Than Any Known Tool
 - SpaceDaily
10/8/2004: Design Rules Build on Self-Assembly
  - Technology Review 


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