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  October 7, 2004

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U.S. Satellites: Public Protection or Illegal Spying? - SpaceDaily In the name of homeland security, America's spy imagery agency is keeping a close eye, close to home. It's watching America. Since the Sept. 11 attacks, about 100 employees of a little-known branch of the Defense Department called the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency -- and some of the country's most sophisticated aerial imaging equipment -- have focused on observing what's going on in the United States.   
Supernova Warning System Will Give Astronomers Earlier Notice - SpaceDaily  A Supernova Early Warning System (SNEWS) that detects ghostlike neutrino particles that are the earliest emanations from the immense, explosive death throes of large stars will alert astronomers of the blasts before they can see the flash. SNEWS "could allow astronomers a chance to make unprecedented observations of the very early turn-on of the supernova," wrote the authors of an article about the new system in the September issue of the "New Journal of Physics". They also noted that "no supernova has ever been observed soon after its birth."

Lab tray

Herbal remedies 'do work'  - BBC  Scientific tests on a range of traditional remedies have shown they have "real benefits", researchers say. Experts from King's College London said the treatments from around the world had properties which may help treat conditions such as diabetes and cancer. The remedies included India's curry leaf tree, reputed to treat diabetes. The researchers examined Indian diabetes treatments, Ghanaian wound healing agents and cancer treatments used in China and Thailand. In a third study,researchers from King's College studied Thai and Chinese plants used as traditional remedies in the treatment of cancer. They saw "promising activity".
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Alzheimer's Disease:

10/7/2004: Asian Elephants Threatened by Poachers, Western Zoos - ABC
10/7/2004: Nobel Scientists' 'Natural Selection' Takes Decades
 - ABC
10/7/2004: Secret of radiation-proof bugs proposed  - Nature
10/7/2004: Protection urged for quirky dolphin - New Scientist
10/7/2004: Killer hamster ices owner - New Scientist
10/7/2004: Schwarzenegger Signs 'Foie Gras' Bill  - NY Times
10/7/2004: Bacteria's 'Glue Valve' Surprises Scientists - Science Daily
10/7/2004: Stem Cell Debate Hits Senate  - Wired News

Climate, Environment:
10/7/2004: Cheaper vs. Cleaner - ABC
10/7/2004: Experts Predict Mount St. Helens Eruption - ABC
10/7/2004: Russian Cabinet Ratifies Kyoto Treaty - ABC
10/7/2004: Hurricane Jeanne Destroys Sea Turtle Nests - ABC
10/7/2004: Russian Move Clears Way to Bring Kyoto Into Force - ABC
10/7/2004: Kyoto Saved Again -- But Will It Save the Earth? - ABC
10/7/2004: Russia backs Kyoto climate treaty  - BBC
10/7/2004: Concern over US volcano rumbles  - BBC
10/7/2004: Mount St. Helens primed to erupt - MSNBC
10/7/2004: All that quaking makes West Coast jittery - MSNBC
10/7/2004: Past climate change questioned  - Nature
10/7/2004: Russia backs Kyoto treaty  - Nature
10/7/2004: Russia set to approve climate change plan - New Scientist
10/7/2004: Models may underestimate climate swings - New Scientist
10/7/2004: Global Warming Is Expected to Raise Hurricane Intensity  - NY Times
10/7/2004: New Hydrothermal Vents Discovered As "South Pacific Odyssey" Research Begins - Science Daily
10/7/2004: New Structure Found Deep Within West Antarctic Ice Sheet - SpaceDaily
10/7/2004: 'Dead Zone' Area Shrinking, Texas A&M Prof Says - Science Daily
10/7/2004: Kyoto Protocol- Backgrounder on UN's global-warming treaty - SpaceDaily
10/7/2004: Russian could net 10-bln-dollar windfall from Kyoto- estimate
 - SpaceDaily
10/7/2004: Mixed reactions in Japan to Russian move to ratify global warming pact
 - SpaceDaily
10/7/2004: Jubilant Europe hurls down gauntlet to US as Russia backs Kyoto
 - SpaceDaily
10/7/2004: EU claims 'victory' as Russian cabinet approves Kyoto treaty
 - SpaceDaily
10/7/2004: UN's Annan hails Russia move on Kyoto
 - SpaceDaily
10/7/2004: Greenpeace 6-point GMO plan ...
 - Economist
10/7/2004: Greenpeace cries foul over Bayer's GMO trials ...
 - Economist
10/7/2004: Evidence shaky for Sun's major role in past climate changes ...
 - Economist
10/7/2004: $50 oil: A spreading slick of pain ...
10/7/2004: Alert level raised as US volcanic eruption appears imminent ...
 - FirstScience
10/7/2004: Volcano Appears to Rest After Letting Off Steam
  - NY Times
10/7/2004: Video- Mount St. Helens
  - NY Times

10/7/2004: HP's Newest Handheld - ABC
10/7/2004: Valve readying Half-Life 2 bundles  - C/Net
10/7/2004: Follow your nose  - CNN
10/7/2004: Music Videos Tap Video Games  - Wired News

10/7/2004: BT mulls u-turn on broadband cost
  - BBC
10/7/2004: Broadband
  - C/Net
10/7/2004: AT&T slashes Net telephony rates
  - C/Net
10/7/2004: Free Net phone upstart sues Vonage, Fry's
  - C/Net
10/7/2004: Disney, Intel to launch Net content service in Japan
  - C/Net
10/7/2004: Bandwidth Glut Lives On
  - Wired News
10/7/2004: Call of the Wild: Is it Cellular?
  - Wired News

10/7/2004: IMEC launches nanotechnology effort for post-CMOS era  - El. Engr. Times
10/7/2004: New Surface Chemistry May Extend Life Of Technology For Making Transistors - Science Daily

10/7/2004: Samsung working on tiny drive  - C/Net
10/7/2004: SanDisk ups capacity on flash memory cards  - C/Net
10/7/2004: DVD+RW 8X disc spec released  - El. Engr. Times

10/7/2004: Britain becomes top data swapper  - BBC
10/7/2004: IE--headed for extinction?  - C/Net
10/7/2004: Web site suspends wagering on 'The Apprentice'  - CNN
10/7/2004: Can't We All Just Get Along?  - Wired News

10/7/2004: Microsoft Asks Judge to Suspend Penalties - ABC
10/7/2004: Global music sales recover thanks to DVDs  - BBC
10/7/2004: Microsoft starts EU legal defence  - BBC
10/7/2004: Users say Microsoft's Money is broke  - C/Net
10/7/2004: Microsoft FAT patent falls flat  - C/Net
10/7/2004: Satan's little helper  - C/Net
10/7/2004: Red Hat taps Netscape to broaden its landscape  - C/Net
10/7/2004: New Java looks to shake up desktop  - C/Net
10/7/2004: Desktop Linux a vehicle for pirating Windows  - C/Net
10/7/2004: Briefly: Google tests Froogle in U.K.  - C/Net
10/7/2004: Microsoft wins Smart Tags case  - C/Net
10/7/2004: Desktop Linux a vehicle for pirating Windows  - C/Net
10/7/2004: Microsoft Appeals EU Ruling
  - Wired News
10/7/2004: Rare genetic disease discovered by US researchers ...
 - FirstScience

10/7/2004: Fuel cell's got the power for 3G handsets  - C/Net
10/7/2004: Fuel Cell Celebrates One Year - Science Daily


10/7/2004: Acne-Like Rash Shows Cancer Drug Is Working - ABC
10/7/2004: Chemical Derived From Vitamin-E Shows Early Promise As Cancer Drug - Science Daily
10/7/2004: Cancer Vaccine Based On Pathogenic Listeria Bacteria Shows Promise Targeting Metastases - Science Daily

10/7/2004: 'Stockpile bird flu vaccine' call  - BBC
10/7/2004: Young men chlamydia warning  - BBC
10/7/2004: Global AIDS trial denied patients as US balks at generic drug use  - Nature
10/7/2004: One in eight teenage girls has chlamydia, tests show - New Scientist

10/7/2004: Arthritis drug removed for safety  - BBC
10/7/2004: Doubts over dust link to asthma  - BBC
10/7/2004: Caffeine Withdrawal Recognized As A Disorder - Science Daily

10/7/2004: Herbal remedies 'do work'   - BBC
10/7/2004: Life Support - ABC
10/7/2004: Video: How Good is Your Hospital? - ABC
10/7/2004: Vioxx Recall - ABC
10/7/2004: Vioxx Recalled - ABC
10/7/2004: Weigh In - ABC
10/7/2004: Merck Halts Worldwide Sales of Vioxx - ABC
10/7/2004: Miss. Seeks to Delay Cuts in Medicare - ABC
10/7/2004: Implant Device Appears to Block Strokes
 - ABC
10/7/2004: Many Factors Blamed for Childhood Obesity
 - ABC
10/7/2004: A medical dilemma: How doctors decide if sick children should be treated
  - BBC
10/7/2004: Faulty gene link to obesity risk
  - BBC
10/7/2004: A Fishy Change In Diet: McGill Research Shows Fish Eating Junk Food
 - Science Daily
10/7/2004: Chromosome Research On Flies Yields Insights Into Human Diseases
 - Science Daily
10/7/2004: Punching The Timeclock Of Life
 - Science Daily
10/7/2004: High Resolution Satellite Imagery Assists Hunt For Infectious 'Kissing Bugs'
 - Science Daily
10/7/2004: High-tech Humanitarian
  - Technology Review 

History, Anthropology:
10/7/2004: Sweden to Return Remains of Aborigines - ABC

10/7/2004: U.S. Satellites: Public Protection or Illegal Spying? - SpaceDaily
10/7/2004: Border surveillance plan unveiled  - BBC
10/7/2004: Global lessons in e-voting  - C/Net
10/7/2004: Personalized stamps canceled  - C/Net
10/7/2004: European supermarket chain extends RFID push  - C/Net
10/7/2004: How Germany can win from offshoring  - C/Net
10/7/2004: How leaders build winning streaks  - C/Net
10/7/2004: Amateur revolution  - C/Net
10/7/2004: Outsourcing finds Vietnam  - C/Net
10/7/2004: Search for romance later in life goes online  - CNN
10/7/2004: 'What the @&-%(-!' is going on  - CNN
10/7/2004: Spreading Scandinavian genes, without Viking boats  - NY Time
10/7/2004: Forget Star Chemistry. How About the Film's?  - NY Times
10/7/2004: Washington Post is close to buying Slate, reports say - Seattle Times
10/7/2004: Congress gets power to subpoena Fannie Mae - Seattle Times
10/7/2004: Merck recalls blockbuster arthritis drug Vioxx, stock plunges - Seattle Times
10/7/2004: Perjury, obstruction charges in revised HealthSouth indictment - Seattle Times
10/7/2004: Google shares reach pre-IPO goal price - Seattle Times
10/7/2004: William Shatner, Spike TV Trick Iowa Town -
10/7/2004: Scientists Develop Quick Botox Test
 - SpaceDaily
10/7/2004: Innovator of the Year: Scott Heiferman
  - Technology Review 
10/7/2004: Diebold Rep Now Runs Elections
  - Wired News
10/7/2004: Bush Team Prepares Net Assault
  - Wired News
10/7/2004: Arnold Vetoes Privacy Bill
  - Wired News
10/7/2004: ID Rule Exists, But Can't Be Seen
  - Wired News
10/7/2004: Part of Patriot Act Struck Down
  - Wired News

10/7/2004: Giving Computers The Jitters Helps Explain Human Behavior - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
10/7/2004: Supernova Warning System Will Give Astronomers Earlier Notice - SpaceDaily
10/7/2004: Computers 'do not boost learning'
  - BBC
10/7/2004: Are We the Galaxy’s Youngest Residents?
10/7/2004: The Milky Way Above La Silla
 - SpaceDaily
10/7/2004: Table Top Particle Accelerators One Step Closer
 - SpaceDaily
10/7/2004: In Search of the Earth Mark II
 - Economist
10/7/2004: Novel Technique for Imaging Distant Planets ...
 - FirstScience
10/7/2004: Israelis, American Win Nobel for Chemistry
 - ABC
10/7/2004: Protein 'Kiss of Death' Team Win Chemistry Nobel
 - ABC
10/7/2004: Protein death process earns Nobel
  - BBC
10/7/2004: NASA inspector's shuttle checks questioned
  - Yahoo
10/7/2004: Three Americans Win Nobel for Particle Physics Work
  - NY Times
10/7/2004: 2 Israelis and an American Win Nobel in Chemistry
  - NY Times
10/7/2004: Passengers Queue For Out Of This World Flights
 - SpaceDaily
10/7/2004: The Triumph of Truth and Technology
 - SpaceDaily
10/7/2004: Cosmonauts Lament Cash Shortage
 - SpaceDaily
10/7/2004: Mars Exploration Rover Mission Status
 - SpaceDaily
10/7/2004: The Grabens Of Claritas Fossae
 - SpaceDaily


10/7/2004: Rover is an astronaut's best friend  - Nature
10/7/2004: Robot uses whiskers to get around - New Scientist

10/7/2004: First space tug deal 'on cards'  - BBC
10/7/2004: Study suggests spaceflight may decrease human immunity
 - New Scientist
10/7/2004: Mars Drill Will Seek Knowledge And Resources
 - SpaceDaily
10/7/2004: Sound Makes Electricity for Space
  - Technology Review 
10/7/2004: X Prize evolves into annual competition  - CNN
10/7/2004: Spirit Rover Disabled by Steering Problem
10/7/2004: Former NASA Inspector Questioned Over Shuttle Discovery Reports
10/7/2004: Rover's Wheels Acting Up ...
 - FirstScience

10/7/2004: Clever cars can read road signs - New Scientist
10/7/2004: Time on a Chip- The Incredible Shrinking Atomic Clock  - NY Times
10/7/2004: Poland Takes Part In Europe's First Satellite Navigation System - SpaceDaily


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