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  October 6, 2004

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New $50 Million Prize for Private Orbiting Spacecraft -  Robert Bigelow, chief of Las Vegas-based Bigelow Aerospace, is apparently setting higher goals for private spaceflight endeavors with America's Space Prize, a $50 million race to build an orbital vehicle capable of carrying up to seven astronauts to an orbital outpost by the end of the decade, according to Aviation Week and Space Technology. They'll also snag options to service inflatable space habitats under development by Bigelow Aerospace. 
Bernard Schriever's Stifling Shadow - SpaceDaily  Bernard Schriever is practically unknown, while the leader of the competing US Army rocket program (Wernher von Braun) is practically a cult figure. But it was Schriever who was the "American Korolev" the real brain behind US rocketry in the early Cold War years. His Atlas, Titan, and Thor rockets were all retired as weapons by 1965, but they have enjoyed 45-year careers as the main American space launch vehicles. More importantly, Schriever's management techniques have stood the test of time while von Braun's have proven a dismal failure. There are only two ways to make space flight affordable in the near term: A) make boosters truly reusable without the expensive factory rebuilds needed by the Shuttle's Orbiters and SRBs; B) make expendable boosters as simple and cheap as a pistol cartridge.

Shields Up! - SpaceDaily  If you've ever watched Star Trek, you know the importance of shields. When a star explodes or a Klingon death ray lances out of the darkness, the captain yells two words, "Shields up!", and all is well. Deflector shields: Don't leave home without one. The solar system, believe it or not, has got one. The solar system's deflector shield is a giant magnetic bubble called "the heliosphere." It's part of the sun's magnetic field. No one knows the precise dimensions of the heliosphere, but it's bigger than the orbit of Pluto. All nine planets are inside it. Cosmic rays from novas a few million years ago  were mostly deflected, sparing early humanoids a radiation bath.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

10/6/2004:Will women outpace men in 2156?  - Nature
10/6/2004:Biologists launch 'open-source movement'
  - Nature
10/6/2004:Women on fast-track to outrun men - New Scientist
10/6/2004:Wolverine Takes A Road Trip: Scientists Track Male Animal Over A Three-state, 550-mile Walk-about - Science Daily
10/6/2004:Dolly Creators Seek Clone License  - Wired News
10/6/2004:DNA templates: Reaction time ...  - Nature

Climate, Environment:
10/6/2004:Fishing for trouble  - Nature
10/6/2004:Predicted earthquake arrives - 16 years late - New Scientist
10/6/2004:Earth's 'hum' springs from stormy seas - New Scientist
10/6/2004:Coast-mapping Satellites Will Follow The Tides - Science Daily
10/6/2004:Climate Change A Focus Of New NSF-Supported Research On How Decisions Are Made In A World Of Uncertainty - Science Daily
10/6/2004:Computer Scientists Develop Wireless System To Monitor Volcanoes - Science Daily
10/6/2004:Green groups gleeful at Russia's move towards Kyoto ratification - SpaceDaily
10/6/2004:Midwest Thunderstorm Study Points Toward Better Forecasts - SpaceDaily
10/6/2004:Environment groups welcome Labor's forest policy ... - ABC
10/6/2004:Governments Need to Act to Avert Water Crisis ... - FirstScience
10/6/2004:Science Struggles Under W.'s Thumb ... - FirstScience
10/6/2004:Alaska Weighs Ban on Hunters Luring Bears With Food ... - FirstScience
10/6/2004:The National Environment Policy ... - FirstScience
10/6/2004:Kerry And Bush Poles Apart On Climate Change ... - FirstScience
10/6/2004:Cruise pollution curbed ... - USA Today
10/6/2004:Volcano's activity puzzles scientists ... - MSNBC
10/6/2004:US geologists warn of volcano threat ... - FirstScience
10/6/2004:Earthquakes: They're playing our tune ...  - Nature
10/6/2004:Mount St. Helens Exhales Ash, Steam
 - ABC
10/6/2004:Steam, Magma Building in Mount St. Helens
 - ABC
10/6/2004:Ash, steam released by St. Helens
10/6/2004:Puffs of Steam From Volcano Continue to Delight Tourists
  - NY Times
10/6/2004:NASA Lowers Sights to Predict Volcano's Eruption
10/6/2004:Study Predicts Quakes Nearly Perfectly ...
 - FirstScience

10/6/2004:Wireless Gaming Is Getting Serious - Business Week
10/6/2004:Toshiba presses play on 60GB audio player  - C/Net
10/6/2004:iPod  - Technology Review 

10/6/2004:Linksys, Verizon team on Net telephony
  - C/Net
10/6/2004:Serious about broadband
  - C/Net
10/6/2004:Circuit City picks up AT&T Net phone plan
  - C/Net
10/6/2004:School cell phone bans topple
  - C/Net
10/6/2004:Chipset pushes powerline networking rates to 85 Mbit/s
 - El. Engr. Times
10/6/2004:UWB will be a hit, says reseacher
 - El. Engr. Times

10/6/2004:ABIT intros video card overclock tool  - C/Net

10/6/2004:Start-up OQO to launch hand-size PC  - C/Net
10/6/2004:Microsoft focuses on camera connections  - C/Net
10/6/2004:Digital photo album bypasses PCs  - C/Net
10/6/2004:IBM: Blue Gene breaks speed record  - CNN
10/6/2004:IBM claims supercomputer speed record
  - Nature
10/6/2004:IBM claims supercomputer speed crown - New Scientist
10/6/2004:I.B.M. Supercomputer Sets World Record for Speed  - NY Times

10/6/ prevention and cure  - C/Net
10/6/2004:JPEG exploit could beat antivirus software  - C/Net
10/6/2004:Guide to virus defense
  - C/Net
10/6/2004:IBM's 'Marvel' to scour Net for video, audio  - C/Net
10/6/2004:Google News: Beta Not Make Money  - Wired News
10/6/2004:IBM Claims Fastest Computer  - Wired News

10/6/2004:Apple software to help garage bands jam  - C/Net
10/6/2004:Piracy fears threaten Hollywood innovation  - C/Net
10/6/2004:Microsoft brings XP starter software to India  - C/Net
10/6/2004:Briefly: Microsoft boosts reporting tools  - C/Net
10/6/2004:Russia gets budget version of Windows  - C/Net
10/6/2004:House Votes to Make Video Cameras in Movie Theaters a Federal Crime  - Technology Review 
10/6/2004:MP3 Creator Warns on Format Wars  - Wired News
10/6/2004:The CD Is King  - Wired News

10/6/2004:Yukos Didn't End Russia's Energy Boom - SpaceDaily
10/6/2004:Kyrgyzstan Seizes Nuclear-Bomb-Grade Plutonium ... - FirstScience

10/6/2004:Studies Strengthen Kidney And Heart Disease Link - Science Daily

10/6/2004:Monkey virus may be cleared of cancer link  - Nature
10/6/2004:New Sequence Involved In DNA Replication Timing May Aid In Cancer Detection - Science Daily
10/6/2004:Eating More Soy-rich Foods Could Reduce Spread Of Breast Cancer - Science Daily

10/6/2004:Bird flu may have passed between humans  - Nature
10/6/2004:Global AIDS trial denied patients as US balks at generic drug use  - Nature
10/6/2004:Master Of Antimalarial Resistance - Science Daily

10/6/2004:Mechanism Helps Explain How Airways Respond To Constriction In Asthma Attacks - Science Daily

10/6/2004:A dangerous elixir?  - Nature
10/6/2004:Flexible Pain Relief With Morphine-free Poppy - Science Daily
10/6/2004:Low Doses Of A Common Intravenous Anesthetic May Relieve Debilitating Pain Syndrome - Science Daily
10/6/2004:Satellite Imagery Assists Hunt For Infectious 'Kissing Bugs' - SpaceDaily
10/6/2004:Dawn of the Dead-Flesh Eaters  - Wired News

History, Anthropology:
10/6/2004:Ancient ships lifted from Naples' railway tunnels  - Nature
10/6/2004:Feathers fly as China cracks down on illegal fossil sales  - Nature

10/6/2004:Would you buy the future of radio from this man?  - C/Net
10/6/2004:Janet Jackson still holds TiVo title  - C/Net
10/6/2004:Geeks form political action committee  - C/Net  - C/Net
10/6/2004:High-definition TV from your PC for $199  - C/Net
10/6/2004:The truth about jobs  - C/Net
10/6/2004:U.S, India reach accord on dual-use technologies - El. Engr. Times
10/6/2004:HP seeks to expand R & D in Puerto Rico - El. Engr. Times
10/6/2004:Alaska Weighs Relaxing Rules of Exploration  - NY Times
10/6/2004:New Hughes Research Center to Shift Focus  - NY Times
10/6/2004:Is there life after $50 a barrel- How oil prices affect economy - Seattle Times
10/6/2004:Vulnerable oil operations are tempting targets for terrorists - Seattle Times
10/6/2004:Restatement of earnings seen as possibility for Fannie Mae - Seattle Times
10/6/2004:Agent Model Yields Leadership  - Technology Review 
10/6/2004:Part of Patriot Act Struck Down  - Wired News
10/6/2004:Something Rotten in the State of Florida  - Wired News

10/6/2004:FDA to study suicide risks in adults  - Yahoo

Physics and Astronomy:
10/6/2004:Shields Up! - SpaceDaily
10/6/2004:Holding the line at NASA
  - Nature
10/6/2004:An atom-smasher on your desk?
  - Nature
10/6/2004:Japanese scientists create heaviest ever element
 - New Scientist
10/6/2004:Table-top accelerators make progress
 - PhysicsWeb
10/6/2004:British Scientists Zero In On The Birth Of The Universe
 - Science Daily
10/6/2004:At Molecular Scale, Vibrational Couplings Define Heat Conduction
 - Science Daily
10/6/2004:Large Asteroid Will Zoom Safely Past Earth
 - Science Daily
10/6/2004:Searching The Sources Of Mysterious Particles From The Universe
 - SpaceDaily
10/6/2004:Cosmology: Dust with destiny ...
  - Nature
10/6/2004:American trio splits Nobel Prize in physics
10/6/2004:Quark forces attract Nobel Prize in Physics
 - New Scientist
10/6/2004:Excerpts From Citation for Nobel Prize
  - NY Times
10/6/2004:Three Americans Share Nobel Physics Prize
  - NY Times
10/6/2004:Recent Winners of Nobel Prize in Physics
  - NY Times
10/6/2004:Strong-force theorists scoop Nobel prize
 - PhysicsWeb
10/6/2004:3 Yanks Share Nobel for Physics  - Wired News


10/6/2004:TALON Robot Detects Chemicals, Gases, Radiation and Heat - SpaceDaily

10/6/2004:New $50 Million Prize for Private Orbiting Spacecraft -
Bernard Schriever's Stifling Shadow - SpaceDaily
10/6/2004:SpaceShipOne lands after heart-stopping ride  - CNN
10/6/2004:X prize  - Nature
10/6/2004:Expedition Turns Up Life on Pseudo-Mars -
10/6/2004:Gordon Cooper, NASA Mercury Pioneer, Dies - ABC
10/6/2004:Private Spaceflight Closer to Reality - ABC
10/6/2004:A Giant Leap for Burt Rutan - Business Week
10/6/2004:Cosmic Log: Regulating the rockets - MSNBC
10/6/2004:Colourful work on quarks scoops triple crown  - Nature
10/6/2004:International Space Station  - Nature
10/6/2004:Team reflects on X Prize success - New Scientist
10/6/2004:NASA has hope for Genesis samples  - Wired New
10/6/2004:Rocket Ship Wins $10 Million Prize as Private Venture  - NY Times
10/6/2004:SpaceShipOne Wins Million ANSARI X PRIZE - Science Daily
10/6/2004:Stubby, Rubber-Burning 'Flash Gordon' Craft Heralds A New Space Age
10/6/2004:Foundation Announces Annual X Prize Cup - SpaceDaily
10/6/2004:US Mercury astronaut, space pioneer Gordon Cooper dead at 77 - SpaceDaily
10/6/2004:Passengers queue for out of this world flights
 - SpaceDaily
10/6/2004:Next Space Station Crew Ready for Flight -
10/6/2004:Experts Seek Aid for Russia Space Program -
10/6/2004:SpaceDev Powers SpaceShipOne to Historic Heights as Well as the Ansari X-Prize Victory ... - FirstScience

10/6/2004:MP3 creator warns tech impasse dooming downloads  - C/Net
10/6/2004:CNET UK technology awards  - C/Net
10/6/2004:Slowing the speed of light to improve networking - New Scientist
10/6/2004:From Live Mice To Raw Meat, 'Magic' Slow-spinning NMR Technique Reveals Hidden Biology - Science Daily
10/6/2004:Comcast arms for TV revolution - Seattle Times
10/6/2004:Good Vibrations In The Nanoworld - SpaceDaily
10/6/2004:Moog Synthesizer Makes a Comeback
  - NY Times


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