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  October 5, 2004

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Nano World Printing At Its Ultimate Limit - SpaceDaily  The invention of printing about a thousand years ago transformed history, much as nanotechnology - science and engineering at the molecular scale - is expected to trigger a second Industrial Revolution. Now, nanotechnology and printing are converging in a technique growing in popularity worldwide that brings printing to its fundamental limit of detail only nanometers or billionths of a meter wide. One day, you could take a few microliters of blood or saliva or urine, and analyze it for every possible thing with these arrays - every type of infectious disease - and get information out rapidly and with minimal invasiveness, Chad Mirkin, a chemist at Northwestern University in Chicago, told United Press International. It's in use today in 18 different countries and 60 different labs.
Richard Branson and his Virgin SpaceShip (PA) Virgin boss in space tourism bid  - BBC  Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson has signed a £14m agreement which will see his company take passengers into space. The British entrepreneur is having five "spaceliners" built in the US by the team behind the SpaceShipOne vehicle. Sir Richard says it will cost around £100,000 to go on a "Virgin Galactic" spaceliner, and the first flights should begin in about three years' time. "We've done quite a lot of research; we think there are about 3,000 people out there who would want to do this," Sir Richard told the BBC.

Inventing a lean green machine - Seattle Times  Left:  The Viking 32 hybrid vehicle has an electric motor in front and an engine in back that can run on biogas.   Eric Leonhardt, director of the Vehicle Research Institute at Western Washington University in Bellingham, looks at cow pies and sees miles of pollution-free driving. He wants to transform manure into "biogas," methane that fuels a hybrid vehicle running on compressed natural gas. "We absolutely believe that fuel cells will replace the internal-combustion engine in transportation." 
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Alzheimer's Disease:
10/5/2004: Androgen Loss May Lead To Alzheimer’s - Science Daily
10/5/2004: Study Explores Gene Transfer To Modify Underlying Course Of Alzheimer's Disease
 - Science Daily
10/5/2004: Amyloid Fibers Sprout One Step At A Time
 - Science Daily

10/5/2004: Pollutant Causes Delayed Flowering In Plants - Science Daily
10/5/2004: 'Fossil Genes' Reveal How Life Sheds Form And Function
 - Science Daily
10/5/2004: Dolly Creators Seek Clone License  - Wired News
10/5/2004: Engineering God in a Petri Dish  - Wired News
10/5/2004: The Crusade Against Evolution  - Wired News
10/5/2004: Women May Run Faster Than Men in 2156 Games -Study - ABC

Climate, Environment:
10/5/2004: Study Endorses Wood As 'Green' Building Material - Science Daily
10/5/2004: Strong Quake Could Trigger A Tsunami In Southern California, USC Researchers Report - Science Daily
10/5/2004: Coast-mapping Satellites Will Follow The Tides - Science Daily
10/5/2004: UCLA Geophysicist Warns 6.4 Quake To Hit LA By Sept 5' - SpaceDaily
10/5/2004: California hit by 6.0 quake, no injuries reported - SpaceDaily
10/5/2004: Moderate quake rocks southern Turkey - SpaceDaily
10/5/2004: Pope donates 100,000 dollars to Haitian victims of hurricane Jeanne - SpaceDaily
10/5/2004: Frictional Motion Study Could Provide Tool For Earthquake Prediction - SpaceDaily
10/5/2004: WRI report says human activities threaten bulk of Caribbean coral reefs ... - FirstScience
10/5/2004: California Takes Dramatic Action To Cut Greenhouse Gas Pollution From Vehicles ... - FirstScience
10/5/2004: Climate change is focus of new National Science Foundation supported research on how decisions are made in a w ... - FirstScience
10/5/2004: Antarctic shows first rise in greenhouse gases ... - FirstScience
10/5/2004: Proposed toxic waste rules to crack down on dumping in Ontario ... - FirstScience
10/5/2004: Greenpeace steps up 'forest friendly' campaign ... - FirstScience
10/5/2004: St. Helens Blast Possible Within Days - ABC
10/5/2004: Scientists Find Mount St. Helens Movement - ABC
10/5/2004: Report: Russia to OK Kyoto Ratification - ABC
10/5/2004: California Quake Area a Seismic Hot Spot - ABC
10/5/2004: Parade of Hurricanes Erode Fla. Beaches
 - ABC
10/5/2004: Small Islands Caution on Climate Change
 - ABC
10/5/2004: Informed and Awaiting a St. Helens Eruption
  - NY Times
10/5/2004: With Russia's Nod, Treaty on Emissions Clears Last Hurdle
  - NY Times
10/5/2004: Graphic: Tipping the Scale
  - NY Times
10/5/2004: Scientists Monitor Seismic And Volcanic Activity At Mount St. Helens
 - Science Daily

10/5/2004: ActBlue Lets Anyone Be PAC Man  - Wired News

10/5/2004: Review: Kyocera Koi/KX2 Cell Phone
 - ABC
10/5/2004: Broadband hits new high in the UK
  - BBC



10/5/2004: Analysts Can't Peg Google  - Wired News

10/5/2004: Microsoft Home smarter at age 10 - Seattle Times
10/5/2004: Law Sends Sharers to Slammer  - Wired News
10/5/2004: File Traders Could Do Hard Time  - Wired News

10/5/2004: Inventing a lean green machine - Seattle Times
10/5/2004: Students' Bus Powered by Vegetable Oil  - NY Times
10/5/2004: Solar Car Racing Competition Heats Up ... - Nat'l. Geo. News
10/5/2004: Socket Sap - ABC

10/5/2004: Experimental Drug Shown To Block Mutant Protein Causing Blood Disease - Science Daily

10/5/2004: Double Dealing Receptor Protein On Tumors Promotes Cancer Development In Cell Nucleus - Science Daily
10/5/2004: Key Genes Help Fish Oil Fight Cancer - Science Daily
10/5/2004: New Sequence Involved In DNA Replication Timing May Aid In Cancer - Science Daily Detection
10/5/2004: New Sequence Involved In DNA Replication Timing May Aid In Cancer Detection ... - Science Daily
10/5/2004: Test IDs Who Benefits From Cancer Drug - ABC
10/5/2004: Arsenic 'could treat leukaemia'  - BBC

10/5/2004: Moist Nose Shows Promise in Tracking Down Cancers  - NY Times
10/5/2004: Master Of Antimalarial Resistance - Science Daily
10/5/2004: Staph Strain Infects More Healthy People - ABC
10/5/2004: Asia Bird Flu Death Toll Climbs to 30 - ABC
10/5/2004: 'Cattle feed' athlete's foot cure  - BBC

10/5/2004: Double Diagnosis - ABC
10/5/2004: Video- Getting Past Alcohol Addiction - ABC
10/5/2004: Alcohol Abuse: A Public Health Crisis? - ABC
10/5/2004: Is Your Gambling a Problem? - ABC
10/5/2004: Dealing Up TV Ratings - ABC
10/5/2004: Video - ABC
10/5/2004: Weigh In
 - ABC

10/5/2004: This Pill Will Make You Feel Better, but We're Not Sure Why  - NY Times
10/5/2004: Nighttime, and Fevers Are Rising  - NY Times
10/5/2004: Columbia Research Shows Central Corneal Thickness Significantly Impacts Glaucoma Treatment - Science Daily
10/5/2004: Combination Of Laser And Topical Skin Ointment Effective In Treating The Skin Disease Vitiligo - Science Daily
10/5/2004: Spun From Bone: Researchers Discover How Protein In Teeth Controls Bone-like Crystals To Form Steely Enamel - Science Daily
10/5/2004: Flexible Pain Relief With Morphine-free Poppy - Science Daily
10/5/2004: Searching for Medicines in Old Herbal Texts - Economist
10/5/2004: Alleviating Pain, In More Ways Than One  - CNN
10/5/2004: Mexico Spreading Organic Eating at Home
 - ABC
10/5/2004: Morning after pill access widens
  - BBC
10/5/2004: Mums-to-be: Six women from around the world tell their stories
  - BBC
10/5/2004: WHO bid to cut maternal deaths
  - BBC
10/5/2004: Funeral plans: What options are available aside from traditional services?
  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
10/5/2004: Paleontologists Put Ancient Long-Necked Monster in Its Place  - NY Times
10/5/2004: Solving a Riddle Written in Silver  - NY Times
10/5/2004: Graphic: A Benediction Revealed  - NY Times
10/5/2004: Lucky Break - ABC

10/5/2004: There's Something About Your Voice  - NY Times
10/5/2004: Fannie Mae board agrees to key reforms - Seattle Times
10/5/2004: Enron CFO's top aide testifies on barge deal - Seattle Times
10/5/2004: Japanese Schools Use Computer Chips to Keep Tabs on Children  - Technology Review
10/5/2004: Origins Traces Our Original Din  - Wired News
10/5/2004: Survey Says: Cell Phones Left Out  - Wired News
10/5/2004: Calif. Mandates Voter Trails by 2006  - Wired News
10/5/2004: Federal Scientists Search for Lost H-Bomb - ABC
10/5/2004: Photo journa: How angry scenes erupted on the Galapagos Islands  - BBC
10/5/2004: British Isles: Its 6,000 islands and three billion years of natural history  - BBC
10/5/2004: Chip beach club: Going clubbing with a microchip in the arm to pay for drinks
10/5/2004: Border surveillance plan unveiled  - BBC
10/5/2004: U.S. Researchers Share 2004 Nobel Prize
 - ABC

10/5/2004: Toonology: Scientists Try to Find Out What's So Funny About Humor  - NY Times
10/5/2004: Information System To Help Scientists Analyze Mechanisms Of Social Behavior - Science Daily
10/5/2004: Science of smell scoops Nobel Prize
 - New Scientist

Physics and Astronomy:
10/5/2004: When Clusters Collide  - NY Times
10/5/2004: Observatory
  - NY Times
10/5/2004: The small world of Brazilian soccer
 - PhysicsWeb
10/5/2004: High Energy Mystery Lurks At The Galactic Centre
 - Science Daily
10/5/2004: British Scientists Zero In On The Birth Of The Universe
 - Science Daily
10/5/2004: Marking Time Is a Science at UC-Berkeley
  - FirstScience
10/5/2004: A Simpler Design for X-Ray Detectors ...
   - FirstScience
10/5/2004: Supernova warning system will give astronomers earlier notice ...
  - FirstScience
10/5/2004: Celebrating its 25th Anniversary the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Unveils a Stunning Image of the Cosmos ...
 - FirstScience
10/5/2004: In the Stars: Portents from an asteroid ...
 - FirstScience
10/5/2004: Particle lab celebrates birthday
  - BBC
10/5/2004: Mountain-sized rock passes Earth
  - BBC

10/5/2004: People Programmed to Die Early?  - Wired News


10/5/2004: Virgin boss in space tourism bid   - BBC
10/5/2004: A Dash Of Color Runs Rings Around Saturn
 - SpaceDaily
10/5/2004: Europe's Moon probe ready for lunar orbit - SpaceDaily
10/5/2004: Outward To Sol's Frontier - SpaceDaily
10/5/2004: Smart-1 Celebrates Its First Year In Space - SpaceDaily
10/5/2004: Third Time's The Charm - And Fourth - SpaceDaily
10/5/2004: The HK Observatory Launches Webpage On "Space Weather" - SpaceDaily
10/5/2004: China Launches Research Satellite - SpaceDaily
10/5/2004: All Aboard: Space-Tour Bandwagon  - Wired News
10/5/2004: NASA to Provide Scholarships and Jobs to Students ... - FirstScience
10/5/2004: NASA Explores Future Space with Advanced Concept Awards ... - FirstScience
10/5/2004: New Beginning - ABC
10/5/2004: Video
 - ABC
10/5/2004: Company Offers Weightless Experience
 - ABC
10/5/2004: Experts Seek Aid for Russia Space Program
 - ABC
10/5/2004: SpaceShipOne Wins $10 Million X-Prize with Launch
 - ABC
10/5/2004: SpaceShipOne rockets to success
  - BBC
10/5/2004: Unknown future of space tourism
  - BBC
10/5/2004: Milestones in space flight
  - BBC
10/5/2004: SpaceShipOne scoops X prize
  - Nature
10/5/2004: SpaceShipOne wins X Prize for spaceflight
 - New Scientist
10/5/2004: Space shuttle return-to-flight delayed
 - New Scientist
10/5/2004: SpaceShipOne Wins Prize for Private Spaceflight
  - NY Times
10/5/2004: NASA Delays Plans to Fly Shuttle Soon
  - NY Times
10/5/2004: Complete Coverage: Loss of the Shuttle
  - NY Times
10/5/2004: SpaceShipOne wins $10 million X Prize
 - Seattle Times
10/5/2004: SpaceShipOne captures $10 million prize
 - Seattle Times
10/5/2004: SpaceShipOne Wins $10 Million Ansari X Prize in Historic 2nd Trip to Space
10/5/2004: Remote Roving: Mars Researchers Work from Home in Extended Mission
10/5/2004: SpaceShipOne Rolling Rumors: Rutan Sets the Record Straight
10/5/2004: Hurricane Damage Delays Shuttle's Return To Flight
10/5/2004: Rolls Were Nothing to Flip Over
  - Wired News
10/5/2004: SpaceShipOne Wins the X Prize
  - Wired News


10/5/2004: Nano World Printing At Its Ultimate Limit - SpaceDaily
10/5/2004: High Speed Space-tech Cooling Creates New Era In Cosmetics - Science Daily
10/5/2004: Bank Transfer Demos Quantum Crypto  - Technology Review
10/5/2004: Electronic Back-Seat Driver System to Be Tested - ABC


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