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  October 3, 2004

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Life is a Gas: Methane Might Support Underground ET  -  A new test that produced methane under conditions mimicking the deep interiors of Earth and Mars lends support to an idea that the gas could theoretically support unseen colonies of microbes on both worlds. And the study hints at the possibility of a potential vast supply of petroleum products. While the lab work doesn't reveal what's really down there, it has nudged a controversial theory about what's under our feet one step closer to the mainstream.
Climate Skeptics Tend To KO Straw Men - SpaceDaily  Left:  In response to a request from UPI, Tech Central Station forwarded a collection of six news or Web articles it said supported its assertions. Only one - a broadside by the environmental group Greenpeace - can be interpreted as supporting the assertion that global warming is behind the hurricanes. Greenpeace is neither news media nor scientific organization. It is an advocacy group, like, say, Tech Central Station.  With the occurrence of such severe weather events - and regardless of the type of event, flood, heat wave, blizzard, cold spell or tropical storm - news stories seem to mention global warming as a possible cause, the group said in a news release. 

Hubble's deepest shot is a puzzle  - BBC  Left:  Buried in the image are objects that shone not long after the Big Bang.  Scientists studying the deepest picture of the Universe, taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, have been left with a big poser: where are all the stars? The picture shows faint galaxies whose stars were shining just a few hundred million years after the Big Bang. But the image's revelation that fewer stars than expected were being born at this time brings into question current ideas on cosmic evolution. "Another exciting possibility is that physics was very different in the early Universe; our understanding of the recipe stars obey when they form is flawed."
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Alzheimer's Disease:

10/3/2004: Of Greens and Greens  - NY Times
10/3/2004: Can Biotech Crops Be Good Neighbors?
  - NY Times
10/3/2004: Chart: Out of the Bag  - NY Times
10/3/2004: Free to Clone  - NY Times
10/3/2004: New Signs Of Life Found At The Poles  - NY Times
10/3/2004: Pollutant Causes Delayed Flowering In Plants - Science Daily
10/3/2004: Engineered "escapees" worry organic farmers - Seattle Times

Climate, Environment:
10/3/2004: Climate Skeptics Tend To KO Straw Men - SpaceDaily
10/3/2004: Is there money in being 'green'?  - C/Net
10/3/2004: Protest flotilla to intercept plutonium shipment in the Channel - New Scientist
10/3/2004: Scientists Report Increased Thinning Of West Antarctic Glaciers  - NY Times
10/3/2004: A Novel, Safer Strategy For Regulating Gene Expression  - NY Times
10/3/2004: Alaska Scientists Find Arctic Tundra Yields Surprising Carbon Loss - SpaceDaily
10/3/2004: Greenlanders mystified by incredible shrinking glacier - SpaceDaily
10/3/2004: Hurricane watch: experts divided over reasons for storm surge - SpaceDaily
10/3/2004: Carbon-cutting, gas-guzzling cars on show at Paris fair - SpaceDaily

10/3/2004: Let the fantasy sports games begin--at work  - C/Net
10/3/2004: AT&T Wireless unveils messaging-only handheld  - C/Net
10/3/2004: Fable Feels Like Unfinished Tale  - Wired News

10/3/2004: Can Skype live up to the Net phone hype?
  - C/Net
10/3/2004: Search for better phone power
  - CNN
10/3/2004: Radwin adapts Wi-Fi for WAN environment
  - El. Engr. Times
10/3/2004: Eavesdropping call centre computers cut talk time
 - New Scientist
10/3/2004: Communications gadget forgoes voice
 - Seattle Times
10/3/2004: Wireless World Cell Phone '411' Worries
 - SpaceDaily

10/3/2004: LuraTech debuts mixed-media compression technology  - El. Engr. Times
10/3/2004: Optical technique promises terabyte disks - New Scientist

10/3/2004: What's Lurking In Your PC? - Business Week
10/3/2004: Sun offers help in academic networking  - C/Net
10/3/2004: Security is key to inner peace - Seattle Times
10/3/2004: Fear and Loathing on the Laptop Trail  - NY Times

10/3/2004: E-mail firm baits hackers with security challenge  - C/Net
10/3/2004: Hotmail to wean users from free export tool  - C/Net
10/3/2004: IronPort spam shield gets steelier  - C/Net
10/3/2004: Virgin launches online music service  - C/Net
10/3/2004: California to post sex offenders' data on Net  - C/Net
10/3/2004: Google bows to Chinese censorship  - CNN
10/3/2004: Web site offers after-death e-mail
  - CNN
10/3/2004: Finding both sides on the Web
 - Seattle Times
10/3/2004: What's a wiki? It's all about sharing
 - Seattle Times
10/3/2004: Web users try to live offline
 - Seattle Times
10/3/2004: Sir Tim Berners-Lee
  - Technology Review 

10/3/2004: Sony Finally Gets In Tune with MP3s - Business Week
10/3/2004: Russia gets budget version of Windows  - C/Net
10/3/2004: AOL wants developers to get the message  - C/Net
10/3/2004: Adobe offers standard for raw photo formats  - C/Net
10/3/2004: Let's go, crypto  - C/Net
10/3/2004: Microsoft ready to comply with EU orders  - C/Net
10/3/2004: Microsoft prefers settlement option - Seattle Times
10/3/2004: Study: Compact Disc Rocks On  - Wired News
10/3/2004: Microsoft Gives In -- Almost  - Wired News

10/3/2004: Nice Ride: The Hydrogen Gremlin  - Wired News
10/3/2004: HP Tests Tactic to Save Batteries  - Wired News

10/3/2004: 'Natural' pacemaker from stem cells may replace electronics - New Scientist

10/3/2004: 'I'll speak out: '"People need to talk about gynaecological cancers"  - BBC
10/3/2004: Breast aware: How does having cancer change the lives of those women affected?  - BBC
10/3/2004: Targeting Stress Response Proteins On Breast, Prostate Tumor Cells Shows Promise  - NY Times
10/3/2004: No Role For Simian Virus 40 In Human Pleural Mesotheliomas  - NY Times
10/3/2004: A Glass Of Red Wine A Day May Keep Prostate Cancer Away  - NY Times

10/3/2004: 'Name vCJD-risk countries' call  - BBC
10/3/2004: Gene clue to malaria drug failure  - BBC
10/3/2004: Scientists Discover Potential New Way To Control Drug-resistant Bacteria - Science Daily

10/3/2004: Researcher Recommends Caution In Using DEET Against West Nile - Science Daily

10/3/2004: Have Your Say: Will you miss king-size chocolate bars?  - BBC
10/3/2004: Stretches 'mar performance'  - BBC
10/3/2004: Malawi fears over tobacco treaty  - BBC
10/3/2004: Have Your Say: Will you miss king-size chocolate bars?  - BBC
10/3/2004: Parents begin 'right-to-life' bid  - BBC
10/3/2004: Half 'facing blood pressure risk'  - BBC
10/3/2004: King size chocolate bars face axe  - BBC
10/3/2004: Men 'find health matters something to laugh about'  - BBC
10/3/2004: Why we crave foods: Expert says it all harks back to what we ate as children
  - BBC
10/3/2004: Appetite Hormone Restores Fertility
  - NY Times
10/3/2004: Rutgers Engineers 'Mix It Up' To Promote Better Food, Medicine
  - NY Times

History, Anthropology:
10/3/2004: The Genesis Project  - NY Times
10/3/2004: Future of Illinois Farm May Lie in Swampy Past  - NY Times
10/3/2004: DNA Points to Human Promiscuity  - Wired News

10/3/2004: Keeping Out the Wrong People - Business Week
10/3/2004: What's the 411?  - C/Net
10/3/2004: IBM readies large RFID push  - C/Net
10/3/2004: Does the patent system need an overhaul?  - NY Times
10/3/2004: IBM finds profit in diversity  - C/Net
10/3/2004: Spy agency peers at U. S. after 9/11  - CNN
10/3/2004: Toshiba, Microtune team to develop HDTV module  - El. Engr. Times
10/3/2004: Lasker Prizes to Honor 5 for Research in Medicine  - NY Times
10/3/2004: Panel Studies Effects of Nuclear Tests  - NY Times
10/3/2004: Program Combines Archaeology, Oceanography  - NY Times
10/3/2004: USF Microbiologists Can Detect Smallpox And Anthrax ASAP - Science Daily
10/3/2004: Nepalese man is honored for wiring villages - Seattle Times
10/3/2004: Japan Plans To Develop Advanced Spy Satellite - SpaceDaily
10/3/2004: Bush Says Iran Will Not Get Nuclear Weapon - SpaceDaily
10/3/2004: India's Unmanned Moon Mission Going Smoothly: Official - SpaceDaily
10/3/2004: Switzerland Tests Virtual Democracy in National Referendum  - Technology Review 
10/3/2004: Bushman Takes His Plea to the U.N.  - Wired News

10/3/2004: Females May Be More Susceptible To Overindulge "Sweet Tooth" Cravings Than Males  - NY Times
10/3/2004: Long Trip for Psychedelic Drugs  - Wired News

Physics and Astronomy:
10/3/2004: Hubble's deepest shot is a puzzle   - BBC
10/3/2004: Jupiter drifted towards sun in its youth
 - New Scientist
10/3/2004: The Mouse That Soared
 - SpaceDaily
10/3/2004: Killer asteroids: Schemes get underway
 - SpaceDaily



10/3/2004: Life is a Gas: Methane Might Support Underground ET  -
10/3/2004: Now Virgin to offer trips to space
  - CNN
10/3/2004: Richard Branson Unveils Plan For Commercial Space Flights
10/3/2004: Commercial space flights possible but extremely difficult- expert
10/3/2004: Commercial space travel- pipedream a step closer to reality
10/3/2004: China launches new scientific satellite
 - SpaceDaily
10/3/2004: Virgin Astronauts in Space
  - Wired News

10/3/2004: Nanotubes That Can Change Color, Form 'Nanocarpet' And Kill Bacteria - SpaceDaily
10/3/2004: On-Off Switch For Buckyball Toxicity - SpaceDaily
10/3/2004: Plastics Ease Nanotube Circuits  - Technology Review 
10/3/2004: Changing at the Push of a Button  - Wired News
10/3/2004: Rural Kids Print, Bind and Read  - Wired News


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