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  October 26, 2004

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GE Energy Receives $1.3 Billion In Orders For New US Wind Projects - SpaceDaily   GE Energy Monday announced that it has secured contracts to supply more than 750 megawatts of wind turbines for new 2004-2005 projects in the U.S., and has received commitments for another 750 megawatts. In total, the orders and commitments are valued at more than US$1.3 billion. In Denmark, wind accounts for 20% of the country's electricity. Germany, a much larger nation, has achieved 5.9%. In the U.S., wind energy provides less than 1% of the energy mix, which currently comes from coal (over 50%), nuclear (20%) and natural gas (18%), with hydropower making up most of the rest.
Indian farmer, AP Drying up: Why experts warn we're heading for a thirsty future  - BBC  The world's water crisis is simple to understand, if not to solve. The amount of water in the world is finite. The number of us is growing fast and our water use is growing even faster. A third of the world's population lives in water-stressed countries now. By 2025, this is expected to rise to two-thirds. There is more than enough water available, in total, for everyone's basic needs. The UN recommends that people need a minimum of 50 litres of water a day for drinking, washing, cooking and sanitation. In 1990, over a billion people did not have even that. Providing universal access to that basic minimum worldwide by 2015 would take less than 1% of the amount of water we use today. But we're a long way from achieving that. Global water consumption rose sixfold between 1900 and 1995 - more than double the rate of population growth - and goes on growing as farming, industry and domestic demand all increase. As important as quantity is quality - with pollution increasing in some areas, the amount of useable water declines. More than five million people die from waterborne diseases each year - 10 times the number killed in wars around the globe.

Chromosomes (BBC)

Human gene number slashed  - BBC  Left:  Gene regulation could be more important than gene number.  Human beings have far fewer genes than originally thought, a consortium of scientists have claimed in Nature.   They found the most up-to-date human genome contains only 20,000 to 25,000 genes - which is about 10,000 less than indicated in the draft. "It means that each gene can be used in a variety of different ways depending on how it is regulated." Scientists suspect that the key to complexity lies not in the genes, but in the gaps between them. At the moment the puppet masters, the bits of DNA that control the genes, are something of an enigma.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

10/26/2004:IVF is less successful for Asians  - BBC
10/26/2004:Sister's ovary helps infertile twin become pregnant
  - BBC
10/26/2004:Human gene number slashed   - BBC
10/26/2004:Beer gadget boost to water plants  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
10/26/2004:Drying up: Why experts warn we're heading for a thirsty future  - BBC 

10/26/2004:Half-Life 2 set for mid-November  - BBC
10/26/2004:Ads in video games set to rise  - BBC
10/26/2004:Virtual shoot-out: Which football games top the league or face relegation?  - BBC
10/26/2004:Games set to heat up the Chinese economy  - C/Net
10/26/2004:Keychain clicker kills TVs  - C/Net
10/26/2004:Video game industry targets Generation XXX - Washington Post

BBC digital radio 'must evolve'   - BBC
10/26/2004:New phones boost for Motorola
  - BBC
10/26/2004:Dishes keeping the UK connected
  - BBC
10/26/2004:The new Y2K windfall?
  - C/Net
10/26/2004:Around the world -- without wires
  - CNN
10/26/2004:Always connected
  - CNN
10/26/2004:The wireless society
  - CNN

10/26/2004:Intel releases new leader of Pentium M pack  - C/Net
10/26/2004:Intel's Barrett takes on the 'power challenge'  - C/Net

10/26/2004:Apple releases new machines, cuts prices  - C/Net
10/26/2004:Supercomputer sweepstakes heat up with new NEC entry  - El. Engr. Times

10/26/2004:Users face new phishing threats  - BBC
10/26/2004:Online gambling attracts surfers  - BBC
10/26/2004:Google's office fun: How you can Google the boss's salary...and how he can stop you  - BBC
10/26/2004:Google rolls out corporate search  - BBC
10/26/2004:Major browsers bitten by security bugs  - C/Net
10/26/2004:Firefox fans to take campaign to NY Times  - C/Net
10/26/2004:The optimistic pessimist
  - C/Net
10/26/2004:Google 'saves' hostage's life
  - C/Net
10/26/2004:Google search tool a privacy risk
  - CNN
10/26/2004:Hacker hits Cal-Berkeley system
  - CNN

10/26/2004:Pair accused of cracking software  - BBC
10/26/2004:Whitehall shifts digital priorities  - BBC
10/26/2004:Radiation risks 'need updating'  - BBC
10/26/2004:Couples who live together more likely to have baby boys  - BBC
10/26/2004:These Days, Microsoft Isn't So Scary - Business Week
10/26/2004:Ballmer: We need a $100 PC  - C/Net
10/26/2004:CD shipments surge after lean years  - C/Net
10/26/2004:FBI supplier readies secure Linux  - C/Net
10/26/2004:Microsoft math: Multicore licensed as one chip  - C/Net



10/26/2004:'Too few' women have breast scans  - BBC

10/26/2004:Immunisation: Which injections will your baby need to have and when?  - BBC

10/26/2004:Liverpool votes for smoking ban  - BBC

10/26/2004:Baby sex link to domestic status  - BBC
10/26/2004:Brother's tissue 'cures' sick boy  - BBC
10/26/2004:One cup of coffee a day 'risky'  - BBC
10/26/2004:Organic chicken 'health warning'  - BBC
10/26/2004:Abuse checks for pregnant  - BBC
10/26/2004:Radiation risks 'need updating'  - BBC
10/26/2004:Championing a Wiki World - Business Week
10/26/2004:Hospital approves Web-arranged transplant  - CNN

History, Anthropology:
10/26/2004:Secrets and allies: How coalition code-breakers failed to click during World War II  - BBC
10/26/2004:Kiln's 'ancestor' found in Greece  - BBC

10/26/2004:Premium rate scam: How a family was left 200 out of pocket by rogue PC software  - BBC
10/26/2004:All the News You Choose -- On One Page - Business Week
10/26/2004:WebMD's Founder Goes Hollywood - Business Week
10/26/2004:Assault on anonymity  - C/Net
10/26/2004:HP bags $500 million outsourcing deal  - C/Net
10/26/2004:Target to sell TiVo DVRs  - C/Net
10/26/2004:Online nuke plans:-blueprints for terrorists  - C/Net
10/26/2004:Offshoring in reverse  - C/Net
10/26/2004:No holds barred- DVD rental wars - USA Today
10/26/2004:Jon Stewart 'Crossfire' feud ignites Net frenzy  - C/Net
10/26/2004:Barrett still has some fight in him -- Tuesday, Oct 19, 2004  - C/Net
10/26/2004:Digital Agenda: Homeland Security  - C/Net
10/26/2004:Cops track emergency call to malfunctioning TV  - C/Net
10/26/2004:Nuke plans online  - CNN

10/26/2004:Inside the mind of an inventor  - C/Net

Physics and Astronomy:


10/26/2004:Robo-servants set to sweep into homes  - C/Net

10/26/2004:Plasma beam for 90-day Mars visit  - BBC
10/26/2004:Company blasts ashes into space
  - CNN
10/26/2004:Spirit Steering Goes Amiss; While Opportunity Powers Up
 - SpaceDaily
10/26/2004:Viewer's Guide- Oct. 27 Total Lunar Eclipse
 - SpaceDaily
10/26/2004:Total Lunar Eclipse to Grace World Series Game 4
 - SpaceDaily
10/26/2004:High hopes for Cassini's Titan flyby
 - New Scientist
10/26/2004:Soyuz capsule lands on Kazakhstan steppe
  - Yahoo
10/26/2004:Two Back on Earth After Six Months on Space Station
  - NY Times
10/26/2004:Shaded moon will be last eclipse of 2004
 - SpaceDaily
10/26/2004:Opportunity Ready To Explore Burns Cliff
 - SpaceDaily
10/26/2004:The Sounds Of Titan
 - SpaceDaily
10/26/2004:Pegasus To Loft DART
 - SpaceDaily

10/26/2004:Dots and dashes: Rumours of Morse code's demise are greatly exaggerated  - BBC
10/26/2004:Can Polar Express Make the Grade? - Business Week
10/26/2004:Self-destructing DVDs to help market new film  - C/Net
10/26/2004:Tech may be ushering in a golden age of stalking - Popular Science


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