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  October 25, 2004

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Senate Dispute May Scuttle Space Tourism Bill -  Regulation for proven technology is a way of ensuring public safety. Regulation in a developmental area like commercial space is a means of strangling enterprise,'' said Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., sponsor of the Commercial Space Launch Amendments Act of 2004 that passed the House in March. But Senate Commerce Committee negotiators late last week added language calling for crew and passenger safety. 
Jamming Challenges US Space Dominance - SpaceDaily  When anti-coalition forces in Iraq used jammers last year to thwart Global Positioning System precision-guided munitions in that theater, it represented a new, but not unexpected, challenge for the U.S. military: The first time an adversary challenged its dominance in space. Air Force Secretary Dr. James G. Roche said the threat, which the Air Force quickly squelched using GPS-guided munitions, did not come out of the blue. "We had been waiting for this to happen and wondering when someone would finally do it," he said. "This was the first time that we could point to something in an unclassified way and say, 'See, someone is trying to interfere with our ability to use space to get the effects we desire.' We had been waiting for this to happen and wondering when someone would finally do it,"

Research Shows Liquid Water May Have Been On Mars Briefly - SpaceDaily  Left:  "On Earth, jarosite forms in acid mine drainage environments as sulphide minerals oxidize -- it has been found in Idaho or California, for example. It also forms while volcanic rocks are being altered by acidic, sulphur-rich fluids near volcanic vents. As such, jarosite formation is thought to need a wet, oxidizing and acidic environment." (File image of Elysium Mons by ESA's Mars Express - desktop versions available here)  A Ph.D. student at Virginia Tech has research published this week in Nature that shows Mars probably had liquid water at some point, but likely for only a short time, geologically speaking. NASA's Mars Rover Opportunity recently found the mineral jarosite and possibly gypsum on Mars' surface. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

10/25/2004: Technique For Genetically Modifying Blood Stem Cells Brings Cure For Blood Diseases Closer - Science Daily
10/25/2004: Mitochondria Findings May Help Beat Wide Range Of Disease
 - Science Daily
10/25/2004: Amphibians In Dramatic Decline; Study Finds Nearly One-Third Of Species Threatened With Extinction - Science Daily
10/25/2004: Effort To Control Trade In Great White Sharks Gets Teeth From International Community - Science Daily
10/25/2004: Multi-species Herbivore Outbreak Follows El Niño Drought In Panama - Science Daily
10/25/2004: Order Allows Brazilian Farmers to Produce Genetically Modified Soy  - Technology Review 
10/25/2004: Indonesian Orangutans Focus of Thai Smuggling Case ... - FirstScience
10/25/2004: Ancient fungus 'revived' in lab  - BBC
10/25/2004: Toothache 'made lion eat humans'  - BBC
10/25/2004: Survey plea to save stricken owls  - BBC
10/25/2004: Scientists maintain fish concern  - BBC
10/25/2004: Big-hearted truck driver takes chicks under his wing  - BBC
10/25/2004: Foxes kill great bustard chicks  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
10/25/2004: Under The Volcano: Gases Yield Clues To Mount St. Helens' Next Eruption - Science Daily
10/25/2004: He warned of global warming back in the '60s ... - FirstScience
10/25/2004: Grants to Developing Nations Target Indoor Air Pollution ... - FirstScience
10/25/2004: New Jersey Cracks Down on Pollutants in Consumer Products ... - FirstScience
10/25/2004: Water Monitors Pool Data for Global Water Quality Snapshot ... - FirstScience
10/25/2004: Bioaerosols- New element in climate mystery ... - FirstScience
10/25/2004: Reductions in CO2 emissions ... - FirstScience
10/25/2004: Falling emissions fail to stem calls for CO2 tax ... - FirstScience
10/25/2004: Study provides fresh insight on volcanic eruptions ... - FirstScience
10/25/2004: China, Brazil To Launch 3 Earth Resources Satellites In Coming Years - SpaceDaily
10/25/2004: China To Build 3rd Station In Antarctica - SpaceDaily
10/25/2004: AMC-15 Successfully Launched From Baikonur - SpaceDaily
10/25/2004: Aid agencies' warning on climate  - BBC

10/25/2004: Real ads pop up in video-game world - Seattle Times
10/25/2004: I Love Bees Game a Surprise Hit  - Wired News

10/25/2004: BlackBerry, Bluetooth get new shot at mass market
 - Seattle Times
10/25/2004: Industrial trio combine to help photonics research
 - Silicon Strategies
10/25/2004: Word From on High: Jam Cell Calls
  - Wired News

10/25/2004: Purdue Professor Puts New Spin On Quantum Computer Technology - Science Daily


10/25/2004: Watchdog takes on rogue diallers  - BBC

10/25/2004: CherryOS Not BS, Author Says  - Wired News

10/25/2004: Power on a Chip  - Technology Review 
10/25/2004: U.S. Trains 11 Countries to Stop Nuclear Smuggling ... - FirstScience

10/25/2004: Alcohol Consumption May Be Associated With Irregular Heart Beat In Men - Science Daily
10/25/2004: Estrogen Protects Male Rats From Aortic Aneurysms - Science Daily
10/25/2004: Heart Disease Risk Factors Rooted In Childhood - Science Daily

10/25/2004: Muscling In On A Deadly Cancer: Mice With Kids’ Muscle Tumors Raise Hope For New Treatments - Science Daily
10/25/2004: Exercise Boosts Recovery From Breast Cancer - Science Daily
10/25/2004: S1P1 essential for tumor growth and is blocked by RNA interference ... - FirstScience

10/25/2004: Researchers Provide Road Map For Generating B Cells From Stem Cells - Science Daily
10/25/2004: High hopes for fridge-free jabs  - BBC


10/25/2004: Sealing Corneal Incisions With A Drop Of Chemistry, Boston University Researchers Develop Gel For Cataract Surgery - Science Daily
10/25/2004: Past Shows Mount St. Helens Ash Poses Minimal Health Threat - Science Daily
10/25/2004: Printers betray document secrets  - BBC

History, Anthropology:

10/25/2004: Jamming Challenges US Space Dominance - SpaceDaily
10/25/2004: Nazis And Medical Ethics: Context And Lessons - Science Daily
10/25/2004: Radio frequency ID devices give a signal of the future - Seattle Times
10/25/2004: Microchips in people, packaging and pets raise privacy questions - Seattle Times
10/25/2004: Q&A: Microsoft's Will Poole talks about digital home entertainment - Seattle Times
10/25/2004: Sony boutiques make retailers a little anxious - Seattle Times
10/25/2004: An Artist's Junkyard of Dreams  - Wired News
10/25/2004: Jeb Bush Keeps Felon List  - Wired News
10/25/2004: Britain Agrees To Station 'Son Of Star Wars' Missiles: Report - SpaceDaily
10/25/2004: Helios II, A New Generation Of Military Satellites - SpaceDaily
10/25/2004: Small Rockets Seen As Terror Risk - SpaceDaily


Physics and Astronomy:
10/25/2004: Cosmic Murder Mystery Unfolds ... - Discover


10/25/2004: Awarding the Brains Behind AI  - Wired News 

10/25/2004: Research Shows Liquid Water May Have Been On Mars Briefly - SpaceDaily
Senate Dispute May Scuttle Space Tourism Bill -
10/25/2004: Emoticons Invade Mars ... - FirstScience
10/25/2004: Unlikely Visionary Behind Race to Space ... - Washington Post
10/25/2004: Cassini Finds a Charged Up Saturn ... - FirstScience
10/25/2004: Mission to Mars: Risky Business ... - FirstScience
10/25/2004: Korea to Select Nation's First Two Astronauts Next Year ... - FirstScience
10/25/2004: STS-114: Discovery Astronauts, Flight Controllers Simulate ISS Docking -
10/25/2004: Two Back on Earth After Year on Space Station  - NY Times
10/25/2004: Astronauts return after six months in space ... - FirstScience

10/25/2004: Radio is being redefined - Seattle Times
10/25/2004: Angles Increase Optical Storage  - Technology Review 
10/25/2004: Deaf Benefit Greatly from SMS  - Wired News
10/25/2004: Nano World Top 10 Nanotech Venture Firms - SpaceDaily


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