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  October 18, 2004

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Researchers Find Frozen North May Accelerate Climate Change - SpaceDaily  Left:  This colorful image of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the Beaufort Sea was acquired by the Multi-angle Imaging Spectroradiometer on August 16, 2000. The Refuge encompasses a variety of arctic and subarctic ecosystems, including coastal lagoons, barrier islands, arctic tundra, and mountainous terrain. Credit: NASA/GSFC/LaRC/JPL, MISR Team.  "The three to seven degree Fahrenheit rise in temperature predicted by global climate computer models could cause the breakdown of the arctic tundra's vast store of soil carbon," said Michelle Mack. "The rise in temperature would would release more of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into the air than plants are capable of taking in," she said. The findings were collected in a 20-year experiment of the effects of fertilization on the tundra at the Arctic Long-Term Ecological Research site near Toolik Lake, Alaska.
Brazil In Space: Gaudenzi Plots A Strategy - SpaceDaily  Left:  File photo of one of Brazil's VS/1 rockets    Brazil will hold a national conference in November to re-consider the future of its space program, according to Sergio Gaudenzi, the president of AEB, Brazil's space agency. In the last few years, the space program has suffered a series of setbacks, culminating in the explosion of the VLS rocket in 2003 on the launch pad at the country's Alcantara facility, killing 21 people. The commission's report specifically pointed out the dramatic reductions in the budgets allocated for AEB over the last few years. During its height, in 1992 thru 1994, the entire Brazilian space program received about $100 million a year. In 2002, however, the year before the accident, the budget plummeted to $15.3 million.

Iran To Launch First Satellite As Missile Program Expands - SpaceDaily  Left:  File image of Iran's long range Shihab missile on parade.  An Iranian military official said Thursday his country would launch its first homemade satellite into space during the next Persian year, which starts in March. Deputy Defense Minister for Space Affairs Nasser Maliki was quoted by the Iranian News Agency as saying the satellite would orbit the earth at low altitudes varying between 100 and 400 kilometers (about 60 to 250 miles). It is a small satellite which will prove the capacity of the Islamic Republic of Iran in space technology, Maliki said, noting that only 10 countries in the world possess satellites at present.  
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Alzheimer's Disease:

10/18/2004:Harvard Wants to Clone Human Embryos - ABC
10/18/2004:Thailand Shows No Easy War Against Wildlife Crime
 - ABC
10/18/2004:Calif. Stem Cell Plan Gets Reagan-Era Aide Backing - ABC
10/18/2004:Survival of genetic homosexual traits explained - New Scientist
10/18/2004:New Technology Makes It Possible To See Ubiquitin-modified Proteins Inside Living Cells - Science Daily
10/18/2004:Biologists ID Molecular Block For Social 'Cheaters': Gene's Dual Role In Cooperation, Reproduction Provides Evolutionary Protection - Science Daily
10/18/2004:Cow's Claw Benefits From Cushioned Floor - Science Daily
10/18/2004:Bangladesh to begin research on GM crops ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
10/18/2004:Biologists Concerned About Bobwhite Quail - ABC
10/18/2004:Crocodile Attack Renews Calls for Culls - ABC
10/18/2004:Taiwan Hopes to Wipe Out Red Fire Ants in 3 Years - ABC
10/18/2004:Australia Says It's Starting to Win Its Locust War - ABC
10/18/2004:Targets 'hamper recycling effort'  - BBC
10/18/2004:Carbon 'reaching danger levels'  - BBC
10/18/2004:Researchers Find Frozen North May Accelerate Climate Change - Science Daily
10/18/2004:Why Rocks Curl - Science Daily
10/18/2004:Showdown Over America's Only Rainforest ... - FirstScience
10/18/2004:Dutch firms combine logistics to cut costs and pollution ... - FirstScience
10/18/2004:Greenhouse gas jump shows Kyoto vital - UK ... - FirstScience
10/18/2004:British FM Insists US Being Pressed Over Kyoto Treaty - SpaceDaily
10/18/2004:When Will Mount St Helens Erupt?
 - SpaceDaily

10/18/2004:Gripping thriller: Psychic undertones and futuristic thrills in Psi-Ops game  - BBC
10/18/2004:Dell hears consumer electronics call  - C/Net

10/18/2004:Right to silence: Pressure grows to allow mobile phone jammers in the UK
  - BBC
10/18/2004:Mobile phone Lotto plan unveiled
  - BBC
10/18/2004:Mobile phone signals face curtain in French cinemas
  - BBC
10/18/2004:Wi-Fi group: Jumping the gun on gear is risky
  - C/Net
10/18/2004:Largent warns against treating wireless as just another utility
 - Science Daily
10/18/2004:Making Peace with the Phone Bill
  - Technology Review
10/18/2004:WanderPod Brings Wi-Fi Anywhere
  - Wired News

10/18/2004:Fluid Chip Does Binary Logic  - Technology Review

10/18/2004:Now, for Your PC: Mac OS X  - Wired News

10/18/2004:Digital division: Britain's internet 'refuseniks' get help to get online  - BBC
10/18/2004:Beckham virus spotted on the net  - BBC
10/18/2004:Net shopping guides lure surfers  - BBC
10/18/2004:Boy's eBay con nets 45,000  - BBC
10/18/2004:Nine die in Japan 'suicide pacts'  - BBC
10/18/2004:Call for global action on spam  - BBC
10/18/2004:Netscape:-A decade on Web
  - C/Net
10/18/2004:Origins of Firefox
  - C/Net
10/18/2004:Netscape: bowed, but not broken
  - C/Net
10/18/2004:Where are Netscape's pioneers today?
  - C/Net
10/18/2004:Click Fraud Threatens Web
  - Wired News
10/18/2004:UCLA File Swappers in Quarantine
  - Wired News

10/18/2004:Apple whistles happy iTunes  - C/Net
10/18/2004:Microsoft selling new Windows at cut-rate price  - C/Net
10/18/2004:Justice Dept. wants new antipiracy powers  - C/Net
10/18/2004:Microsoft warns of 22 new security flaws  - C/Net
10/18/2004:Piracy crackdown yields $2.2 million  - C/Net
10/18/2004:Microsoft opens Windows to the home  - C/Net
10/18/2004:Microsoft releases new 'critical' patches - Washington Post

10/18/2004:EU takes action against Britain over nuclear waste ... - FirstScience

10/18/2004:MRI Can Measure Early Benefits Of Cholesterol-lowering Drugs And Plaque Reduction - Science Daily
10/18/2004:Testosterone May Help In Recovery From Strokes, Suggests Preliminary Findings In Study - Science Daily

10/18/2004:Men With Advanced, Incurable Prostate Cancer Can Benefit From Docetaxel - Science Daily
10/18/2004:New Method Identifies Chromosome Changes In Malignant Cells - Science Daily

10/18/2004:New Mich. Lab Key to Detecting Diseases - ABC
10/18/2004:CDC Says Vaccine-Caused Polio Wiped Out - ABC
10/18/2004:CDC Flu Plan Aims to Guard Those at Risk - ABC
10/18/2004:Study Shows Kids Vaccine Reaction Similar - ABC
10/18/2004:Scientists Work on Global Virus Strategy - ABC
10/18/2004:AIDS Prompts S. Africa Nurse Shortage - ABC
10/18/2004:GlaxoSmithKline Offers to Sell Flu Vaccine
 - ABC
10/18/2004:Serious Reactions Rare After Prevnar Vaccine Shots
 - ABC
10/18/2004:CDC asks some to forgo flu vaccination
  - CNN

10/18/2004:Australia to Stub Out Smoking in Hotels and Bars - ABC
10/18/2004:Painkiller Lotion Effective for Knee Arthritis - ABC

10/18/2004:Short Rehab May Lead to Higher Death Rate - ABC
10/18/2004:Study: Nearly 200 Million Chinese Obese - ABC
10/18/2004:Suit Says Drug Group Gouged Pharmacy - ABC
10/18/2004:Report: Number of Overweight Americans Holds Steady - ABC
10/18/2004:Bush Accuses Kerry of Big Government Health Plan - ABC
10/18/2004:Anorexia Leads to Emphysema-Like Disease - ABC
10/18/2004:Surgeons 'rebuild' patient's face  - BBC
10/18/2004:A&E waits cut 'but more needed'  - BBC
10/18/2004:Have Your Say: Have waiting times in A&E units improved?
  - BBC
10/18/2004:How homosexuality is 'inherited'
  - BBC
10/18/2004:Why you should discard scales for a tape measure
  - BBC
10/18/2004:Mother's genetics could influence sexual orientation
  - Nature
10/18/2004:Man's face rebuilt with single skin graft
 - New Scientist

History, Anthropology:
10/18/2004:Deep impact: The Ghanaian lake that holds clues to Africa's climate past  - BBC

10/18/2004:UK viewers taking control of TV  - BBC
10/18/2004:University Of Florida Researchers Shine Light On New Explosives Detection Method - Science Daily
10/18/2004:Buyer Beware: Product Labels Don't Always Measure Up - Science Daily
10/18/2004:Tax break expected to be felt statewide - Science Daily
10/18/2004:A Mall for America's Geeks  - Wired News
10/18/2004:Vote Early and Often Online  - Wired News
10/18/2004:New Tack Wins Prisoner's Dilemma  - Wired News
10/18/2004:Campaign Donor Data Goes Mobile  - Wired News
10/18/2004:Reeve Was a Super Activist  - Wired News
10/18/2004:Outside View: Defusing Iran's Nukes - SpaceDaily
10/18/2004:North Korea Says No Missile Test, But Defends Missile Program - SpaceDaily
10/18/2004:Feature: DMZ, Flashpoint In Korea - SpaceDaily

10/18/2004:Under The Surface, The Brain Seethes With Undiscovered Activity - Science Daily
10/18/2004:Problematic Behaviour Of Dementing Patients Exacerbated - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
10/18/2004:CERN turns 50 in style ... - FirstScience
10/18/2004:UK Astronomers Watch the Skies for Threat from Space ...
 - FirstScience
10/18/2004:Telescope to shed light on cosmic dark ages ...
 - FirstScience
10/18/2004:Stellar Night-Goggles
 - SpaceDaily
10/18/2004:Newfound Star Cluster May Be Final Milky Way Fossil
 - SpaceDaily

10/18/2004:Faces Age Due To Fat Loss, Skin Changes - Not Gravity - Science Daily

10/18/2004:Boudreaux -- (Space)man's Best Friend? -
10/18/2004:You Need a Robolawyer  - Wired News

10/18/2004:Brazil In Space: Gaudenzi Plots A Strategy - SpaceDaily
Iran To Launch First Satellite As Missile Program Expands - SpaceDaily 
10/18/2004:Space adventurers race to get aboard Virgin ship  - C/Net
10/18/2004:NASA Spacecraft Moves One Step Closer To Fall Launch
 - Science Daily
10/18/2004:Red Planet Bound: Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
10/18/2004:Space Federation to Launch 50 Nanosatellites on Sputnik Anniversary
10/18/2004:Investigators Find Preliminary Cause of Genesis Crash
10/18/2004:Unmanned Chinese Return Capsule Crashes Into House
 - SpaceDaily
10/18/2004:Genesis Mishap Board & Researchers Report Progress
 - SpaceDaily
10/18/2004:An Opportunity To Work Towards Wopmay
 - SpaceDaily
10/18/2004:Russian craft docks to ISS after near mishap
 - SpaceDaily

10/18/2004:New ideas brewing in beer industry  - CNN
10/18/2004:More eye-catching cockpits could help pilot performance  - Nature
10/18/2004:A Mall for America's Geeks  - Wired News


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