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  October 17, 2004

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New X Prize Sets Sights on Science, Technology and Social Solutions -  The X Prize Foundation and the World Technology Network announced today the formation of a joint venture to launch a series of technology incentive prizes to help spur innovation and breakthroughs in a range of scientific arenas. The creation of new X Prize awards follows the success of the twin SpaceShipOne flights that snagged the $10 million Ansari X Prize purse. However, these are focused on other arenas.
Mathematicians Count On Future - SpaceDaily  Turns out discrete math isn't discrete after all. In fact, it permeates everything from super-secret security networks to underground gambling networks. By forming the backbone for weather forecasting, it even determines when to grab an umbrella. The 19th annual mini-conference on discrete mathematics and related fields will be held at Clemson University Oct. 7-8. Nearly 100 mathematicians will attend the annual conference, where they will listen to presentations on everything from graph and number theory to game theory and probability. Presentations will end, according to tradition, with the youngest presenters, who - defying tradition - are undergraduates.

Radio Astronomers Remove The Blindfold - SpaceDaily  UK radio astronomers at the Jodrell Bank Observatory, working with colleagues from Europe and the USA, have demonstrated a new technique that will revolutionise the way they observe. To create the very best quality images of the sky, they routinely combine data from multiple telescopes from around the world a technique called Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI). e-VLBI uses new dedicated internet infrastructures (called research networks) in the participating countries, so that data from all the telescopes can be relayed rapidly to a centre in the Netherlands where the data are combined and sent back to the astronomers, who then produce the images.
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Alzheimer's Disease:
10/17/2004:Q & A: A Tricky Dementia  - NY Times

10/17/2004:English Lab Ready to Clone Embryos for Stem Cells  - NY Times
10/17/2004:Experts Call Wild Birds Victims, Not Vectors
  - NY Times
10/17/2004:English Lab Ready to Clone Embryos for Stem Cells  - NY Times
10/17/2004:They Always Fly Separately  - NY Times
10/17/2004:Friends Matter for Reclusive Creature of African Forest  - NY Times
10/17/2004:Resistance Genes Discovered In Ancestral Tomato Species - Science Daily
10/17/2004:'Junk' DNA May Be Very Valuable To Embryos - Science Daily
10/17/2004:Jacket Grows From Living Tissue  - Wired News

Climate, Environment:
10/17/2004:Observatory: Creature-Friendly Cotton  - NY Times
10/17/2004:How Water at the Beach Brings Havoc to the Shores  - NY Times
10/17/2004:New Research Reveals The Dynamic Inner Workings Of Earth - Science Daily
10/17/2004:Global Air Pollution Map Produced By Envisat's SCIAMACHY - Science Daily
10/17/2004:Phoning Home From The Ocean Floor - By Computer - Science Daily
10/17/2004:Action over global warming demanded ... - FirstScience
10/17/2004:Jamaica Conserves Forests With Debt-for-Nature Pacts ... - FirstScience
10/17/2004:Worldwide Pollution Levels Seen From Space ... - FirstScience
10/17/2004:PLA makes headway in ecological protection ... - FirstScience
10/17/2004:Noise pollution alarming in port city ... - FirstScience
10/17/2004:Even prenatal exposure to pollutants can destroy infant's lungs! ... - FirstScience
10/17/2004:Researchers Find Frozen North May Accelerate Climate Change ... - NASA
10/17/2004:Green Party Grows Roots ... - CBS
10/17/2004:Global air pollution map produced by Envisat's SCIAMACHY - SpaceDaily
10/17/2004:Scientist finds huge jump in gas that causes global warming: report - SpaceDaily

10/17/2004:Intel shows off a web-surfing surfboard - ABC
10/17/2004:Tiny iPod gives huge boost to Apple's sales, share price - Seattle Times
10/17/2004:IPod Users Go Into the Closet  - Wired News

10/17/2004:Xelerated, Dune demo 20-Gbit Ethernet switch fabric
  - El. Engr. Times
10/17/2004:Wireless World: WiFi Transforms Transport
 - SpaceDaily
10/17/2004:Wireless World: 'Fiction' Of Telecom Rules
 - SpaceDaily
10/17/2004:Helsinki Transport Speeds Toward Future With Echelon's Technology
 - SpaceDaily

10/17/2004:An Important Step Toward Molecular Electronics
10/17/2004:'Gunfight at the OK Corral' and shakeout expected in flash-memory market - Silicon Strategies
10/17/2004:IMEC signs on 10 equipment vendors for 45-nm efforts - Silicon Strategies


10/17/2004:New MSN Messenger worm on the loose - New Scientist
10/17/2004:Nations Plan for Net's Future  - Wired News

10/17/2004:Clue to pregnancy disorder found  - BBC
10/17/2004:Music Industry Spurned by Court  - Wired News

10/17/2004:New 'Digester' Converts Garbage To Energy - Science Daily
10/17/2004:China Displays New Nuclear Reactor - SpaceDaily
10/17/2004:The Bear's Lair: What Comes After Oil? - SpaceDaily

10/17/2004:At Risk: Diplomas and the Healthy Heart  - NY Times

10/17/2004:Emory Offers New Targeted Radiation Treatment For Brain Tumors With First Machine Of Its Kind - Science Daily
10/17/2004:Analysis Of Tamoxifen Studies Reveals Slight Increase Of Stroke Risk - Science Daily
10/17/2004:Switch Of A Gene Turns Cancer Cells Healthy In Mice, Stanford Scientists Find - Science Daily

10/17/2004:Experts Call Wild Birds Victims, Not Vectors  - NY Times
10/17/2004:The Claim: The Flu Vaccine Can Give You a Case of Influenza  - NY Times
10/17/2004:A War and a Mystery: Confronting Avian Flu  - NY Times
10/17/2004:Graphic: Bird Flu in Asia  - NY Times
10/17/2004:After Flu Exposure, Mild Exercise Protects Mature Mice From Dying, But Not From Developing Symptoms - Science Daily


10/17/2004:Dark Age medicine  - Nature
10/17/2004:New radioactivity limit could sink shellfish - New Scientist
10/17/2004:Vital Signs- Regimens: Score One for the Weekend Athlete  - NY Times
10/17/2004:Vegetables? Sure. We'll Take Some Fries.  - NY Times
10/17/2004:Snooze Alarm Takes Its Toll on a Nation  - NY Times
10/17/2004:A Stranger in the Mirror: Should Doctors Transplant Faces?  - NY Times
10/17/2004:With Paralysis, Challenge Goes Beyond Walking  - NY Times
10/17/2004:Glue-like Polymer Could Replace Sutures Used For Cataract Surgery - Science Daily
10/17/2004:New Study Will Tackle Three Major Killer Diseases
 - Science Daily
10/17/2004:Vitamin D Found To Reduce Age-Related Falls

History, Anthropology:
10/17/2004:Black Sea slowly gives up ancient secrets - MSNBC
10/17/2004:Molecular clock tied to fossil record  - Nature
10/17/2004:Experts Fail to Discover Columbus, or at Least Where He Remains  - NY Times
10/17/2004:Component Of Volcanic Gas May Have Played A Significant Role In The Origins Of Life On Earth - Science Daily
10/17/2004:Dinosaur Tracks Found in Swiss Mountains  - Wired News
10/17/2004:Study: Dinos Were Dying Before Asteroid ... - FirstScience
10/17/2004:Dark Age medicine ...
  - Nature

10/17/2004:Nuclear equipment vanishes in Iraq - New Scientist
10/17/2004:Airbus parent finds U.S. ripe for plucking defense contracts - Seattle Times
10/17/2004:Ex-Merrill exec refuses to testify about barge deal - Seattle Times
10/17/2004:Amkor discloses SEC probe over alleged insider trading - Silicon Strategies
10/17/2004:Diebold and the Disabled  - Wired News
10/17/2004:Undecided Voter? Try This Quiz  - Wired News
10/17/2004:Reeve Was a Super Activist  - Wired News
10/17/2004:School Ups Grade by Going Online  - Wired News
10/17/2004:Indecency Rules Enter Digital Age  - Wired News
10/17/2004:Segway's Next Thingamajig  - Wired News
10/17/2004:Bionanotech Particles Can Find Bioweapon in 20 Minutes ... - FirstScience
10/17/2004:US, India Technology Transfer Expands With Space & Nukes - SpaceDaily
10/17/2004:UN Watchdog Says Nuclear Equipment Vanished In Iraq - SpaceDaily
10/17/2004:Pakistan, Saudi Arabia Explore Joint Ventures In Defence Production - SpaceDaily
10/17/2004:Russia, Canada have overcome stagnation in economic ties: Putin - SpaceDaily

10/17/2004:A Lesson in Linguistics From the Mouths of Babes  - NY Times
10/17/2004:Mentally Ill Have Higher Odds Of Developing Brain, Lung Cancers - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
10/17/2004:Mathematicians Count On Future - SpaceDaily
Radio Astronomers Remove The Blindfold - SpaceDaily
10/17/2004:NASA Studies Space Railway To Explore Origins Of Planets, Stars, And Galaxies
 - Science Daily
10/17/2004:UK Pupils Scan The Skies For Hazardous Asteroids
 - Science Daily
10/17/2004:Mexico Telescope to Shed Light on Cosmic Dark Ages ...
 - FirstScience
10/17/2004:50th Anniversary of CERN ...
 - FirstScience
10/17/2004:Newfound Star Cluster may be Final Milky Way 'Fossil' ...
 - FirstScience


10/17/2004:Robot Helps Police Arrest Murder Suspect  - NY Times

10/17/2004:New X Prize Sets Sights on Science, Technology and Social Solutions -
10/17/2004:Russia plans mock 500-day Mars mission
  - Yahoo
10/17/2004:How one scientist tried to start the space race - 300 years ago - New Scientist
10/17/2004:Now Earning Wings, a New Kind of Astronaut  - NY Times
10/17/2004:Space Tourism Seeking Public Investors  - NY Times
10/17/2004:Space elevator effort starting on ground floor ... - MSNBC
10/17/2004:Space Tourism Initiative Announces Trade-Only Space Tourism Summit - SpaceDaily

10/17/2004:Universal Display receives more funds to develop white light source  - El. Engr. Times
10/17/2004:Harmful bacteria shown up by nanoparticles - New Scientist
10/17/2004:In Millionths Of A Second, "Photocrystallography" Captures Big Changes In Transient Molecular Species - Science Daily
10/17/2004:Emory Chemists Develop Bacteria That May Help Decaffeinate Coffee - Science Daily
10/17/2004:Singapore Scientists Invent High-Tech SOS Shirt For Elderly - SpaceDaily


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