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  October 16, 2004

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$12.5M In Subcontracts Awarded For Fusion Experiment At Princeton - SpaceDaily  Dramatic advances in magnetic confinement physics and computational capabilities have yielded a promising new configuration ó the compact stellarator. NCSX will be the first device in this class anywhere in the world. The cross section of a tokamak is circular and remains the same all around the doughnut. The cross section of a stellarator varies, depending on where the doughnut is sliced. This additional degree of freedom allows physicists to select the best plasma cross section for optimal performance. NCSX will combine the best features of the traditional stellarator with those of the tokamak. The NCSX will create a plasma which is more compact than traditional stellarators. The smaller size may lead to a more economical fusion power plant, including those now operational in Europe and Japan.     
NASA Approves Mission To Seek Nearest Stars, Brightest Galaxies - SpaceDaily  Left:  An infrared image of M16, the Eagle Nebula, taken by the ESA/ISO satellite. The false-color image was constructed from a 7.7 micron infrared exposure (shown as blue), and a 14.5 micron infrared exposure (shown as red). This nebula is the site of active star formation in the Milky Way Galaxy. WISE will observe the region in similar wavelengths of light to see the dust that often enshrouds star forming regions. Like a powerful set of night vision goggles, the new space-based telescope will survey the cosmos with infrared detectors up to 500,000 times more sensitive than previous survey missions. It will reveal hundreds of cool, or failed, stars, called brown dwarfs, some of which may lie closer to us than any known stars. 

Next Step To The Quantum Computer - SpaceDaily  Physicists from the University of Bonn have succeeded in taking a decisive step forward towards processing quantum information with neutral atoms: in the latest issue of the 'Physical Review Letters' vol. 93 (2004) they describe how they managed to set up a quantum register experimentally. Their next aim is to construct a quantum gate in which two or more atoms interact with each other in a controlled way. By combining the register and gate there would then be all the basic components available for developing a quantum computer with neutral atoms. Registers are the central memory of a computer.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

10/16/2004:†Unmasking The Genes Of Food-Poisoning Campylobacter - Science Daily
10/16/2004:†Yale Scientists Find Cooperative RNA Switches In Nature
 - Science Daily
10/16/2004:†Chip Spots DNA Electrochemically  - Technology Review 
10/16/2004:†People Are Human-Bacteria Hybrid  - Wired News
10/16/2004:†French research heads condemn destruction of GM crop trials ... - FirstScience
10/16/2004:†Emory chemists develop bacteria that may help decaffeinate coffee ... - FirstScience
10/16/2004:†DNA Pioneer Defends Stem Cell Research ... - FirstScience
10/16/2004:†Resistance genes discovered in ancestral tomato species ... - FirstScience
10/16/2004:†Commercial whaling ban upheld  - BBC
10/16/2004:†Bird nest thefts at record UK low  - BBC
10/16/2004:†Asian Medicine Guide Used in Wildlife Crime War - ABC

Climate, Environment:
10/16/2004:†Scientist finds huge jump in global warming gas ... - FirstScience
10/16/2004:†Kenyan Laureate Urges Rich Nations to Ratify Kyoto ... - FirstScience
10/16/2004:†Substitute for ozone-depleting solvent causes nerve damage in workers ... - FirstScience
10/16/2004:†Instruments of Deforestation ... - FirstScience
10/16/2004:†Lib Dems call for radical action on climate change ... - FirstScience
10/16/2004:†EPA proposes fine for lack of lead paint information ... - FirstScience
10/16/2004:†Phoning Home From The Ocean Floor - By Computer - SpaceDaily
10/16/2004:†Sharp CO2 rise divides opinions  - BBC
10/16/2004:†Gulf's 'Dead Zone' Less of a Mystery - ABC
10/16/2004:†Study: Arctic Radiation Levels Declining - ABC
10/16/2004:†CITES Accepts Protection Plan for 'Jaws' Shark - ABC
10/16/2004:†CITES Allows Swaziland to Export, Hunt Rhinos - ABC
10/16/2004:†Great white wins more protection  - BBC
10/16/2004:†Lava Gases May Give Clues to Eruptions
  - NY Times
10/16/2004:†Lava Building Up Rock at Mount St. Helens
  - NY Times

10/16/2004:†Cellphone-cum-navigator - Seattle Times
10/16/2004:†Leisure Suit Larry No Seducer  - Wired News
10/16/2004:†Glimpse of Half-Life 2 software  - BBC
10/16/2004:†Gadget plans heat up  - C/Net
10/16/2004:†It's all about the iPod  - C/Net
10/16/2004:†Virgin takes on iPod  - C/Net
10/16/2004:†Sony DVD burner skirts PCs
  - C/Net
10/16/2004:†Possible new iPod causing buzz  - CNN
10/16/2004:†U.S. wins gold at World Cyber Games  - CNN

10/16/2004:†New service brings digital media to you
 - Seattle Times
10/16/2004:†Danger's wireless device a risky strategy
 - Seattle Times
10/16/2004:†WiMAX not expected to 'kill' Wi-Fi, says analyst
 - Silicon Strategies
10/16/2004:†Kill Voice Spam Before It Grows
  - Technology Review 
10/16/2004:†French cinemas act to jam mobiles
  - BBC
10/16/2004:†Wi-Fi not a slam dunk for basketball Maverick
  - C/Net
10/16/2004:†Optical networking: The next generation
  - C/Net

10/16/2004:†Next Step To The Quantum Computer - SpaceDaily

10/16/2004:†Geek Squad has hands full with malware - Seattle Times
10/16/2004:†An Ultralight Ultraportable - ABC
10/16/2004:†IBM to refresh storage lineup  - C/Net
10/16/2004:†Making disk drives the star of the show  - C/Net
10/16/2004:†The seed of Apple's innovation - Business Week

10/16/2004:†Phishing fraud learns to hook bigger catches - Seattle Times
10/16/2004:†Nations Plan for Net's Future  - Wired News
10/16/2004:†U.S. Funds Chat-Room Surveillance Study - ABC
10/16/2004:†Spyware Today, Cookies Tomorrow - ABC
10/16/2004:†Net shopping guides lure surfers  - BBC
10/16/2004:†Google launches Froogle in the UK  - BBC
10/16/2004:†From spam king to spymaster?
  - C/Net
10/16/2004:†Kazaa loses P2P crown
  - C/Net

10/16/2004:†Microsoft grass-roots rival Linux thriving in Portland - Seattle Times
10/16/2004:†Artists seeking more creative freedom push for less stifling copyright laws - Seattle Times
10/16/2004:†Windows of opportunity?  - C/Net
10/16/2004:†Media Centers on parade  - C/Net
10/16/2004:†Justices won't weigh Net music lawsuit tactics  - C/Net
10/16/2004:†France and China form Linux alliance  - C/Net
10/16/2004:†MSN fighting Messenger difficulties, virus  - C/Net
10/16/2004:†Supreme Court won't hear Internet case -- for now  - CNN


10/16/2004:†Parents Affect Kids' Heart Disease Risk - ABC
10/16/2004:†Tamoxifen Might Cause Slight Increase in Stroke Risk - ABC
10/16/2004:†Scans monitor cholesterol therapy  - BBC

10/16/2004:†DNA-microarray analysis of brain cancer: Molecular classification for therapy ...  - Nature
10/16/2004:†Computer Program Predicts Women's Cancer Risk - ABC
10/16/2004:†Ultraviolet B, Not A, Radiation Triggers Melanoma - ABC
10/16/2004:†Programme predicts cancer risk  - BBC

10/16/2004:†T Cellís Memory May Offer Long-Term Immunity To Leishmaniasis - Science Daily
10/16/2004:†Health Tip: Chlamydia Screening - ABC
10/16/2004:†Health Tip: Irradiated Food Isn't Dangerous - ABC
10/16/2004:†Feds Subpoena Chiron Over Vaccine Debacle - ABC
10/16/2004:†WHO: Nigeria's Strike Helps Polio Vaccine Campaign - ABC

10/16/2004:†Having Siblings Cuts Asthma Risk - ABC
10/16/2004:†Smoking Study Lauds UK, Slams Germany and Spain - ABC
10/16/2004:†Alternatives for Allergies and Asthma: Proceed with Caution - ABC

10/16/2004:†Few Americans Buy Meds Online  - Wired News
10/16/2004:†Study looks at caffeine effects  - BBC
10/16/2004:†Salt firms ad complaint rejected  - BBC
10/16/2004:†Health Tip: The Skinny on Liposuction - ABC
10/16/2004:†Shipshape Isn't What It Used to Be - ABC
10/16/2004:†Botox Eases Pain of Breast Reconstruction - ABC
10/16/2004:†Six in 10 Adult Beijingers Are Overweight - Paper - ABC
10/16/2004:†Chinese concern at obesity surge  - BBC
10/16/2004:†Big Challenge: How can you increase your physical activity on a daily basis-
  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
10/16/2004:†Oral History on the Go  - Wired News
10/16/2004:†Drilling for Africa's climate history  - BBC
10/16/2004:†Sub can't pinpoint Noah's flood  - CNN

10/16/2004:†Microsoft's latest offerings to get wired with TV - Seattle Times
10/16/2004:†Antitrust commissioner known as "Super Mario" bolstered EU - Seattle Times
10/16/2004:†China Eastern Airbus order worth $3.4 billion - Seattle Times
10/16/2004:†Interesting bits and bytes - Seattle Times
10/16/2004:†India Emerges as Innovation Hub  - Wired News
10/16/2004:†A MacGyver for the Third World  - Wired News
10/16/2004:†Experts Knock E-Vote Data Delay  - Wired News
10/16/2004:†US voters hold key to ending Iraq war, curbing global warming- Nobel winner - SpaceDaily
10/16/2004:†Congress Approves $420 Billion For Defense - SpaceDaily
10/16/2004:†US scientists, angered by Bush policies, side with Kerry - SpaceDaily
10/16/2004:†Bush, Kerry contrast on view of US - SpaceDaily
10/16/2004:†Bush plays on isolationist sentiment in tight White House race with Kerry - SpaceDaily
10/16/2004:†Greens set to be third force in Australian politics after election surge - SpaceDaily
10/16/2004:†US Iraq ally Howard wins reelection in Australia - SpaceDaily
10/16/2004:†Main points from the second US presidential debate - SpaceDaily
10/16/2004:†US Congress Kills Plan For Air Force To Lease Boeing Tankers - SpaceDaily
10/16/2004:†UF Researchers Shine Light On New Explosives Detection Method - SpaceDaily
10/16/2004:†How video games are helping Argentina's street children  - BBC
10/16/2004:†Baghdad blogger': Only fair and credible elections can end the violence in Iraq'  - BBC
10/16/2004:†Nine die in Japan 'suicide pacts'
  - BBC
10/16/2004:†Report Faults Military Technology in Iraq War - ABC
10/16/2004:†Channel surfing  - C/Net
10/16/2004:†PayPal hit by glitches in online payments  - C/Net
10/16/2004:†At Mount St. Helens, the big eruption is of data  - C/Net
10/16/2004:†Smart shirt that can call for help  - CNN

10/16/2004:†Brain Circuit May Permit Scientists To Eavesdrop On Memory Formation - Science Daily
10/16/2004:†Young keep harm to peers secret  - BBC
10/16/2004:†Mental Health Plays Part in Marital Bliss - ABC

Physics and Astronomy:
10/16/2004:†Can Math Help in Terror War?  - Wired News



10/16/2004:†Russia Plans 500-Day Mock Mars Mission -
10/16/2004:†Marsquakes: Red Planet May Still Rumble
10/16/2004:†Comet Crashing Mission Prepped For Launch -
10/16/2004:†Brazil In Space: Enlisting Public Support - SpaceDaily
10/16/2004:†U.S. Shuttles May Resume ISS Flights in May  - ABC

10/16/2004:†Using Electromagnetic Induction To Trace Soil Nitrogen - Science Daily
10/16/2004:†Insider whimsy for the tech crowd - Seattle Times
10/16/2004:†Predicting the Path of an Inferno  - Wired News
10/16/2004:†Lawyers Key To Nano-Revolution - SpaceDaily
10/16/2004:†Microsoft renews push for living room PC  - CNN


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