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  October 14, 2004

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Nanotech Offers Data Storage At One Terrabyte Per Square Inch - SpaceDaily  Left:  Nanomagnetic transducers fabricated focused ion-beam (FIB). 30nm wide longitudinal writer (top) and 60nm wide perpendicular writer. Photo credit: Dmitri Litvinov/ UH's Cullen College of Engineering  Storing the entire Library of Congress on a Palm Pilot or putting 1,000 movies on a two-inch disk may sound like incredibly futuristic goals, but University of Houston engineers are working swiftly toward making them a reality. These remarkable achievements could become feasible if researchers in UH's Cullen College of Engineering are successful in their bid to create the first nanopatterned medium recording (N-PMR) at the scale of one terabyte per square inch and explore the physical limits of magnetic data storage in units only four nanometers in size. The project could enable the multibillion-dollar magnetic data storage industry to continue its record-setting growth rate for the next 10 to 15 years

New Star-Type Stillborn - SpaceDaily  Left: A close-up view of the EF Eridanus system as it might appear today given that most of the radiation emitted by the system is in the infrared part of the spectrum and not visible to the human eye. Credit: NOAO  Astronomers using the Gemini North and Keck II telescopes have peered inside a violent binary star system to find that one of the interacting stars has lost so much mass to its partner that it has regressed to a strange, inert body resembling no known star type. Unable to sustain nuclear fusion at its core and doomed to orbit with its much more energetic white dwarf partner for millions of years, the dead star is essentially a new, indeterminate type of stellar object.  

NASA Studies Space Railway To Explore Planets, Stars, And Galaxies - SpaceDaily  Left: Artist's concept of the Space Infrared Interferometric Telescope. Light collecting telescopes located at opposite ends of a boom direct light into a central beam-combining instrument, where interferometric fringe patterns are produced in a Michelson interferometer. The telescopes move along the boom and the boom rotates to provide access to many interferometric baselines, yielding the information required to synthesize a high-resolution image of an astronomical object. Multiple layers of sun shielding protect the cryogenically cold optics, and state-of-the-art detectors are used to provide unprecedented far-infrared sensitivity.  SPIRIT will consist of two telescopes at opposite ends of a 120-foot (40-meter) beam. The telescopes will move along the beam like cars on a railway, combing their images using the techniques of interferometry to achieve the resolving power of a single giant telescope 120 feet across.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

10/14/2004: Ban for rare Asian dolphin trade  - BBC
10/14/2004: Shy flower causes stink in Sydney
  - BBC
10/14/2004: Stem cells mend hearts at a distance - New Scientist
10/14/2004: Graphic: Cells Cleaning House  - NY Times
10/14/2004: New Breed of Cat: Clones to Make Debut at Annual Show  - NY Times
10/14/2004: Dying Cells Encourage Neighbors To Grow - SpaceDaily
10/14/2004: Building a Biotech Business  - Technology Review 
10/14/2004: Group: Tigers Live on Bangladesh Border - ABC
10/14/2004: Gore Touts Promise of Stem-Cell Research - ABC
10/14/2004: Draft of cow 'life code' released  - BBC
10/14/2004: Ban for rare Asian dolphin trade  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
10/14/2004: Shock treatment for coral restoration  - BBC
10/14/2004: Worth saving-Experts share their views on the conservation debate  - BBC
10/14/2004: Pesticide Persisting Beyond Scheduled Elimination Date  - NY Times
10/14/2004: Feds Poison Prairie Dogs to Save Ferrets  - NY Times
10/14/2004: Drought In The West Linked To Warmer Temperatures - SpaceDaily
10/14/2004: Recycling Of Scrapped Electronics Studied At MIT - SpaceDaily
10/14/2004: New Research Reveals The Dynamic Inner Workings Of Earth - SpaceDaily
10/14/2004: Green and greener: Nobel prize highlights rise of environmentalism - SpaceDaily
10/14/2004: Drier Times Ahead in the West?  - Wired News
10/14/2004: Pacific Green Party Candidate forum ... - FirstScience
10/14/2004: China's capital smothered in smog, old and weak urged to stay indoors ... - FirstScience
10/14/2004: Kenyan Environmentalist Wins Peace Prize ... - FirstScience
10/14/2004: Coral Reef claims main event ... - FirstScience
10/14/2004: Ivory crackdown agreed in Africa
10/14/2004: Greenhouse Gas Jump Shows Kyoto Vital - UK
 - ABC
10/14/2004: Lava Breaks Surface at Mount St. Helens
 - ABC
10/14/2004: New Lava Has Pushed Through to Surface of Mount St. Helens
  - NY Times

10/14/2004: UK games guru comes clean on missing features in latest game  - BBC
10/14/2004: Face-off in gaming olympics  - BBC
10/14/2004: Rumor site pictures Photo iPod for holidays  - C/Net
10/14/2004: 'Myst' sets pace for virtual realism  - CNN
10/14/2004: Web-savvy fans track 'Kong' progress  - CNN
10/14/2004: Apple colour-screen PhotoPod said to be in production - New Scientist
10/14/2004: Nintendo's handheld strategy proceeds on a dual track
 - Seattle Time
10/14/2004: China to Have Ratings System for Online Games
  - Technology Review 
10/14/2004: Podcasts: New Twist on Net Audio
  - Wired News
10/14/2004: Gamers Spar for National Honor
  - Wired News
10/14/2004: Makin' Woohoo
  - Wired News
10/14/2004: Psychic powers add gaming twist
  - BBC
10/14/2004: Gifts for the Gilt-Edged Gadget Groover
 - Business Week

10/14/2004: Siemens backs new wireless technology
  - C/Net
10/14/2004: Flip open that cell phone- It's IM on the move
  - C/Net
10/14/2004: AT&T, Covad close in on WiMax
  - C/Net
10/14/2004: FCC takes up broadband over power lines
  - El. Engr. Times
10/14/2004: Minniapple's Mini Radio Stations
  - Wired News
10/14/2004: Lions Gate Tests Distributing Films Via Satellite
  - Wired News
10/14/2004: Video Calling Finally Rings True
  - Wired News

10/14/2004: Nanotech Offers Data Storage At One Terrabyte Per Square Inch - SpaceDaily
10/14/2004: Atomic register offers route to quantum computing - New Scientist
10/14/2004: Next Step To The Quantum Computer: University Of Bonn Physicists Build Quantum Data Memory - SpaceDaily
10/14/2004: Tiny Arm Shuttles Electrons In A New Transistor - SpaceDaily

10/14/2004: Is Apple rotten?  - C/Net

10/14/2004: Visionaries outline web's future  - BBC
10/14/2004: Online shakedowns  - C/Net
10/14/2004: Web services for your TiVo?  - C/Net
10/14/2004: FTC takes aim at alleged spyware distributor  - C/Net
10/14/2004: Piggyback developers in a bind over IE  - C/Net
10/14/2004: The rise of the job bloggers  - C/Net
10/14/2004: Where gamers play for real
  - NY Times
10/14/2004: Microsoft unveils MSN TV 2
  - CNN
10/14/2004: Bill imposes prison time over 'spyware'
  - CNN
10/14/2004: New Google Service May Strain Old Ties in Bookselling
  - NY Times
10/14/2004: Australia's Biggest Online Porn Investigation Far From Over
  - Wired News
10/14/2004: Top 20 computer threats unveiled
  - BBC
10/14/2004: Feds target alternative media Web site
  - C/Net

10/14/2004: Intel at a Crossroads - Business Week
10/14/2004: Group launches lawsuits across Europe  - CNN
10/14/2004: European music-sharers face legal attack - New Scientist
10/14/2004: CITES Imposes trade controls on African diet plant - New Scientist
10/14/2004: Hollywood Files P2P Appeal  - Wired News
10/14/2004: Dell Adapters a Flaming Hit  - Wired News
10/14/2004: Copyright bill dies in Senate as others advance  - C/Net

10/14/2004: Alternative Energy Powers Up - Business Week
10/14/2004: Millennium receives DoD contract for hydrogen fuel cells  - El. Engr. Times
10/14/2004: Hydrogen economy looks out of reach  - Nature
10/14/2004: Japanese cars rated best in fuel efficiency - Seattle Time

10/14/2004: First Live Broadcast for Joystick Coronary Op  - Wired News

10/14/2004: Centocor Warns of Remicade-Lymphoma Risk - ABC
10/14/2004: Are Smart Drugs Better Against Cancer? - ABC
10/14/2004: Drug hope in prostate cancer care  - BBC
10/14/2004: Food extract boosts cancer drug  - BBC
10/14/2004: Head injury drug increases deaths  - BBC
10/14/2004: New Risks For Bladder Cancer Identified By MIT Team - SpaceDaily
10/14/2004: Bone marrow transplants: How family support can help cancer sufferers recover
  - BBC

10/14/2004: Surge in Flu Medicine Sales Expected - ABC
10/14/2004: Officials Check if Flu Shots Salvageable - ABC
10/14/2004: Gene From 1918 Virus Proves Key To Virulent Influenza - SpaceDaily
10/14/2004: Packard Researchers Find T Cell That Relieves Asthma In Mice - SpaceDaily

10/14/2004: Early Warning - ABC
10/14/2004: Drug Safety Questions - ABC
10/14/2004: FDA Accused of Silencing Vioxx Warnings - ABC
10/14/2004: CDC- Chronic Kidney Failure Cases Double - ABC
10/14/2004: Vioxx risk signifies trouble in class  - Nature
10/14/2004: Drug giants "ignored dangers of painkiller in pursuit of profits" - New Scientist

10/14/2004: Young at Heart - ABC
10/14/2004: Video: So You Want To Quit Smoking - ABC
10/14/2004: Can a Healthy Diet Prevent Gallstones? - ABC
10/14/2004: Study: Steroids Useless for Head Trauma - ABC
10/14/2004: Sierra Leone Leads World in Child Deaths - ABC
10/14/2004: Walking a Bit More May Keep Weight Off - ABC
10/14/2004: 'Frog's glue' could mend knees  - BBC
10/14/2004: Doctors' dilemma: When should they stop treating seriously ill patients?  - BBC
10/14/2004: Chemical warning: Call for action after pollutants found in children's blood
  - BBC
10/14/2004: Heavy women 'prone to PMS'
  - BBC
10/14/2004: Sexual diseasesHow can we reduce the stigma surrounding genital herpes?
  - BBC
10/14/2004: Landmark ruling on abortion
  - BBC
10/14/2004: Drug may keep astronauts' bones strong
  - Nature
10/14/2004: Researchers Find Chemosignal That Encourages Women's Sexual Desire
 - SpaceDaily
10/14/2004: Study Lays Down Genetic Basis For Sinus Disease And Nasal Polyps
 - SpaceDaily
10/14/2004: Bugs In The Gut Could Play Key Role In Understanding Human Disease And Drug Toxicity
 - SpaceDaily
10/14/2004: UN probes sugar industry claims
  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
10/14/2004: Bones show giant deer survived Ice Age - MSNBC
10/14/2004: The Man Who Grasped the Heavens' Gravitas  - NY Times
10/14/2004: Discovery Of The Oldest Remains Of A Woman Who Died In Childbirth - SpaceDaily
10/14/2004: Volcanic Gas May Have Played A Significant Role In Life's Beginning - SpaceDaily
10/14/2004: Medieval gnashers: How ancient Britains also strived for the perfect smile  - BBC

10/14/2004: US gets new cyber security chief  - BBC
10/14/2004: Access to Ridge or bust  - C/Net
10/14/2004: Samsung driving forward  - C/Net
10/14/2004: New JibJab film roasts 'DC' bedfellows  - C/Net
10/14/2004: Millions of Dell power adapters recalled  - C/Net
10/14/2004: Ram Charan: Leaders must learn to confront reality  - C/Net
10/14/2004: How serious was the fraud at Computer Associates?  - C/Net
10/14/2004: Peeping leaves and learning Klingon  - C/Net
10/14/2004: Measuring e-commerce success  - C/Net
10/14/2004: Master mapmakers take a new look at the world - MSNBC
10/14/2004: Publisher to put science journals online - MSNBC
10/14/2004: Wisconsin Scientists Develop Quick Botox Test - SpaceDaily
10/14/2004: Layoffs precede jobs data - Seattle Time
10/14/2004: House passes corporate-tax overhaul - Seattle Time
10/14/2004: Australia's election at a glance - SpaceDaily
10/14/2004: Main issues at stake in Australia's election - SpaceDaily
10/14/2004: We've Created a Monster!  - Wired News
10/14/2004: Pure Outsourcing Model Falls From Favor  - Wired News
10/14/2004: Ohio Candidate Seeks Advice of Web Surfers
10/14/2004: Homeland security? Not at the border
  - C/Net
10/14/2004: 'Global titans': Expansion in China comes first
  - C/Net

10/14/2004: University Of Montreal Study Shows Superior Sound-location Skills In The Blind - SpaceDaily
10/14/2004: New Model Shows Calcium Control Is Key For Synapse Homeostasis - SpaceDaily
10/14/2004: Breathing Problems During Sleep May Affect Mental Development In Infants And Young Children - SpaceDaily

Physics and Astronomy:
10/14/2004: NASA Studies Space Railway To Explore Planets, Stars, And Galaxies - SpaceDaily
10/14/2004: Extra cash for 'super-microscope'
  - BBC
10/14/2004: Physics hit parade: The best equations ever - an idiot's guide to what they mean
  - BBCC
10/14/2004: How to build the Universe
  - Nature
10/14/2004: The memory of water
  - Nature
10/14/2004: Sharpest views shed light on early universe
 - New Scientist
10/14/2004: NASA's Observatories May Unravel 400-Year Old Supernova Mystery
 - SpaceDaily
10/14/2004: Motion Of Primordial Universe Unveiled
 - SpaceDaily

10/14/2004: Inventor's quest for eternal youth sets group abuzz  - NY Timest

10/14/2004: State-of-the-art robotics on display - New Scientist
10/14/2004: Carnegie Mellon Researchers Challenge Popular Decision-making Theory - SpaceDaily

10/14/2004: Ex - NASA Worker Charged for Faking Exams  - NY Times
10/14/2004: Epsom-like Salts Could Reveal History Of Water On Mars
 - SpaceDaily
10/14/2004: Space Spuds To The Rescue
 - SpaceDaily
10/14/2004: Space Watch: Beckwith on Hubble
 - SpaceDaily
10/14/2004: NASA Software Enables Satellite Self-Service Options In Space
 - SpaceDaily
10/14/2004: Earth's Bow Shock: Origin of Ion Beams Revealed
 - SpaceDaily
10/14/2004: NASA to Test Automated Mission
  - Wired News
10/14/2004: 'No experiments' for X-prize craft  - BBC
10/14/2004: X Prize group plans new series of contests
  - C/Net
10/14/2004: Dust Devils Of The Southern Highlands - SpaceDaily
10/14/2004: Magellan Mission Ends As Grounds Controllers Lose Contact
 - SpaceDaily
10/14/2004: Edwards SPADS Keeps An Eye On SpaceShipOne During X Prize Flights
 - SpaceDaily

10/14/2004: Building a 21st century radio  - C/Net
10/14/2004: Artificial throat speeds taste tests - New Scientist
10/14/2004: Nanodevices target viruses - PhysicsWeb
10/14/2004: Crystal Structure Tunes Nanowires  - Technology Review 
10/14/2004: FutureTech:-\ Innovations to watch. - ABC


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