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  October 13, 2004

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Arctic Sea Ice Declines Again This Year Finds Study - SpaceDaily  Researchers at the University of Colorado at Boulder have found that the extent of Arctic sea ice- the floating mass of ice that covers the Arctic Ocean- is continuing its rapid decline. The latest satellite information indicates the September 2004 sea ice extent was 13.4 percent below average, a reduction in area nearly twice the size of Texas, said Mark Serreze of CU-Boulder's National Snow and Ice Data Center, or NSIDC. In 2002, the decline in arctic sea ice during September - which traditionally marks the end of the summer melt season - was about 15 percent, a record low, said CU-Boulder researcher Walt Meier of NSIDC. The decline in sea ice extent during September has averaged about 8 percent over the past decade, said Serreze, who is part of a CU-Boulder team monitoring Arctic sea-ice conditions. "This is the third year in a row with extreme ice losses, pointing to an acceleration of the downward trend," he said. "While a 'low' September ice extent one year is often followed by a recovery the next year, this was not the case in 2003, which was about 12 percent below average," Serreze said. "Climate models are in general agreement that one of the strongest signals of greenhouse warming will be a loss of Arctic sea ice," he said. "Some indicate complete disappearance of the summer sea ice cover by 2070." Serreze believes natural climate variability likely plays some part in the observed changes.
Earthquake Forecast Program Has Amazing Success Rate - SpaceDaily  Left: This is a collapsed section of the Cypress viaduct of Interstate 880 in Oakland, from the Loma Prieta California, Earthquake October 17, 1989. Credit: USGS, H.G. Wilshire   A NASA funded earthquake prediction program has an amazing track record. Published in 2002, the Rundle-Tiampo Forecast has accurately predicted the locations of 15 of California's 16 largest earthquakes this decade, including last week's tremors. "We're nearly batting a thousand, and that's a powerful validation of the promise this forecasting technique holds," Rundle said.

Starbursts Sterilize Center Of Milky Way - SpaceDaily  Left:  Say goodbye to the neighborhood! On this hypothetical world near the center of the Milky Way, the planet's sun paints the sky purple as it descends below the horizon off the left edge of the frame. However, the bright supernova exploding at upper right lends an ominous feeling because its radiation is about to wipe out the alien life on this world. The galactic center is so dense with bright, hot stars that several can be seen through the cloudy twilight sky. (David A. Aguilar, CfA)  Life near the center of our galaxy never had a chance. Every 20 million years on average, gas pours into the galactic center and slams together, creating millions of new stars. The more massive stars soon go supernova, exploding violently and blasting the surrounding space with enough energy to sterilize it completely.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

10/13/2004: Oil boom fuels bushmeat trade  - BBC
10/13/2004: A green apple is bred that can tolerate Britain's climate
  - BBC
10/13/2004: Extinction quiz: Are you a species swot? Test your knowledge  - BBC
10/13/2004: Genetic Map Created for First Breed of Cattle  - NY Times
10/13/2004: Study of Cell Breakdown Captures Nobel  - NY Times
10/13/2004: Most Promising Clinical Uses For Stem Cells From Fat Agreed On By International Society - Science Daily
10/13/2004: Bovine Genome Assembled: International Effort Makes Data Freely Available To Scientists Worldwide - Science Daily
10/13/2004: Putin sends Kyoto treaty to parliament for approval - SpaceDaily
10/13/2004: Stem Cells to the Rescue  - Wired News
10/13/2004: U.S. Wildlife Refuges Facing Threats - ABC
10/13/2004: Study: Stem Cells Emit Healing Molecules - ABC
10/13/2004: Rare, Large Hornets Breeding in Arkansas - ABC

Climate, Environment:
10/13/2004: Earthquake Forecast Program Has Amazing Success Rate - SpaceDaily
10/13/2004: Arctic Sea Ice Declines Again This Year Finds Study - SpaceDaily
10/13/2004: Online map shows risk of flooding  - BBC
10/13/2004: More protection urged for rare toothfish - New Scientist
10/13/2004: Earthquake Forecast Program Has Amazing Success Rate - Science Daily
10/13/2004: A Treatment, Not A Cure: Calcium Silicate Neutralizes An Acidic Stream - Science Daily
10/13/2004: Climate changes 'grim' ... - FirstScience
10/13/2004: El Nino Bringing Abnormal Weather to U.S ... - FirstScience
10/13/2004: Exxon's greenhouse gas levels rise as profits soar ... - FirstScience
10/13/2004: Russia Could Finish Kyoto Approval by Year-End ... - FirstScience
10/13/2004: Namibia- Pollution At the Coast Reaches Alarming Level ... - FirstScience
10/13/2004: Greenpeace stages demo outside M'sian embassy ... - FirstScience
10/13/2004: Justices hear pollution cleanup debate ...  - CNN
10/13/2004: Biologists Call Tropical Forest Protection - ABC
10/13/2004: Glacier Grows in Mount St. Helen's Crater
 - ABC
10/13/2004: Mount St. Helens Releases More Steam
 - ABC
10/13/2004: Chief British Scientist Says Act Now on CO2
 - ABC
10/13/2004: Lava flows to surface of Mount St. Helens
10/13/2004: Mount St. Helens home to young glacier
10/13/2004: World's pollution hotspots revealed from space
 - New Scientist

10/13/2004: Where gamers play for real  - C/Net
10/13/2004: Virtual art: Online gamers shed their masks to reveal their real selves  - BBC
10/13/2004: Review: Samsung ML-2250 Laser Printer - ABC

10/13/2004: BBC reveals open-source video technology
  - C/Net
10/13/2004: Skype readies business telephone offering
  - C/Net
10/13/2004: Congressman Wants Clean Airwaves ...
 - FirstScience


10/13/2004: Blue Gene/L Re-establishes U.S. Dominance In Supercomputers - Science Daily
10/13/2004: Better Than Floppies - ABC

10/13/2004: Trojan pretends to do good  - C/Net
10/13/2004: finds cities in violation  - C/Net
10/13/2004: Andreessen: IE faces one-two punch  - C/Net
10/13/2004: Blunders rock blogosphere  - C/Net
10/13/2004: US seeks to fine spyware makers  - BBC
10/13/2004: Google Print to challenge Amazon - New Scientist
10/13/2004: E-Mail From Your Dog's Bowl
 - L. A. Times
10/13/2004: Ride the Waves, Surf the Web
 - ABC

10/13/2004: File swappers face new antipiracy push  - C/Net
10/13/2004: Super-powered peer to peer  - C/Net
10/13/2004: UK music to sue online 'pirates'  - BBC
10/13/2004: European music-sharers face legal attack - New Scientist



10/13/2004: Scientists Begin Validation Study Of Test To Detect Recurrence Of Bladder Cancer - Science Daily
10/13/2004: Obese Women With Early-stage Breast Cancer More Likely To Die Than Women Of Normal Weight - Science Daily

10/13/2004: Vaccine Failure Spotlights Faulty System - ABC
10/13/2004: Study? AIDS Drug Effective Vs. Hepatitis B - ABC
10/13/2004: Why Do ERs Lack On-Call Specialists? - ABC
10/13/2004: Whole Foods Makes Gluten-Free Product Line - ABC
10/13/2004: Action plan to tackle TB launched  - BBC
10/13/2004: For Flu Shots, Triage Begins Across Nation  - NY Times
10/13/2004: Critical Gene a Suspect in Lethal Epidemic
  - NY Times
10/13/2004: Shortage Was Predicted
  - NY Times
10/13/2004: Company's Aggressive Move Backfires
  - NY Times
10/13/2004: Research Team Develops Nonhuman Primate Model Of Smallpox Infection
 - Science Daily
10/13/2004: New Biosensor Rapidly Detects Deadly Foodborne Pathogen
 - Science Daily
10/13/2004: Viruses Found In Untreated City Water; Study Shows River Water, Sewer Lines Are Possible Sources
 - Science Daily

10/13/2004: Sharp increase in diabetes cases  - BBC

10/13/2004: Feds Sue Marketers Over Ads for Diet Pill - ABC
10/13/2004: Girls 'embarrassed to exercise'  - BBC
10/13/2004: Call to cut unhealthy fat in food  - BBC
10/13/2004: How female footballers are more prone to injuries than males  - BBC
10/13/2004: Exercise Increases Bone Mass: Start Early For Long-Lasting Effects - Science Daily
10/13/2004: Endoscopic Approach Best For Repairing Bone Defect Between Brain, Nasal Cavity - Science Daily
10/13/2004: Lipids Vary By Race, Gender - Science Daily
10/13/2004: Peer-to-Peer Comes Clean  - Technology Review 

History, Anthropology:
10/13/2004: Mr. Net:-this is your life  - C/Net
10/13/2004: Washington puts history online - Seattle Times
10/13/2004: Early T. Rex relative may have had feathers - MSNBC
10/13/2004: Feathered ancestor of T. rex unearthed  - Nature
10/13/2004: Flighty Side of T. Rex, a New Link  - NY Times
10/13/2004: Hieroglyphics Cracked 1,000 Years Earlier Than Thought - Science Daily
10/13/2004: October Surprise: Red Star In Orbit
 - SpaceDaily
10/13/2004: Possible Blackbeard Ship Cannon Found
 - ABC

10/13/2004: Amazon's secret sauce  - C/Net
10/13/2004: Mark Cuban raises specter of dot-com redux  - C/Net
10/13/2004: Webmaster says war art censored  - C/Net
10/13/2004: Bad taste holidays: Seal hunting in Norway- Why tourists are going to extremes  - BBC
10/13/2004: Al-Qaeda online: How the web has become the terror network's main base  - BBC
10/13/2004: Germany smart card maker sets up Indian subsidiary  - El. Engr. Times
10/13/2004: Device translates spoken Japanese and English - New Scientist
10/13/2004: Iraq report: reaction - BBC
10/13/2004: Austrian Novelist Jelinek Wins Nobel Prize  - NY Times
10/13/2004: Accounting was proper, Fannie Mae CEO insists - Seattle Times
10/13/2004: Separate Space Military Force Has Few Supporters at Pentagon -
10/13/2004: USAF Space Command Creates Education Consortium -
10/13/2004: Raytheon's Complementary Low Altitude Weapon System Intercepts Cruise Missile Drone - SpaceDaily
10/13/2004: Prof Pursued by Mob of Bloggers  - Wired News
10/13/2004: Senate Shelves Induce Review  - Wired News
10/13/2004: Will Stern Turn Satellite Radio Into a Star?  - Wired News
10/13/2004: Former Bush Official on Cybersecurity Returns to Government  - Technology Review 
10/13/2004: Treasury´s Quarles: U.S. current account ´not asteroid´ ...  - Scientific American

10/13/2004: Warm Weather Boosts Mood, Broadens The Mind - Science Daily
10/13/2004: New Research Sheds Light On Basics Of How Neurons Communicate - Science Daily
10/13/2004: New University College London Unit Holds Out Hope Of Repair Of Spinal Cord Injuries - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
10/13/2004: Starbursts Sterilize Center Of Milky Way - SpaceDaily
10/13/2004: DNA imager dies
 - PhysicsWeb
10/13/2004: Death Stars: Sterilizing the Galactic Center
10/13/2004: Study of Cellular Protein Disposal Garners Chemistry Nobel ...
  - Scientific American

10/13/2004: Good News: As You Age, Leg Blood Vessels Adapt So You Can Still Exercise Without Fainting - Science Daily

10/13/2004: Sony's Third-Generation AIBO Entertainment Robot Grows Up With Upgraded Software and New Hue  - El. Engr. Times
10/13/2004: Robotic fish gather data: prize  - Wired News

10/13/2004: Space Tourism Faces Safety Regulations -
10/13/2004: Brazil In Space: Views From An Astronaut
 - SpaceDaily
10/13/2004: France To Launch 50 Nanosatellites
 - SpaceDaily
10/13/2004: Sopping salts could reveal history of water on Mars ...
 - FirstScience
10/13/2004: Genesis scientists analysing simulated samples
 - New Scientist
10/13/2004: 3D Images of Promethei Terra, southern highlands of Mars ...
 - FirstScience
10/13/2004: Dust Obscured Martian Landscape ...
 - FirstScience
10/13/2004: Mars could be quaking ...
 - FirstScience
10/13/2004: Saturn Information ...
 - FirstScience

10/13/2004: The car that can read road signs  - CNN
10/13/2004: Stanford Cooling Tool May Improve Performance Of Athletes, Soldiers - Science Daily
10/13/2004: An Electronic Nose - SpaceDaily
10/13/2004: Hot Wheels Hit the Road
10/13/2004: Do You Take Cash, Credit or Chip?  - Wired News
10/13/2004: Gas Flow Makes Electricity  - Technology Review 


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