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  October 12, 2004

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Black Hole's Lunch Reveals Its Mass -  Left: An artist's concept of a black hole, surrounded by an accretion disk. The gas in this disk is heated to millions of degrees Celsius and emits X-ray radiation.  The hefty black hole lies at the center of the galaxy NGC 3516, which is about 100 million light years away in the direction of the Big Dipper. Calculations involving Einsteinís general relativity showed that this object, the black hole, weighs between 10 and 50 million solar masses.    
3Dsolar Introduces Holographic 360-Degree 3D Imaging System - SpaceDaily  3Dsolar display devices are set to transform the way individuals experience multimedia content both at work and home. For the very first time, computer users will be able to view 3D objects hovering a few inches away from a screen that rotates 380 degrees - without wearing glasses. The notable feature is the way users will be able to manipulate the virtual image directly with their hands as they would a real object. "3Dsolar is light years beyond holography and autostereoscopy in that designers can create images that are highly detailed in color, design and animation," said Patrick Levy Rosenthal, inventor of 3Dsolar.  


Under pressure: Why scientists fear for the future of the planet and humanity  - BBC  Planet under pressure is a six-part BBC News Online series looking at some of the most pressing environmental issues facing the human race today. Scientists now say we are in a new stage of the Earth's history, the Anthropocene Epoch, when we ourselves have become the globe's principal force. But several eminent scientists are concerned that we have become too successful - that the unprecedented human pressure on the Earth's ecosystems threatens our future as a species. BBC News Online's Planet under Pressure series takes a detailed look at six areas where most experts agree that a crisis is brewing.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

10/12/2004:†Pairs of migratory birds work well long distance - MSNBC
10/12/2004:†Starting from scratch
  - Nature
10/12/2004:†Molecular kiss of death  - Nature
10/12/2004:†Maurice Wilkins  - Nature
10/12/2004:†Science of cell protein destruction wins Nobel - New Scientist
10/12/2004:†Tuna's red glare: It could be carbon monoxide  - NY Times
10/12/2004:†Nobel Prize In Chemistry: Proteins Labelled For Destruction - Science Daily
10/12/2004:†Europe Is United: No Bioengineered Food  - Wired News
10/12/2004:†Monkey See, Monkey Do Ö - ABC

Climate, Environment:
10/12/2004:†Tardy earthquake excites California geophysicists  - Nature
10/12/2004:†Blair to seek consensus on safe greenhouse-gas levels  - Nature
10/12/2004:†East Coast Lacks Necessary Ingredients For Volcanic Activity - Science Daily
10/12/2004:†Rice Finds 'On-Off Switch' For Buckyball Toxicity - Science Daily
10/12/2004:†Studying The Chemistry Of Drugs In Wastewater - Science Daily
10/12/2004:†The Kyoto protocol is just the first step: it's what comes next that counts ... - New Scientist
10/12/2004:†Supreme Court Debates Pollution Cleanup ... - L. A. Times
10/12/2004:†Greenpeace protests Singapore, Malaysia tree trade ... - FirstScience
10/12/2004:†Texas Scientists Work to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Air Pollution ... - FirstScience
10/12/2004:†New Technology Helping Volcanologists - ABC
10/12/2004:†Aussie, UK Scientists Claim Pest Control Breakthrough - ABC
10/12/2004:†Russia Could Finish Kyoto Approval by Year-End

10/12/2004:†World's top gamers battle for cash, titles  - CNN
10/12/2004:†Test your bongo skills with 'Donkey Konga'  - CNN
10/12/2004:†"Halo 2" for Xbox gets jump on holiday season - Seattle Times
10/12/2004:†Atomic Clock To Sync Handhelds  - Wired News
10/12/2004:†Playing Like a Pro - ABC

10/12/2004:†Japanese demo LED based short range data network
  - El. Engr. Times
10/12/2004:†Saved by the Cell
  - Technology Review

10/12/2004:†ClearSpeed announces 64-bit floating-point processor  - El. Engr. Times
10/12/2004:†Nanotubes shape up for spintronics - PhysicsWeb

10/12/2004:†3Dsolar Introduces Holographic 360-Degree 3D Imaging System - SpaceDaily
10/12/2004:†Microsoft ships Virtual PC 7  - C/Net
10/12/2004:†Excite founders launching new venture  - C/Net
10/12/2004:†Subtler tests urged for supercomputers  - Nature
10/12/2004:†Making XP a Welcome Guest on Mac  - Wired News
10/12/2004:†Review: Paint Shop Pro Software - ABC

10/12/2004:†IBM tightens up WebSphere  - C/Net
10/12/2004:†Microsoft unveils new version of MSN TV  - CNN
10/12/2004:†Bill imposes hefty 'spyware' fines  - CNN
10/12/2004:†Page Layout Drives Web Search  - Technology Review
10/12/2004:†Cheney's Slip-up Sends Net Surfers to Anti-Bush Site  - Technology Review
10/12/2004:†Web Industry Still Flies Blind  - Wired News
10/12/2004:†Spyware Bill Gets House Nod
  - Wired News
10/12/2004:†Sexual Disease Alert Via the Net
  - Wired News

10/12/2004:†XP a welcome guest on Mac?  - Wired News
10/12/2004:†AT&T might dump Windows for Linux - Seattle Times
10/12/2004:†EU Wants Windows Cleaned of DRM  - Wired News

10/12/2004:†Energy-saving LED bulb cuts light costs 80 percent  - El. Engr. Times
10/12/2004:†Clean green cars move one step closer - New Scientist

10/12/2004:†The 'Bill Clinton Effect'- Former President's Heart Trouble Could Bring More People In For Early Detection Scans - Science Daily
10/12/2004:†High Blood Pressure Related Decline In Cognitive Function Affects Adults Young And Old
10/12/2004:†Reports: Other Drugs May Raise Heart Risks - ABC

10/12/2004:†Low Dose Radiation Evades Cancer Cells' Protective 'Radar' - Science Daily

10/12/2004:†Flu vaccine shortage looms  - Nature
10/12/2004:†Mice unlock mystery of Spanish flu  - Nature
10/12/2004:†Virulent 1918 flu genes resurrected - New Scientist
10/12/2004:†Stanford Scientists Help Bring Study Of Smallpox Virus Into 'Molecular Age' - Science Daily
10/12/2004:†Scientists Find Deadly Component of 1918 Flu Virus - ABC
10/12/2004:†Parents Mull Flu Vaccines Amid Shortage - ABC

10/12/2004:†FDA Issues Public Health Advisory On Vioxx As Its Manufacturer Voluntarily Withdraws The Product - Science Daily

10/12/2004:†Childbirth simulator provides hands-on training - New Scientist
10/12/2004:†Vein camera keeps injections on target - New Scientist
10/12/2004:†Cyberknife Radiosurgery Is A Safe And Effective Treatment For Benign Tumors, According To University Of Pittsburgh Study - Science Daily
10/12/2004:†U-M Team Treating Mouth Wounds By Engineering Tissue Grafts - Science Daily
10/12/2004:†Saliva Samples Offer Potential Alternative To Blood Testing - Science Daily
10/12/2004:†Inhale Some Drugs, Feel Better  - Wired News

History, Anthropology:
10/12/2004:†Early T. Rex relative may have had feathers - MSNBC
10/12/2004:†Feathered ancestor of T. rex unearthed  - Nature
10/12/2004:†T. rex descended from feathered ancestor - New Scientist
10/12/2004:†DNA: Columbus Remains in Spain ... - Discover

10/12/2004:†Under pressure: Why scientists fear for the future of the planet and humanity  - BBC
10/12/2004:†Conway: 'Genghis Khan' comparison was fair  - C/Net
10/12/2004:†Bush, Kerry e-mails seek post-debate spin  - C/Net
10/12/2004:†Can Japan rule the consumer electronics realm?  - C/Net
10/12/2004:†A look at the toys of Christmas (near) future  - NY Times
10/12/2004:†Web tribute to Rodney Dangerfield - L. A. Times
10/12/2004:†Debate referee corrects VP candidate claims - Washington Post
10/12/2004:†Election just a laugh on some Web sites  - CNN
10/12/2004:†SensorNet boss slams U.S. approach to sensor R&D  - El. Engr. Times
10/12/2004:†US universities up in arms over licence plans for foreign staff  - Nature
10/12/2004:†Rocket man  - Nature
10/12/2004:†Helping Investigators Gather Crime Evidence From PDAs - Science Daily
10/12/2004:†Taiwan Research Satellite Could Be Used For Military Purposes: Report - SpaceDaily
10/12/2004:†USEC Reports 9,000 Nuclear Warheads Permanently Eliminated - SpaceDaily
10/12/2004:†Iran Adds To International Worries With Bigger Range Missile - SpaceDaily
10/12/2004:†Iraq had no WMD at time of US invasion: chief inspector - SpaceDaily
10/12/2004:†Iran rejects IAEA nuclear demands, says ready for confrontation or talks - SpaceDaily
10/12/2004:†EU clears Areva nuclear alliance with Urenco - SpaceDaily
10/12/2004:†North Korea may be referred to UN Security Council- Japanese spokesman - SpaceDaily
10/12/2004:†ElBaradei chides UN Security Council for inaction on North Korea
 - SpaceDaily
10/12/2004:†Howard Stern to Join Sirius Satellite Radio
10/12/2004:†Senate Wants Database Dragnet
  - Wired News
10/12/2004:†RFID Driver's Licenses Debated
  - Wired News
10/12/2004:†Playing politics with science ...
 - New Scientist

10/12/2004:†Caffeine Withdrawal Recognized As A Disorder - Science Daily
10/12/2004:†Early: And Late-onset Blind Individuals Show Supra-normal Auditory Abilities In Far-space - Science Daily
10/12/2004:†The Invisible Injury - ABC

Physics and Astronomy:
10/12/2004:†Black Hole's Lunch Reveals Its Mass -
New Physics-Based Simulator Will Explore Biological Structures - SpaceDaily
10/12/2004:†The Great Observatories Examine Kepler's Supernova ...
 - FirstScience
10/12/2004:†It Gave Until it Couldn't Give Any More ...
 - FirstScience
10/12/2004:†Planets in the making ...
  - Nature
10/12/2004:†UK pupils scan the skies for hazardous asteroids ...
 - FirstScience


10/12/2004:†Wind-up Watch Dog - ABC

10/12/2004:†China Makes Strides In Space Technology - SpaceDaily
10/12/2004:†Saturn's Lanes Of Air Are Vast And Chaotic
 - SpaceDaily
10/12/2004:†Pathfinder-Plus Solar Wing Readied to Fly Again at NASA Dryden
10/12/2004:†America's Space Prize- Reaching Higher Than Sub-Orbit
10/12/2004:†Human Error Caused Satellite Mishap, NASA Report Says
10/12/2004:†Brazil in Space: Views from an astronaut ...
 - FirstScience
10/12/2004:†Rocket Will Launch 50 Nanosatellites ...
 - FirstScience
10/12/2004:†Space Tourism Faces Safety Regulations
 - ABC
10/12/2004:†Space racers set sights on orbital frontier
  - C/Net
10/12/2004:†Popping The Escape Hatch
 - SpaceDaily
10/12/2004:†Telling A Salty Tale Of Martian Water
 - SpaceDaily
10/12/2004:†Mars Express Reaches End Of Solar Conjunction Period
 - SpaceDaily
10/12/2004:†ISS Crew Prepare For Station Handover
 - SpaceDaily
10/12/2004:†Next Station Crew to Launch Oct. 13
 - SpaceDaily
10/12/2004:†Saturn's Perfect Storms
 - SpaceDaily
10/12/2004:†Saturn Sightings: Tethys
 - SpaceDaily
10/12/2004:†Russia to launch American telecom satellite
 - SpaceDaily

10/12/2004:†The Incredible Shrinking Man  - Wired News


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