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  October 11, 2004

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Control Of Molecular Switches Increased By Tailored Intermolecular Interactions - SpaceDaily   A means to stabilize molecular switches based on chemical interactions with surrounding molecules has been developed by a research team led by Penn State Professor of Chemistry and Physics Paul S. Weiss. "The chemical interactions that we observed reduce random switching, which could decrease the refresh rate needed for a random-access-memory device, and significantly reduce power usage." Weiss points out that this research is providing basic information about the mechanism of switching, and that its application in computers is not imminent. "By engineering tailored intermolecular interactions into our molecular designs, we have introduced control to electronic switching of single molecules," says Weiss. The research is an essential step toward molecular engineering of computer components at the nanoscale.
Neo-Tugboats: The No-Nukes Option? - SpaceDaily  Left: One concern about nuclear explosions on incoming asteroids is the 'buckshot effect' that one rock splits into a wider damage area. Image Credit: David Hardy  From current missions underway to others awaiting critical funding, to future proposals, a wealth of knowledge will soon be produced regarding the structural characteristics of these bodies. My concern reflects, of course, my own preference for the B612 "gentle push" methodology for asteroid deflection. But this concern in fact applies to virtually all of the "soft" deflection techniques, e.g., mirror deflection, laser deflection, and the direct push recommended by B612.    

After Trio Of Explosions, Scientists Say Supernova Is Imminent - SpaceDaily  Three powerful recent blasts from three wholly different regions in space have left scientists scrambling. The blasts, which lasted only a few seconds, might be early alert systems for star explosions called supernovae, which could start appearing any day. The first two blasts, called X-ray flashes, occurred on September 12 and 16. These were followed by a more powerful burst on September 24. The burst seems to be on the cusp between an X-ray flash and a full-fledged gamma ray burst, a discovery interesting in its own right.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

10/11/2004: Nobel Prize In Physiology Or Medicine Goes To Discoverers Of How Olfactory System Works - Science Daily
10/11/2004: How Roots Control Plant Shoots- Biologists Discover Gene That Helps Roots Limit Leaf Growth
 - Science Daily
10/11/2004: Commandeering Cellular Machinery: Recognition Mechanism To Detect Small Molecules - Science Daily
10/11/2004: Tiny Worm Yields Big Clues On Muscle Contraction - Science Daily
10/11/2004: Talented Sniffer: A Receptor Known For Guiding Sperm To Egg Plays A Role In The Nose - Science Daily
10/11/2004: Fungus Knocks A Frog Down But Not Out, Raising Questions About Amphibian Declines - Science Daily
10/11/2004: Kerry Vows Stem-Cell Research  - Wired News
10/11/2004: Fish Learn Quicker Than Dogs - Ananova
10/11/2004: Monkey business in the rain forest ... - FirstScience
10/11/2004: Internet Is a Key Battleground in Wildlife Crime Fight ... - FirstScience
10/11/2004: Scientists Create Genetic Map of Cattle - ABC
10/11/2004: DNA Pioneer Maurice Wilkins Dies at 88 - ABC
10/11/2004: Bald Eagles Rebound, Other Birds of Prey in Trouble - ABC
10/11/2004: Study: Smuggling of Tiger Skins Rife and Growing - ABC
10/11/2004: Science mourns DNA pioneer Wilkins  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
10/11/2004: NASA Infrared Images May Provide Volcano Clues - Science Daily
10/11/2004: Protecting Our Planet's Ozone Layer - Science Daily
10/11/2004: Climate Economists Frowning Over Kyoto - SpaceDaily
10/11/2004: NASA Infrared Images May Provide Volcano Clues - SpaceDaily
10/11/2004: Uganda: 'DDT May Kill Export Market' ... - FirstScience
10/11/2004: Environmentalists assail Ministry for 'failure' to protect wildlife ... - FirstScience
10/11/2004: Hundreds of Sunken Vessels Block Access to Iraq's Seaports, Pollute Waters ... - FirstScience
10/11/2004: Nothing Is Safe from the Rich and Hungry in China ... - FirstScience
10/11/2004: Latvian Seeks Seismic Monitoring Stations - ABC
10/11/2004: Winter Weather Outlook Mixed, El Nino Looms - ABC
10/11/2004: Tiger smuggling 'out of control'  - BBC

10/11/2004: Donkey Konga: Novelty With a Beat  - Wired News
10/11/2004: Addicted Gamers Losing Their Way - Washington Post
10/11/2004: China opens up to Electronic Arts  - BBC

10/11/2004: Signals Mixed on Hands-Free Phone Safety
 - L. A. Times

10/11/2004: Control Of Molecular Switches Increased By Tailored Intermolecular Interactions - SpaceDaily
10/11/2004: AMD tips dual-core processor design for '05 intro - Silicon Strategies
10/11/2004: Designer puts 96 cores on single chip  - C/Net

10/11/2004: Barred From the Apple Store  - Wired News
10/11/2004: Do-It-Yourself Software for All? - Business Week
10/11/2004: Microsoft to tune up Media Center PC  - C/Net

10/11/2004: Internet Aid for Schools, Libraries Delayed by Accounting Change  - Technology Review 
10/11/2004: Say Goodbye to Tyranny of Hits  - Wired News
10/11/2004: Group Sharing - ABC
10/11/2004: Review: Online Music Store - ABC
10/11/2004: School net search throws up porn  - BBC
10/11/2004: A web wise terror network  - BBC
10/11/2004: Virtual voices: Italian hackers cook up new forms of online social protest
  - BBC
10/11/2004: Super-powered peer to peer
  - C/Net
10/11/2004: Google borrows a page from Amazon
  - C/Net
10/11/2004: Investor doesn't see browser in Google's future
  - C/Net

10/11/2004: AT&T Joins the Music Frenzy  - Wired News

10/11/2004: Environmentalists Protest Shipment of US Plutonium ... - FirstScience

10/11/2004: Study Links Estrogen Pills, Blood Clots - ABC
10/11/2004: HRT 'increases blood clot risk'  - BBC

10/11/2004: Promising New Imaging Technology Precisely Tracks Lung Tumor Motion - Science Daily
10/11/2004: Use Of Aspirin Or Other NSAIDs Increases Survival For Men With Prostate Cancer - Science Daily
10/11/2004: Obesity increases cancer threat  - BBC
10/11/2004: All-clear after cancer test wait  - BBC

10/11/2004: Voluntary Flu Vaccine Rationing Urged - ABC
10/11/2004: FluMist Maker Weighs Production Increase - ABC
10/11/2004: Doctors fear flu vaccine problems  - BBC
10/11/2004: 'Doubling' of Salmonella cases  - BBC
10/11/2004: Chiron's Bad Case of the Flu - Business Week

10/11/2004: Court Finds Kidney Failure a Disability - ABC

10/11/2004: Stopping The Invisible Epidemic Of Maternal Deaths - Science Daily
10/11/2004: Children Are Facing High Risks From Pesticide Poisoning - Science Daily
10/11/2004: Novel Drug Therapy For Sleep Apnea - Science Daily
10/11/2004: Giving In - ABC
10/11/2004: European Regulators to Review Painkillers - ABC
10/11/2004: Shoppers Can Find Cheaper Drugs in U.S. - ABC
10/11/2004: Hormone Leptin May Treat Infertility - ABC
10/11/2004: Group Says Prevent 'Anesthesia Awareness' - ABC
10/11/2004: Arty cosmetic surgery alternative
  - BBC
10/11/2004: Inactive childhood 'can cause ME'
  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
10/11/2004: Of Lice And Men: Parasite Genes Reveal Modern & Archaic Humans Made Contact - Science Daily
10/11/2004: Seismic Study Of Ancient Cataclysm Begins - SpaceDaily
10/11/2004: Remains of Genghis Khan Palace Unearthed - ABC

10/11/2004: 2005 quota for worker visas filled in 1 day - Seattle Time
10/11/2004: FCC wants Americans to start tuning in to digital-TV switch - Seattle Time
10/11/2004: Changes are coming to Freddie Mac after scandal - Seattle Time
10/11/2004: "Most Powerful" title goes to eBay's CEO - Seattle Time
10/11/2004: Plugging the Leaky Pipeline  - Technology Review 
10/11/2004: Kerry Campaign Dumps Cash on Web  - Wired News
10/11/2004: U.S. Elections Under a Microscope  - Wired News
10/11/2004: House Bill Morphs 9/11 Advice  - Wired News
10/11/2004: Going Beyond Wal-Mart's RFID Mandate  - Wired News
10/11/2004: Furry Heroes - ABC
10/11/2004: Satellite Mishap Blamed on Human Error - ABC
10/11/2004: SEC Charges Ex-Peregrine Execs with Fraud - ABC
10/11/2004: Soldiering On - ABC
10/11/2004: Video: Understanding Sleep Problems - ABC
10/11/2004: Children of war: A nurse tells of the plight and strength of Darfur's child refugees  - BBC
10/11/2004: Software: A Patent Too Far? - Business Week
10/11/2004: Scare tactics?  - C/Net
10/11/2004: Ellison as "Genghis Khan"  - C/Net

10/11/2004: Long Thought Inflexible, Personality Disorders Show Evidence Of Change - Science Daily
10/11/2004: Clinical Trial Of Botanicals For Memory Loss In Menopause - Science Daily
10/11/2004: An Embryonic Stem Cell Model For Parkinson's Disease - Science Daily
10/11/2004: Stress And Aggression Reinforce Each Other At The Biological Level - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
10/11/2004: After Trio Of Explosions, Scientists Say Supernova Is Imminent - SpaceDaily
Neo-Tugboats: The No-Nukes Option? - SpaceDaily
10/11/2004: Nobel Prize In Physics Honors 'Colorful' Discovery In The World Of Quarks
 - Science Daily
10/11/2004: Quantum Math Models Speech
  - Technology Review 
10/11/2004: MDA Receives Authorization From NASA To Begin Work On Hubble Rescue ...
 - FirstScience
10/11/2004: Nobel Physics Winners Explain Tiny Matter ...
 - Discover


10/11/2004: New Aibo is a dancing fool  - C/Net

10/11/2004: UK Commits To Next Phase Of Europe's Aurora Space Plan - SpaceDaily
10/11/2004: Splitting Cargo and Crew
 - SpaceDaily
10/11/2004: Smart-1 First Birthday In Space And Second Lunar Resonance
 - SpaceDaily
10/11/2004: The Year Of Shenzhou
 - SpaceDaily
10/11/2004: New Horizons For Planetary Exploration
 - SpaceDaily
10/11/2004: Field of Fault Lines on Mars ...
 - FirstScience
10/11/2004: Discovery Channel to Air Exclusive Footage of Aviation Pioneer Burt Rutan's SpaceShipOne Capturing the $10 Mil ...
 - FirstScience
10/11/2004: Giant Infrared Space Observatory Considered by NASA ...
 - FirstScience
10/11/2004: Talking Point: Put your questions to Nasa astronaut Michael Foale
  - BBC

10/11/2004: Intelligent Clothing Inspired By Pine Cones - Science Daily
10/11/2004: Plants Provide Model For New Shape-Changing Materials - SpaceDaily
10/11/2004: Nursery webcam lets working parents keep an eye on young ones  - BBC


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