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  October 10, 2004

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Coming Soon- "Good" Jupiters -  Jupiter is huge. Its mass is 318 times that of the Earth. All of the planets in our solar system, even puny Pluto, do a gravitational dance with the sun, tugging the star this way and that as they sweep through their orbits. But Jupiter's effect is by far the greatest. It is this wobble, the sun's change in radial velocity caused by the tug of Jupiter's gravity, that would offer astronomers on faraway worlds the most obvious evidence that there are planets orbiting our sun. Jupiter is huge. Its mass is 318 times that of the Earth.
Laser Wakefield Acceleration: Channeling The Best Beams Ever  -  Left: A plasma channel, denser toward the edges, guides the laser and allows it to form high-quality electron beams. As the laser pulse travels from left to right it excites a wake in the plasma, trapping and accelerating bunches of electrons to high energies (visualization by Cameron Geddes).  For a quarter of a century physicists have been trying to push charged particles to high energies with devices called laser wakefield accelerators. In theory, particles accelerated by the electric fields of laser-driven waves of plasma could reach, in just a few score meters, the high energies attained by miles-long machines using conventional radio-frequency acceleration.  

New Surface Chemistry May Extend Technology Life For Making Transistors -  Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have developed a technique that uses surface chemistry to make tinier and more effective p-n junctions in silicon-based semiconductors. The method could permit the semiconductor industry to significantly extend the life of current ion-implantation technology for making transistors, thereby avoiding the implementation of difficult and costly alternatives. "We developed a way of using surface chemistry to obtain shallower active regions and enhanced dopant activation simultaneously," said Edmund Seebauer.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

10/10/2004: 'Deadly ladybird' sighted in UK  - BBC
10/10/2004: Observatory: No Spotlight, Please
  - NY Times
10/10/2004: The Heart of a Carp  - NY Times
10/10/2004: Diatom Genome Reveals Key Role In Biosphere's Carbon Cycle - Science Daily
10/10/2004: Don't Stand So Close To Me: A New View On How Species Coexist - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
10/10/2004: Number of Endangered Steller Sea Lions Up - ABC
10/10/2004: Report Says Lead Contamination a Problem - ABC
10/10/2004: 'Beach Kudzu' Threaten S.C. Dunes, Plants - ABC
10/10/2004: Conservationists Appeal for Deep Sea Trawling Ban - ABC
10/10/2004: Save the Trees, Save the Apes, Expert Says - ABC
10/10/2004: Lost forever: Why scientists are warning of the sixth mass extinction  - BBC
10/10/2004: Weather season: Listen online to two major series about extreme weather  - BBC
10/10/2004: Increasing Uptake Of Carbon Dioxide By Soils Points To Promising Way To Mitigate Greenhouse Warming - Science Daily
10/10/2004: Arctic Sea Ice Declines Again In 2004, According To U. Of Colorado Study - Science Daily

10/10/2004: Handheld Muscle - ABC
10/10/2004: Review: A Printer for Custom CDs and DVDs - ABC

10/10/2004: China's fast lane: Why China has more high-speed net lines than any other country
  - BBC
10/10/2004: Web services not so simple
  - C/Net
10/10/2004: EarthLink to offer free Net telephony
  - C/Net
10/10/2004: Experts envision taillights that talk
  - C/Net

10/10/2004: Via to throw hat in 64-bit x86 chip ring  - C/Net

10/10/2004: Sony's home server stores 1 terabyte  - C/Net
10/10/2004: Is the PC a political machine-  - C/Net

10/10/2004: E-mail scam masquerades as US presidential poll  - BBC
10/10/2004: BT stamps on rogue net diallers  - BBC
10/10/2004: EarthLink finds spyware running amok  - C/Net
10/10/2004: North Korea's hackers target the U.S.  - C/Net

10/10/2004: Microsoft CEO: Merger Strategy Unchanged - ABC
10/10/2004: Sharing creativity: Artists urged to sign up for 'open' copyright system  - BBC
10/10/2004: Ballmer vs. the bad guys  - C/Net
10/10/2004: AT&T looks into closing its Windows  - C/Net
10/10/2004: Windows XP Service Pack 2 heads to retail  - C/Net
10/10/2004: Blogger founder leaves Google  - C/Net
10/10/2004: Ballmer sees squeeze on Longhorn deadline  - C/Net
10/10/2004: Software disasters are often people problems - MSNBC
10/10/2004: Adobe tackles document ID - New Scientist

10/10/2004: Flushed With Potential Power - ABC
10/10/2004: Membrane breakthrough for fuel cells  - NY Times
10/10/2004: Got juice: Not for long, you don't - Popular Science

10/10/2004: Study Links Estrogen Pills, Blood Clots - ABC
10/10/2004: Heart health predicted by sibling  - BBC
10/10/2004: Sibling's heart problems predict yours best - New Scientist

10/10/2004: U.S. Researchers Show Cottonseed Drug Is Cancer Treatment Booster - Science Daily
10/10/2004: MR Is Better Than Mammography For Detecting Additional Disease In Women With Breast Cancer - Science Daily
10/10/2004: Artificial Neural Networks Can Predict Clinical Outcomes Of Neuroblastoma Patients - Science Daily

10/10/2004: Bitter Pills - ABC
10/10/2004: Video: Flu or Cold? - ABC
10/10/2004: U.S. Flu Vaccine Supply Cut in Half - ABC
10/10/2004: Egypt Finishing 'Elephantiasis' Campaign - ABC
10/10/2004: Flu vaccine licence is suspended  - BBC
10/10/2004: The Claim: Dead Bodies After a Disaster Can Start an Epidemic  - NY Times

10/10/2004: Asthma holiday: Tailored adventures for children with the debilitating allergy  - BBC

10/10/2004: E-mail Us: Ask Dr. Tim? - ABC
10/10/2004: FDA Warns Levoxyl May Cause Gagging - ABC
10/10/2004: Study: Unsaturated Fats Cut Gallstone Risk - ABC
10/10/2004: Yawning, Snoring Could Be Sleep Apnea - ABC
10/10/2004: Life Support - ABC
10/10/2004: Video: How Good is Your Hospital? - ABC
10/10/2004: States Launch Prescription Drug Program - ABC
10/10/2004: Hospital autism detention 'wrong'  - BBC
10/10/2004: Flying doctors: US medics provide new hope for Nigerian oil burn victims
  - BBC
10/10/2004: Fake medicines: WHO and the drugs companies failing to stem counterfeit trade
  - BBC
10/10/2004: Cuts unnecessary to deliver baby
  - BBC
10/10/2004: Reproductive health: Which women should steer clear of contraceptive patches?
  - BBC
10/10/2004: Frog glue repairs damaged cartilage
 - New Scientist
10/10/2004: Vital Signs: Childbirth: Clearing the Way for Baby, Safely
  - NY Times
10/10/2004: Vital Signs: Hazards: Next Time, Try Water, Mate
  - NY Times
10/10/2004: Books on Health: A Handbook for Getting Older  - NY Times
10/10/2004: Practices: Nurses Keep Babies Bouncing  - NY Times
10/10/2004: With Fruits and Vegetables, More Can Be Less  - NY Times
10/10/2004: Q & A: Muscle Knots  - NY Times
10/10/2004: Cases: On a Matter of Life or Death, a Patient Is Overruled  - NY Times
10/10/2004: How Doctors Help Children Tame the Beast in the Belly  - NY Times
10/10/2004: One Lesson From Vioxx: Approach New Drugs With Caution  - NY Times
10/10/2004: The Kidney Swap: Adventures in Saving Lives  - NY Times
10/10/2004: Forum: Discuss Organ Donation
  - NY Times
10/10/2004: Graphic: The Kindness of Strangers
  - NY Times
10/10/2004: Government Terrorist Warnings Boost President Bush's Approval Ratings, Cornell Sociologist Finds
 - Science Daily
10/10/2004: Offspring At Risk From Maternal Occupational Exposure To Solvents
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
10/10/2004: Exhibit Traces Impact of Isaac Newton - ABC
10/10/2004: Bulgaria Discovery Sheds Light on Ancient Thracians - ABC
10/10/2004: Medieval surgeons were advanced  - BBC
10/10/2004: Early man left trail of lice  - Nature
10/10/2004: Lice may reveal early human interaction - New Scientist
10/10/2004: Experts Place Ancient Toolmakers on a Fast Track to Northern China  - C/Net
10/10/2004: What a Story Lice Can Tell
  - NY Times
10/10/2004: Graphic  - NY Times

10/10/2004: Co. to Test Plant-Produced Anthrax Vaccine - ABC
10/10/2004: E-voting vs. copyright  - C/Net
10/10/2004: Getting more from intellectual property  - C/Net
10/10/2004: AOL Time Warner: What happens when fools rush into a merger  - C/Net
10/10/2004: Bill Gates grows up  - C/Net
10/10/2004: Sharp unveils 65-inch LCD TV  - CNN
10/10/2004: Feds kick off campaign for digital TV  - CNN
10/10/2004: Disabled hail e-voting despite doubts  - CNN
10/10/2004: Unraveling Enigma of Smell Wins Nobel for 2 Americans  - NY Times
10/10/2004: Can Fear Win Undecided Voters? Psychologists Say Maybe Not  - NY Times

10/10/2004: Parkinson's trial halted  - Nature
10/10/2004: Vital Signs: Treatment: Think Before You Sleep  - NY Times
10/10/2004: Side Effects: The Possibility of Cosmetic Surgery for the Soul  - NY Times

Physics and Astronomy:
10/10/2004: Laser Wakefield Acceleration: Channeling The Best Beams Ever  - 
10/10/2004: Three Americans Share Nobel Physics Prize
 - ABC
10/10/2004: Astronomers Spy a Star That Gave Too Much
 - ABC
10/10/2004: Physics Nobel Goes to 'Theory of Everything' Trio
 - ABC
10/10/2004: Nobel honours sub-atomic world
  - BBC



10/10/2004: Coming Soon: "Good" Jupiters -
10/10/2004: Rocket targets 'luxury hobbyists'
  - CNN
10/10/2004: Air Force looks at new microwave weapon - MSNBC

10/10/2004: Sony hones its TV efforts  - C/Net
10/10/2004: Do Not Adjust Focus. Those Blobs Are Atoms.  - NY Times


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