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  October 1, 2004

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Mars, Once Warm and Wet, Left Some Clues -  Many studies have suggested that early Mars was covered by large oceans and blanketed by a thick atmosphere rich in carbon dioxide -- the stuff that puts the bubbly zing in soda. But if that's all true, then when the oceans evaporated a lot of the carbon dioxide should have turned into what scientists call carbonates, which should be strewn all over the place. Problem is, the carbonates aren't there. One recent study found trace amounts in Martian dust.  
Space Elevator Now Subject Of Research By Cadets At USAF Academy - SpaceDaily  Cadets at the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) are doing research on the space elevator, one of the latest scientific concepts to emerge for sending cargo into space. The research is being conducted as part of USAFA's senior-level independent study program in the department of Astronautics and may be extended to other academic departments in the near future. The research is being supported by LiftPort Group, the Bremerton, Wash. company formed to build the first commercial elevator to space. LiftPort Group is providing USAFA with a list of proposed research topics on the space elevator. Cadets participating in the research program can select the topic of their choice, which they develop into a paper for presentation at the end of the one semester course.

Antarctic Glaciers Accelerating In Response To 2002 Ice Sheet Collapse - SpaceDaily  University of Colorado at Boulder and a related study by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Landsat 7 satellite images taken before, during and after the break-up of the Larsen B ice shelf in March 2002 show that several of the glaciers are now moving at up to five times their previous speed. Other satellite data show that the glaciers also have thinned significantly since the disintegration of the Larsen B, he said. The recent events underscore the potential for sea-level rise as a result of climate warming over the Earth's polar caps. "At every step in the process, things have occurred more rapidly than we expected."
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Alzheimer's Disease:

10/1/2004: Science cracks killer bug's code  - BBC
10/1/2004: Baby for ovary transplant woman
  - BBC
10/1/2004: Ovarian transplant produces baby  - Nature
10/1/2004: First baby born after ovarian transplant - New Scientist
10/1/2004: Crying wolf over predator attacks - New Scientist
10/1/2004: Human stem cells show potential for eye repair - New Scientist
10/1/2004: Report of First Birth for Cancer Survivor in a Tissue Implant  - NY Times
10/1/2004: Scientists Discover New Marine Habitat In Alaska - Science Daily
10/1/2004: Key Cell-Death Step Found - Science Daily
10/1/2004: Researchers ID Chlorophyll-regulating Gene - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
10/1/2004: Antarctic Glaciers Accelerating In Response To 2002 Ice Sheet Collapse - SpaceDaily
10/1/2004: Calif. Regulators Weigh Smog Restrictions - ABC
10/1/2004: Great White Shark Gets Satellite Tracker - ABC
10/1/2004: Cyber Crime - ABC
10/1/2004: Folded Ice Discovered Beneath Antarctica - ABC
10/1/2004: Groups Challenge Rules on Pesticides - ABC
10/1/2004: U.S. to Support Limiting Shark Trade - ABC
10/1/2004: Thin Glaciers Get Thinner in Antarctica - Report - ABC
10/1/2004: Locusts Encroach on West African Rice-Growing Area - ABC
10/1/2004: WWF Calls for Ban in Trade of Great White Sharks - ABC
10/1/2004: West Antarctic glaciers speed up  - BBC
10/1/2004: The deafening sound of the seas  - BBC
10/1/2004: Paris motor show: Plenty of new cars but are they ignoring environmental issues?  - BBC
10/1/2004: Suicide 'determined at birth'  - BBC
10/1/2004: Doctors 'could spot murder risk'  - BBC
10/1/2004: California autos tackle global warming  - CNN
10/1/2004: Russian ministries move to approve Kyoto treaty - New Scientist
10/1/2004: Antarctic Glaciers Quicken Pace to Sea; Warming Is Cited  - NY Times
10/1/2004: Graphic: Shrinking Ice
  - NY Times
10/1/2004: A Stubborn Storm Hangs On in a Busy Hurricane Season
  - NY Times
10/1/2004: Graphic: Storms Turn Around
  - NY Times
10/1/2004: Group: Illegal Ivory Easy to Get Online
  - NY Times

10/1/2004: Game publishers sweat console change  - C/Net
10/1/2004: A need for virtual speed?  - CNN

10/1/2004: Welcome to Broadband City
 - Business Week
10/1/2004: Telecom's Next Wave: Alliances
 - Business Week
10/1/2004: The boss is following you
  - C/Net
10/1/2004: Cell phones track workers
  - C/Net
10/1/2004: Move over spam, make way for "spit"
 - New Scientist
10/1/2004: Ireland blocks calls to stop scam
  - Wired News


10/1/2004: Review: Apple Power Mac G5 - ABC
10/1/2004: PC makers begin holiday desktop onslaught  - C/Net
10/1/2004: Clues may point to Google browser  - C/Net

10/1/2004: Strike Down the Sign-Ups - ABC
10/1/2004: Virus writers focus on image bug  - BBC
10/1/2004: Web tool may banish broken links  - BBC
10/1/2004: Eye on art: Linking critics world-wide to artists via a webcam  - BBC
10/1/2004: Microsoft: To secure IE, upgrade to XP  - C/Net
10/1/2004: Microsoft sues more spammers  - CNN

10/1/2004: Airbus Withdraws Microsoft Backing-Source - ABC
10/1/2004: New Knees Now - ABC
10/1/2004: Video: Hi-Tech Surgery For Reflux Disease - ABC
10/1/2004: Can Weekend Athletes Prevent Injuries? - ABC
10/1/2004: Breathing Lessons - ABC
10/1/2004: Video: So You Want To Quit Smoking - ABC
10/1/2004: Healthy Woman Quiz: COPD - ABC
10/1/2004: Sweet music: Bill Thompson on the ongoing row between the two Apples  - BBC
10/1/2004: Dancing to the music  - C/Net
10/1/2004: Red Hat exec takes Sun to task on open source  - C/Net
10/1/2004: Microsoft sues Web hoster over spam  - C/Net
10/1/2004: Airbus drops out of Microsoft appeal  - C/Net
10/1/2004: Symantec plugs holes in firewall
  - C/Net

10/1/2004: Pondering Powerful Potentials - ABC

10/1/2004: At-a-glance: Heart disease and stroke worldwide  - BBC

10/1/2004: How dogs can sniff out bladder cancer in humans  - BBC
10/1/2004: Dogs sniff out bladder cancer  - Nature
10/1/2004: Dogs trained to sniff out bladder cancer - New Scientist

10/1/2004: 'Smart Antibiotics' May Result From UCLA Research - Science Daily
10/1/2004: Strep Bacteria Uses A Sword And Shield To Win Battle - Science Daily
10/1/2004: Cannabis May Help Combat Cancer-causing Herpes Viruses - Science Daily
10/1/2004: Bullish Chemical Could Repel Yellow Fever Mosquitoes - Science Daily

10/1/2004: Brothers Honored for Living With Diabetes - ABC
10/1/2004: Asthma Research Draws a Fresh Breath - Business Week

10/1/2004: Mom Hugs 'Miracle' Baby After Ovarian Transplant - ABC
10/1/2004: Experts Hail Birth of Baby to Ex-Cancer Patient - ABC
10/1/2004: Potential Dangers of the Patch - ABC
10/1/2004: NIH Proposes Drug Collaboration Moratorium - ABC
10/1/2004: Gov. Bush May Appeal Schiavo Decision - ABC
10/1/2004: Teens, 'Tweens' Invade Health Clubs - ABC
10/1/2004: Some Md. MDs Halt Non-Emergency Surgery - ABC
10/1/2004: Do You Trust Your Birth Control? - ABC
10/1/2004: Physio 'does not cure back pain'
  - BBC
10/1/2004: Pals by post: A girl with ME sets up a website for chronically ill children
  - BBC
10/1/2004: Gulf war health checks 'too late'
  - BBC
10/1/2004: Jefferson Liver Transplant Surgeons Show Less Rejection, Better Survival With Drug Regimen
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
10/1/2004: Dinosaur May Have Been Stealth Hunter - ABC
10/1/2004: Long-Necked Sea Monster Snuck Up on Victims - ABC
10/1/2004: Long-necked hunter found in China  - BBC
10/1/2004: Why did sea monsters have long necks? - MSNBC
10/1/2004: Did Triassic monster use suction to feed?  - Nature
10/1/2004: Ancient sea creature sucked in prey - New Scientist
10/1/2004: A Long-necked Sea Predator From China Described In Science
 - Science Daily

10/1/2004: Chills, Fright But Nothing Paranormal at UK Seance - ABC
10/1/2004: Is Outsourcing on the Outs? - Business Week
10/1/2004: Days numbered for personalized stamps?  - C/Net
10/1/2004: Study: Security measures often overlook human factor  - C/Net
10/1/2004: Technology and 9/11  - C/Net
10/1/2004: Study: Security measures often overlook human factor  - C/Net
10/1/2004: to continue at full speed  - C/Net
10/1/2004: VeriSign creates kid credentials  - C/Net
10/1/2004: That's rich: Gates tops Forbes list once again  - C/Net
10/1/2004: Andy Grove: It's time to take charge  - C/Net
10/1/2004: Post-capitalism's drop-out prophet
10/1/2004: Special Report: The 400 Richest Americans  - C/Net
10/1/2004: Google: After the browser: the desktop?  - C/Net
10/1/2004: RV's take to road -- and water  - CNN
10/1/2004: Japan raises defenses on signs North Korea plans missile test  - NY Times

10/1/2004: FDA to Decide on Antidepressant Warning - ABC
10/1/2004: NIH Proposes Drug Collaboration Moratorium - ABC
10/1/2004: Brain's 'Storehouse' For Memory Molecules Identified - Science Daily
10/1/2004: Researchers Find Troubling Offshoot Of Schizophrenia - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
10/1/2004: NASA Urged for Infrared Camera in Hubble - ABC
10/1/2004: Titanic merger of galaxy clusters revealed
 - New Scientist
10/1/2004: Law-breaking liquid defies the rules
 - PhysicsWeb
10/1/2004: Massive Merger Of Galaxies Is The Most Powerful On Record
 - Science Daily

10/1/2004: Mediterranean Diet And Healthy Lifestyle Associated With Significant Reduction In Death Rate - Science Daily


10/1/2004: Mars, Once Warm and Wet, Left Some Clues -
Space Elevator Now Subject Of Research By Cadets At USAF Academy - SpaceDaily
10/1/2004: Pilot Completes 1st Stage of Space Flight - ABC
10/1/2004: Ex-Astronaut Casts Doubt on Space Tourism
 - ABC
10/1/2004: SpaceShipOne rolls to first mark
  - BBC
10/1/2004: Will historic flight launch space tourism?
  - C/Net
10/1/2004: Photo gallery: SpaceShipOne's historic flight
  - C/Net
10/1/2004: Rough ride won't stop next X Prize shot
 - New Scientist
10/1/2004: Private Craft Rockets Past Edge of Space
  - NY Times
10/1/2004: SpaceShipOne Surpasses 100 Km Altitude On First X-Prize Flight
 - Science Daily
10/1/2004: Tense Moments During Trailblazing Private Space Flight
10/1/2004: Indonesia Launches Scientific Rockets
 - SpaceDaily
10/1/2004: SpaceShipOne Was Not Out of Control, Builder and Pilot Say
10/1/2004: NASA Salutes SpaceShipOne Team After Second Flight ...
 - FirstScience
10/1/2004: Space Watch: NASA seeks rocket help ...
 - FirstScience
10/1/2004: Lance Bass Brings excitement of Spaceflight to School Children in Los Angeles During World Space Week 2004 ...
 - FirstScience
10/1/2004: NASA Mars Picture of the Day: Wave Clouds off Korolev ...
 - FirstScience

10/1/2004: Scientists Find Nanowires Capable Of Detecting Individual Viruses - Science Daily


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