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  January 6, 2006

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His Car Smelling Like French Fries, Willie Nelson Sells Biodiesel  - NY Times  Willie Nelson drives a Mercedes. But do not lose faith, true believers. The exhaust from Mr. Nelson's diesel-powered Mercedes smells like peanuts, or French fries, or whatever alternative fuel  While Bono tries to change the world by hobnobbing with politicians and Sir Bob Geldof plays host to his mega-benefit concerts, Willie Nelson has birthed his own brand of alternative fuel. It is called, fittingly enough, BioWillie. BioWillie is a type of biodiesel, a fuel that can be made from any number of crops and run in a normal diesel engine. Biodiesel can cost as much as a $1 a gallon more than regular diesel when pure, though it is typically sold as B20--20% biodiesel, 80% conventional diesel (pure biodiesel can congeal in colder climates). But some studies show that it increases emissions of one harmful pollutant, nitrogen oxide, and it could not be produced in vast enough quantities to supplant oil-based fuel, or come close to it, unless the nation starts turning the suburbs over to farmland, driving up food prices  
Fast Track For Innovative Space Technologies - SpaceDaily  Left:  An ITI project developed an innovative control system for a planetary rover. It is based on an artificially intelligent cognitive system that integrates data from a multi-sensor system with three different layers of data interpretation. This can be used to continuously 'see' the surroundings and help the rover to drive around rocks and other obstacles. Credits: Aerospace Engineering Department at Politecnico di Milano  A novel astronaut training system, innovative planetary landing technology and hydrogen gas storage in 0.1-mm micro-spheres are just some of the innovative ideas presented during the first Innovation Triangle Initiative (ITI) Final Presentation Day (FPD) at ESTEC.    

Hwang Woo-suk

Key blow for S Korea clone work  - BBC  South Korea's disgraced human cloning scientist did not produce any stem cells tailored to individual patients as claimed, a panel has concluded. Correspondents say the finding is important as individually-tailored stem cells were seen as a key to treating diseases like diabetes and Alzheimers. The scientist maintains he has developed technology to produce such stem cells. The panel said it would continue its investigation into other research by Dr Hwang, including the authenticity of a cloned Afghan hound which was claimed to be the world's first cloned dog. The controversy caused shockwaves in South Korea.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:

1/6/2005: Key blow for S Korea clone work   - BBC
1/6/2005: Algal Protein In Worm Neurons Allows Remote Control Of Behavior By Light
 - Science Daily
1/6/2005: Searchers Key In On Ivory-billed Woodpecker Habitat - Science Daily
1/6/2005: Wisconsin Scientists Grow Two New Stem Cell Lines In Animal Cell-free Culture - Science Daily
1/6/2005: Research Tracks Whales By Listening To Sounds - Science Daily
1/6/2005: Overfishing May Drive Endangered Seabird To Rely Upon Lower Quality Food - Science Daily
1/6/2005: How Plants Regulate How Many Stem Cells They Have - Science Daily
1/6/2005: The Surprising Complexity of Walking - Space.com
1/6/2005: Keeping Track of the Pachyderms  - Wired News
1/6/2005: Cautionary tale of Lewis the streaking elephant ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
1/6/2005: Motorcycles Emit 'Disproportionately High' Amounts Of Air Pollutants - Science Daily
1/6/2005: Earth Aurora: Chandra Looks Back At Earth - Science Daily
1/6/2005: Revered Scientific Drilling Ship Gets Extreme Makeover - Science Daily
1/6/2005: Greenpeace members held after 'toxic' ship protest ... - FirstScience
1/6/2005: Northern California Cleans up as Storms Move South ... - FirstScience
1/6/2005: U.S. Government Mulls Options for Protecting Northwestern Hawaiian Islands ... - FirstScience
1/6/2005: Hot, but don't blame global warming ... - FirstScience
1/6/2005: Making Some Green Resolutions For 2006- Try Our Climate Change Top Tips ... - FirstScience
1/6/2005: Environmental Technologies and Digital Media to be new areas for R&D ... - FirstScience
1/6/2005: Beijing experimental buses aim to cut smog ... - FirstScience

1/6/2005: Annual gadget show is biggest ever - Seattle Times
1/6/2005: Gearing Up for Gadget Show  - Wired News
1/6/2005: Hybrids: Move 'Em Out  - Wired News

1/6/2005: The Small Screen
  - Technology Review 




1/6/2005: Will Digital Cinema Can Pirates?  - Wired News

1/6/2005: His Car Smelling Like French Fries, Willie Nelson Sells Biodiesel  - NY Times
1/6/2005: Part 1  - NY Times
1/6/2005: Hybrids: Move 'Em Out  - Wired News

1/6/2005: Researchers Provide Study Of Early Heart Development And Underlying Cause Of Congenital Heart Defects - Science Daily
1/6/2005: Tooth Loss And Heart Disease Linked, Even Among Nonsmokers - Science Daily
1/6/2005: Role Of Nervous System In Fatal Heart Rhythm Under Study - Science Daily

1/6/2005: Art Therapy Can Reduce Pain And Anxiety In Cancer Patients - Science Daily
1/6/2005: Lung Cancer Screening Encouraged For Smokers With A Strong Family History Of The Disease - Science Daily
1/6/2005: Women Who Undergo Reconstructive Breast Implantation Frequently Develop Short-term Complications - Science Daily

1/6/2005: Potential Bird Flu Treatment Studied In New Cutting-edge Research - Science Daily

1/6/2005: New Year's Eve Warning: Shape Of Glass Influences How Much Alcohol Is Poured -- And How Much You Will Drink - Science Daily
1/6/2005: Smoking Associated With Severity Of Psoriasis - Science Daily

1/6/2005: Resolved To Lose Weight: Social Cues Encourage Overeating- University Of Toronto Study - Science Daily
1/6/2005: Cystic Fibrosis Clinical Study Patients Show Less Lung Function Decline - Science Daily
1/6/2005: Study Fishes Out New Role For Prostaglandins - Science Daily
1/6/2005: Patient Outcomes Linked To Biomarker Levels By Quantitative Technology - Science Daily
1/6/2005: Use Of Gastric Acid-suppressive Agents Linked With Increased Risk For Diarrhea Infection - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
1/6/2005: Darwin's defenders go into battle again ... - FirstScience

1/6/2005: New hope in new year for major U.S. airlines - Seattle Times
1/6/2005: Top forecaster sees U.S. recession - Seattle Times
1/6/2005: Iraq war, Indian Ocean tsunami seen as biggest events of 2005: survey - SpaceDaily
1/6/2005: Water Therapy for Better Humans  - Wired News
1/6/2005: New Book- Secret War Operations  - Wired News
1/6/2005: Invention: Preventing in-flight interference ... - New Scientist

1/6/2005: Initial Results Help Clinicians Identify Patients With Treatment-resistant Depression - Science Daily
1/6/2005: Radiotherapy Advance Points Way To Noninvasive Brain Cancer Treatment - Science Daily
1/6/2005: Scientists Close In On Genes Responsible For Parkinson's Disease - Science Daily
1/6/2005: Penn Study Reveals Prevalence Of Night Eating Syndrome Among People With Psychiatric Conditions - Science Daily
1/6/2005: Study Refutes Link Between Suicide Risk, Antidepressants - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
1/6/2005: Study Moves 'Superlens' Closer To Reality - Science Daily
1/6/2005: Indian astronomers play a crucial role in SKA telescope ...
 - FirstScience



1/6/2005: Fast Track For Innovative Space Technologies - SpaceDaily 
1/6/2005: Micro-Satellites Shipped To Launch Site
 - Science Daily
1/6/2005: Pluto Colder Than Expected
 - Space.com
1/6/2005: Spirit And Opportunity Still Exploring Mars 2 Years On
 - SpaceDaily
1/6/2005: Rovers Still Circle Mars
  - Wired News
1/6/2005: Scientists relish Mars' images ...
 - FirstScience
1/6/2005: SPACE 2006- Clock Ticks for Shuttle's Return ...
 - FirstScience
1/6/2005: Japan seeks private funding for space program ...
 - FirstScience
1/6/2005: Pluto is colder than its moon Charon ...
 - New Scientist
1/6/2005: New Scientist Space's top 10 stories of 2005 ...
 - New Scientist
1/6/2005: Stardust Set To Return With Primordial Cargo
 - Science Daily
1/6/2005: NASA Aircraft Crew to Observe Incoming Stardust Sample Capsule ...
 - FirstScience
1/6/2005: NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 3 January 2006 ...
 - FirstScience
1/6/2005: NOAA Report of Solar and Geophysical Activity 03 Jan 2006 ...
 - FirstScience
1/6/2005: ESA Director General meets the Press ...
 - FirstScience
1/6/2005: NOAA SEC Space Weather Outlook #06- 01 ...
 - FirstScience
1/6/2005: NASA Hubble Space Telescope Daily Report #4020 ...
 - FirstScience
1/6/2005: GlobalFlyer Arrival at NASA KSC Postponed ...
 - FirstScience

1/6/2005: DNA Building Blocks  - Technology Review 
1/6/2005: High-Tech Pedal Power  - Wired News
1/6/2005: Baby Drop Box Gets Tech Upgrade  - Wired News
1/6/2005: The Coolest Rooms on the Planet  - Wired News
1/6/2005: Super Geeks Upgrade Homes  - Wired News
1/6/2005: Wood Plastics Composites--Science, Technology, Markets ... - FirstScience


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