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  January 6, 2005

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2004: The Year Space Tourism Finally Took Off -  The dream of opening space to the general public was given a tremendous boost in 2004 with SpaceShipOne’s prize-winning suborbital jaunt and congressional legislation to help establish a space travel industry in the United States. founder Jeff Bezos is quietly designing a manned spaceship in Seattle and PayPal founder Elon Musk is still shooting for a 2005 launch of the unmanned Falcon 1 rocket.     
Anatomy of a Spy Satellite -  There is now a delicate dance underway between issues of national security and open public scrutiny about taxpayer dollars being spent wisely or squandered. Meanwhile, the swirl of secrecy seems to be revolving around a top secret "stealthy" satellite project, codenamed MISTY. He noted that MISTY’s objective was to lessen the threat to U.S. satellites from the Soviet Union -- a nation whose anti-satellite program was of "significant concern" to U.S. military space officials during the early 1980s, he wrote.     

Melting ice (Television Trust for the Environment)

Earth's permafrost starts to squelch  - BBC  In parts of Fairbanks, Alaska, houses and buildings lean at odd angles. Windows and doors inch closer and closer to the ground. It is an architectural landscape that is becoming more familiar as the world's ice-rich permafrost gives way to thaw. Water replaces ice and the ground subsides, taking the structures on top along with it. In addition to northern Alaska, the permafrost zone includes most other Arctic land, such as northern Canada and much of Siberia, as well as the higher reaches of mountainous regions such as the Alps and Tibet. All report permafrost thaw. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

1/6/2005: Rare dolphins trapped by tsunami - MSNBC
1/6/2005: CU-Boulder Research Team Discovers First Evidence Of Life In Rock Glaciers
 - Science Daily
1/6/2005: Software Tool Helps Visualize Genomes - Science Daily
1/6/2005: Thousands of Seals at Home in New England ... - FirstScience
1/6/2005: Large Gambian Rats Worry Florida Officials ... - FirstScience
1/6/2005: Winter biological processes may help spread shrubs in the Arctic ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
1/6/2005: Earth's permafrost starts to squelch   - BBC
1/6/2005: Tech community joins tsunami relief effort  - C/Net
1/6/2005: Man arrested in tsunami death e-mail hoax  - C/Net
1/6/2005: Uzbeks promise smelter clean-up  - BBC
1/6/2005: Deepest U.S. reef found off Florida coast - MSNBC
1/6/2005: Caribbean, Atlantic coast may need alerts - MSNBC
1/6/2005: Tsunami Group Will Expand Its Network  - NY Times
1/6/2005: Catastrophic Flooding From Ancient Lake May Have Triggered Cold Period - Science Daily
1/6/2005: Melting ice may create shipping shortcut - Seattle Times
1/6/2005: Modern Technology, Scope of Tragedy Makes Tsunami Seem Closer to Home  - Technology Review 
1/6/2005: Vehicle carbon tax payers call for upgrading of roads ... - FirstScience
1/6/2005: Chile Cuts Emissions, Helps Japan, Canada ... - FirstScience
1/6/2005: Smokers Most at Risk From Radon Gas in European Homes ... - FirstScience
1/6/2005: Illegal Loggers Loot Bosnia's Forests ... - FirstScience
1/6/2005: Deepest U.S. Reef Found off Florida Coast ... - FirstScience
1/6/2005: World Rushes Relief to South Asian Tsunami Survivors ... - FirstScience
1/6/2005: Elephants Pitch in to Clear Debris in Thailand's Tsunami-Affected Areas ... - FirstScience
1/6/2005: Earthquake Zone Like Asia's Right Off U.S. West Coast ... - FirstScience

1/6/2005: Remember when you wanted your own Pac-Man?  - C/Net
1/6/2005: The future in your pocket  - BBC
1/6/2005: Sound challenge Audio video games are getting blind players into the action
1/6/2005: TiVo Untethered and Ready to Go  - Wired News

1/6/2005: TiVo goes mobile with new free service
  - C/Net
1/6/2005: Networking gets secure
  - C/Net
1/6/2005: Telecom: The Merger Is the Message
 - Business Week
1/6/2005: Firms sign deal on super fast 3G
  - CNN
1/6/2005: TV to Go- TiVo Unveils Portable Service
  - Technology Review 
1/6/2005: Indian State Wants to Move Internet Data 5,000 Times Faster, Clears Ambitious Broadband Plan
  - Technology Review 
1/6/2005: Stalking the Wild Wi-Fi Network
  - Wired News

1/6/2005: A sunnier scenario for chips  - C/Net
1/6/2005: Industry Gears Up for Two-Headed Chips  - C/Net
1/6/2005: Taiwan to lead world in 300-mm fabs, says report - Silicon Strategies


1/6/2005: Report: Big boost for blogs in 2004  - C/Net
1/6/2005: Myths run wild in blog tsunami debate  - C/Net
1/6/2005: Spam still out of the can  - C/Net
1/6/2005: Internet on the alert  - C/Net
1/6/2005: California sets fines for spyware  - BBC
1/6/2005: Work exposed: A medic and a police officer say why they blog about their jobs  - BBC

1/6/2005: Microsoft: Single Sign-On Far from Dead  - C/Net
1/6/2005: Covert groups behind bulk of bootlegs  - CNN
1/6/2005: Familiar challenges for Microsoft - Seattle Times

1/6/2005: California Energy Official Sees No Crisis Repeat ... - FirstScience
1/6/2005: Energy Department Awards $21 Million for Nuclear Research ... - FirstScience

1/6/2005: Researchers Describe How Human Blood Stem Cells Transform Themselves To Repair Injured Animal Hearts - Science Daily

1/6/2005: Posting Straight Facts on Cancer  - Wired News

1/6/2005: Gut drugs 'carry pneumonia risk'  - BBC
1/6/2005: Canada Confirms 2nd Case of Mad Cow  - NY Times
1/6/2005: Discovery Could Lead To Novel Approaches In HIV Treatment - Science Daily

1/6/2005: Safe drinking: Why alcohol affects men and women differently  - BBC
1/6/2005: Chemical Cousin Of Anti-anxiety Drugs Holds Promise For Psoriasis Treatment - Science Daily

1/6/2005: Breast implants 'no risk to life'  - BBC
1/6/2005: Health site naturally wants you to be well - Seattle Times
1/6/2005: Hospital Care by Video Camera  - Wired News
1/6/2005: Birth simulator helps physicians I.D. least forceful way to manage problem deliveries ... - FirstScience

History, Anthropology:

1/6/2005: Anatomy of a Spy Satellite -
1/6/2005: Apple's new tune  - C/Net
1/6/2005: Updates for Driving in a Winter Wonderland  - NY Times
1/6/2005: The Future of Calamity  - NY Times
1/6/2005: Novel calendar system creates regular dates - New Scientist
1/6/2005: U.S. still at risk for bioterror, experts warn - Seattle Times
1/6/2005: GPS devices can help track work goof-offs - Seattle Times
1/6/2005: Techno-highs, lows of 2004 fill a column - Seattle Times
1/6/2005: Spanning the Globe  - Wired News
1/6/2005: Commonor's Remote-Control Castle  - Wired News
1/6/2005: Forensic DNA: how it works ... - FirstScience

1/6/2005: Healthy optimism: Can a positive state of mind help you beat illness?  - BBC
1/6/2005: Alcohol hampers depth perception  - BBC
1/6/2005: Op-Ed Contributor: Even Einstein Had His Off Days  - NY Times
1/6/2005: To Help Your Mind, Take Steps To Help Your Heart, Study Says - Science Daily
1/6/2005: Brain Region Identified That Controls Collecting Behavior - Science Daily
1/6/2005: Autism's Fogged-up Mirror - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
1/6/2005: A New Twist On An Old Nebula - Science Daily
1/6/2005: Saturn System Driven By Ice, Says University Of Colorado Researcher
 - Science Daily
1/6/2005: Doorstep Astronomy: New Comet Looking Bright
Royal Astronomical Society - January Astronomy/Space Digest ... - FirstScience


1/6/2005: Iron jaws: A robotic shark develops an appetite for British tourists  - BBC

1/6/2005: 2004: The Year Space Tourism Finally Took Off -

1/6/2005: Top Space Stories of 2004: Catching a Comet ...
 - FirstScience
1/6/2005: NASA excited about comet-busting spacecraft ...
1/6/2005: Repaired Oxygen Generator Fails Again Aboard ISS
1/6/2005: Stellar Views in the January Skies ...
 - FirstScience
1/6/2005: Space News Headlines for January 5, 2005 ...
 - FirstScience
1/6/2005: Launch of Venera 5 Spacecraft ...
 - FirstScience

1/6/2005: Tech Outlook 2005 -- Part 1 - Business Week
1/6/2005: Selective Coatings Create Biological Sensors From Carbon Nanotubes - Science Daily
1/6/2005: Video Organizes Paper Documents  - Technology Review 
1/6/2005: Mitsubishi- Out Front in Nanotech  - Technology Review 


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