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  January 31, 2006

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Predicting The Weather On Titan? - SpaceDaily  Left:  These false-colour images of Titan were obtained by the Cassini-Huygens Visual Infrared Mapping Spectrometer during the 26 October/13 December Titan fly-bys, from distances of between 200 000 and 225 000 kilometres.  Using recent Cassini, Huygens and Earth-based observations, scientists have been able to create a computer model which explains the formation of several types of ethane and methane clouds on Titan. Clouds have been observed recently on Titan, Saturn's largest moon, through the thick haze, using near-infrared spectroscopy and images of the south pole and temperate regions near 40 South. 
Sea energy 'could help power UK'  - BBC  Left:  The tidal flow of Strangford Narrows will soon be generating electricity.  Wave and tidal power can provide a fifth of the UK's electricity needs, according to a new report. "It will cost more than other renewables for the first few hundred megawatts generated, but beyond that there is potential for costs to reduce," he told the BBC News website. Despite Britain's long shoreline and the vast power contained in its breakers and tides, the Carbon Trust believes only about one fifth of the country's electricity could economically come from the sea. It says that wave farms could generate 50 terawatt-hours (TWh - one thousand million kilowatt-hours) per year, and tidal stream installations a further 18TWh. These figures compare to the current UK total consumption of 350TWh per year. "We do believe that very quickly we can get down to the same costs as offshore wind," said Marine Current Turbines managing director Martin Wright.  

Chimps are more like humans than apes - MSNBCs  While you might think of yourself as smarter than the average ape, beware: Those distant relatives of ours have a knack for evolving more quickly than we do. And by revealing this through DNA analysis, scientists have provided support for a controversial hypothesis that chimpanzees are more closely related to humans than to other species of great apes with which they're currently classified. Researchers generally agree that humans and chimps diverged from a common ancestor about 5 million to 7 million years ago. Our clock began to slow down about 1 million years ago, and today it is 3 percent slower than that of the chimp and 11 percent slower than in the gorilla. The upshot: There seem to be fewer changes to the software of life in humans over time.  
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Alzheimer's Disease:
1/31/2005:Memantine Appears Effective And Safe In Moderate To Severe Alzheimer's Disease - Science Daily

1/31/2005:Chimps are more like humans than apes - MSNBC
1/31/2005:Genome Sequencing Is For Ecologists, Too
 - Science Daily
1/31/2005:In Bacterial Diversity, Amazon Is A 'Desert'; Desert Is An 'Amazon' - Science Daily
1/31/2005:Stanford Study Of Owls Finds Link In Brain Between Sight And Sound - Science Daily
1/31/2005:Global Warming - The Blame Is Not With The Plants - Science Daily
1/31/2005:Talking With Your Mouth Full: The Feeding Calls of the Humpback Whale - Space.com
1/31/2005:Regeneration Sans Stem Cells  - Wired News
1/31/2005:Commentary- Beyond the coral reefs:- A polyps plight ... - FirstScience
1/31/2005:Bush Administration to Seek Salmon Harvest Cuts and Hatchery Reforms ... - FirstScience
1/31/2005:Mouse Frustrates Endangered Species Policy ... - FirstScience
1/31/2005:Malaysia to search for ape man known as 'Bigfoot'  - BBC
1/31/2005:Developmental Biology: On Morphogens ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
1/31/2005:Europe's Largest Climate Change Experiment Launched - Science Daily
1/31/2005:Two Large Lakes Discovered Under Antarctic Ice - Space.com
1/31/2005:Sick of That Old Car? Recycle It!  - Wired News
1/31/2005:Environmentalist to advise Alberta on oil sands ... - FirstScience
1/31/2005:U.S. Asks Companies to Slash Output of Teflon Compound ... - FirstScience
1/31/2005:Plan to Build Gas Pipeline through Amazon Rain Forest Catches Environmentalists Off Guard ... - FirstScience
1/31/2005:Activists from Across Country Travel to Testify Against Cement Kiln Pollution ... - FirstScience
1/31/2005:More than 50 Environmental & Conservation Groups Oppose Alito ... - FirstScience
1/31/2005:Parties join forces to tackle climate change ... - FirstScience
1/31/2005:Burning issue: Are the UK's waste management policies a load of rubbish?  - BBC
1/31/2005:Air pollution levels alarming ... - FirstScience
1/31/2005:Deep-Sea Drill Set for Climate Research ... - FirstScience
1/31/2005:Govt asked to help stop climate change ... - FirstScience
1/31/2005:Global Warming Debate Shifts to 'Tipping Point' ... - Washington Post
1/31/2005:Eroding Support for Shareowner Resolutions on Climate Change Revealed by Unpublished Data ... - FirstScience

1/31/2005:Machinima for the Masses  - Wired News
1/31/2005:Thumbs Up for Movie-Making Game  - Wired News
1/31/2005:Go Digital podcast: Help Nasa understand the universe, TV over the net and use your PC to keep beer cold  - BBC
1/31/2005:Gear That Gets Us Green With Envy  - Wired News

1/31/2005:Mobiles get emerging markets lift
  - BBC

1/31/2005:Magnetic Spin Details May Lead To New Devices - Science Daily
1/31/2005:Moore's Law Lives  - Technology Review 

1/31/2005:Big Risks Come in Small Packages
1/31/2005:Intel Macs: Wait or Buy Now?  - Wired News

1/31/2005:Google Gagged, but There's Hope  - Wired News
1/31/2005:Avatars Among Us  - Wired News
1/31/2005:Yahoo honours the best of the web  - BBC
1/31/2005:Google wrangle: Chinese bloggers debate Google's decision to censor  - BBC
1/31/2005:Anti-spyware project helps users  - BBC

1/31/2005:Microsoft rivals will get to see parts of Windows Server source code - Seattle Times
1/31/2005:China tightens reins on media expression - Seattle Times
1/31/2005:Microsoft Opens Its Windows  - Wired News
1/31/2005:Seven admit copying Star Wars DVD  - BBC
1/31/2005:Illegal downloads: The online threat to the television industry  - BBC

1/31/2005:Sea energy 'could help power UK'  - BBC
1/31/2005:Waste Management opens new renewable-energy power plant at landfill ...  - Wired News

1/31/2005:Polymer Aids In Blood Clotting, Pointing Way To New Treatment - Science Daily

1/31/2005:Prophylactic Surgeries Prevent Two Gynecological Cancers In Women With Lynch Syndrome - Science Daily
1/31/2005:Screening For Prostate Cancer May Not Reduce Men's Risk Of Death - Science Daily

1/31/2005:?AIDS Trial Finds Continuous Antiretroviral Therapy Superior To Episodic Therapy - Science Daily
1/31/2005:Sequence-based Early Warning System For The Detection Of MRSA Outbreaks In Hospitals - Science Daily
1/31/2005:Study Sets New Gold Standard For Initial Antiretroviral Treatment Of HIV Infection - Science Daily
1/31/2005:Insides of Flu Virus Revealed - Space.com
1/31/2005:New diagnoses of HIV remain high  - BBC
1/31/2005:Bono bets on Red to battle Aids  - BBC

1/31/2005:NYC fights diabetes Calls for action as disease reaches "epidemic scale"  - BBC
1/31/2005:Drugs past The days - not so long ago - before heroin was banned in the UK  - BBC

1/31/2005:Researchers Find Effective, Cheap Treatment For Cystic Fibrosis Lung Disease - Science Daily
1/31/2005:Darkness Unveils Vital Metabolic Fuel Switch Between Sugar And Fat - Science Daily
1/31/2005:Tomato Juice Keeps Emphysema From Developing In New Model; Lycopene Cited - Science Daily
1/31/2005:Scientists Link Another Gene To Degenerative Blindness - Science Daily
1/31/2005:Sexual therapy: What percentage of women have difficulty reaching orgasm-  - BBC
1/31/2005:Asbestos claim bid overturned  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
1/31/2005:Lost for Decades, Dino-Era Fossil Sheds Light on Crocs ... - Nat'l. Geo. News

1/31/2005:Cities look at WTO, see political hot potato - Seattle Times
1/31/2005:Growth rate for women-owned businesses double overall rate - Seattle Times
1/31/2005:Stalwart global economy in '06 predicted - Seattle Times
1/31/2005:Inmarsat Supports IT Training In Rural Lebanon - SpaceDaily
1/31/2005:DV Studio Can't Make a Buck  - Wired News
1/31/2005:Mr. Nike's Big Leap  - Wired News
1/31/2005:Pickr a Color, Any Color  - Wired News
1/31/2005:Jobs vs. Gates: Who's the Star?  - Wired News
1/31/2005:Rants 'n' Raves: Poor Jobs  - Wired News
1/31/2005:Scanning schools: How a victim of child abuse aims to catch offenders  - BBC
1/31/2005:Charles warns of 'supersized' UK  - BBC

1/31/2005:First Impressions Of Beauty May Demonstrate Why The Pretty Prosper - Science Daily
1/31/2005:How Taste Response Is Hard-wired Into The Brain - Science Daily
1/31/2005:Tiny RNA Molecules Fine-tune The Brain's Synapses - Science Daily
1/31/2005:Scientists Find Stronger Evidence For Link Between Cat Faeces And Schizophrenia - Science Daily
1/31/2005:Researchers Discover New Way To Stimulate Brain To Release Antioxidants - Science Daily
1/31/2005:Humans Have A Strong Desire To Help Each Other, But Is Spite Also Part Of The Human Condition? - Science Daily
1/31/2005:In The Mind's Eye: How The Brain Makes A Whole Out Of Parts
 - Science Daily
1/31/2005:New Key Brain Target Of Fat Hormone
 - Science Daily
1/31/2005:Your Brain on Booze
  - Technology Review 
1/31/2005:Buddha on the Brain
  - Wired News
1/31/2005:Medical Biology: On Psychiatry as Clinical Neuroscience ...
 - FirstScience

Physics and Astronomy:
1/31/2005:Riding The Dimer: By Straddling Twin Molecules, Sandia Physicist Obtains Unique View Of Their Breakup  - Technology Review 
Bracing for the Supernova  - Wired News
1/31/2005:Supernova data multiplies ...
 - Astronomy
1/31/2005:Funding agreed for world's largest telescope ...
 - FirstScience
1/31/2005:World's Largest Telescope Project Underway ...
  - FirstScience- FirstScience
1/31/2005:Astronomy: Measurement of Our Galaxy ...


1/31/2005:Sony to Aibo: Drop Dead  - Wired News

1/31/2005: NASA official takes job looking for E.T ...
1/31/2005: Retired astronaut pulls no punches ...
1/31/2005: Next space station crew's launch delayed ...
1/31/2005: McAuliffe rembered 20 years after death - C/Net
1/31/2005: Cosmic Log: Prime time for Saturn
1/31/2005:Capsules From the Cosmos: Stardust Success Could Signal More Sample Missions
 - Space.com
1/31/2005:Crawling to the Moon, 40 Years Later
 - Space.com
1/31/2005:Shenzhou VI Orbital Module Works Well 100 Days
 - SpaceDaily
1/31/2005:ISS To Evolve Into International Space Port - Official
 - SpaceDaily
1/31/2005:Nasa Eyes South Africa to Host Deep Space Network ...
 - FirstScience
1/31/2005:NASA's Mars Rovers Advance Understanding of the Red Planet ...
 - FirstScience
1/31/2005:Space Foundation accepting applications for Teacher Liaison program ...
 - FirstScience
1/31/2005:NASA Selects Support for Center for Aerospace Information ...
 - FirstScience
1/31/2005:On to Pluto! You helped make it happen ...
 - FirstScience
1/31/2005:Plan To Bomb Mars For Signs of Climate Change ...
  - FirstScience

1/31/2005:Virginia Tech Scientists Develop Process For Creating Biocompatible Fibers - Science Daily
1/31/2005:Rutgers Researchers Create Tiny Chemical Cages To Enclose Drug, Pesticide Molecules - Science Daily
1/31/2005:Cooking Dinner At Home From The Office - SpaceDaily
1/31/2005:New Theory Explains Electronic And Thermal Behavior Of Nanotubes - SpaceDaily
1/31/2005:NASA Technology Featured In New Anti-Icing Windshield Spray - SpaceDaily
1/31/2005:Life in the Fast Lane  - Technology Review 



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