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  January 31, 2005

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Idaho Professor Laments Forgotten Titan Experiment -  David Atkinson spent 18 years designing an experiment for the unmanned space mission to Saturn. Now some pieces of it are lost in space. Someone forgot to turn on the instrument Atkinson needed to measure the winds on Saturn's largest moon. "The story is actually fairly gruesome," the University of Idaho scientist said in an e-mail from Germany, the headquarters of the European Space Agency. "It was human error - the command to turn the instrument on was forgotten." There is hope that some of his data survived. "We do have Channel B data and although driven by a very poor and unstable oscillator, we may be able to get a little bit of data," he wrote.    
Mars Rover's Meteorite Discovery Triggers Questions -  The discovery of an iron meteorite sitting on Mars by NASA’s Opportunity rover has kick-started a wide-ranging discussion as to what the find may be telling us about the planet itself, past water conditions there, and just how peppered the red planet might be with the fallen objects. Roughly the size of a basketball, the object is mostly made of iron and nickel, and is the first meteorite of any type ever identified on another planet.     

Alarm at new climate warning   - BBC  Temperatures around the world could rise by as much as 11C, according to one of the largest climate prediction projects ever run. This figure is twice the level that previous studies have suggested. The results of the study, which used PCs around the world to produce data, are published in the journal Nature. Each PC runs a slightly different computer simulation examining what happens to the global climate if levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere double from pre-industrial levels- which may happen by the middle of the century. The lowest rise which finds possible is 2C, ranging up to 11C. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

1/31/2005: Chimps have 'sense of fair play'  - BBC
1/31/2005: Pilfering crab has insect's nose
  - BBC
1/31/2005: Poor couples 'want IVF anonymity'  - BBC
1/31/2005: Scottish scientists develop laser technique to deliver genes  - El. Engr. Times
1/31/2005: Chimp sense of fair play depends on players - MSNBC
1/31/2005: All's fair between friendly chimps  - Nature
1/31/2005: New Research Shows In The Animal World, It Pays To Be An Imposter - Science Daily
1/31/2005: UBC Prof's Research Challenges Prevailing Theory Of How New Species Evolve - Science Daily
1/31/2005: Research May Speed Development Of New Oral Drugs For Fertility Treatments - Science Daily
1/31/2005: Theory on evolution of essential genes is overturned by new finding ... - FirstScience
1/31/2005: UI researchers advance understanding of sexual evolution ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
1/31/2005: Aids and climate top Davos agenda  - BBC
1/31/2005: China worried Everest may be shrinking  - BBC
1/31/2005: Dome building slows at Mount St. Helens - MSNBC
1/31/2005: Columbia Crew Catches A Mysterious TIGER In The Indian Ocean - Science Daily
1/31/2005: Arctic Rivers Discharge More Freshwater Into Ocean, Reflecting Changes To Hydrologic Cycle - Science Daily
1/31/2005: Climate Is Most Urgent Political Challenge ... - FirstScience
1/31/2005: Pataki, Schwarzenegger Urge Congress Not To Weaken States' Environmental Powers ... - FirstScience
1/31/2005: Study Encourages Everglades Land Purchases ... - FirstScience
1/31/2005: R Parliamentary caucus refutes pollution story ... - FirstScience
1/31/2005: EEA director comments on EU emissions trading scheme ... - FirstScience
1/31/2005: Pataki Asks Congress To Protect Clean Air Act ... - FirstScience
1/31/2005: Phoenix Officials Urge Residents to Boil Water Because of Treatment Plant Problems ... - FirstScience
1/31/2005: Alarm at new climate warning   - BBC
1/31/2005: Sinking Coastlines May Precede Large Subduction Zone Quakes - SpaceDaily

1/31/2005: Kodak Adds Wi-Fi to Easyshare Lineup  - C/Net
1/31/2005: Toymakers push electronic toys  - CNN

1/31/2005: 'Mobisodes': Film deals are done to make short snippets for modern phones
  - BBC
1/31/2005: HP focuses on paparazzi-proof cameras
  - C/Net
1/31/2005: Saudi Ministers Move to Lift Cameraphone Ban
  - C/Net
1/31/2005: US moves to ban furtive photos
  - C/Net
1/31/2005: Pupils face camera phone ban
  - C/Net
1/31/2005: VoIP passes Nissan road test
  - C/Net



1/31/2005: Web police to fight paedophiles  - BBC
1/31/2005: Kevin Werbach - Business Week
1/31/2005: Blog huddle at Super Bowl  - C/Net
1/31/2005: Web Harnesses Storm Of Environmental Data - Science Daily
1/31/2005: Opera, the Forgotten Browser  - Wired News

1/31/2005: Microsoft makes anti-piracy move  - BBC
1/31/2005: Flaw finders go their own way  - C/Net
1/31/2005: Microsoft: Legit Windows or no updates  - C/Net
1/31/2005: Apple releases patch for Mac OS X  - C/Net
1/31/2005: File-sharing case goes to Supreme Court  - CNN
1/31/2005: Microsoft to launch anti-piracy initiative  - CNN
1/31/2005: University Of Manchester Makes Made-to-measure Skin And Bones A Reality Using Inkjet Printers - Science Daily
1/31/2005: The Microsoft Memo  - Wired News
1/31/2005: Hollywood Ready for P2P Showdown  - Wired News

1/31/2005: Alaskan Urges Gas Research Funding ... - FirstScience

1/31/2005: Emory Researchers Link Depression To Lower Benefits After Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery - Science Daily
1/31/2005: Born To Run: Capacity For Aerobic Exercise Linked To Risk Of Heart Disease - Science Daily
1/31/2005: Mayo Clinic researchers discover new kind of heart failure gene ... - FirstScience

1/31/2005: Urologists Study Fluorescent Dye, Blue Light To Detect Bladder Tumors - Science Daily
1/31/2005: Colonoscopy Still Most Effective Colorectal Cancer Screening Method - Science Daily
1/31/2005: Researchers discover way to overcome major hurdle in gene therapy for cancer ... - FirstScience

1/31/2005: 'Clean yourself' advice on MRSA  - BBC
1/31/2005: AIDS treatment in developing world accelerates - New Scientist

1/31/2005: Hospitals advised to ban smoking  - BBC
1/31/2005: Genes In The Interferon System Important In Systemic Lupus Erythematosus - Science Daily

1/31/2005: Warning over fruit juice 'excess'  - BBC
1/31/2005: High-tech alliance for digital health network  - C/Net
1/31/2005: Red Hat tests new programming aid  - C/Net
1/31/2005: Younger siblings cut multiple sclerosis risk - New Scientist
1/31/2005: New Technology An Option For Severe Nearsightedness - Science Daily
1/31/2005: Spleen May Be Source Of Versatile Stem Cells - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
1/31/2005: Ancient remains found in Mexico City park - MSNBC
1/31/2005: Penn Museum Begins Ground-breaking Project To Create Underground Image Of Pre-Inca City - Science Daily
1/31/2005: Implications For The Archaeology Of Warfare In The Andes - Science Daily

1/31/2005: How eBay Can Restore Its Luster - Business Week
1/31/2005: For Baby Biotechs, "a Dangerous Time" - Business Week
1/31/2005: Back to the Future at - Business Week
1/31/2005: Stopping Carnivore Doesn't Stop FBI Surveillance  - C/Net
1/31/2005: Auto Show Sizzlers and Snoozers - Business Week
1/31/2005: Study: Plane anti-missile cost steep  - CNN
1/31/2005: Gendered Age Differences Expected Among Oscar Nominees - Science Daily
1/31/2005: WorldCom's Ebbers told "lie after lie," prosecutor tells jury - Seattle Times
1/31/2005: Ex-CEO blamed for HealthSouth fraud - Seattle Times
1/31/2005: Two brokerages to pay over IPO allegations - Seattle Times
1/31/2005: Terror’s Server  - Technology Review 
1/31/2005: Improvised Bombs Baffle Army  - Wired News
1/31/2005: Ancient Macs Make Modern Art  - Wired News
1/31/2005: Tsunami Makes India's Nuke Workers Jittery - SpaceDaily
1/31/2005: Global business and political fest continues with anti-poverty drive - SpaceDaily
1/31/2005: German FM urges closer US cooperation on Iran nuke talks - SpaceDaily
1/31/2005: Blair knows of no US plans to launch strike on Iran - SpaceDaily
1/31/2005: EU calls on Iran to dismantle to fuel cycle work - diplomat - SpaceDaily
1/31/2005: Germany's Schroeder rejects military strikes against Iran - SpaceDaily
1/31/2005: Pakistani PM warns India against arms race
 - SpaceDaily
1/31/2005: Iran denies nuclear talks with EU at an impasse
 - SpaceDaily
1/31/2005: At corporate fest, calls for solidarity to tackle world problems
 - SpaceDaily
1/31/2005: Blair champions G8 drive against climate change, poverty
 - SpaceDaily
1/31/2005: Iran to commission Russia to build telecom satellite
 - SpaceDaily
1/31/2005: Blair predicts new global 'agenda of consensus' with US back on board
 - SpaceDaily

1/31/2005: Scientists 'find key to looking'  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
1/31/2005: Antigravity has feet of clay  - Nature
1/31/2005: Astronomy’s Case Of The Missing Disks
 - Science Daily
1/31/2005: UCSC astronomer awarded top high-energy astronomy prize for work on supernovae and gamma-ray bursts ...
 - FirstScience
1/31/2005: Evidence builds for supernova's role in solar system creation ...
 - FirstScience
1/31/2005: Hubble's infrared eyes see suspected extrasolar planet ...
 - FirstScience
1/31/2005: SA plays key role in findings on black hole ...
 - FirstScience


1/31/2005: U.S. Army Prepares Armed 'Robo-Soldier' for Iraq  - Technology Review 

1/31/2005: Idaho Professor Laments Forgotten Titan Experiment -
Mars Rover's Meteorite Discovery Triggers Questions -
Lunar Colony To Run On Moon Dust - SpaceDaily
1/31/2005: Red Planet Reconnaissance ...
 - FirstScience
1/31/2005: First European Long-Term Space Station Mission This Year
 - SpaceDaily
1/31/2005: SMART-1's First Images From The Moon
 - SpaceDaily
1/31/2005: NASA Selects Small Explorer Mission
 - SpaceDaily
1/31/2005: Hoyer Fights For Hubble Servicing
 - SpaceDaily

1/31/2005: Next-gen display to park itself in cars  - C/Net
1/31/2005: An alternative tech history  - C/Net
1/31/2005: Means of survival  - CNN


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