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  January 30, 2006

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Powering Britain: How the UK could meet its energy needs and carbon targets  - BBC  The UK's energy debate has been framed wrongly, argues analyst Kevin Anderson. He believes we should be looking at issues of demand and efficiency, and not so much at the problem of supply. How much, for example, have the UK's forays into Afghanistan and Iraq cost the tax payer? Until such costs are factored into the analysis, economic comparisons between fossil fuels and nuclear are essentially meaningless. Tyndall's Decarbonizing the UK report set out a low-consumption future that achieved a 47% reduction in energy demand by 2050.    
Did typhoid fever bring ancient Athens to its knees?  - BBC  Between 430 and 426 BC the plague killed almost a third of the Athenian population and its armed forces, along with the city's leader and mastermind of Athenian glory, Pericles. Between 430 and 426 BC the plague killed almost a third of the Athenian population and its armed forces, along with the city's leader and mastermind of Athenian glory, Pericles. An ancient strain of the organism causing typhoid fever was found to be present in the dental pulp of all three dental samples. Scientists have long debated the cause of the plague that ended Athenian dominance of the classical world.   

Q&A: 'Spy rock' How might the alleged hi-tech spying device actually work?  - BBC   Russia's intelligence agency, the FSB, has accused British agents of storing and exchanging classified information using a fake rock on a Russian street. It says the hi-tech stone is "absolutely new spy technology". The UK has not commented on the rock allegation. Any gadget that can swap data wirelessly would be able to work with the rock but the most likely candidates would be mobile phones and handheld computers - known as Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). To avoid looking suspicious, those involved in the alleged data theft might have turned to a widely available gadget.  
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Alzheimer's Disease:

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1/30/2005: That's Why the Lady Pseudoscorpion is a Tramp
 - Live Science
1/30/2005: Fragrant whale excrement lands fortune  - C/Net
1/30/2005: Attack of the killer microbes  - C/Net
1/30/2005: Snails hitched ride on birds to cross ocean - MSNBC
1/30/2005: World's smallest fish found in Indonesia - MSNBC
1/30/2005: Penguins who lost chick have new egg - MSNBC
1/30/2005: Crocodile ancestor found in storage - MSNBC
1/30/2005: Breeding rare leopards by breaking rules - MSNBC
1/30/2005: London whale’s death tied to dehydration - MSNBC
1/30/2005: The tale of the flying snail  - Nature
1/30/2005: Thames whale died of dehydration  - Nature
1/30/2005: Monkey cops keep clans together - New Scientist

Climate, Environment:
1/30/2005: Japanese Earth Observing Satellite Begins Mission - Space.com
1/30/2005: GM ruling angers green groups ... - FirstScience
1/30/2005: Greenhouse gases blamed for making 2005 hottest year to date ... - FirstScience
1/30/2005: Ecologists say experts reject Siberian oil route ... - FirstScience
1/30/2005: ArvinMeritor Plans To Be Leader In Diesel Emissions Market ... - FirstScience
1/30/2005: N.J. Puts Price On Pollution For Ford Lawsuit ... - FirstScience
1/30/2005: NEWS- Citigroup Pledges to Slash Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 10% ... - FirstScience
1/30/2005: York researchers develop pollution-busting plants to clean up contaminated land ... - FirstScience
1/30/2005: Schwarzenegger continues clean air drive ... - FirstScience
1/30/2005: Japan launches satellite at last ... - MSNBC
1/30/2005: Ice sample may date back 1 million years - MSNBC
1/30/2005: Volcanoes reveal a new side - PhysicsWeb

1/30/2005: Students and teachers hit the podcasts  - C/Net
1/30/2005: Video: Sony's tiny camera packs punch  - C/Net
1/30/2005: Video game aims to fight childhood obesity - C/Net

1/30/2005: Cingular, Verizon Wireless gain users
 - Seattle Times
1/30/2005: Video: A first look at the new Razr
  - C/Net
1/30/2005: Government study: VoIP, video can be taxed
  - C/Net
1/30/2005: Skype could provide botnet controls
  - C/Net

1/30/2005: Intel tips 45-nm process technology, demos chips  - El. Engr. Times

1/30/2005: Video: Esther Dyson previews PC Forum 2006  - C/Net
1/30/2005: AJAX sets off tools race  - C/Net
1/30/2005: eMachines goes all AMD on new desktops - C/Net

1/30/2005: State files spyware lawsuit against New York firm - Seattle Times
1/30/2005: Washington state sues spyware maker  - C/Net
1/30/2005: Internet serves as 'social glue'  - BBC
1/30/2005: Yahoo honours the best of the web  - BBC
1/30/2005: Anti-spyware project helps users  - BBC
1/30/2005: Wal-Mart launches online music service - Business Week
1/30/2005: Study: Internet expands social contacts
 - Business Week
1/30/2005: E-mail sleuthing made easy
  - C/Net
1/30/2005: Images: Sorting the e-mail
  - C/Net
1/30/2005: Netscape 8.1 takes aim at spyware
- C/Net
1/30/2005: Google fixes search glitch, tests interface changes
- C/Net

1/30/2005: Microsoft offers up source code in EC dispute  - C/Net
1/30/2005: Microsoft source code offer surprises EU  - C/Net
1/30/2005: Stolen Ameriprise laptop had data on 230,000 people  - C/Net

1/30/2005: Powering Britain: How the UK could meet its energy needs and carbon targets  - BBC
1/30/2005: Letters: Renewable energy ... - FirstScience
1/30/2005: Oil from sand: How Canada could play host to the next oil rush  - BBC
1/30/2005: Study warning over nuclear waste  - BBC


1/30/2005: Cancer care plan progress 'mixed'  - BBC
1/30/2005: Cancer errors doctor apologises  - BBC
1/30/2005: Sunbathing may do more good than harm - New Scientist

1/30/2005: New diagnoses of HIV remain high  - BBC
1/30/2005: Scientists use Net game to forecast epidemics - C/Net
1/30/2005: Scientists follow money to track pandemics - MSNBC
1/30/2005: Scientists find how flu viruses replicate - MSNBC
1/30/2005: Banknote tracking helps model spread of disease - New Scientist

1/30/2005: Smokers' genes basis for next nicotine cure  - C/Net
1/30/2005: NYC fights diabetes: Calls for action as disease reaches "epidemic scale"  - BBC
1/30/2005: MS sufferer wins funding ruling  - BBC

1/30/2005: Asbestos claim bid overturned  - BBC
1/30/2005: Schools use video games to get kids on their feet  - CNN

History, Anthropology:
1/30/2005: Did typhoid fever bring ancient Athens to its knees?  - BBC
1/30/2005: Britons unconvinced on evolution  - BBC

1/30/2005: Q&A: 'Spy rock' How might the alleged hi-tech spying device actually work?  - BBC
1/30/2005: Missile shield tested ... by Congress ... - MSNBC
1/30/2005: Souped-up surveillance  - C/Net
1/30/2005: Photos: 3VR's system  - C/Net
1/30/2005: A question of trust: Davos debates whether losing your privacy is a bad thing  - BBC
1/30/2005: Steve Jobs's Tomorrowland - Business Week
1/30/2005: Steve Jobs's Magic Kingdom - Business Week
1/30/2005: Plus: A Pixar Exec's Fairy Tale - Business Week
1/30/2005: Slide Show: Redefining the CEO - Business Week
1/30/2005: Politicians catch on to blogging  - C/Net
1/30/2005: Can Disney curtail a talent exodus?  - C/Net
1/30/2005: What's the fuss over Google stock sale?  - C/Net
1/30/2005: You want the cute? You can't handle the cute! - C/Net
1/30/2005: Intel to train 10 million teachers - C/Net
1/30/2005: Jobs vs. Gates: Who's the star?  - Wired News
1/30/2005: Analysts' picks: Tech stocks - Business Week
1/30/2005: BlackBerry threat terrifies CEOs  - CNN
1/30/2005: How to throw a soccer ball  - Nature

1/30/2005: Women Feel More Rushed than Men - Live Science
1/30/2005: Sex calms nerves before public speaking - MSNBC
1/30/2005: Sex before stressful events keeps you calm - New Scientist

Physics and Astronomy:
1/30/2005: Dent in space-time found ... - MSNBC
1/30/2005: Smallest Earth-like planet found
  - BBC
1/30/2005: New planet discovered in Milky Way
  - C/Net
1/30/2005: Found- one Earth-like planet
  - Nature
1/30/2005: Smallest extrasolar planet revealed by microlensing
 - New Scientist
1/30/2005: Dark energy enigma just won't go away
 - New Scientist


1/30/2005: Dextrous mini-robots to aid ops  - BBC
1/30/2005: Robot set loose to film your insides - New Scientist

1/30/2005: New Mexico: Building A Better Spaceport - Space.com
1/30/2005: Latest IMAX Movie Captures the Adventure of Exploration
 - Space.com
1/30/2005: Film Documentary Spotlights Lost Challenger Teacher-Astronaut
 - Space.com
1/30/2005: Mars Exploration Rover Update by Steve Squyres 13 January 2006 ...
 - FirstScience
1/30/2005: First Announcement- First Landing Site Workshop for the 2009 Mars Science Laboratory ...
 - FirstScience
1/30/2005: Mars Exploration Rover Update 19 January 2006 ...
 - FirstScience
1/30/2005: Roving Mars: New Lockheed Martin-Sponsored IMAX Film to Premiere at National Air and Space Museum ...
 - FirstScience
1/30/2005: 2 Years on Mars! Meridiani Planum Features Investigated by the Rover, Opportunity ...
 - FirstScience
1/30/2005: Students Learn About Mysteries of Mars at NASA Ames ...
 - FirstScience
1/30/2005: Ill See Your Killer Asteroid and Raise You a Plethora of Problems ...
 - FirstScience



1/30/2005: Researchers concoct self-propelled nano motor  - C/Net
1/30/2005: Engineer's bike goes 0 to 60 mph in five seconds  - CNN



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