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  January 30, 2005

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Massive Object Calls Planet Discoveries into Question -  The first precise measurement of a failed star known as a brown dwarf finds the object is much more massive than theorists expected. It is at least 88 times as massive as Jupiter. The result challenges what astronomers assumed about these strange things. Astronomers have been scrambling to figure out where to draw the line between a giant gas planet and a brown dwarf.      
Methane World Is Truely Titanic - SpaceDaily  Left:  Titan continues to puzzle scientists who speculate about whether the darker regions are oily lakes. Credit: NASA/JPL.  "Methane must be continually resupplied to the atmosphere - which we were pretty sure was the case already, because you can calculate that it's disappearing as a result of photochemical reactions. The lifetime of what's there, the amount of methane there, is only 10 or 20 million years.  ...we don't have a clear indication of open bodies of liquid hydrocarbons - yet. We see some intriguing possibilities, things that look like lakes or seas. But we don't know that they're liquid. ...we do see these river channels, which indicate that liquids have been flowing over the surface. And those liquids must be the hydrocarbons. It's not a passive world. There is some internal energy that's being dissipated and causing these geological formations. It's not rivers of water running around. But it's rivers." 

Mars Society Canada Urges Canadian Involvement In Worldwide Space Initiatives - SpaceDaily  Mars Society Canada have prepared a position paper on Canada Joining the International Thrust in Space Exploration, in which they explain why greater support of the Canadian Space Agency has become so important for Canada, and for the betterment of its citizens' lives. "Other nations have expressed further interest in exploring the solar system; and consequently, their goals and space programs have seen great changes. However, if Canada wishes to participate and also reap the priceless rewards of space exploration, then we must act swiftly."   
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Alzheimer's Disease:
1/30/2005: Mouse Brain Cells Rapidly Recover After Alzheimer's Plaques Are Cleared - Science Daily

1/30/2005: Animal Tracks - MSNBC
1/30/2005: Timing Is Everything: First Step In Protein Building Revealed
 - Science Daily
1/30/2005: X-ray Movies Reveal Insect Flight, Muscle Motion - Science Daily
1/30/2005: UBC Scientists Co-ordinate Mapping Of Killer Fungus Genome - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
1/30/2005: Climate crisis near 'in 10 years'  - BBC
1/30/2005: Mental Health Crisis Looming For Tsunami Survivors, Warns Psychologist Just Back From Indonesia - Science Daily
1/30/2005: Harbor Invaders Could Trigger 'Meltdown' Of Coastal Ecosystems - Science Daily
1/30/2005: Anti-Bacterial Additive Widespread In U.S. Waterways - Science Daily
1/30/2005: Tsunami Victims Receive Treatment Via Satellite - Science Daily
1/30/2005: A Seismic Shift In Understanding How The Earth Got Its Gas - Science Daily
1/30/2005: New Research Suggests That Climate Warming May Be Occurring Even Faster Than Previously Recognized - Science Daily
1/30/2005: Experts want air pollution on political agenda ... - FirstScience
1/30/2005: Kenya to probe alleged nuclear waste dumping by Americans ... - FirstScience
1/30/2005: Climate change and the future of air travel ... - FirstScience
1/30/2005: World energy- Global warming approaching critical point, warns report ... - FirstScience
1/30/2005: Delhi cracks whip on vehicular pollution ... - FirstScience
1/30/2005: Report urges G8 leaders to fight carbon emissions ... - FirstScience
1/30/2005: Greenpeace intercepts shipload of transgenic soya ... - FirstScience
1/30/2005: Giant iceberg grinds to a halt ...  - Nature

1/30/2005: Guessing game: What will the next generation of games consoles do for us-  - BBC
1/30/2005: Tech & You - Business Week
1/30/2005: Ill. Gov. Seeks Ban on Violent Video Games (AP)
1/30/2005: Halo 2 and San Andreas top watchdog group's "most violent" games list [PC GameCube]  - C/Net
1/30/2005: What's next for game consoles?  - C/Net
1/30/2005: Playboy:Let the online games begin  - C/Net
1/30/2005: Images: Under the covers of 'Playboy: The Mansion'

1/30/2005: M-Rated Video Game Raising Concerns
  - Wired News

1/30/2005: Mobile middlemen: Entrepreneurs are cashing in on Africa's appetite for phones
  - BBC
1/30/2005: Defining indecency
  - C/Net
1/30/2005: Chip Ushers in the Disposable Mobile
  - Wired News

1/30/2005: Via prepares to raise processor clock frequency to 2 GHz  - El. Engr. Times
1/30/2005: Brewer Science, Nantero to commercialize carbon nanotube solution for nonvolatile memory ... - FirstScience

1/30/2005: Maxtor won't think small after all  - C/Net
1/30/2005: IBM, HP, Intel, Sun form "grid" computing consortium  - El. Engr. Times
1/30/2005: UK Urged to Make Computers More Human  - Wired News

1/30/2005: Google launches TV search service  - BBC
1/30/2005: Rich pickings for hi-tech thieves  - BBC
1/30/2005: New moves for Google  - C/Net
1/30/2005: Images: TV screen test  - C/Net
1/30/2005: Spam fighters losing patience  - C/Net
1/30/2005: Google rolls out TV search prototype  - C/Net
1/30/2005: Images: Video thrilled the search engine star
  - C/Net
1/30/2005: Trojan horse rides off with game accounts
  - C/Net
1/30/2005: Federal agent raps ISPs over cybercrime
  - C/Net
1/30/2005: Google rummages through TV shows
 - New Scientist
1/30/2005: Information Wants to be Liquid
  - Wired News
1/30/2005: Turning the Tables on Spammers
  - Wired News
1/30/2005: The Firefox Explosion
  - Wired News
1/30/2005: The Magic of Googlevision
  - Wired News

1/30/2005: Software watching while you work  - BBC
1/30/2005: New delay hits EU software laws  - BBC
1/30/2005: Vienna to softly embrace Linux  - C/Net
1/30/2005: Europe to get choice of Windows - Seattle Times
1/30/2005: Gunning for iTunes - Technology Review 

1/30/2005: Georgia Tech Microgenerator Can Power Electronics - Science Daily
1/30/2005: GM Joins With Sandia To Advance Hydrogen Storage - Science Daily

1/30/2005: Pregnancy diet child disease link  - BBC
1/30/2005: A New New Year's Reason To Work Out: Exercise Improves Three Measures Of Heart Protection - Science Daily


1/30/2005: Gates' $750m vaccination pledge  - BBC
1/30/2005: Novel Antiviral Technology Inhibits RSV Infection In Mice - Science Daily
1/30/2005: Male Circumcision Reduces Risk Of HIV Transmission From Women To Men - Science Daily
1/30/2005: Newly Discovered Virus Linked To Childhood Lung Disorders And Kawasaki Disease - Science Daily


1/30/2005: Gates's Booster for Kids' Health - Business Week
1/30/2005: Staying Warm In The Winter Can Be A Matter Of Life And Death For Older People - Science Daily
1/30/2005: Emory Researchers Participate In INSPIRE Trial For Patients With Fatal Lung Disease - Science Daily
1/30/2005: New Method To Fix Cleft Palate Shows Promise In Mayo Clinic Lab Study - Science Daily
1/30/2005: Severity Of Liver Disease Not A Reliable Indicator Of Quality Of Life - Science Daily
1/30/2005: Individualized Medicine Emerging From Gene-Environment Studies - Science Daily
1/30/2005: Vioxx Went Mostly To Patients Who Didn't Need It, Stanford Researcher Says - Science Daily
1/30/2005: New Test For Transplant Rejection On The Horizon - Science Daily
1/30/2005: Jeans Too Tight? 50 Percent Of Adults Can Blame Their Genes And Not Just Diet And Exercise
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
1/30/2005: Ancient inbreeding caused illness  - BBC
1/30/2005: Why our ancestors' poor choice of a mate has made us ill  - BBC
1/30/2005: Duck ancestors roamed Earth with dinosaurs  - C/Net
1/30/2005: Images: Prehistoric poultry-  - C/Net
1/30/2005: World's first MP3 player?  - C/Net
1/30/2005: Dinosaurs mingled with fowl - MSNBC
1/30/2005: Hominid inbreeding left humans vulnerable to disease
 - New Scientist
1/30/2005: Dinosaurs
 - New Scientist
1/30/2005: Relatives Of Living Ducks And Chickens Existed Alongside Dinosaurs More Than 65 Million Years Ago
 - Science Daily
1/30/2005: Researchers Define Who We Are When We Work Together And Evolutionary Origins Of The 'Wait And See' Approach
 - Science Daily

1/30/2005: For VCs, a Virtuous or Vicious Cycle? - Business Week
1/30/2005: Missouri bans video games from prisons  - C/Net
1/30/2005: Images: Creating "Incredibles"  - C/Net
1/30/2005: Amazon's ratings count after all  - C/Net
1/30/2005: Web surfers crack GM's mystery ad  - C/Net
1/30/2005: More Science And Engineering Doctoral Degrees Awarded In 2003 - Science Daily
1/30/2005: Linguistics May Be Clue To Emotions, According To Penn State Research - Science Daily
1/30/2005: Research Could Help Military Leaders Make Better Decisions Under Pressure - Science Daily
1/30/2005: Intellect Linked To Risk Of Suicide In Young Men - Science Daily
1/30/2005: Merged Cingular outstrips Verizon - Seattle Times
1/30/2005: Proposed newspaper deals drawing antitrust scrutiny - Seattle Times
1/30/2005: China awards units, individual involved in manned space program, strategic weaponry ... - FirstScience

1/30/2005: Watching brain waves could quantify libido - New Scientist
1/30/2005: Researchers Hope Monkeys Can Provide New Insights Into Depression - Science Daily
1/30/2005: Plastic brains help the blind place sounds ...  - Nature

Physics and Astronomy:
1/30/2005: Massive Object Calls Planet Discoveries into Question -
1/30/2005: Cosmic birth theory gets support
  - BBC
1/30/2005: Antiprotons galore
 - PhysicsWeb
1/30/2005: Chandra Captures 'Just Right' Cluster Galaxy ...
 - FirstScience
1/30/2005: Did a Supernova Create Our Solar System? ...
 - FirstScience
1/30/2005: Hubble can be scuttled at 2006 ...
 - FirstScience



1/30/2005: Methane World Is Truely Titanic - SpaceDaily
Mars Society Canada Urges Canadian Involvement In Worldwide Space Initiatives - SpaceDaily
1/30/2005: Search for life signal on Titan
  - BBC
1/30/2005: Rovers: A Year on Mars
 - New Scientist
1/30/2005: Keck Telescope Captures Titan But Misses Huygens
 - Science Daily
1/30/2005: Seeing, Touching And Smelling The Extraordinarily Earth-like World Of Titan
 - Science Daily
1/30/2005: UK Scientists Get A "Whiff" Of Titan's Surface
 - Science Daily
1/30/2005: What's Up Next for NASA's Mars Exploration Program? ...
 - FirstScience
1/30/2005: Meteorite discovery supports theory on supernova role in solar system creation ...
 - FirstScience

1/30/2005: Scientists tailor surround sound  - BBC
1/30/2005: One charging pad could power up all gadgets - New Scientist
1/30/2005: Stuffed buckyballs could mean clearer MRI scans - New Scientist
1/30/2005: Optical Innovator Uses Soda-straw-like Tubes To Solve Widespread Sensing Problems - Science Daily
1/30/2005: Radar Golf claims breakthrough with RFID golf balls - Silicon Strategies
1/30/2005: Feature Films Without Wires  - Wired News
1/30/2005: Dual Personality Headphones
  - Wired News


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