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  January 29, 2006

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Martian Snow Source of Tropical Glaciers  - BBC  Left:  This image from the Mars Express orbiter shows the glacial deposits explained by James Head and colleagues in Science.  "What we found," Head said, "was that the glaciers were formed from snow brought from the polar regions." A few million years ago, Head and the team explain, the axis of Mars was tilted in such a way that the poles were pointing dramatically closer to the sun. Sun rays hit the polar ice caps nearly head on, releasing massive amounts of water vapor into the atmosphere. Monsoon-like winds carried the water vapor south, up and over the soaring slopes of the Tharsis Montes volcanoes and Olympus Mons, the solar system's largest volcano. The vapor cooled, condensed and fell in the form of snow. Over time, the snow turned to ice, the ice formed glaciers, and the glaciers created the deposits seen today.   
Mackeral Oily fish makes 'babies brainier'  - BBC  Looking at the effects of Omega-3 intake on 9,000 mothers and their children, the team found mothers with the lowest intake of the essential fatty acid had children with a verbal IQ six points lower than the average. While those with the highest consumption of mackerel and sardines and other sources of Omega-3 had children, at age three-and-a-half, with the best measures of fine-motor performance, researchers said. Research leader Dr Joseph Hibbeln said "frightening data" showed 14% of 17-year-olds whose mother had eaten small quantities of Omega -3 during pregnancy demonstrated this sort of behaviour.    

Engineers Dream of Über-Hybrid  - Wired News  A car that is lightweight, protects passengers, and can cruise from coast to coast on a single tank of gas is being developed by San Diego startup Accelerated Composites. The Aptera prototype, which is halfway to completion, will go for up to 330 miles on a gallon of gas thanks to an aerodynamic design and the lightweight composites that make up the chassis. The company claims to have invented new manufacturing techniques for producing composites as well as hybrid technology using off the shelf engines and electric motors. Founder Steve Fambro said he built robots that made DNA before turning his attention to the automotive market. He said his passion for cars started when he was a drag racing teenager in Georgia.     
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Alzheimer's Disease:

1/29/2005: Coral, mangroves good for economy  - BBC
1/29/2005: Scientists find 'smallest fish'
  - BBC
1/29/2005: 'Decision time' on nuclear power  - BBC
1/29/2005: Whale 'vomit' sparks big payout  - BBC
1/29/2005: Whale died from 'multiple causes'  - BBC
1/29/2005: Fertility predictor test launched  - BBC
1/29/2005: S. Korea scientists created no stem cells - MSNBC
1/29/2005: Bats trade brains for better odds at sex - MSNBC
1/29/2005: Fewer Fish Eggs, Smaller Fish Result From Over-fishing - Science Daily
1/29/2005: Mayo Clinic Collaboration Discovers Protein Amplifies DNA Injury Signals - Science Daily
1/29/2005: The Closest Look Ever At The Cell's Machines - Science Daily
1/29/2005: Mining For Gems In The Fungal Genome - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
1/29/2005: Something nasty in the air - New Scientist
1/29/2005: York Researchers Develop Pollution-busting Plants To Clean Up Contaminated Land - Science Daily
1/29/2005: Managing Metal: New Study Raises Questions About Sustainability Of Metal Resources - Science Daily

1/29/2005: • Is That a Video Game -- or an Ad? - Business Week
1/29/2005: • Sony's War Goes Beyond Games - Business Week
1/29/2005: Sexy 'booth babes' banned at game show  - C/Net
1/29/2005: Deal of the day: TI-83 graphing calculator  - C/Net
1/29/2005: Xbox 360 likely to stay scarce  - C/Net

1/29/2005: Calling time: Net calling pioneer Skype confronts growing competition
  - BBC
1/29/2005: San Francisco tops in hot spots
  - C/Net
1/29/2005: King rings up horrors of cell phone creeps
  - C/Net
1/29/2005: BlackBerry blackout could be costly
  - CNN

1/29/2005: AMD once again hits the roaring 20s  - C/Net
1/29/2005: Strain not scale marks Intel process, says consultant  - El. Engr. Times


1/29/2005: Google censors itself for China  - BBC
1/29/2005: Chinese results toe the line  - BBC
1/29/2005: Iran blocks BBC Persian website  - BBC
1/29/2005: Logging on for love: Kenyans break with tradition to join the dating game online  - BBC
1/29/2005: • Google's Dicey Dance in China - Business Week
1/29/2005: Google to censor China Web searches  - C/Net
1/29/2005: After subpoenas, Internet searches give some pause
  - C/Net
1/29/2005: Cashing in at Google
  - C/Net
1/29/2005: Yahoo exec concedes defeat by Google
  - C/Net
1/29/2005: Google, Sun, others band to fight spyware, adware
  - C/Net
1/29/2005: Most spam still coming from the U.S.
  - C/Net
1/29/2005: Google offers fee-based online ad analytics
  - C/Net
1/29/2005: Quote of the day: Web filters harm 'critical thinking'
  - C/Net
1/29/2005: What the heck is Yahoo thinking?  - C/Net
1/29/2005: 71 comments
  - C/Net
1/29/2005: Do Web filters protect your child?
  - C/Net
1/29/2005: 40 comments
  - C/Net
1/29/2005: Most Web users say Google should keep data private
  - C/Net
1/29/2005: Sex.com sells for $12 million
1/29/2005: When your data is stolen will you even know?
  - C/Net

1/29/2005: Digital Music Sales Booming  - Wired News
1/29/2005: Ask the industry: Music industry leaders answer your questions on digital music  - BBC
1/29/2005: April hearing for Microsoft appeal of EU ruling  - C/Net
1/29/2005: Gartner: Oracle no longer a bastion of security  - C/Net
1/29/2005: Microsoft lags in antitrust compliance, U.S. says  - C/Net
1/29/2005: 55 comments  - C/Net
1/29/2005: Shakeout looms in digital music sector  - CNN
1/29/2005: Stem Cell Study Seeks To Prevent Heart Failure - Science Daily
1/29/2005: Chemical Warfare Agent Detection Technology Used To Treat Lung Disease - Science Daily

1/29/2005: Engineers Dream of Über-Hybrid  - Wired News
1/29/2005: Sea energy 'could help power UK'  - BBC

1/29/2005: Millions more to get heart drugs  - BBC
1/29/2005: Work Stress Leads To Heart Disease And Diabetes - Science Daily

1/29/2005: Omega-3 fatty acids may not prevent cancer - New Scientist
1/29/2005: Cancer - New Scientist
1/29/2005: Infections Could Contribute To Adult Brain Tumours - Science Daily

1/29/2005: 3D structure of HIV is 'revealed'  - BBC
1/29/2005: Germ fear parishioners excused from handshakes  - BBC
1/29/2005: Researchers Use Dirt To Stay One Step Ahead Of Antibiotic Resistance - Science Daily

1/29/2005: Genetic differences help explain cigarette addiction - New Scientist

1/29/2005: Anxious dads 'raise birth pain'  - BBC
1/29/2005: Seeking suicide: The Britons who wanted help to end their lives  - BBC
1/29/2005: Clinic assists doctor's suicide  - BBC
1/29/2005: Haggis becomes hot health topic  - BBC
1/29/2005: China travellers in sanitary stew  - BBC
1/29/2005: Drink firms tackle child obesity  - BBC
1/29/2005: Right-to-die doctor investigated  - BBC
1/29/2005: Stronger boys born during stressful times - MSNBC
1/29/2005: Contraceptive pill 'does not cause weight gain'
  - Nature
1/29/2005: Vitamin D Signals To Prevent Bone Loss During Osteoporosis
 - Science Daily
1/29/2005: Growth Hormone, Obesity Can Trigger Sleep Apnea In Some Kids
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
1/29/2005: Statue of Tut's grandmother unearthed - MSNBC
1/29/2005: Large medieval cemetery found - MSNBC
1/29/2005: UNC Charlotte Linguist Restores Lost Language, Culture For 'The New World' - Science Daily
1/29/2005: UCSD Biologists Find New Evidence For One-way Evolution - Science Daily

1/29/2005: Disney buys Pixar in $7.4bn deal  - BBC
1/29/2005: Hi-Ho! Work for Disney or Go? - Business Week
1/29/2005: Disney deal extends'dream' for Jobs  - C/Net
1/29/2005: Audio- Dissecting the deal
  - C/Net
1/29/2005: Jobs' rise to movie mogul  - C/Net
1/29/2005: Images: Pixar's progress  - C/Net
1/29/2005: NSA gives tips on editing documents  - C/Net
1/29/2005: Defending NSA surveillance  - C/Net
1/29/2005: Perspective: How long before Jobs is Disney's new boss?  - C/Net
1/29/2005: Perspective: The erosion of anonymous Internet speech  - C/Net
1/29/2005: Photos: Unique cars on auction block  - C/Net
1/29/2005: Photos: Is this rock a high-tech spy?  - C/Net
1/29/2005: College students: Not ready for life?  - C/Net
1/29/2005: 52 comments  - C/Net
1/29/2005: IBM sued over overtime  - CNN

1/29/2005: Oily fish makes 'babies brainier'   - BBC
1/29/2005: Political bias affects brain activity, study finds - MSNBC

Physics and Astronomy:
1/29/2005: Gravity theory dispenses with dark matter - New Scientist
1/29/2005: Atomic oddity decays like no other
 - New Scientist
1/29/2005: How physics can improve your football
 - PhysicsWeb



1/29/2005: Martian Snow Source of Tropical Glaciers   - BBC
1/29/2005: NASA may pull plug on Dawn asteroid mission
 - New Scientist
1/29/2005: Celebrating Two Years Of Mars Express Discoveries
 - SpaceDaily
1/29/2005: Spirit Completes Studies Of Arad, Moves On
 - SpaceDaily
1/29/2005: Russia delays next manned flight to space station ...
 - FirstScience
1/29/2005: NASA Space Station Crew Timeline 27 January 2006 ...
 - FirstScience
1/29/2005: NASA Mars Picture of the Day: Terby's Rocks ...
 - FirstScience
1/29/2005: NASA Space Station Status Report 27 January 2006 ...
 - FirstScience

1/29/2005: Geek designer wears tech well  - C/Net
1/29/2005: Take a trip to the bank of the future  - C/Net
1/29/2005: France in search of tech prowess  - C/Net
1/29/2005: Engineer's bike goes 0 to 60 mph in five seconds  - CNN
1/29/2005: Invention: The moody media player - New Scientist
1/29/2005: Nanotubes don't go snap after all - New Scientist
1/29/2005: From Quonset Huts To Ballerinas- Princeton Scientists Solve A Nanotech Mystery
 - Science Daily



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