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  January 29, 2005

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Image of fish Pupils road test brain food pills  - BBC  Schoolchildren have volunteered to be 'guinea pigs' in a study to show if taking fish oils boosts brain power. More than 34 youngsters at Loftus Junior School, in Saltburn, East Cleveland, are taking the pills in yoghurt drinks. Fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and is said to have a range of health benefits including boosting the ability to learn, reducing the chances of a heart attack and improving foetal growth in pregnant women. The three-month project has only been running for three weeks, but already anecdotal evidence suggests pupils' handwriting, memory and concentration have improved.   
Image of salad Plant diets can ward off cancer  - BBC  Eating lots of fruit and vegetables and limited amounts of red meat and sugary foods is the way to protect against cancer, say researchers. Three separate studies in the Journal of the American Medical Association show the benefits of a Mediterranean-style diet. As well as protecting against bowel cancer, eating a plant-based diet is good for the heart, say experts. Such diets offered no extra protection against breast cancer, however. But US research released days ago showed adding olive oil to your diet can cut the risk of developing breast cancer.  

Brain image

Alzheimer brain damage 'reversed'  - BBC  Scientists have reversed the damage caused to the brain by Alzheimer's disease during tests on mice. The US team used an antibody to remove the build up of potentially damaging deposits from the area of the brain responsible for memory and cognition. The treatment reversed the nerve cell damage in days, Washington University School of Medicine researchers said. Prior to the study, it was thought that once the damage had been caused to the brain there was no way of repairing it. "   in just three days there were 20 to 25% reductions in the number or six of the existing swellings."
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Alzheimer's Disease:
1/29/2005:Alzheimer brain damage 'reversed'   - BBC

1/29/2005:Observatory: Argentine Ants at the Global Picnic  - NY Times
1/29/2005:A Frog Brings Cacophony to Hawaii's Soundscape
  - NY Times
1/29/2005:Key Molecule In Plant Photo-Protection Identified - Science Daily
1/29/2005:Stem Cell Lines Compromised?  - Wired News
1/29/2005:Monsanto has GM crop plans for seed firm with GM in mind ... - FirstScience
1/29/2005:Botany boffin floats a great idea ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
1/29/2005:Tsunami aid: 'We need experts to help us cope with our grief'  - BBC
1/29/2005:Antarctica, Warming, Looks Ever More Vulnerable  - NY Times
1/29/2005:Graphic: Glaciers in Retreat  - NY Times
1/29/2005:Forum: Is Enough Being Done About the Melting Glaciers?  - NY Times
1/29/2005:Report: Global Warming at Critical Point  - NY Times
1/29/2005:Demise Of Organophosphate Insecticides Spurs Development Of Environmentally Friendly Alternatives - Science Daily
1/29/2005:Uncalculated Risks In Some Pesticides, UCR Study Finds - Science Daily
1/29/2005:Sinking Coastline May Precede Large Subduction Zone Quakes - Science Daily
1/29/2005:Revolutionary New Technology Reduces Drilling Costs, Environmental Impacts - Science Daily
1/29/2005:Taming the Wild Slide  - Wired News
1/29/2005:Air pollution, environmental damage costs Lebanon $565 million a year ... - FirstScience
1/29/2005:Britain gets bad mark in pollution ratings ... - FirstScience
1/29/2005:Electronics Manufacturers Delete Hazardous Waste ... - FirstScience
1/29/2005:Chernobyl Hunger Strike in 3rd Week ... - FirstScience
1/29/2005:Report: Climate Change on Disastrous Brink ... - FirstScience
1/29/2005:Report: Global warming near critical point ... - FirstScience
1/29/2005:Disaster Forecasting System To Be Upgraded - SpaceDaily
1/29/2005:Keep lid on global warming to avoid catastrophe- report - SpaceDaily
1/29/2005:China to remeasure Mount Everest peak amid fears it is shrinking

1/29/2005:World panel proposed for tackling impending extinction threat
 - SpaceDaily
1/29/2005:World leaders still failing on major global challenges- report
 - SpaceDaily
1/29/2005:Greenland to permit tourist polar bear hunts despite Bardot's plea
 - SpaceDaily
1/29/2005:AFP INTERVIEW- Gayoom feared for Maldives as sea wall disappeared
 - SpaceDaily



1/29/2005:Making porous semiconductors - PhysicsWeb
1/29/2005:IBM, Chartered extend foundry pact to 45-nm node- Silicon Strategies
1/29/2005:Maskless litho in R&D stage except at STMicro- Silicon Strategies

1/29/2005:Home media hubs advance - Seattle Times
1/29/2005:Got PC blahs? Mod squad is on the case - Seattle Times
1/29/2005:Mac Mini -- More Than Meets the Eye  - Technology Review 
1/29/2005:Many Faces of the Mac Mini  - Wired News

1/29/2005:South Florida teen is co-creator of popular Firefox Web browser - Seattle Times
1/29/2005:Spyware tools are so-so
1/29/2005:How bloggers handle ethics and disclosure varies greatly - Seattle Times
1/29/2005:Rock On! Music Industry Upbeat Amid Signs That Online Music Sales Taking Hold  - Technology Review 
1/29/2005:Gambling Sites Hedging Bets  - Wired News
1/29/2005:Users Confuse Search Results, Ads  - Wired News
1/29/2005:The Connected Get More Connected

1/29/2005:Microsoft's expansion plans set for public review - Seattle Times
1/29/2005:Bill beefs up legal clout in spyware war - Seattle Times
1/29/2005:Microsoft Bows to Europeans  - Wired News
1/29/2005:Microsoft Seeks an Elixir for Office  - Wired News

1/29/2005:New Lab Delves Into Plants For Fuels - Science Daily

1/29/2005:Emory Study Tests Bone Marrow Stem Cells To Improve Circulation In Legs - Science Daily

1/29/2005:Plant diets can ward off cancer  - BBC
1/29/2005:In Unforgettable Final Act, a King Got Revenge on His Killers  - NY Times

1/29/2005:Businesses fail to plan for HIV  - BBC
1/29/2005:Vital Signs: Patterns: The Exit Polls for Lyme Disease  - NY Times
1/29/2005:Millions of Lives on the Line in Malaria Battle  - NY Times
1/29/2005:Study Shows That Depression Caused By Common Treatment For Hepatitis C May Affect Outcome - Science Daily

1/29/2005:Know your limits: When are you drunk? Are you a binger? How much is too much-  - BBC
1/29/2005:Controversial Drug Shown To Act On Brain Protein To Cut Alcohol Use - Science Daily

1/29/2005:Lost the feeling? Why some of us go off sex, and what can be done  - BBC
1/29/2005:Woman gives birth to record-breaking 17lb 'giant baby' in Brazil  - BBC
1/29/2005:The Claim: Wearing Glasses Can Weaken Your Eyes  - NY Times
1/29/2005:Vital Signs: Treatments: Mortality From the Pharmacy  - NY Times
1/29/2005:Q & A: Really Hard Floors  - NY Times
1/29/2005:Sorting Out Ambivalence Over Alcohol and Pregnancy  - NY Times
1/29/2005:Sexual Behavior Not Influenced By Increasing Young Women's Access To 'Morning After Pill,' UCSF Study Finds - Science Daily
1/29/2005:Emory Begins NIH Study Using Virtual Reality Therapy For Back Pain - Science Daily
1/29/2005:Eye Center Offers New Vision Correction Procedure For Severe Myopia
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
1/29/2005:Ind. Couple Creates Prehistoric Institute  - NY Times
1/29/2005:New Evidence Indicates Biggest Extinction Wasn't Caused By Asteroid Or Comet - Science Daily
1/29/2005:Long Lost Star Catalog Found in Plain Sight -

1/29/2005:Letters  - NY Times
1/29/2005:Scientists Create Petrified Wood in Days  - NY Times
1/29/2005:Capitalizing on connections - Seattle Times
1/29/2005:Satellites feed need for ad-free radio - Seattle Times
1/29/2005:'Dude, Did I Steal Your Job?' - Salon
1/29/2005:Life's a Game for the Greedy - Economist
1/29/2005:Long Lost Star Catalog Found in Plain Sight - SpaceDaily
1/29/2005:U.S. Contingency Plan For Pakistani Nukes - SpaceDaily
1/29/2005:Pakistan moving 'step by step' towards peace with India: PM - SpaceDaily
1/29/2005:Straw says US backs diplomacy over military action against Iran - SpaceDaily
1/29/2005:Iran rules out US talks as Israel warns on nuclear plan - SpaceDaily

1/29/2005:'He feels no pain': Toddler's rare disorder means he is in constant danger  - BBC
1/29/2005:Pupils road test brain food pills   - BBC
1/29/2005:Vital Signs: Behavior: Relax, Type A's. If You Can.  - NY Times
1/29/2005:Human Brain Design Gets a New Timetable  - NY Times
1/29/2005:It Can Be Done: Scientists Teach Old Dogs New Tricks  - NY Times
1/29/2005:A Pill's Surprises, for Patient and Doctor Alike  - NY Times
1/29/2005:Putting Science Before Inspiration, Professor Creates Formula For Designing Landscapes Best Suited For People's Well-being
 - Science Daily
1/29/2005:Drug That 'Tags' Decision-making Areas Of The Brain May Aid Battle Against Nicotine Addiction, Alzheimer's And Other Disorders
 - Science Daily
1/29/2005:Intelligence In Men And Women Is A Gray And White Matter
 - Science Daily
1/29/2005:You Can't Ignore My Wrath
  - Wired News

Physics and Astronomy:
1/29/2005:Brace Yourself! Here Comes Einstein's Year  - NY Times
1/29/2005:Organic Molecules Transport Strongest Spectral Signature Of Interplanetary Dust Particles
 - Science Daily
1/29/2005:New View Of Distant Colliding Galaxies Captured By Keck Laser System
 - Science Daily
1/29/2005:Asteroid collisions may explain star's appearance ...
 - FirstScience
1/29/2005:Focus on our magnetic planet ...
 - FirstScience
1/29/2005:Indigenous community eyes telescope plan ...
 - ABC

1/29/2005:Aging and Infirmity Are Twinned No Longer  - NY Times


1/29/2005:Space Probe Makes Science Fiction Wonders of Childhood Real  - NY Times
1/29/2005:Contest to Pick Timing of SOHO's 1,000th Comet
1/29/2005:Wanted: Fake Moon Dirt
1/29/2005:Astronaut Hall of Fame to Induct Pilot, Spacewalkers
1/29/2005:Astronomers Surprised by White House Plan to Scuttle Hubble
1/29/2005:Moonlander: Let It Rain
 - SpaceDaily
1/29/2005:Shanghai Plans Space City To Assist China's Bid For More Astronauts
 - SpaceDaily
1/29/2005:India to launch two lunar missions by 2015: official
 - SpaceDaily
1/29/2005:NASA Honors Fallen Astronauts ...
 - FirstScience
1/29/2005:NASA KSC Hosts Lunar and Martian Exploration Workshop ...
 - FirstScience
1/29/2005:Sky Showpiece: See Saturn and Titan
1/29/2005:How Europe's Media Landed On Titan - Another Observation - SpaceDaily
1/29/2005:Joint Statement by International Space Station Heads of Agency
 - SpaceDaily
1/29/2005:Alcatel, Finmeccanica to announce space operations tie-up Friday
 - SpaceDaily

1/29/2005:Critics Doubt Liquefied Natural Gas Safety  - NY Times
1/29/2005:Luxury furniture makes technology part of the design - Seattle Times


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