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  January 29, 2004

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O'Keefe: New NASA to be 'Distinctively Different' than Old Agency - Space.com    Mars exploration, both robotic and human, will receive a coordinated boost given the White House push to move NASA beyond low Earth orbit, O’Keefe said. What is going to be "distinctively different" is integrating missions and objectives, as well as adding missions to achieve "a broader exploration agenda," he said. Details within NASA’s budget for 2005 are to be unveiled on February 3.
There's Hematite In Them.. Plains - SpaceDaily  Left:  The distribution of hematite in Sinus Meridiani, where Meridiani Planum is located. Larger image and a related pix showing just how rare the Meridiani hematite rich region is.  "Grey hematite is a mineral indicator of past water," says Crisp. "It is not always associated with water, but it often is." Deposits of grey hematite are typically found in places where there has been standing water or mineral hot springs, such as those in Yellowstone. The mineral can precipitate out of water and collect in layers at the bottom of a lake, spring, or other standing water. But hematite can also occur without water, as the result of volcanic activity. "We want to know if the grains of hematite appear to be rounded and cemented together by the action of liquid water or if they're crystals that grew from a volcanic melt," says Crisp 

SwRI Goes Suborbital In Search Of Mercury And The "Vulcanoids" - SpaceDaily  Left:  "Never before in history has it been possible to obtain an ultraviolet spectrum of Mercury," says Stern. "With the data gathered last week, we expect to reveal new details about this mysterious inner planet's surface composition and, hopefully, to help the upcoming NASA MESSENGER mission (pictured above) to Mercury plan its ultraviolet observations." The payload, consisting of a telescope/spectrometer combination and an image-intensified imaging system, successfully explored the ultraviolet spectrum of the planet Mercury and also searched for the long-sought belt of small bodies called Vulcanoids that may lie even closer to the Sun than Mercury. 

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Alzheimer's Disease:

1/29/2004: Scientists Identify Cell Defects That Limit Immune System's Impact On Late-stage Tumors - Science Daily
1/29/2004: Ultrasound-guided Liposomes Boost Imaging, Target Drug/Gene Therapy
 - Science Daily
1/29/2004: University Of Chicago Study Overturns Conclusion Of Historic Human Genome Data - Science Daily
1/29/2004: New Research Technique Provides Clues Into Cell Growth - Science Daily
1/29/2004: Transgenic Animals Produced Using Cultured Sperm; Study Opens New Possibilities For Biological Research, Gene Therapy - Science Daily
1/29/2004: Signal Chemical Primes Plants For Pest Attack - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
1/29/2004: Earthquakes Kill Thousands In 2003; Deadliest Year Since 1990 - Science Daily
1/29/2004: Global Warming May Cause Songbirds To Avoid Certain Foods - Science Daily
1/29/2004: Statistics Research Offers New Forecast Of El Nino - Science Daily
1/29/2004: Endangered Sea Turtles Make A Dramatic Turnaround; Poaching Nearly Eliminated In Central American Nesting Ground - Science Daily
1/29/2004: Emirates Environmental Group's first General Meeting for 2004 focuses on comparative study of corporate sustai... - FirstScience
1/29/2004: Spider Study Elucidates Hawaiian Ecological Diversity... - FirstScience
1/29/2004: New Outbreak of Bird Flu... - FirstScience
1/29/2004: Environmental groups plan Proposition 65 suit in California over PCB levels in salmon... - FirstScience
1/29/2004: Geological Oceanographers Investigate Possible Link Between Last Ice Age And Volcanic Eruptions In Indonesia - Science Daily




1/29/2004: What If A Personal Computer Knew How Its User Is Feeling? Desktop Computers To Counsel Users To Make Better Decisions - Science Daily
1/29/2004: Apple to build second supercomputer - Seattle Times


1/29/2004: Napster, iTunes eye Europe, issues await - Seattle Times

1/29/2004: Japan confident of winning colossal nuclear fusion project... - FirstScience

1/29/2004: C-reactive Protein – More Than A Heart Disease Marker - Science Daily

1/29/2004: Incidental PET Findings May Reveal Undetected Cancer - Science Daily
1/29/2004: Study Asks If Cancer Patients Enrolled In Clinical Trials Have Better Outcomes Than Non-participants - Science Daily

1/29/2004: Avian Influenza Infection In Humans: Urgent Need To Eliminate The Animal Reservoir - Science Daily
1/29/2004: Physicists Study Mad Cow-type Diseases - Science Daily
1/29/2004: Bacterium That Causes Food Poisoning May Lead To Better Anti-viral Vaccines - Science Daily
1/29/2004: Study Links Ear Drops With An Increase In Resistant Bacteria - Science Daily
1/29/2004: Black Tar Heroin Use Explains Lower HIV Levels Among Injection Drug Users In The Western U.S. - Science Daily
1/29/2004: First US Tuberculosis Vaccine Trial In 60 Years Begins - Science Daily
1/29/2004: Unprecedented Spread Of Avian Influenza Requires Broad Collaboration
 - Science Daily

1/29/2004: Multiple Sclerosis Not As Progressive Or Disabling As Once Thought - Science Daily

1/29/2004: Researchers Develop Computer Application To 'Read' Medical Literature, Find Data Relationships - Science Daily
1/29/2004: Study Finds Reach Of Sigmoidoscopies Inadequate In Many Older Patients, Particularly Women - Science Daily
1/29/2004: A Blood Test May Reveal Systemic Factors That Relate To Periodontal Disease, Especially In Men - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
1/29/2004: New Study Shows Neanderthals Were Not Our Ancestors - Science Daily

1/29/2004:  Small-molecule Inhibitors Of Anthrax Lethal Factor Identified- Science Daily
1/29/2004: Internet Voting System Set For Upcoming Elections Not Secure, Computer Experts Say - Science Daily
1/29/2004: India, Pakistan look to co-operate in science, pharmaceuticals... - FirstScience
1/29/2004: Indian space agency launches satellite project to tackle illiteracy... - FirstScience
1/29/2004: Kazakh Cosmonaut To Become Deputy Chief Of Russian Air Force Academy... - FirstScience
1/29/2004: World Shark Attacks Sink Again, May Signal Long-term Trend - Science Daily

1/29/2004: Rats May Be Pessimistic Too - Science Daily
1/29/2004: University Of Florida Research Adds To Evidence That Unborn Children Hear 'Melody' Of Speech - Science Daily
1/29/2004: Scientists Grow Neurons Using Nanostructures - Science Daily
1/29/2004: Bilingual Approaches Produce Higher Reading Achievement, Report Says - Science Daily
1/29/2004: Gene Predisposes Infants To Neuro Problems After Heart Surgery - Science Daily
1/29/2004: Long-term Effects Of Embryo Culture On Behavior Studied - Science Daily
1/29/2004: Genetic Screening Recommended To Detect New Neurodegenerative Disorder In Men Over Age 50 - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
1/29/2004: Stormy Cloud Of Star Birth Glows In New Spitzer Image - Science Daily
1/29/2004: One Type Of Carbon So Resilient It Skews Carbon Cycle Calculations
 - Science Daily
1/29/2004: The Pentaquark: The Strongest Confirmation To Date
 - Science Daily
1/29/2004: X-ray Shout Echoing Through Space
 - Science Daily


1/29/2004: Small Robotic Devices Fly Like Birds - Science Daily

1/29/2004: There's Hematite In Them.. Plains - SpaceDaily
SwRI Goes Suborbital In Search Of Mercury And The "Vulcanoids" - SpaceDaily 
1/29/2004: O'Keefe: New NASA to be 'Distinctively Different' than Old Agency - Space.com 
1/29/2004: NASA Investigates Cause Of Mars Rover's Communications Difficulties - Science Daily
1/29/2004: Mars Express Sees Its First Water -- Scientific Results - Science Daily
1/29/2004: First Images Of Opportunity Site Show Bizarre Landscape - Science Daily
1/29/2004: Mars Rover Opportunity Sits In A Small Crater, Near A Bigger One - Science Daily
1/29/2004: Disappointment In Search For Beagle 2 - Science Daily
1/29/2004: Where on Mars is Europe's Beagle-... - FirstScience
1/29/2004: Mars rover team eager to examine rocky 'layercake'... - FirstScience
1/29/2004: Thinking on Mars: The Brains of NASA's Red Planet Rovers... - Space.com
1/29/2004: NUS spin off plays role in NASA's Mars Exploration Programme... - FirstScience
1/29/2004: Space station dumps rubbish... - FirstScience
1/29/2004: Scientists Thrilled To See Layers In Mars Rocks Near Opportunity - Science Daily
1/29/2004: Rosetta -- A New Target To Solve Planetary Mysteries - Science Daily

1/29/2004: New Algorithm Speeds Simulations Of Complex Fluids - Science Daily
1/29/2004: Microwave Steel: Faster, Cleaner, Cheaper - Science Daily
1/29/2004: Researcher Develops Advanced Motion-tracking Camera For Surveillance, Security, Videoconferencing - Science Daily
1/29/2004: New Lease Of Life For Archive Film Footage - Science Daily


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