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  January 28, 2006

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Asteroid Collision Fueled Ancient Dust Storm on Earth - Space.com  The thinking is that the space rocks were once part of a larger asteroid, some 100 miles (160 kilometers) wide, that broke up possibly in a collision  out in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The drama took place 8.2 million years ago. That much has been reasoned before. The event would have created vast amounts of dust, some of which would have beenscooped up  by our planet.  "It's one of the biggest dust events of the last 80 million years."      
Study Suggests Why Neanderthals Vanished - SpaceDaily  A multi-university study argues the disappearance of Neanderthals was not due to competition from modern humans, as is widely believed. Anthropologists from Harvard University, the University of Connecticut, the University of Haifa and Hebrew University argue the hunting practices of Neanderthals and early modern humans were largely indistinguishable. The researchers used archaeological data from a Middle- and Upper-Paleolithic rock shelter in the Georgian Republic dated to 60,000-20,000 years ago to contest some prior models of the perceived behavioral and cognitive differences between Neanderthals and modern humans. The researchers suggest social developments that led to more routine use of distant resources, and a more extensive division of labor, might better explain the disappearance of Neanderthals than simply their hunting practices.   

Shanghai Boosts Local Space Industry - SpaceDaily  Construction of a space science park started in Shanghai on Sunday with the signing of a strategic cooperation framework agreement between the municipal government and the China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Co. The science park, with a total investment of 5.5 billion yuan (679 million U.S. dollars), will be built as a base for research and development, industrial production and popularization of space knowledge, said an official with the municipal government. "In an effort to promote innovation, Shanghai will strive to build an independent system for the research, testing and manufacturing of aerospace products."   
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Alzheimer's Disease:

1/28/2005:Houdini the Leopard Has No More Secrets ... - FirstScience
1/28/2005:Bioprospectors Raise Ire as They Patent More Life Forms ...
 - FirstScience
1/28/2005:Snowmobilers shrinking caribou herd? ... - MSNBC
1/28/2005:Asia's first life science portal launched in Bangalore ... - FirstScience
1/28/2005:Mayo Clinic Collaboration Discovers Protein Amplifies DNA Injury Signals - Cues Genetic Repair Mechanism To Pr ... - FirstScience
1/28/2005:Genes record orangutans' decline  - BBC
1/28/2005:Human Embryonic Stem Cell Line Produced Without Use Of Animal Products - Science Daily
1/28/2005:Keeping Biological Tubes In Check: New Insights Into Tube Size Morphogenesis - Science Daily
1/28/2005:The Evolution Of Food Plants: Genetic Control Of Grass Flower Architecture - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
1/28/2005:Asteroid Collision Fueled Ancient Dust Storm on Earth - Space.com
1/28/2005:NASA To Fly Into Tropical "Portal" - SpaceDaily
1/28/2005:Greenpeace ends Antarctic anti-whaling protests ... - FirstScience
1/28/2005:Environmentalists Fight Spread of Vineyards to California Coastal Forests - FirstScience ...
1/28/2005:MEPs strengthen public access to environmental policy-making ... - FirstScience
1/28/2005:Sudoku games could awaken survival genes  - C/Net
1/28/2005:New Zealand Tops Environmental Scorecard At World Economic Forum In Davos - Science Daily
1/28/2005:Sustainable Farm Practices Improve Third World Food Production - Science Daily
1/28/2005:Japan Lofts Disaster-Monitoring Satellite - SpaceDaily

1/28/2005:XPod Would Sense Your Emotions Then Pick Music - Live Science
1/28/2005:Good Ape, Bad Ape  - Wired News  - Wired News
1/28/2005:An IPod for Your Scooter  - Wired News
1/28/2005:Computer toys vs. wooden blocks  - C/Net
1/28/2005:1GB USB flash drive for $49.99  - C/Net
1/28/2005:ABC chief: Content still king, iPod or no  - C/Net

1/28/2005:Real Stern Shocker: No Podcast
  - Wired News
1/28/2005:Skype battles to stay ahead
  - BBC
1/28/2005:Verizon to start TV service in N.Y., Mass.
 - Business Week

1/28/2005:New Egenera blades get liquid cooling  - C/Net
1/28/2005:Chip prices fall at AMD  - C/Net

1/28/2005:For Apple, it's now the age of Intel  - C/Net

1/28/2005:American owns up to hijacking PCs  - BBC
1/28/2005:Zombie PCs target sites  - BBC
1/28/2005:MySpace looks to UK music scene  - BBC
1/28/2005:Cashing in at Google  - C/Net
1/28/2005:Do Web filters protect your child?  - C/Net
1/28/2005:Google execs keep $1 salaries  - C/Net
1/28/2005:Has Microsoft 'solved' spam problem?
  - C/Net
1/28/2005:Google News out of beta
  - C/Net
1/28/2005:Kama Sutra worm seduces PC users
  - C/Net
1/28/2005:Microsoft helps net Bulgarian phishers
  - C/Net
1/28/2005:Ask Jeeves improves image search
  - C/Net
1/28/2005:Google's Video Store: Not Ready for Prime Time
  - Technology Review
  - Technology Review

1/28/2005:Awesome, I Sat Through That  - Wired News
1/28/2005:The War for the Digital Home - Business Week
1/28/2005:Notre Dame probes hack of computer system  - C/Net
1/28/2005:Justice Dept. says Microsoft dragging its feet on compliance - Seattle Times

1/28/2005:Building a Better Battery  - Wired News
1/28/2005:UK launches energy review in face of global warming ... - FirstScience
1/28/2005:Montana Governor's Vision for Coal Conversion Draws Attention ... - FirstScience

1/28/2005:Aspirin 'safe after brain bleeds'  - BBC
1/28/2005:Researchers Isolate Causes Of Cognitive Loss Following Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery - Science Daily

1/28/2005:Nuclear Medicine Imaging Allows Prediction Of Breast Cancer Patients' Response To Hormonal Treatment ... - FirstScience
1/28/2005:Cancer patients wrongly cleared  - BBC
1/28/2005:Breast cancer: How have you been affected? Tell us about your treatment  - BBC

1/28/2005:Wild bird flu blame 'too hasty'  - BBC


1/28/2005:Stress sparks 'male foetus death'  - BBC
1/28/2005:British GPs 'suffer more abuse'  - BBC
1/28/2005:When it pays to lie: The conundrum doctors face over incapacity benefit  - BBC
1/28/2005:Two million 'risking blindness'  - BBC
1/28/2005:Networking Computers To Help Combat Disease - Science Daily
1/28/2005:Viagra, Unlikely Tool For Vision Research, Slows The Visual Response To Flickering Light - Science Daily
1/28/2005:NFL Players Show More Rapid Recovery From Concussions Than High School Players - Science Daily
1/28/2005:Reactive Oxygen Species Shown Essential For Development Of Inner Ear's Balance Machinery - Science Daily
1/28/2005:Compounds In Licorice Root May Help Fight Tooth Decay
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
1/28/2005:Asteroid Collision Fueled Ancient Dust Storm on Earth - Space.com
1/28/2005:Typhoid Fever Behind Fall of Athens - Live Science
1/28/2005:Pre-Roman Tomb Found Beneath Roman Forum - Live Science
1/28/2005:Typhoid fever linked to fall of Athens - MSNBC
1/28/2005:Typhoid Fever Led To The Fall Of Athens - Science Daily

1/28/2005:The Geniuses Behind the Geniuses - Live Science
1/28/2005:Dying Wishes Vary by Culture and Gender - Live Science
1/28/2005:Darkness Spikes EMS Helicopter Crashes, Fatalities - SpaceDaily
1/28/2005:Smartcard Key to Flier Fast Lane  - Wired News
1/28/2005:Teach the Science ...  - Scientific American
1/28/2005:Chip prices fall at AMD  - C/Net
1/28/2005:Apple's iWork emerges as rival to Microsoft Office  - C/Net
1/28/2005:VC funding climbing, study says  - C/Net
1/28/2005:In Africa, opportunity takes many shapes, from diamonds to IT  - C/Net
1/28/2005:Stock scandal exposes Japanese weakness - Seattle Times
1/28/2005:The Year of Living DRMishly  - Wired News
1/28/2005:Telecom: High on the 'Avoid' List  - Wired News
1/28/2005:Turning Pages for Those Who Can't  - Wired News

1/28/2005:Finding Bipolar Disorder with MRI  - Technology Review 
1/28/2005:Pay Cuts Lead To Worker Insomnia, But Supervisor Training Helps - Science Daily
1/28/2005:The Chemical Fingerprints of Mental Illness  - Technology Review

Physics and Astronomy:
1/28/2005:An astrophysicist's diary of discovery ... - FirstScience
1/28/2005:From Mirror To Mist: Cracking The Secret Of Fracture Instabilities
 - Science Daily


1/28/2005:For Orthopedic Injuries, A Robot That Follows Patients As They Move - SpaceDaily

1/28/2005:Study Suggests Why Neanderthals Vanished - SpaceDaily
1/28/2005:Gov't Plan To Send First South Korean Into Space Likely To Be Delayed
 - SpaceDaily
1/28/2005:Gordon, Udall Urge NASA to Heed GAO's Project Management Recommendations
 - SpaceDaily
1/28/2005:On The Road To Pluto At Last
 - SpaceDaily
1/28/2005:Predicting The Weather On Titan?
 - SpaceDaily
1/28/2005:NASA Postpones Asteroid Mission
  - Wired News
1/28/2005:Stardust Collection Trays are Full of Particles ...
 - FirstScience
1/28/2005:NASA forced to defer Pluto probe launch to Wednesday ...
 - FirstScience
1/28/2005:Self-Repairing Spacecraft ...
 - FirstScience
1/28/2005:NASA Postpones Mission to Visit Asteroids ...
 - FirstScience
1/28/2005:Asteroid protection is the imperative ...
 - FirstScience
1/28/2005:Spacecraft, Heal Thyself - Science Daily
1/28/2005:Russian Proton-M To Launch Arab Satellite From Baikonur March 1
 - SpaceDaily
1/28/2005:Impacts, Not Water, Made Mars Formations, ASU Geologists Say
 - SpaceDaily



1/28/2005:Can Nanotech Be Regulated?  - Technology Review 
1/28/2005:Refrigeration Unplugged  - Technology Review 
1/28/2005:Saddle Up Yer Velomobile  - Wired News
1/28/2005:Tech Tools Detect Gas Leaks  - Wired News
1/28/2005:In the theater today and on DVD tonight  - C/Net
1/28/2005:Debating high tech's China challenge  - C/Net
1/28/2005:France in search of tech prowess
 - L. A. Times
1/28/2005:Taiwan towers as tech innovator
  - C/Net
1/28/2005:Report slams impact of nanotechnology research
  - El. Engr. Times
1/28/2005:Finding Land Mines Faster
  - Technology Review
1/28/2005:High-Tech Gardening
  - Technology Review
1/28/2005:Encryption Using Chaos
  - Technology Review
1/28/2005:Walk This Way
  - Wired News



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