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  January 28, 2005

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Black holes, but not as we know them Black holes, but not as we know them - New Scientist  Everyone knows that falling into a black hole spells doom. Or does it? In the past few years, cracks have started to appear in the conventional picture. Researchers on the quest for a more complete understanding of our universe are finding that black holes are not so black, and perhaps not holes either. This picture always contained the seeds of its own destruction. Furious debates are raging over what black holes contain and even whether they deserve the name. Hawking showed that the gravitational energy of the black hole could be lent to virtual particles near the event horizon. These could then become real, and escape. Over time, the black hole will bleed away into outer space. This led to a problem dubbed the information paradox.  
Amateurs beat space agencies to Titan pictures  - Nature  Left:  A seaside vista on Titan. Click here for larger version of image.  A group of enthusiastic amateurs managed to process raw images of Titan from the Huygens probe faster that any of the giant space agencies in charge of the mission. "When we started looking at the raw images, there were marvellous things there that we wanted to share," says Anthony Liekens, a chatroom enthusiast from Borsbeek, Belgium. So he decided to host amateur compositions on his website. The site has quickly turned into a virtual gallery.  

Huygens Landed with a 'Splat' - Google   After Huygens' main parachute unfurled in the upper atmosphere, the probe slowed to a little over 50 meters per second, or about the speed you might drive on a highway.In the lower atmosphere, the probe decelerated to approximately 5.4 meters per second, and drifted sideways at about 1.5 meters per second, a leisurely walking pace. When the probe landed, it was not with a thud, or a splash, but a 'splat'. It landed in Titanian 'mud'. DISR's downward-looking High Resolution Imager camera lens apparently accumulated some material, which suggests the probe may have settled into the surface.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

1/28/2005: Whale and hippo 'close cousins'  - BBC
1/28/2005: 'Right to life' parents to appeal
  - BBC
1/28/2005: Bush hails anti-abortion 'gains'  - BBC
1/28/2005: Stem cell contamination worries  - BBC
1/28/2005: Human stem cells trigger immune attack  - Nature
1/28/2005: Boston biosecurity lapse was not the first - New Scientist

Climate, Environment:
1/28/2005: Clinging on: Sri Lanka's reefs survive the tsunami, early surveys suggest  - BBC
1/28/2005: Technology warns of avalanche, but are skiers listening?  - C/Net
1/28/2005: Cosmic Log: Climate ‘bomb’ ... or boon? - MSNBC
1/28/2005: Pure water washes greener  - Nature
1/28/2005: Disaster conference ends without global targets - New Scientist
1/28/2005: Nations Ranked as Protectors of the Environment  - NY Times
1/28/2005: Earth's Thermostat Went Awry, and the Air Grew Thin  - NY Times

1/28/2005: Games firms 'face tough future'  - BBC
1/28/2005: Future perfect: Why European gamers could end up driving a high-definition future
1/28/2005: Lost gadgets Phones, PDAs, iPods... what cabbies find left in their taxis  - BBC
1/28/2005: Take-Two out to the ball game  - C/Net

1/28/2005: At the FCC, Powell Hangs Up
 - Business Week
1/28/2005: A Euro Challenger to BlackBerry?
 - Business Week
1/28/2005: Google gears up for a free-phone challenge
1/28/2005: Is Google Planning a VoIP Service-
1/28/2005: R 2 many txt msgs bad 4 U?
  - CNN

1/28/2005: Shaking Up Intel's Insides - Business Week
1/28/2005: The Chipmakers' Laptop Rumble - Business Week
1/28/2005: Taiwan consortium readying new memory card format  - CNN

1/28/2005: My Mac Mini and me  - C/Net
1/28/2005: Mac hits young adulthood  - C/Net
1/28/2005: Lining up for the Mac Mini  - C/Net
1/28/2005: Survey: Thousands leave laptops, mobiles in cabs  - CNN

1/28/2005: Savvy searchers fail to spot ads  - BBC
1/28/2005: Weeding woes Can spam e-mail filters ever really be effective?  - BBC
1/28/2005: Academics give lessons on blogs  - BBC
1/28/2005: Building a Smarter Search Engine - Business Week
1/28/2005: Fighting fraud, plugging leaks  - C/Net
1/28/2005: Google snaps up top Firefox programmer  - C/Net
1/28/2005: Life, liberty and blogging
  - C/Net
1/28/2005: Internet news sites are back in vogue
  - C/Net
1/28/2005: Web logs come of age as source of news
  - C/Net
1/28/2005: Baring their souls for the world to read
  - C/Net
1/28/2005: Academics give lessons on blogs
  - BBC
1/28/2005: U.S. Leads the World in File Swapping
  - C/Net
1/28/2005: Thunderbird promises to fend off phishers
  - C/Net

1/28/2005: Microsoft backs down in EU tussle  - BBC
1/28/2005: The World of Linux - Business Week
1/28/2005: How Linux Inc. Works - Business Week
1/28/2005: Linux "Has the Potential to Fragment" - Business Week
1/28/2005: A Common Language for Penguins - Business Week
1/28/2005: Torvalds' Q&A: "Benevolent Dictatorship" - Business Week
1/28/2005: Yahoo lifted by advertising boom  - BBC
1/28/2005: Learning Online Continues to Grow  - C/Net
1/28/2005: Solicitor General, conservatives back Hollywood  - C/Net
1/28/2005: Expert: Flaw still dogs Windows patch  - C/Net
1/28/2005: Sun to release first OpenSolaris tidbit Tuesday  - C/Net
1/28/2005: Microsoft won't fight EU ruling--for now  - C/Net
1/28/2005: Sun poised to take open-source Solaris step
  - C/Net
1/28/2005: Putting a plug in insider leaks
  - C/Net
1/28/2005: Few seniors use Web for health info
 - L. A. Times


1/28/2005: Arthritis drug 'harmed thousands'  - BBC
1/28/2005: Viagra could treat failing hearts  - BBC
1/28/2005: Up to 140,000 heart attacks linked to Vioxx - New Scientist

1/28/2005: Obesity sabotages prostate test  - BBC
1/28/2005: Cancer patient drinks breast milk  - BBC
1/28/2005: Testing: Obesity May Skew Prostate Test  - NY Times

1/28/2005: Ministers plan for flu pandemic  - BBC

1/28/2005: Wetherspoon pubs to ban smoking  - BBC
1/28/2005: African herb yields its anti-addiction secret - New Scientist

1/28/2005: Public 'back alternative therapy'  - BBC
1/28/2005: A changed face: A woman explains how she battled back from a hormone disease  - BBC
1/28/2005: Bat spit drug firm goes to market  - BBC
1/28/2005: Schools 'ignoring' sex education  - BBC
1/28/2005: Cosmetic surgery 'more popular'  - BBC
1/28/2005: Prader-Willi: Why some people have no way of controlling what they eat  - BBC
1/28/2005: When Shadows Float Before Your Eyes  - NY Times
1/28/2005: Graphic  - NY Times

History, Anthropology:
1/28/2005: What saved JFK: One of many ways hormones changed the last century  - BBC
1/28/2005: A fresh look at tales of human sacrifice - MSNBC
1/28/2005: Fossil study links whales and hippos - MSNBC

1/28/2005: Romanian boar shoot draws Western tycoons - and criticism  - BBC
1/28/2005: US 'terminates' Iranian website  - BBC
1/28/2005: Scientists explain why some women have 'problems' parking  - BBC
1/28/2005: HP: Corroding Carly's Clout - Business Week
1/28/2005: Paul Horn - Business Week
1/28/2005: Can Howard Stern relax?  - C/Net
1/28/2005: IBM-Lenovo deal said to get national security review  - C/Net
1/28/2005: Leadership as the starting point of strategy  - C/Net
1/28/2005: Uncovering the secrets of economic indicators  - C/Net
1/28/2005: Science and art  - CNN
1/28/2005: Pope to media- Use technology to mobilize aid  - CNN
1/28/2005: SEC eyes suspicious Travelzoo trades  - CNN
1/28/2005: Reporter fired for Yahoo baby hoax  - CNN
1/28/2005: Electronics giants form alliance  - CNN
1/28/2005: High-school romances untangled - MSNBC
1/28/2005: Join a Discussion on Asian Politics  - NY Times
1/28/2005: Complete Coverage  - NY Times
1/28/2005: More International Forums  - NY Times

1/28/2005: 'Talk helps babies read' claim  - BBC
1/28/2005: Ultra-Orthodox Jews more likely to jaywalk - New Scientist

Physics and Astronomy:
1/28/2005: Black holes, but not as we know them  - New Scientist


1/28/2005: Wild Things Are on the Beach  - C/Net
1/28/2005: Second Career for Old Robot? Art  - C/Net
1/28/2005: Industrial Robots as Art  - C/Net
1/28/2005: Marian The Robot Librarian
  - C/Net
1/28/2005: Machine learns games 'like a human'
 - New Scientist

1/28/2005: Huygens Landed with a 'Splat' - Google
Amateurs beat space agencies to Titan pictures  - Nature
1/28/2005: Hubble in trouble as the White House scrubs rescue mission
  - BBC
1/28/2005: China sets date for second crewed spaceflight - New Scientist
1/28/2005: Money to Fix Space Telescope May Be Cut by White House
 - New Scientist
1/28/2005: Spacewalkers Outfit Station's Exterior
 - SpaceDaily
1/28/2005: Unexplained spot spotted on ISS
 - SpaceDaily
1/28/2005: Clue to space station air problem
  - BBC
1/28/2005: Astronauts at Space Station Conduct a Busy Spacewalk
  - NY Times
1/28/2005: Joint Statement by Heads of Agency The Partners discussed and agreed on plans for continued support of the ISS ...
  - NASAe

1/28/2005: Tech mags return -- can they survive- (  - Yahoo
1/28/2005: The fastest things the world has to offer  - C/Net


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