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  January 27, 2006

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Earth's Limited Supply of Metals Raises Concern - Space.com  If all nations were to use the same services enjoyed in developed nations, even the full extraction of metals from the Earth's crust and extensive recycling may not be enough to meet metal demands in the future. According to the study, all of the copper in ore, plus all of the copper currently in use, would be required to bring the world to the level of the developed nations for power transmission, construction and other services and products that depend on the metal.    
Experiment probes climate riddle  - BBC  A three-week experiment to resolve the biggest riddle in climate science begins in Australia on Thursday. Scientists will use radar, aeroplanes, weather balloons and a ship to study the life cycle of tropical clouds. Current projections of global temperature rise, reported in the last assessment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), see increases by the end of the century that range from 1.4 to 5.8C. The spread of possible temperatures represents a huge uncertainty. One of the key issues centres on a poor understanding of what goes on inside clouds... how clouds form and carry heat high up into the atmosphere. 

Cell transplant may cure diabetes  - BBC  Trials of a new treatment for diabetes could lead to a cure for the disease within 10 years, researchers say. "Also in the long term by reversing diabetes we hope that we will prevent the long-term conditions of the disease which develop 20 to 30 years later such as blindness and kidney failure." Currently, the cell transplant requires high doses of anti-rejection drugs which present a danger to children. So before they can even by trialled in young people, a process where these drugs are not needed has to be developed, Mr Johnson said. His team acknowledges that the process is still "quite inefficient". 
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Alzheimer's Disease:
1/27/2005:Alzheimer's drugs policy reviewed  - BBC

1/27/2005:Dead whale is examined by experts  - BBC
1/27/2005:Genes record orangutans' decline

1/27/2005:S Korea probes stem cell trials  - BBC
1/27/2005:World's agog: Can conservationists capitalise on people's interest in whales-  - BBC
1/27/2005:New star of bird world stars in lawsuit, too - MSNBC
1/27/2005:Hong Kong dolphins are pretty in pink - MSNBC
1/27/2005:Bioprospectors feel backlash in Hawaii - MSNBC
1/27/2005:River Thames whale experts await post-mortem results - New Scientist
1/27/2005:Stem cell tensions increase - New Scientist
1/27/2005:Powerful Technique For Multiplying Adult Stem Cells May Aid Therapies - Science Daily
1/27/2005:Dartmouth, GlycoFi Researchers Make Leap In Protein Bioengineering - Science Daily
1/27/2005:Bioprospecting: piracy in paradise? - Seattle Times

Climate, Environment:
1/27/2005:Experiment probes climate riddle   - BBC
1/27/2005:British team finds climate change evidence in Antarctica (video)  - BBC
1/27/2005:Ice core shows its age  - Nature

1/27/2005:New podcast: Weekly reporter roundtable  - C/Net
1/27/2005:Apple iTunes users growing fast  - BBC
1/27/2005:DVD sales grow but spending dips  - BBC
1/27/2005:Radio rush: New face of podcasting as newspapers move into talk  - BBC
1/27/2005:Podcasting could change the face of radio  - BBC
1/27/2005:Court blow for Blackberry maker  - BBC
1/27/2005: A Monster Year for Game Consoles
 - Business Week
1/27/2005: Testing China's Web Tolerance
 - Business Week
1/27/2005:Fisher-Price tackles electronic toys
  - C/Net
1/27/2005:High court won't hear BlackBerry case
  - CNN
1/27/2005:Apple changes iTunes feature
  - CNN
1/27/2005:Firm targets PDAs, "smart" phones
 - Seattle Times

1/27/2005:New pests target Symbian-based gadgets
  - C/Net
1/27/2005: The Brave New World of Wireless
 - Business Week
1/27/2005:Phones Above and Beyond the Call
 - Business Week
1/27/2005:Nokia, Motorola, Intel form mobile TV alliance
  - C/Net


1/27/2005: Slide Show: Laptops Under $850 - Business Week
1/27/2005:The X factor in big iron  - C/Net
1/27/2005:CNET review: Apple iMac Core Duo  - C/Net 

1/27/2005:Can Wikipedia survive its own success?  - C/Net
1/27/2005:Banks 'must tackle online fraud'  - BBC
1/27/2005: Is the Web the New Hollywood? - Business Week
1/27/2005:BlackBerry on the brink?  - C/Net
1/27/2005:IBM instant messaging links to AIM, Yahoo, Google  - C/Net
1/27/2005:Feds asked to take action against adware maker  - C/Net
1/27/2005:Like this? You'll hate that
  - C/Net
1/27/2005:Yahoo's social circle
 - Business Week
1/27/2005:Drug dealer leaves trail on Net ad
  - C/Net
1/27/2005:MySpace intent on staying user-friendly
  - CNN
1/27/2005:Readers react: Google right; request was wrong
 - Seattle Times
1/27/2005:Yahoo! wants you to share, not just search, on Web
 - Seattle Times
1/27/2005:Consumers cry foul over tolls for online video
 - Seattle Times
1/27/2005:Google wins, loses on same day
 - Seattle Times

1/27/2005:Perspectives: Good security news to be in short supply in 2006  - C/Net
1/27/2005:Perspective: Can video iPod lead to DMCA reform?  - C/Net
1/27/2005:Eavesdroppers must now sort through bits  - CNN
1/27/2005:Starbucks eyes move to MP3 downloads - Seattle Times

1/27/2005:Nuclear reactors under spotlight  - BBC
1/27/2005:TV's 'sleep' button stands accused  - BBC
1/27/2005:'Decision time' on nuclear power  - BBC
1/27/2005:A guide to nuclear power  - BBC
1/27/2005:Analysis- Is nuclear the answer-  - BBC
1/27/2005:At-a-g?ance: Review consultation  - BBC
1/27/2005:Nuclear neighbour 'It sounds like a big kettle.' Could you live next to a reactor?
  - BBC

1/27/2005:New 'Molecular Switch' Protein Protects The Heart From Major Cardiovascular Damage - Science Daily 

1/27/2005:Infections 'brain tumour trigger'  - BBC
1/27/2005:Palliative Radiation Actually A Cure For Some Lung Cancer Patients - Science Daily

1/27/2005:Malaria develops in immune system  - BBC
1/27/2005:Dirt 'may hold clue' to superbugs  - BBC
1/27/2005:Flu jab considered for under-twos  - BBC
1/27/2005:Patient protection: How new door handles at a GP surgery might curb infections  - BBC
1/27/2005:Malaria Parasites Develop In Lymph Nodes - Science Daily
1/27/2005:Canada finds a mad cow in Alberta - Seattle Times

1/27/2005:Cell transplant may cure diabetes   - BBC
1/27/2005:Allergy cell holds treatment hope  - BBC
1/27/2005:Metabolic Syndrome Identified As Risk Factor For Kidney-Pancreas Transplant Patients - Science Daily
1/27/2005:Treatment Shows Long-term Benefits For Cystic Fibrosis Patients - Science Daily

1/27/2005:Celebrity Health: Gallstones inspired Rosemary Conley's 'Hip and Thigh' diet  - BBC
1/27/2005:Pro-euthanasia group name row  - BBC
1/27/2005:Family therapy: What can happen when your stepchild's not much older than you-  - BBC
1/27/2005: Drug Companies' Bad Case of PR - Business Week

History, Anthropology:
1/27/2005:Tomb discovered under Roman Forum - MSNBC

1/27/2005:Earth's Limited Supply of Metals Raises Concern - Space.com
1/27/2005:Adobe Acrobat enters third dimension  - C/Net
1/27/2005:Ten trends to watch in 2006  - C/Net
1/27/2005:The browser and the ballot box  - BBC
1/27/2005:Privacy protection: The dangers to our civil liberties in a networked world  - BBC
1/27/2005:Mother loses 'right to know' case  - BBC
1/27/2005: Trojans at Your PC's Back Door - Business Week
1/27/2005:Kaspersky boss debunks security myths  - C/Net
1/27/2005:College students: Not ready for life?  - C/Net
1/27/2005:British parliament attacked using Windows Meta File exploit  - C/Net
1/27/2005:Livedoor CEO, other top execs arrested  - C/Net
1/27/2005:Yahoo to open research labs in Spain, Chile  - C/Net
1/27/2005:In Africa, opportunity takes many shapes, from diamonds to IT  - C/Net
1/27/2005:Hazard Mitigation Can Save Money - Science Daily
1/27/2005:Biotech bites into venture pie - Seattle Times

1/27/2005:Therapy for fatal nerve disease  - BBC
1/27/2005:Laughter paves the way for romance  - Nature
1/27/2005:Who is messing with your head? - New Scientist
1/27/2005:Researchers Identify Ataxia Gene: Discovery Offers Potential To Determine If President Lincoln Would Have Developed The Disease - Science Daily
1/27/2005:Indigenous Amazonians Display Core Understanding Of Geometry - Science Daily
1/27/2005:Depression And Anxiety Improve After Epilepsy Surgery - Science Daily
1/27/2005:Genetics Plays Role In Relapse Of Illicit Drug-seeking Behavior
 - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
1/27/2005:A sharper eye on the sky - New Scientist
1/27/2005:Rocky rings around Sun-like stars revealed
 - New Scientist


1/27/2005:Robot pets: almost as good as real ones-  - C/Net

1/27/2005:Week in pictures: Stardust memories  - C/Net
1/27/2005:Spacecraft skin 'heals' itself
 - New Scientist
1/27/2005:A Space Lottery: An Idea Whose Time as Come
 - Space.com
1/27/2005:Rocket Racing League Establishes New Mexico Headquarters
 - Space.com

1/27/2005:Techno troglodytes Hi-tech renaissance transforms Italian cave city  - BBC
1/27/2005:Eight Tech Trends for 2006 - Business Week
1/27/2005: They're Hiring in Techland - Business Week
1/27/2005:Talk to the car  - C/Net
1/27/2005:Photos: Car talk  - C/Net
1/27/2005:Lasers beams build and hold nanoscale structures - New Scientist



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