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  January 27, 2005

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Aluminum Clusters Reveal New Form of Chemistry - SpaceDaily  Left: Artist's rendition of an aluminum-iodine "Superatom" identified by the Castleman group at Penn State and the Khanna group at Virginia Commonwealth University. Credit: D.E. Bergeron, P.J. Roach, A.W. Castleman, N.O. Jones, and S.N. Khanna   A research team has discovered clusters of aluminum atoms that have chemical properties similar to single atoms of metallic and nonmetallic elements when they react with iodine.  The discovery opens the door to using 'superatom chemistry' based on a new periodic table of cluster elements to create unique compounds with distinctive properties never seen before. "Depending on the number of aluminum atoms in the cluster, we have demonstrated 'superatoms' exhibiting the properties of either halogens or alkaline earth metals," says Castleman. The discovery could have practical applications in the fields of medicine, food production and photography.
Plastics Made From Orange Peel And A Greenhouse Gas - SpaceDaily  Left:  Cornell University researchers have discovered how to make plastics from citrus fruits such as oranges and carbon dioxide. Limonene oxide and carbon dioxide are combined with the help of a catalyst. Linonene, found in more than 300 plant species, makes up about 95% of the oil in orange peel.  By using their catalyst to combine the limonene oxide and CO2, the Coates group produced a novel polymer - called polylimonene carbonate - that has many of the characteristics of polystyrene, a petroleum-based plastic currently used to make many disposable plastic products. "Almost every plastic out there goes back to the use of petroleum as a building block," Coates observes. 

Consortium Formed to Study Acoustic Fusion - SpaceDaily  Left:  File photo of a Fusion beaker. In AICF (acoustic inertial confinement fusion), sound waves bombard a liquid such as heavy water, to create tiny void "bubbles" or "cavities" of deuterium a/k/a heavy hydrogen. This produces very high temperatures and densities that, when high enough, fuse the heavy hydrogen into helium. That fusion releases enormous heat that could be used to create steam and drive a turbine to produce electricity.  The Acoustic Fusion Technology Energy Consortium (AFTEC) has been formed by leading academic and commercial institutions to research and develop acoustic inertial confinement fusion (AICF) and its related science, technologies, and equipment. "If AICF delivers on its potential, the impact would be enormous."
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Alzheimer's Disease:
1/27/2005: Weight Loss May Be An Early Sign Of Dementia In The Elderly - Science Daily

1/27/2005: Diet, Exercise, Stimulating Environment Helps Old Dogs Learn - Science Daily
1/27/2005: Study Demonstrates Gene Expression Microarrays Are Comparable And Reproducible
 - Science Daily
1/27/2005: 'Rosetta' Software To Unlock Secrets Of Many Human Proteins - Science Daily
1/27/2005: Norway's Grey Wolves at the Brink  - BBC
1/27/2005: Icelandic scientists identify 'fertility' gene ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
1/27/2005: How Will Rising CO2 Affect Nitrogen Use? - Science Daily
1/27/2005: UN Launches Plans For Global Early Warning System On Natural Disasters - Science Daily
1/27/2005: Scientists Determine Fault Near Tsunami Area Moving 10 Millimeters Per Year - Science Daily
1/27/2005: Post-tsunami world pledges to invest in disaster preparations - SpaceDaily
1/27/2005: World pledges to better prepare for disasters after tsunamis - SpaceDaily
1/27/2005: Brigitte Bardot slams planned polar bear hunting permits in Greenland - SpaceDaily
1/27/2005: UN meet to avoid specifics on disaster reduction after marathon talks - SpaceDaily
1/27/2005: UN conference in intense talks after deal on tsunami warning system - SpaceDaily
1/27/2005: Disaster conference prepares to give UN lead on tsunami warning system - SpaceDaily
1/27/2005: Tsunami Victims Receive Treatment Via Satellite - SpaceDaily
1/27/2005: New NASA Imagery Sheds Additional Perspectives On Tsunami - SpaceDaily
1/27/2005: B-15A Iceberg's Close Encounter Monitored By Envisat - SpaceDaily
1/27/2005: Deleting Hazardous Waste - L. A. Times
1/27/2005: Environmentalists demand Ottawa reject plan to relax industry Kyoto targets ... - FirstScience
1/27/2005: U.S. tries to drop 'distracting' climate change from disaster conference plan ... - FirstScience
1/27/2005: Environmental groups hail Supreme Court's polluter pays ruling on BC Hydro ... - FirstScience
1/27/2005: California officials doubt natural seepage caused mystery oil spill ... - FirstScience
1/27/2005: Global Warming Melts Winter Joy at Top German Resort ... - FirstScience
1/27/2005: GWCL and EPA working to determine pollution levels ...
 - FirstScience
1/27/2005: That DDT On My Broccoli ...
 - FirstScience

1/27/2005: Dealing with Great Expectations  - Wired News

1/27/2005: FCC chief Powell decides to resign
 - Seattle Times
1/27/2005: Toshiba's Mobile Phone Works All Windows PC Functions From Afar
  - Technology Review 
1/27/2005: Wireless boom is hackers' heaven ...
 - New Scientist

1/27/2005: Challenges, opportunities seen in maskless lithography - Seattle Times

1/27/2005: New Mac products available in S or XS - Seattle Times
1/27/2005: Hard to keep cool when CD burner goes awry - Seattle Times

1/27/2005: 'Evil Twin' Hotspots Are A New Menace For Internet Users, Warns Cranfield University - Science Daily
1/27/2005: Stalking no less scary when virtual - Seattle Times
1/27/2005: China Says Number of Internet Users Tops 94 Million  - Technology Review 
1/27/2005: Is Microsoft's AntiVirus Strategy Secure?  - Technology Review 
1/27/2005: Safe E-Mailing for Dummies  - Wired News

1/27/2005: Microsoft dividend bumped up personal income - Seattle Times

1/27/2005: Consortium Formed to Study Acoustic Fusion - SpaceDaily
1/27/2005: More Environment-Friendly, Fuel Cell Powered Hondas to Traverse the Streets of Los Angeles Soon ... - FirstScience 

1/27/2005: Heart Failure Patients Treated For Diabetes With Insulin Have Increase In Mortality - Science Daily
1/27/2005: Study Pinpoints Protein's Role In Heart Failure Prevention - Science Daily 

1/27/2005: Poor Response To Chemotherapy Does Not Mean Poor Outcome For Patients With Rare Breast Cancer - Science Daily
1/27/2005: Colonoscopy Found To Be Most Effective Colorectal Cancer Screening Method, Though Alternative Methods Show Promise - Science Daily
1/27/2005: Cincinnati Study Of Chernobyl Residents Uncovers New Cause Of Thyroid Cancer - Science Daily
1/27/2005: Researchers Tease Out One Critical Role Of Tumor-suppressor Gene - Science Daily
1/27/2005: Brain Tumor Study Reveals Why Treatment Efforts Fail In Genetic Disorder - Science Daily
1/27/2005: Mitochondrial DNA Mutations Play Significant Role In Prostate Cancer - Science Daily


1/27/2005: New Guideline: Corticosteroids Recommended For Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy - Science Daily

1/27/2005: New Guidelines Conclude All Aerosol Therapy Devices Equally Effective - Science Daily
1/27/2005: Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Is Safe, Effective In Older Patients - Science Daily
1/27/2005: Consumers To Benefit From Organic Potato Breakthrough - Science Daily
1/27/2005: Protein In Urine May Warn Of Preeclampsia Risk In Pregnant Women - Science Daily
1/27/2005: Ground-Breaking Research Into Effect Of Millimetric Waveband (MMW) Frequencies On Human Skin - Science Daily
1/27/2005: New Image Sensor Will Show What The Eyes See, And A Camera Cannot - Science Daily
1/27/2005: New Treatment Guidelines For Pregnant Women With Asthma - Science Daily
1/27/2005: Less Morphine Required Post-op, Researchers Find - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
1/27/2005: Anthropologists Find 4.5 Million-year-old Hominid Fossils In Ethiopia - Science Daily
1/27/2005: Climate change, not asteroid caused mass extinction millions of years ago - SpaceDaily
1/27/2005: Earth's Great Dying calamity 250 million years ago linked to volcanic warming ... - FirstScience

1/27/2005: An Invasion Of Cheats: The Evolution Of Worthless Nuptial Gifts - Science Daily
1/27/2005: Zooming in again on digital photography - Seattle Times
1/27/2005: Archive: Megapixels are just part of the picture - Seattle Times
1/27/2005: New AFSPC Website Provides Worldwide Space Surveillance Support - SpaceDaily
1/27/2005: British 2005papers fret about new Bush term - SpaceDaily
1/27/2005: EU backs diplomacy to unlock Iran nuclear conundrum - SpaceDaily
1/27/2005: US military options in Iran not good- analysts - SpaceDaily
1/27/2005: Italy's Berlusconi revives nuclear debate - SpaceDaily
1/27/2005: NATO urges EU, US to coordinate Iran pressure - SpaceDaily
1/27/2005: Analysts puzzle over sudden spike in Indo-Pakistan border tensions - SpaceDaily
1/27/2005: Britain unlikely to back any US attack against Iran- experts - SpaceDaily
1/27/2005: Russia, France see 'real convergence' on Iran, Iraq, Mideast -- French FM - SpaceDaily
1/27/2005: New AFSPC Website Provides Worldwide Space Surveillance Support - SpaceDaily
1/27/2005: Canada's Nortel Plans 3G Joint Venture with China Putian  - Technology Review 
1/27/2005: FBI Stops Using Carnivore Wiretap Software  - Technology Review 
1/27/2005: Solving the Enigma of Kryptos  - Wired News
1/27/2005: Desperately Seeking Cybersex  - Wired News
1/27/2005: Geek Love, or Lack Thereof  - Wired News
1/27/2005: A Stirring in the Dot-Com Ashes?  - Wired News
1/27/2005: The Coming DVD Format War
  - NY Time

1/27/2005: Spinal Cord Injury Patients Show Improvement In Early Device Study - Science Daily
1/27/2005: Genetic Polymorphisms, Antidepressant Use May Be Associated With Altered Tamoxifen Activity - Science Daily
1/27/2005: Scientists Detect Probable Genetic Cause Of Some Parkinson's Disease Cases - Science Daily
1/27/2005: Protective Protein May Hold Key To Halting Progression Of Neurological Diseases - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
1/27/2005: Discovery Poses Cosmic Puzzle: Can A 'Distant' Quasar Lie Within A Nearby Galaxy? - Science Daily
1/27/2005: Dwarf Galaxy Has Giant Surprise: Huge Gas Disk May Be Similar To Stuff Of Early Universe
 - Science Daily
1/27/2005: A Stellar Debut For Gemini Observatory's Online Image Gallery
 - Science Daily
1/27/2005: Astronomers: 'Bullet Star' Shines 350 Times Brighter Than The Sun
 - Science Daily
1/27/2005: Astronomers Take Revealing Peek At Star Factory
 - Science Daily
1/27/2005: Probe Opens A New Window To Interstellar Space
 - Science Daily
1/27/2005: Sunspot Cluster Ejects Huge Radiation Storm
 - New Scientist



1/27/2005: Russian Kosmos 3 Launches Multiple Satellites - SpaceDaily
1/27/2005: Hubble rescue 'will be scrapped' ...
  - BBC
1/27/2005: NASA to junk Hubble plan, report claims ...
 - New Scientist
1/27/2005: Clues to our birth may be written in space ...
 - FirstScience
1/27/2005: Spacewalkers find clue to station air problems
 - New Scientist
1/27/2005: UK Scientists Get A "Whiff" Of Titan's Surface
 - Science Daily
1/27/2005: In 5{-hour spacewalk, space station astronauts install mini-robotic arm, find goo on vents ...
 - FirstScience

1/27/2005: Plastics Made From Orange Peel And A Greenhouse Gas - SpaceDaily
1/27/2005: Aluminum Clusters Reveal New Form of Chemistry - SpaceDaily
1/27/2005: France's Soaring Millau Bridge Seen From Orbit - Science Daily
1/27/2005: Carbon Nanotube 'Shock Absorbers' Excel At Dampening Vibration - Science Daily
1/27/2005: ORNL Developing Stronger Energy-efficient Spark Plug - Science Daily
1/27/2005: Nanoscale Electron Island Could Lead To New Efficient Flat-panel Displays - Science Daily
1/27/2005: Military Reloads with Nanotech
  - Technology Review 
1/27/2005: Guiding the Evolution of Things
  - Technology Review 
1/27/2005: Shall We Do the Tech Sundance?
  - Wired News
1/27/2005: Techies Talk Tough in D.C.
  - Wired News


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