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  January 26, 2006

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Journey to the Black Hole - Space.com  A dense band of bright stars in the spiral galaxy NGC1097 functions like a galactic super-highway to transport matter from the outer edges of the galaxy towards its monstrous central black hole  A new study finds that the last leg of this journey through the galaxy’s inner region takes only about 200,000 years, much shorter than previously thought. Once the matter reaches the galactic center, it becomes fuel for the black hole and starting material for the formation of new stars.   
Earth Doomed - Science Daily  Renowned scientist James Lovelock says he believes the world has passed the point of no return for climate change, and civilization is unlikely to survive. In an extraordinarily pessimistic new assessment published in Monday's Independent, Lovelock suggests efforts to counter global warming cannot succeed, and that, in effect, it is already too late. Lovelock now believes Earth and human society face nearly complete disaster, and sooner than nearly anybody realizes. He writes, "Before this century is over, billions of us wil! l die, and the few breeding pairs of people that survive will be in the Arctic, where the climate remains tolerable."  


Exercise 'cuts Alzheimer's risk'  - BBC  Regular exercise reduces the risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease by up to 40%, US research suggests. The University of Washington study claims to be the most definitive investigation into the effect of exercise on dementia. The Annals of Internal Medicine study found the more frail a person was, the more exercise was likely to help them. Lead researcher Dr Eric Larson said walking for 15 minutes three times a week was enough to cut the risk. The results suggested it might also help to delay progression of the condition in people. The study followed 1,740 people aged 65 and older over a six-year period. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:
1/26/2005: Exercise 'cuts Alzheimer's risk'   - BBC 
1/26/2005: New Compound Stops Brain Cell Degeneration In Alzheimer's Disease
 - Science Daily
1/26/2005: Could blackcurrants help prevent Alzheimer's?
  - BBC

1/26/2005: Fat Overload Kills Mammalian Cells -- Key Culprit Identified
1/26/2005: The Personal Genome Project
  - Technology Review 
1/26/2005: Japan Grapples with Invasion of Giant Jellyfish ... - FirstScience
1/26/2005: Thames whale may be heading to sea - MSNBC
1/26/2005: Spotted owls star in court  - Nature
1/26/2005: Big game back in rifle sights - New Scientist
1/26/2005: Help a fish relax - cut your engine - New Scientist
1/26/2005: Jungle diva sings to the cheap seats - New Scientist

Climate, Environment:
1/26/2005: Earth Doomed  - Science Daily
1/26/2005: Mobile Climate Monitoring Facility To Sample Skies In Africa - Science Daily
1/26/2005: Do trees share blame for global warming? ... - FirstScience
1/26/2005: French and New Zealand researchers hunt for climate clues and giant avalanches on the seafloor ... - FirstScience
1/26/2005: NASA Announces New Climate Mission in Costa Rica ... - FirstScience
1/26/2005: Cadence Selected by MIET to Ramp Up Russian Startup Ecosystem ... - FirstScience
1/26/2005: Climate monitor to sample African dust ...  - Physics Org
1/26/2005: Asteroid breakup eight million years ago may have cooled climate ...  - Physics Org
1/26/2005: Something nasty in the air - New Scientist
1/26/2005: Dark future looms for Arctic tundra - New Scientist
1/26/2005: Growing Crops To Cope With Climate Change - Science Daily

1/26/2005: Cisco's Consumer Dreams  - Technology Review 
1/26/2005: Not Wild About Wild  - Wired News
1/26/2005: Rockers Seeking Fame Online
1/26/2005: Google Won't Hand Over Files
1/26/2005: New pests target Symbian-based gadgets  - C/Net
1/26/2005: New podcast: Weekly reporter roundtable  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Why the iPod killers aren't killing the iPod
  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Behind Intel's rethink of the Itanium
  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Sony eyes push into high-end digital cameras
  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Want to marginalize the iPod? Ask Steve Jobs how!
  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Review: Break a sweat with 'EyeToy: Kinetic'
  - CNN

1/26/2005: Another fix for the mobile TV capacity problem
  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Protecting cell phone users' privacy
  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Broadband divide widens in U.K.
  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Study: Cell phones, brain tumor not connected
  - CNN
1/26/2005: Mobile Phone Use Not Linked To Increased Risk Of Glioma Brain Tumors, According To New Study
 - Science Daily

1/26/2005: Toward A Quantum Computer, One Dot At A Time - Science Daily
1/26/2005: MySpace intent on staying user-friendly  - CNN

1/26/2005: Moo.fx Is the Next Small Thing  - Wired News
1/26/2005: When Windows meets the Mac  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Ten thoughts on the Intel iMac  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Lenovo adds desktops to retail strategy  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Top ten PC picks for 2006  - C/Net

1/26/2005: Bet Your Bottom (Line) on Blogs  - Wired News
1/26/2005: The privacy question  - C/Net
1/26/2005: FAQ: The Google subpoena  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Are search results fair game in porn fight?  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Google shares hammered after government challenge  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Privacy experts condemn Google subpoena  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Week in review: Google, the defiant one
  - C/Net
1/26/2005: The high price of Internet keyword auctions
  - C/Net

1/26/2005: Low-level Heat Wrap Therapy Safely Reduces Low Back Pain And Improves Mobility In The Workplace - Science Daily
1/26/2005: Microsoft looks beyond Vista, sees Vienna  - C/Net

1/26/2005: Eco-friendly fuel production to see light of day ... - FirstScience

1/26/2005: Heart-healthy Compound In Chocolate Identified - Science Daily
1/26/2005: Printing Blood Vessels  - Technology Review 
1/26/2005: Defusing A Time Bomb: Heart Attack Risk-detection Technology Developed At University Of Houston - Science Daily

1/26/2005: Stopping The Clock: Genetics Of Tumor Latency In Skin Cancer - Science Daily
1/26/2005: Killer breast cancer therapy hope  - BBC
1/26/2005: Cancer specialist's research thrown into doubt - New Scientist
1/26/2005: Nuclear Medicine Imaging Allows Prediction Of Breast Cancer Patients' Response To Hormonal Treatment - Science Daily
1/26/2005: New Cellular Flaw Found In Some Virulent Breast Cancers - Science Daily
1/26/2005: Scientists Find Unusual Lung-cancer Tumor-suppressor Gene - Science Daily

1/26/2005: Commonly Used Antidepressants May Also Affect Human Immune System - Science Daily
1/26/2005: Halt called on single-drug antimalarial prescriptions  - Nature
1/26/2005: Experts sceptical of anti-malaria 'wristwatch' - New Scientist


1/26/2005: Sexual health: What's the difference between a cap and a diaphragm?  - BBC
1/26/2005: Wine Drinkers Have Healthier Diets Than Beer Drinkers - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
1/26/2005: 'Intelligent design' not science: Vatican paper ... - FirstScience
1/26/2005: Evolution Makes A Mockery Of Fishing Policy ... - FirstScience
1/26/2005: Tale of horror: How the case of the Irish bog bodies was put together  - BBC
1/26/2005: Tomb discovered under Roman Forum - MSNBC

1/26/2005: Time to Tackle the Pirates -- A Guest Commentary ... - FirstScience
1/26/2005: South Africa calls for calm over Iran nuclear programme ... - SpaceDaily
1/26/2005: Dutch open 'Big Brother' jail  - BBC
1/26/2005: Can newspapers handle the truth?  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Washington Post steeped in blog comments kerfuffle  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Market research gurus driving big-ticket tech purchases  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Algorithm detects Canadian politicians' spin  - C/Net
1/26/2005: China's five surprises  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Does education fuel paranormal beliefs? - MSNBC
1/26/2005: Algorithm detects Canadian politicians' spin - New Scientist

1/26/2005: Pitt Researchers Develop Less Risky Treatment For Depression, Seizures - Science Daily
1/26/2005: Potential Treatment For Intracerebral Hemorrhage Under Study - Science Daily
1/26/2005: Acupuncture 'deactivates brain'  - BBC
1/26/2005: Child development: Do our parents have the most influence on our early years? - SpaceDaily
1/26/2005: Working Memory Retains Visual Details Despite Distractions - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
1/26/2005: Journey to the Black Hole - Space.com
1/26/2005: Matter bound by light
 - PhysicsWeb
1/26/2005: Two New Dusty Planetary Disks May Be Astrophysical Mirrors Of Our Kuiper Belt
 - Science Daily
1/26/2005: Dusty Planetary Disks Around Two Nearby Stars Resemble Our Kuiper Belt ...
  - Physics Org
1/26/2005: Cosmic raise in cloud ...
  - Physics Org
1/26/2005: Water will 'walk' uphill under its own steam
 - New Scientist
1/26/2005: New Theory Explains Electronic And Thermal Behavior Of Nanotubes
 - Science Daily
1/26/2005: New Method Developed For Exploring Frustrated Systems
 - Science Daily



1/26/2005: Stardust's Particles Of Joy ... - FirstScience
1/26/2005: Planetary Society Pays Close Attention to Pluto Mission ...
 - FirstScience
1/26/2005: Probe to farthest reaches of solar system launched ...
 - FirstScience
1/26/2005: Super Fast Spacecraft Zooms Toward Pluto ...
 - FirstScience
1/26/2005: Space Debris Accumulating, Report Says ...
 - FirstScience
1/26/2005: Stardust memories, satellite views
  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Photo: Destination Pluto
  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Martian Snow Source Of Tropical Glaciers, Research Team Reports - Science Daily
1/26/2005: Twin Rovers Advance Understanding Of Mars
 - SpaceDaily

1/26/2005: Cruise control avoids jams - PhysicsWeb
1/26/2005: 'Reverse' Tanning Process Could Revolutionize Leather Industry - Science Daily
1/26/2005: Screening the Latest Bestseller  - Wired News
1/26/2005: Seagate sees TV as biggest opportunity  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Carbon nanotube, molecule joined to create new transistor  - El. Engr. Times
1/26/2005: Toshiba Samsung preps Blu-Ray for PCs  - El. Engr. Times
1/26/2005: Purdue Engineers Solve Chaos Mystery In Use Of High-tech Microscope
 - Science Daily



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