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  January 26, 2005

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LISA Spies On Black Hole's Eating Habits - SpaceDaily  As big fish eat little fish in the Earth's vast oceans, so too do supermassive black holes gorge on smaller black holes and neutron stars, making themselves more massive in the process. Using sophisticated computer modeling, Penn State scientists have calculated the rate of this black-hole snacking, called "extreme-mass-ratio inspirals." They expect to see several events per year with the Laser Interferometer Space Antennae (LISA), a joint NASA - European Space Agency mission now in development. Sigurdsson puts the inspiral rate at about 1 per million years per galaxy.    
Walker's World: The New World Order - SpaceDaily  Left:  The ancient walls of China will never hold back China from becoming the major world power in the 21st century.  The tectonic plates of geopolitics have just shifted. On an issue of major strategic concern to the United States, the European Union has decided to flout American concerns and side with China, and Britain has put its vaunted special relationship with the United States to one side, and has gone along with its fellow Europeans. A new world order is coming. Britain's Foreign Secretary Jack Straw heads to Beijing this week to kowtow before the Middle Kingdom. 

Image: Mosquito

Scientists find natural mosquito repellent - MSNBC  Recent research has isolated chemicals emitted by "bug-proof" individuals, which appear to counteract the odors that hungry bloodsuckers generally home in on. The study showed "that there are compounds that interfere with the normal attraction that mosquitoes have towards humans," said John Pickett from Rothamsted Research in England. Pickett told LiveScience in a telephone interview that he and his colleagues are working on a mixture of these compounds that could serve as a natural insect repellent.  
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Alzheimer's Disease:

1/26/2005: Norway to kill 25% of its wolves  - BBC
1/26/2005: WashPost: Elephant's death renews debate
1/26/2005: Predator Fish Heat Their Eyes To Track Prey - Science Daily
1/26/2005: Human Complexity And Diversity Spring From A Surprisingly Few (Relatively Speaking) Genes - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
1/26/2005: Recycle, re-think: Analyst Bill Thompson is glad computers are getting greener  - BBC
1/26/2005: Antarctic iceberg runs aground - MSNBC
1/26/2005: U.S. Vows to Attain Global Warning System  - NY Times
1/26/2005: Sandia To Begin Testing Innovative Arsenic-Removal Technologies - Science Daily

1/26/2005: Games enter the classroom  - BBC
1/26/2005: A Media Center in Your Pocket - Business Week
1/26/2005: iPod plays dress-up  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Gamer buys $26,500 virtual land  - BBC
1/26/2005: Addicted gamers losing their way - Washington Post
1/26/2005: Steamy star pushes portable video  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Xbox 2 signs pile up
  - C/Net
1/26/2005: iPod plays dress-up
  - C/Net
1/26/2005: The iPod economy
  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Love movies? 'Shout' it out loud
  - CNN

1/26/2005: Mobiles get set for visual radio
  - BBC
1/26/2005: Wireless' Quick-Shrink Act
 - Business Week
1/26/2005: Schools ban camera phones amid 'happy slapping' craze
  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Satellite TV snubbing Microsoft
  - C/Net
1/26/2005: DirecTV's HD future is MPEG-4
  - C/Net
1/26/2005: 'Evil twin' could pose Wi-Fi threat
  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Mixed legacy for FCC's Powell
  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Verizon raises DSL prices to cover tax costs
  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Week in review: Wi-Fi goes to Washington

1/26/2005: Transmeta reduces production, seeks big brother  - C/Net

1/26/2005: Mac Mini finds its Target  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Mac Mini on the road  - C/Net
1/26/2005: readers- How we'll use the Mac Mini  - C/Net

1/26/2005: Peer-to-peer nets 'here to stay'  - BBC
1/26/2005: New face for file swapping  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Life, liberty and blogging  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Google rolls in the white stuff  - C/Net
1/26/2005: FireFox continues gains against IE  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Use a blog, go to jail
Mac Mini on the road  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Beijing's blog problem
  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Online music revolution
  - CNN
1/26/2005: Experts: 'Phishing' more sophisticated
  - CNN
1/26/2005: New virus masquerades as news headlines
  - CNN

1/26/2005: Peanuts rich in 'good chemicals'  - BBC
1/26/2005: Electronics giants form alliance  - CNN
1/26/2005: Online song sales top 200 million  - CNN
1/26/2005: Mechanical ear makes its debut - PhysicsWeb


1/26/2005: Heart-stopping Antibodies - Science Daily

1/26/2005: USC Researchers Find Evidence That Progesterone Signaling Influences Ovarian Cancer Risk - Science Daily
1/26/2005: Pitt Scientists Study How Cancer Cells Get Out Of Control - Science Daily
1/26/2005: Combining Hormones With External, Internal Radiation Helps High Risk Prostate Cancer Patients - Science Daily
1/26/2005: Component Of Plastic Stimulates Growth Of Certain Prostate Cancer Cells - Science Daily

1/26/2005: US policy shift on Aids drugs use  - BBC
1/26/2005: 'He feels no pain' Toddler's rare disorder means he is in constant danger  - BBC
1/26/2005: Prions discovered in unexpected organs  - Nature
1/26/2005: Scientists Reveal Molecular Secrets Of The Malaria Parasite - Science Daily


1/26/2005: What Is Driving The Rise In Over The Counter Drugs? - Science Daily
1/26/2005: Genome Comparison Of Four Campylobacter Strains Yields New Genetic Markers And Clues To Virulence - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
1/26/2005: Possible da Vinci workshop found - MSNBC
1/26/2005: ‘Great Dying’ linked to climate changes - MSNBC
1/26/2005: Ancient Hominid Found in Ethiopia Is Yielding Teeth Like the Apes'  - NY Times

1/26/2005: Walker's World: The New World Order - SpaceDaily
1/26/2005: Scientists find natural mosquito repellent  - MSNBC
1/26/2005: Bill Gates plots a Windows future  - BBC
1/26/2005: JibJab's new jab at D.C.  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Yahoo pushes news, again  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Stamp collecting in an e-mail age  - NY Times
1/26/2005: Seeing the inner corpse of consumer electronics - L. A. Times
1/26/2005: Sourcing's China syndrome  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Feeling lost? Rocks can point the way - MSNBC
1/26/2005: Weill Cornell Team Develops Fast-acting Anthrax Vaccine - Science Daily

1/26/2005: Men and women really do think differently - MSNBC
1/26/2005: Booze boosts brainpower  - Nature
1/26/2005: Insufficient Sleep Associated With Overweight And Obesity - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
1/26/2005: LISA Spies On Black Hole's Eating Habits - SpaceDaily
1/26/2005: See-through Galaxy: Revealing The Milky Way's Center
 - Science Daily
1/26/2005: Good News From Big Bad Black Holes
 - Science Daily
1/26/2005: Rapidly Rotating Star Dubbed 'King Of Spin' By Research Team
 - Science Daily


1/26/2005: Photos: Rescue robots  - C/Net

1/26/2005: China space shot set for Autumn  - BBC
1/26/2005: Shuttle Surface More Vulnerable Than Suspected
  - NY Times
1/26/2005: NASA Goes 'Down Under' For Shuttle Mapping Mission Finale
 - Science Daily
1/26/2005: Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Mission Takes Shape
 - Science Daily
1/26/2005: Shuttle Workers Install Inspection Boom Aboard Discovery
1/26/2005: A Good Year on Mars for NASA Rover Opportunity
1/26/2005: The Fight Begins Once Again for Hubble's Life
1/26/2005: ISS Crew Prepares for First Spacewalk
1/26/2005: White House Cuts Hubble Servicing Mission from 2006 Budget Request
1/26/2005: New Imaging System Detects Fractures In NASA Shuttle Wing Panel Test
 - SpaceDaily
1/26/2005: Spirit At 'Peace'
 - SpaceDaily

1/26/2005: Apple Readies Next-Gen MPEG-4 Part 10  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Blu-ray Disc To Support MPEG-4, VC-1  - C/Net
1/26/2005: Scientists find natural mosquito repellent - MSNBC
1/26/2005: Cargo Containers' Electronic Sensor Says 'Do Not Disturb'  - NY Times
1/26/2005: 'Old-Fashioned' Gonad Capsule A Simple And Effective Method For Blocking Radiation To Testes From MDCT Scan - Science Daily


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