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  January 25, 2006

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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Robot - SpaceDaily  Will robots one day rule the world? For decades this notion has both fascinated and terrified humans, our hungry imagination fed by Hollywood blockbusters and sci-fi novels. Now a new generation of robots promises a breakthrough in the world of Artificial Intelligence as they become capable of cognitive thought processes. The 2005 Fourth British Computer Society's Annual Prize for Progress towards Machine Intelligence sponsored by Electrolux has been won by IFOMIND, a mobile robot system that demonstrates intelligence as it meets a new object in its world. IFOMIND reacts initially in an 'instinctive' way to its first perception of an unknown object that it encounters; at first it is generally fearful. So, the robot observes the object from a distance and takes note of how it behaves and how it reacts to different approaches; the robot is then able to decide on the best approach or whether to avoid it.   
Nano World: Magnet Nanostructure For Chips - SpaceDaily  Left:  This diagram depicts a magnetic logic element from a magnetic random access memory chip. The three red rectangles represent input lines and the orange rectangle an output line. The three input lines, two more than an ordinary magnetic random access memory element, make it possible for the cell to perform the four basic logic operations of computing. Credits: Paul Drude Institute.   Alexandra Imre and their colleagues at Notre Dame and the Technical University of Munich have developed a magnetic equivalent of a transistor. This universal logic gate is made from nickel-iron magnetic "islands" only 70 nanometers wide. Imre, Porod and their colleagues developed more complicated networks of nanomagnets that can, like transistors, perform logic computations when correctly arranged.  

Did German Spies Help Bomb Iraq? - SpaceDaily  German spies helped target Saddam Hussein for American bombers to launch the Iraq War, according to German media reports timed to appear on the day that Germany's new Chancellor arrives in Washington. The reports of close U.S.-German intelligence cooperation in Iraq, even as the then German government was denouncing the war, should help buttress Merkel's insistence that Germany and the United State remain firm friends, even if they sometimes differ. All along, behind the scenes, Germany's intelligence service Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) was highly active inside Iraq, and their reports were forwarded directly to their American counterparts.    
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Alzheimer's Disease:

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Climate, Environment:
1/25/2005: Ignoring climate change, a human folly beyond imagining ... - FirstScience
1/25/2005: Former Republican EPA Chiefs Accuse Bush of Neglecting Global Warming ... - FirstScience
1/25/2005: Computer glitch hits Greenpeace donors ... - FirstScience
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1/25/2005: Faster Wi-Fi standard gets draft approval
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1/25/2005: Study: No raised cancer risk from cell phones
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1/25/2005: Lawmaker vows to protect cellular data
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1/25/2005: Nano World: Magnet Nanostructure For Chips - SpaceDaily
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1/25/2005: BRAZIL: An Energy Source Both Cheap and Eco-Friendly ... - FirstScience
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1/25/2005: Higher Intake Of Vegetable Protein Associated With Lower Blood Pressure Levels - Science Daily
1/25/2005: Work stress 'heart disease link'  - BBC

1/25/2005: Older Women Have Worse Survival From Breast Cancer - Science Daily
1/25/2005: 'No link' between cellphones and brain tumours - New Scientist

1/25/2005: Avian Flu Transmission To Humans May Be Higher Than Thought - Science Daily
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1/25/2005: Mayo Collaboration Identifies Gene In Childhood Kidney Disease - Science Daily
1/25/2005: Researchers Resolve 40-year Eye Movement, Visibility Controversy - Science Daily
1/25/2005: Parents sue over 'junk food' ads  - BBC
1/25/2005: Beer drinkers 'eating more junk'  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
1/25/2005: Utah may OK evolution, but with a footnote ... - FirstScience
1/25/2005: New Study Reveals Neanderthals Were As Good At Hunting As Early Modern Humans - Science Daily
1/25/2005: Happy birthday, Brain.A  - C/Net
1/25/2005: Ancient skeletons reveal first baby boom - MSNBC
1/25/2005: Vatican paper raps ‘intelligent design’ - MSNBC

1/25/2005: Did German Spies Help Bomb Iraq? - SpaceDaily
1/25/2005: Challenges Ahead In Iraq - SpaceDaily
1/25/2005: It's Caveat Vendor at EBay France  - Wired News
1/25/2005: Computer crime costs $67 billion, FBI says  - C/Net
1/25/2005: Science 'not for normal people'  - BBC
1/25/2005: Google defies US over search data  - BBC
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1/25/2005: Is Google right to defy the US?  - BBC
1/25/2005: The world according to Google  - BBC
1/25/2005: Jobs's Magic Kingdom? - Business Week
1/25/2005: Japan to levy import duties on Hynix chips - Business Week
1/25/2005: Washington Post decides to close blog, citing vitriol  - C/Net
1/25/2005: Quote of the day: Databases reach most intimate parts of one's life  - C/Net
1/25/2005: High-tech treasure hunt puts authorities on edge  - CNN
1/25/2005: Dutch open 'Big Brother' prison  - CNN
1/25/2005: Is there trouble ahead for the High Definition Disc?  - El. Engr. Time

1/25/2005: Studying Brain Activity Could Aid Diagnosis Of Social Phobia - Science Daily
1/25/2005: How Nerve Cells Stay In Shape - Science Daily
1/25/2005: Gene Therapy 'Turns Off' Mutation Linked To Parkinson's Disease - Science Daily
1/25/2005: Humans hard-wired for geometry - MSNBC
1/25/2005: Test your innate geometrical sense - MSNBC
1/25/2005: 'Suicidal' rats may offer schizophrenia insights - New Scientist

Physics and Astronomy:
1/25/2005: Large Survey Of Galaxies Yields New Findings On Star Formation - Science Daily
1/25/2005: Astronomer Hits Cosmic Paydirt With Stardust
 - Science Daily
1/25/2005: Rocky rings around Sun-like stars revealed
 - New Scientist


1/25/2005: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Robot - SpaceDaily

1/25/2005: Jeb seeks $55M for space ... - FirstScience
1/25/2005: Stardust loaded with comet samples ...
 - FirstScience
1/25/2005: Pluto scientists elated for opportunity ...
 - FirstScience
1/25/2005: Bold vision Nasa's chief talks to the BBC about the agency's challenges
  - BBC
1/25/2005: Space in urgent need of cleaning  - Nature
1/25/2005: Stardust delivers a mother lode of comet dust
 - New Scientist
1/25/2005: Critical space junk threshold approaching
 - New Scientist

1/25/2005: Vote-PAD Rocks the Disabled Vote  - Wired News
1/25/2005: Free-electron lasers: the next generation - New Scientist



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