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  January 25, 2005

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Race For Pale Blue Dot Image Quickens - SpaceDaily  Because it is nearly impossible with current telescopes to see a planet around a nearby star as bright as the Sun, Sigurdsson's team searched around near-by white dwarfs, whose dim glow is much less likely to obscure a companion planet. A white dwarf is up to thousands of times dimmer than the Sun and the contrast between it and a planet several times Jupiter's mass is about a factor of ten thousand less. The research is part of an intense race to take the first "photograph" of an extrasolar planet. Astronomers seek to compare the picture of an extrasolar planet with various theories about how such planets should look.    
Astronomy's Case Of The Missing Disks - SpaceDaily  Left: Illustration of a debris disk surrounding a young red dwarf star. The stellar wind from the red dwarf star removes the dust in the debris disk by causing the dust to slowly spiral into the star. Credit: UCLA.  Astronomers announced Jan. 10 that they have a lead in the case of the missing disks. This lead may account for the missing evidence of red dwarfs forming planetary systems.Despite red dwarfs holding a solid majority among the different kinds of stars in our galaxy, only two have been found with evidence of debris disks. If half of all red dwarfs started with the material to form planets, what happened to the rest of them?    

Climate: The Arctic Goes Bush - SpaceDaily  Left:  'The evidence for increasing shrub abundance is most comprehensive for northern Alaska. An extensive comparison of old (1940s) and modern photographs has shown that shrubs there are increasing in size and are colonizing previously shrub-free tundra.'  An increase in shrubbery could have a profound effect on future warming - what climatologists call a positive feedback - because soils store about three times as much carbon as plants. Shrubs allocate carbon to woody stems that have long turnover times compared with annual roots and ... leaves Since the pool is so large, even a small change could have a big effect on the atmosphere and therefore future climate.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

1/25/2005: Open-Source Biology Evolves  - Wired News
1/25/2005: Pandas’ prospects improve in China

Climate, Environment:
1/25/2005: Climate: The Arctic Goes Bush - SpaceDaily
1/25/2005: Cleaning Up Cars at Atomic Level  - Wired News
1/25/2005: Global Warming Blamed for Ski Resort's Decline  - Wired News
1/25/2005: Tony Blair's Greenhouse Gas Policy 'Scandalous' ...  - FirstScience
1/25/2005: US Forests Cost-Effective vs Global Warming -- Study ... - FirstScience
1/25/2005: EU Commission Warns Italy Over Emissions Plan ... - FirstScience
1/25/2005: 'Protect Foy's Lake from pollution' ... - FirstScience
1/25/2005: Plan would let big polluters put money into research rather than cut emissions ... - FirstScience
1/25/2005: Indian Ocean Tsunami Death Toll Approaches Quarter Million - SpaceDaily
1/25/2005: Antarctica: Clash of the ice titans may not happen - SpaceDaily
1/25/2005: US tries to remove climate change references in UN disaster talks - SpaceDaily
1/25/2005: Antarctic Demolition Is Underway - SpaceDaily
1/25/2005: Arctic rivers 'flowing faster'  - BBC
1/25/2005: Tsunami alert system backed  - BBC
1/25/2005: Iceberg smash may not happen  - BBC
1/25/2005: Good news for threatened plants  - BBC
1/25/2005: Gadget growth fuels eco concerns  - BBC
1/25/2005: Aussie students develop tsunami warning app - C/Net
1/25/2005: A Tidal Wave of Problems
- C/Net
1/25/2005: ‘Great Dying’ linked to climate changes
1/25/2005: Antarctic iceberg runs aground

1/25/2005: Microsoft game sales light up from "Halo 2" - Seattle Times
1/25/2005: Getaway: Not the Perfect Crime  - Wired News
1/25/2005: Mission impossible: Computer simulation relives peacekeepers' Rwanda genocide role  - BBC
1/25/2005: Korean online-gaming firm files for U.S. IPO  - C/Net

1/25/2005: Toshiba's Mobile Phone Works All Windows PC Functions From Afar
  - Technology Review 
1/25/2005: Intel Bets on Its Centrino Chip
  - Wired News
1/25/2005: Worried About Wi-Fi Security?
  - Wired News
1/25/2005: FAQ: CableCard? What's that?
- C/Net
1/25/2005: Photos: Free your set-top box
- C/Net
1/25/2005: Streamlined Cable TV in a Card
  - NY Times
1/25/2005: Philly's Wi-Fi Hot Spot Due by Mid-2006 (AP)
  - C/Net
1/25/2005: Wi-Fi extensions should breathe new life into 802.11a
  - C/Net
1/25/2005: British Library tunes into Wi-Fi
  - C/Net
1/25/2005: Wi-Fi takes over in homes
  - C/Net
1/25/2005: Wi-Fi surpasses Ethernet in home networking- Survey
  - El. Engr. Times


1/25/2005: Circuit City nabs Gateway-AMD desktop exclusive  - C/Net
1/25/2005: Intel accelerates virtual-desktop plans

1/25/2005: Picasso original offered on Costco Web site - Seattle Times
1/25/2005: Army to Hackers: We Know Where You Live  - Wired News
1/25/2005: 'Evil twin' fear for wireless net  - BBC
1/25/2005: China 'to overtake US net use'  - BBC
1/25/2005: Like it or not, blogs have legs  - Wired News
1/25/2005: Virus hooks onto CNN headlines  - C/Net
1/25/2005: AOL unveils expanded search, new partners
  - C/Net
1/25/2005: Images: AOL broadens its search
  - C/Net
1/25/2005: Beijing's blog problem
  - C/Net
1/25/2005: Experts: 'Phishing' more sophisticated
  - CNN

1/25/2005: Crypto flaw opens Office - C/Net
1/25/2005: Office a la carte? - C/Net

1/25/2005: Karnataka -: Tariff for renewable energy sources finalised ... - FirstScience
1/25/2005: 'Energy vampires': Eco pitfalls of energy sucking gadgets and technologies  - BBC




1/25/2005: Scientists to probe diabetes link  - BBC

1/25/2005: US Cites Poor Water Quality on More Airliners ...  - FirstScience
1/25/2005: EU takes aim at junk food adverts  - BBC
1/25/2005: Private op centres 'harming NHS'  - BBC
1/25/2005: NHS waits are Lib Dem 'priority'  - BBC
1/25/2005: Compassion is key: How personal crisis shaped the boss of drug giant Novartis  - BBC
1/25/2005: No Magic for Older Moms  - Wired News

History, Anthropology:
1/25/2005: LSU Researcher Solves Ancient Astronomy Mystery - SpaceDaily
1/25/2005: Cretaceous duck ruffles feathers  - BBC
1/25/2005: Amazing hominid haul in Ethiopia  - BBC
1/25/2005: Birds of prey fly to ancient city’s rescue - MSNBC

1/25/2005: FBI Stops Using Carnivore Wiretap Software  - Technology Review 
1/25/2005: Unwrapping the Biometric Present  - Technology Review 
1/25/2005: Casinos, Malls Won't Fly  - Wired News
1/25/2005: Turf Cams To Give Super Bowl View From Ground Up  - Wired News
1/25/2005: George W. Bush's first four years - SpaceDaily
1/25/2005: Bush aims at reconciliation with Europe in second term - SpaceDaily
1/25/2005: Air Force Launches New Space Power Lab - SpaceDaily
1/25/2005: Geneva Aerospace Announces Production of its UAV Dakota Airframe - SpaceDaily
1/25/2005: The End Of American Hegemony - SpaceDaily
1/25/2005: Why mosquitoes only bite some  - BBC
1/25/2005: Smoke Signals for Explosives - Business Week
1/25/2005: The coming H-1B battle - C/Net
1/25/2005: Sundance Online adjusts focus - C/Net
1/25/2005: Tech Employment Drops Sharply In 2004 - C/Net
1/25/2005: H-1B Visa Expansion Draws Praise - C/Net
1/25/2005: Maxell- Feel free to bang this DVD around  - C/Net
1/25/2005: Photo: Maxell's competition  - C/Net
1/25/2005: Canon thinks small with new camera  - C/Net
1/25/2005: Companies bracing for extreme competition  - C/Net
1/25/2005: Behold the artful price tag
  - NY Time
1/25/2005: Investing in India: On the ground floor, going up?
- C/Net
1/25/2005: Creative Technology: Now and Zen
  - CNN
1/25/2005: Report: 'Limited capability' to thwart N. Korean missile
  - CNN
1/25/2005: Hong Kong to start issuing biometric passports in 2007
  - El. Engr. Times


Physics and Astronomy:
1/25/2005: Astronomy's Case Of The Missing Disks - SpaceDaily
Race For Pale Blue Dot Image Quickens - SpaceDaily
1/25/2005: Hungry For More And The Stomach To Swallow More
 - SpaceDaily


1/25/2005: Sega takes leash off robot dog  - C/Net
1/25/2005: Photos: Sega unleashes idog  - C/Net

1/25/2005: Russia Led In 2004 Space Launches - SpaceDaily
1/25/2005: Jack Aubrey's Astronaut Corps
 - SpaceDaily
1/25/2005: Hello Mars, Meet 'MR. O': The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
 - SpaceDaily
1/25/2005: Europe's Huygens Probe Landed in Titan Mud
 - SpaceDaily
1/25/2005: Fuel Bubbles May Have Tripped Sensors in Delta 4-Heavy Launch
 - SpaceDaily
1/25/2005: Cosmic Log: Columbia's legacy grows - MSNBC
1/25/2005: White House to scrap Hubble?
  - Nature
1/25/2005: Budget rumours hint at Hubble trouble
 - New Scientist
1/25/2005: One hour on Titan, forever bathed in glory
 - New Scientist
1/25/2005: Hubble jeopardy ...
 - USA Today
1/25/2005: Planetoid Sedna may have formed far beyond Pluto ...
 - FirstScience
1/25/2005: Space station crew plans first space walk ...
 - FirstScience
1/25/2005: Space Command Colonel Receives Business Alliance Award ...
 - FirstScience
1/25/2005: New Imaging System Detects Fractures in NASA Shuttle Wing Panel Test ...
 - FirstScience
1/25/2005: NASA Mars Global Surveyor TES Dust And Temperature Maps 20 January 2005 ...
 - FirstScience

1/25/2005: Push-Button Wine Tasting  - Wired News
1/25/2005: Nanotechnologists' New Plastic Can See In The Dark - SpaceDaily
1/25/2005: Nano nano: Why this year should be a big year for small technology  - BBC
1/25/2005: DVD format war's David  - C/Net
1/25/2005: Picture tube TVs try a slimmer strategy
1/25/2005: Photo: LG.Philips Displays' super-slim TV tube
1/25/2005: Photo: CRTs getting skinnier


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