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  January 24, 2006

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US Must Be Willing To Take Military Action Against Iran: McCain - SpaceDaily  Washington should be prepared to take military action if necessary against Iran, a senior US lawmaker said Sunday, calling the standoff over Tehran's nuclear program the biggest international crisis in more than a decade. "The military option is the last option but cannot be taken off of the table," US Senator John McCain said. McCain said even the the massive military commitments in Iraq should not allow the United States to rule out responding with force against Iran. "We are tied up to a great degree. But that does not mean that we don't have military options," McCain said. He added that such measures should only be resorted to after peaceful methods have been exhausted, including immediate UN action. "If the Russiands and the Chinese, for reasons that would be abominable, do not join us, then we would have to go with the willing." 
Mental health link to diet change  - BBC  Changes to diets over the last 50 years may be playing a key role in the rise of mental illness, a study says. Food campaigners Sustain and the Mental Health Foundation say the way food is now produced has altered the balance of key nutrients people consume. The period has also seen the UK population eating less fresh food and more saturated fats and sugars. They say this is leading to depression and memory problems, but food experts say the research is not conclusive. Depression is linked to low levels of the omega-3 fatty acids. Schizophrenia is associated with low levels of polyunsaturates. 

Miracle cure? How changing diet helped one man beat depression  - BBC  Brian Godfrey suffered from chronic depression for about 40 years. He first started having trouble when he was a teenager and over the years tried everything from drugs to psychotherapy. By the 1960s the situation had got so bad that he was thinking about suicide. The 71-year-old then cut out wheat and dairy and within three weeks was feeling better. "It was a miracle. I just woke up one morning and my problems had gone." In time, Mr Godfrey, from London, also stopped eating grains, eggs, chocolate, coffee, tea and his favourite drink, Guinness. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:
1/24/2005: Exercise Associated With Reduced Risk Of Dementia In Older People - PhysicsWeb

1/24/2005: Dead whale left outside embassy  - BBC
1/24/2005: World's biggest fish 'shrinking'
  - BBC
1/24/2005: US reviews minors' abortion law  - BBC
1/24/2005: Creepy species found - MSNBC
1/24/2005: Hamster, snake best friends at zoo - MSNBC
1/24/2005: Suspended animation: putting life on hold - New Scientist
1/24/2005: Disgraced cloning pioneer could keep his patents - New Scientist
1/24/2005: Editorial: The Domesday project - New Scientist
1/24/2005: Genetically modified crops: a decade of disagreement - New Scientist
1/24/2005: Increased Sexual Competition Among Flowering Plants In Biodiversity Hotspots May Lead To Extinctions - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
1/24/2005: Waste incineration 'set to rise'  - BBC
1/24/2005: Makers start bearing cost of recycling TVs in Maine  - C/Net
1/24/2005: 'E-waste' law forces manufacturers to pick up tab  - CNN
1/24/2005: Mysteries of the Deep Sea - New Scientist
1/24/2005: Eon of dust storms traced to asteroid smash - New Scientist
1/24/2005: Turning point: Lost city of lime - New Scientist
1/24/2005: Haze Dynasty- In China, Cloud-free Days Do Not Mean Sunshine; Smog Is To Blame - Science Daily

1/24/2005: Apple addresses iTunes concerns  - BBC
1/24/2005: • Playing Guessing Games with PS3 Date - Business Week
1/24/2005: Free massage chair with TV purchase  - C/Net

1/24/2005: Wi-fi slow to enthuse consumers
  - BBC
1/24/2005: • Building Your Own Phone Face
 - Business Week
1/24/2005: Meet the New Breed of Avatars
 - Business Week
1/24/2005: Stopping the next SARS with cell phones
  - C/Net
1/24/2005: U.S. to open WiMAX spectrum
  - El. Engr. Times
1/24/2005: China's broadband market to double
  - El. Engr. Times
1/24/2005: Is WiMAX really 'disruptive' technology?
  - El. Engr. Times
1/24/2005: How to Squelch Your Inner Jackass
  - Wired News

1/24/2005: AMD licenses Innovative Silicon's SOI memory  - El. Engr. Times
1/24/2005: The attraction of computing by magnets - New Scientist
1/24/2005: Instant-On Computing  - Technology Review 

1/24/2005: • Is the New iMac a Cash Machine? - Business Week
1/24/2005: Details on Intel's beta Mac development tools  - C/Net
1/24/2005: Backup software flaws pose risk  - C/Net
1/24/2005: PC market surged in 2005, will settle in 2006  - C/Net
1/24/2005: Digital 'vault' for software patents - New Scientist
1/24/2005: Google, Sun, and a New PC: Anatomy of a Rumor  - Technology Review 

1/24/2005: Disney to widen online TV shows  - BBC
1/24/2005: Spain targets internet child porn  - BBC
1/24/2005: • Google's Search for the Advertising Edge - Business Week
1/24/2005: • Is Google Out of Steam? - Business Week
1/24/2005: Perspective: Google in a patent pickle?  - C/Net
1/24/2005: Google opens up instant messaging  - C/Net
1/24/2005: More brands targeted as phishing attacks soar
  - C/Net
1/24/2005: Spam suspect pleads guilty
  - CNN
1/24/2005: Publish on the web and be damned
 - New Scientist
1/24/2005: Feds seek Google records in porn probe
 - Seattle Times

1/24/2005: File-sharing 'not cut by courts'  - BBC
1/24/2005: Downloaders look to the oldies as deleted tracks go online  - BBC
1/24/2005: Digital music spins new sales approach  - C/Net
1/24/2005: Universal Music opens vaults for digital downloads  - C/Net
1/24/2005: Computer science students outsource homework  - C/Net
1/24/2005: Intel loses market share in own backyard  - C/Net

1/24/2005: Britons split on N-power advance  - BBC
1/24/2005: Sandia Researchers Seek Ways To Make Lithium-ion Batteries Work Longer, Safer - Science Daily


1/24/2005: Kidnapped- Colon Cancer Seizes Hapless Nerve Growth Protein  - Science Daily
1/24/2005: Household Insecticides Associated With Increased Risk Of Childhood Leukaemia - Science Daily

1/24/2005: Aids study halted over high risks  - BBC
1/24/2005: $1.9bn pledged for bird flu fight  - BBC
1/24/2005: STMicro lab-on-chip detects bird flu  - El. Engr. Times
1/24/2005: Bird flu battle gets $1.9 billion boost - New Scientist
1/24/2005: Bacteria in Yogurt Modified to Fight HIV Infection - Space.com

1/24/2005: Cystic fibrosis therapy advance  - BBC
1/24/2005: Fact or fiction: The health concerns about cannabis use - and why they exist  - BBC
1/24/2005: Cannabis will remain class C drug  - BBC

1/24/2005: Impotency Drugs May Be Associated With Increased Risk Of Optic Nerve Damage - Science Daily
1/24/2005: Detecting Blood Loss  - Technology Review 

History, Anthropology:
1/24/2005: Washington Post: Ear’s evolution seen in fossil - MSNBC
1/24/2005: Our ears once breathed - MSNBC
1/24/2005: Human Ears Evolved from Ancient Fish Gills - Space.com
1/24/2005: Ancient Skeletons Reveal First Baby Boom - Space.com

1/24/2005: Iranian Minister Issues Oil Price Warning - SpaceDaily
1/24/2005: IAEA Chief: Iran Nuke Program Not Peaceful - SpaceDaily
1/24/2005: French Defense Minister Urges Talks With Iran - SpaceDaily
1/24/2005: Analysis: Iran's Course Through U.N. - SpaceDaily
1/24/2005: Why it's not true that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned  - BBC
1/24/2005: Blackmailers target $1m website  - BBC
1/24/2005: In pictures: Tripping the light fantastic at a major new art retrospective  - BBC
1/24/2005: Learning from China's Export Boom - Business Week
1/24/2005: Culture shock in the desert  - C/Net
1/24/2005: Photos: Evolving tech center  - C/Net
1/24/2005: Where in the Google Earth are we?  - C/Net
1/24/2005: Report: Disney in talks to acquire Pixar  - C/Net
1/24/2005: Europe tops North America as largest PC market  - C/Net
1/24/2005: Tech plays supporting role at Sundance festival  - C/Net
1/24/2005: Cell phone records for sale  - CNN
1/24/2005: Journals scolded for slack disclosure rules - MSNBC
1/24/2005: Vintage or vile, wine is all the same after cheese - New Scientist
1/24/2005: Interview: The outsiders - New Scientist
1/24/2005: Mountain Bikers Are Cautioned To Ride With Care, Major Injuries Do Happen - Science Daily
1/24/2005: WaMu moving jobs to lower-cost places
 - Seattle Times
1/24/2005: Buffett: Big trade deficit threatens economy
 - Seattle Times
1/24/2005: CPI hits 5-year high; pay fails to keep up
 - Seattle Times
1/24/2005: Evolving Needs Of Warfare Spur Demand
 - SpaceDaily
1/24/2005: The Backhoe: A Real Cyberthreat
  - Wired News

1/24/2005: Mental health link to diet change   - BBC
1/24/2005: Miracle cure? How changing diet helped one man beat depression   - BBC
1/24/2005: Asperger's call to boost business  - BBC
1/24/2005: Male revenge 'more satisfying'  - BBC
1/24/2005: Men get a bigger kick from revenge - MSNBC
1/24/2005: 'Suicidal' rats may offer schizophrenia insights - New Scientist
1/24/2005: Brain scans reveal men's pleasure in revenge
 - New Scientist
1/24/2005: Mice With Defective Memory May Hold Clues To Schizophrenia
 - PhysicsWeb
1/24/2005: Losing Sleep Undoes The Rejuvenating Effects New Learning Has On The Brain
 - Science Daily
1/24/2005: Men Enjoy Physical Revenge, Brain Study Suggests
 - Space.com

Physics and Astronomy:
1/24/2005: Get laser-like beams from salt - PhysicsWeb



1/24/2005: Space tourism: Why weightlessness is just falling with style & other cautionary tips  - BBC
1/24/2005: NASA's man-made meteor sets new standards
 - New Scientist
1/24/2005: Saturn special: Mixed up moons
 - New Scientist
1/24/2005: Comet samples return to Earth
 - Science Dailyb
1/24/2005: Clipper Tender To Be Announced In February
 - SpaceDaily
1/24/2005: Russia delays launch of next space station crew ...
1/24/2005: NASA Postpones Mission to Visit Asteroids ...
 - ABC
1/24/2005: NASA Honors Apollo Astronaut Michael Collins ...
 - ABC

1/24/2005: U.S. Army, DARPA working on mind reading  - C/Net
1/24/2005: Report: RFID production to increase 25 fold by 2010  - El. Engr. Times
1/24/2005: Ultracapacitors fill automotive power gaps  - El. Engr. Times



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