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  January 24, 2005

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Blazing Speed: The Fastest Stuff in the Universe -  Astronomers are now measuring stuff -- material, matter, things -- that moves at so close to the speed of light you might think it'd make Einstein a bit nervous. Last week at a meeting here of the American Astronomical Society, scientists announced they had measured blobs in blazar jets screaming through space at 99.9 percent of light-speed. Measurements of cosmic rays put their speed at 99.9 c followed by 19 more nines.  
Image of tea Camomile tea for aches and ills  - BBC  Five cups a day for a fortnight is enough to boost urine levels of substances that can ease muscle spasms and fight inflammation. For years, people have used camomile as an anti-inflammatory, a mild sedative and as an anti-ulcer remedy. It has also been reported to have anti-oxidant activity and the essential oil extracted from the chamomile flowers has been shown to possess antimicrobial activity. Drinking tea caused levels of both glycine, which can ease muscle spasms, and the anti-inflammatory hippurate in the urine to go up. Levels of glycine and hippurate remained elevated for up to two weeks. 

The 'Inkjet' cell printer

Skin and bones 'made to measure'  - BBC  Scientists are developing an inkjet printer that can create "made to measure" skin and bones to treat people with severe burns or disfigurements. The University of Manchester team say the inkjets will be able to "print out" tailor-made human cells to fit a patient's exact dimensions. Human cells are suspended in a nutrient-rich liquid before being printed out in several thin layers. Project leaders say the method could be used to build an organ in a day.The printers create three-dimensional structures, known as tissue scaffolds. They are made up of several thin layers of human cells, each 10 microns thick.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

1/24/2005: Cuttlefish win mates with transvestite antics  - Nature
1/24/2005: Y chromosome reveals hidden sequence
  - Nature
1/24/2005: The logic of life  - Nature
1/24/2005: OSU Scientists Develop Test To Detect 'Dead-Gut' In Dairy Cows - Science Daily
1/24/2005: Scientists Decipher Genome Of Bacterium That Helps Clean Up Major Groundwater Pollutants - Science Daily
1/24/2005: Gorillas In The Midst Of Extinction - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
1/24/2005: Ancient sunken islands found off California - MSNBC
1/24/2005: Tsunami towns urged to plan reconstruction  - Nature
1/24/2005: Two Pacific tsunami-warning buoys out of action - New Scientist
1/24/2005: Plan for global natural disaster warnings launches - New Scientist
1/24/2005: Worst post-tsunami health fears recede - New Scientist
1/24/2005: Editorial: Thames time bomb is still ticking - New Scientist
1/24/2005: Returning war-torn farmland to productivity - New Scientist
1/24/2005: Earth dries up as temperatures rise - New Scientist
1/24/2005: Excess tsunami warning systems risk confusion - New Scientist
1/24/2005: Drought's Growing Reach: NCAR Study Points To Global Warming As Key Factor - Science Daily
1/24/2005: A Deep Sea Hydrocarbon Factory - Science Daily

1/24/2005: Dell's Rollins dismisses iPod as a 'fad'  - C/Net
1/24/2005: Will that game work on your PC?  - C/Net
1/24/2005: Apple: Four-week wait for iPod Shuffle - CNN
1/24/2005: Darth Tater: The dark side of Mr. Potato Head  - CNN

1/24/2005: Worried about Wi-Fi security?
  - C/Net
1/24/2005: Mobile phone shipments to top 1 billion by 2008, says IC Insights
  - El. Engr. Times

1/24/2005: Darpa, NIST to end funding for U.S. maskless lithography  - El. Engr. Times
1/24/2005: Intel launches Sonoma as next-gen Centrino  - El. Engr. Times


1/24/2005: When mice attack  - C/Net
1/24/2005: Martha Stewart to end online sales
1/24/2005: Philanthropists look to 'hot-wire' tsunami relief effort  - CNN
1/24/2005: Google adds features to photo service  - CNN

1/24/2005: OSDL denies rewriting kernel  - C/Net
1/24/2005: OSDL Waves Red Flag in China  - C/Net
1/24/2005: Home field advantage?  - C/Net
1/24/2005: First convictions in U.S. P2P piracy fight  - C/Net
1/24/2005: Harvard student finds lawyer to defend Apple suit  - C/Net
1/24/2005: Home electronics giants launch antipiracy strategy  - C/Net
1/24/2005: SBC converts picnic spots into hot spots  - C/Net
1/24/2005: Experts- Cyber-crime bigger threat than cyber-terror  - CNN
1/24/2005: Securing your system  - CNN
1/24/2005: Spam and virus trends  - CNN


1/24/2005: CPR Is Often Done Wrong, Studies Find  - NY Times
1/24/2005: New Study Reveals Treatment For 'Silent Killer' Using Diet, Not Drugs - Science Daily

1/24/2005: Mystery compound in beer fights cancer - New Scientist
1/24/2005: Technology That Could Double The Effectiveness Of Cancer Drugs Studied At Yale - Science Daily
1/24/2005: Study Reveals High Infection Rate In Teens For Virus Linked To Cervical Cancer - Science Daily
1/24/2005: Elevated Glucose Levels And Diabetes Are Associated With Increased Risk For Cancer - Science Daily

1/24/2005: Problems thinking about HIV  - Nature
1/24/2005: Interview: The virus hunter - New Scientist
1/24/2005: Study Explores Antibiotic Misuse - Science Daily

1/24/2005: Rhythms of addiction  - Nature
1/24/2005: Unfolding cystic fibrosis genetics  - Nature
1/24/2005: New Signaling Step For Key Player In Crohn's Disease - Science Daily
1/24/2005: Youth Fitness Linked To Diabetes Risk - Science Daily
1/24/2005: 15-year Study Shows Strong Link Between Fast Food, Obesity And Insulin Resistance - Science Daily

1/24/2005: Skin and bones 'made to measure'   - BBC 
1/24/2005: Camomile tea for aches and ills   - BBC
1/24/2005: Birth Simulator Helps Physicians I.D. Least Forceful Way To Manage Problem Deliveries - Science Daily
1/24/2005: New Method Simplifies Search For Genetic Changes Associated With Disease - Science Daily
1/24/2005: Surgical Treatment Of Migraines Reduces Sick Days And Increases Employee Productivity - Science Daily
1/24/2005: Don't Count On Vitamin C To Boost Your Exercise Performance - Science Daily
1/24/2005: Systems Microbiology Has Great Scientific Promise In Health And Environment - Science Daily
1/24/2005: Treating Individuals: How Generalizable Are Trial Data? - Science Daily
1/24/2005: UT Southwestern Researchers Find Calcium Intake Contributing Factor In Formation Of Kidney Stones
 - Science Daily
1/24/2005: Mayo Clinic Researchers Report Success In New Molecular Breast Imaging Technique
1/24/2005: Mayo Clinic Researchers Report Success In New Molecular Breast Imaging Technique
 - Science Daily
1/24/2005: Scientists Find That The Human Nose Is More Complicated Than A Jumbo Jet
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
1/24/2005: Fossils could fill gaps in human evolution - MSNBC
1/24/2005: Einstein = mass celebrations - MSNBC
1/24/2005: WashPost: In Rome, hints of buried treasue - MSNBC
1/24/2005: School board to appeal evolution ruling - MSNBC
1/24/2005: Gladiators fought for thrills, not kills - New Scientist
1/24/2005: Hanging gardens were a living carpet - New Scientist

1/24/2005: FBI cans controversial surveillance tool  - C/Net
1/24/2005: FBI dumps Carnivore  - C/Net
1/24/2005: FBI Tosses Carnivore to the Dogs  - C/Net
1/24/2005: News: FBI retires its Carnivore  - C/Net
1/24/2005: IRS partners offer free online tax filings  - C/Net
1/24/2005: Your Tax Dollars at Work  - C/Net
1/24/2005: The five steps of corporate responsibility  - C/Net
1/24/2005: Is pro football 'the perfect symbol' of American values?  - C/Net
1/24/2005: A different paper chase  - C/Net
1/24/2005: Cutting risk  - BBC
1/24/2005: IRS partnership  - CNN
1/24/2005: ‘Intelligent design’ comes to science class - MSNBC
1/24/2005: The best defence - New Scientist
1/24/2005: People adjust their generosity to fit in - New Scientist
1/24/2005: Ultra-Orthodox Jews more likely to jaywalk - New Scientist
1/24/2005: Children At Risk From Unexploded Military Material - Science Daily
1/24/2005: Professor's Anatomy Web Quiz Garners Quarter-million-plus Hits - Science Daily

1/24/2005: Scientists watch brain cells as they work - MSNBC
1/24/2005: Brain-scan ethics come under the spotlight  - Nature
1/24/2005: Lovers No Good At Spotting Cupid's Arrow In Others - Science Daily
1/24/2005: Blocking Cell Suicide Switch Fails To Stop Prion Damage In Mouse Brains - Science Daily
1/24/2005: Anticonvulsant Drug Cuts Drinking In Bipolar Alcoholics, Shows University Of Pittsburgh Research - Science Daily
1/24/2005: K-Staters Research Willingness To Engage In Minor Moral And Legal Violations - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
1/24/2005: Blazing Speed: The Fastest Stuff in the Universe -
1/24/2005: Wolf prize goes to atomic physicist
 - PhysicsWeb
1/24/2005: Looking at electrons without touching
 - PhysicsWeb
1/24/2005: First Detection Of Magnetic Fields In The Central Stars Of Four Planetary Nebulae
 - Science Daily
1/24/2005: Gemini Observatory Welcomes The New Year With Galactic Fireworks
 - Science Daily
1/24/2005: Substructure Maps Show That Dark Matter Clumps In Galaxies
 - Science Daily


1/24/2005: Bomb squad robots to the rescue  - C/Net

1/24/2005: Cassini finds high-speed dust streaming from Saturn - New Scientist
1/24/2005: Columbia crew saw new atmospheric phenomenon
 - New Scientist
1/24/2005: IEEE-USA Urges 'Safe Servicing' Of Hubble Space Telescope
 - Science Daily
1/24/2005: Global Space Cooperation For Disaster Relief
 - Science Daily
1/24/2005: Los Alamos Wizardry To Aid New Mars Science Laboratory
 - Science Daily

1/24/2005: Lotus leaf bumps the secret to smooth surfaces?  - C/Net
1/24/2005: OLEDs now lighting up automobiles, says report  - El. Engr. Times
1/24/2005: U.S. launches Web site to promote tech economy  - El. Engr. Times


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