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  January 23, 2006

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Transmitting to a Million Worlds - Space.com  Hardly a week goes by without some keyboard correspondent reluctantly telling me that SETI has a honking big problem. "Even if the Galaxy is brimming with intelligent life," they’ll gravely intone, "SETI has virtually no chance of success." Their reasoning is this: the probability that SETI’s receiving antennas are pointed at the aliens’ world just when their transmitting antennas are aimed at ours is vanishingly small.     
SuperVision For US Military - SpaceDaily  PixelOptics has announced that it will receive $3.5 million from the Defense Department to develop SuperVision, a technology that enables our military men and women to have better than 20/20 vision. The spatial density of light receptors in the retina, however, is enough to allow human eyes to see better than 20/20, perhaps as well as 20/08. However, higher-order aberrations in the eye prevent us from attaining this "SuperVision" (the ability to have optimized vision better than 20/20). Certain aberrations (e.g., coma, spherical aberration, trefoil, unconventional astigmatism are not correctable with current conventional lenses     

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New Anti-Blindness Drug  - Technology Review   In the past, treatments for age-related macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in those over 60 in the United States, were limited to slowing down the progression of the disease. Now a new drug, just submitted for approval to the Food and Drug Administration, shows hope of actually restoring lost vision in a substantial number of patients. 95% of the patients who received the drug showed either stabilized or improved vision. The vision for over one-third of those who received the higher of two doses of the drug improved by three lines on an eye chart    
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Alzheimer's Disease:
1/23/2005: Study Links Alzheimer's Disease To Abnormal Cell Division - Science Daily

1/23/2005: Room-temperature DNA archive ...  - Wired News
1/23/2005: Whale harpoon nearly hits activists | Video ...
1/23/2005: Dozens of endangered sea turtles die ... - MSNBC
1/23/2005: Video: Families And Greenpeace Act Against Whaling ... - FirstScience
1/23/2005: Bird Can Mimic Others In Context To Apparently Signal Alarm - Science Daily
1/23/2005: Common Enzyme Is A Key Player In DNA Repair - Science Daily
1/23/2005: Anti-adhesive Layers Leave No Hope For Insects - Science Daily
1/23/2005: Fight Pests With Biological Means - SpaceDaily
1/23/2005: Turning Stem Cells into Tissues  - Technology Review
1/23/2005: New Possibilities To Fight Pests With Biological Means - Science Daily
1/23/2005: Equine Cloning Expert Reviews Successes, Challenges - Science Daily
1/23/2005: Utah Researchers Confirm Chromosome May Harbor Autism Gene - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
1/23/2005: Climate Change Partnership Looks to Private Sector for Help ... - FirstScience
1/23/2005: London Assembly to examine emissions plan ... - FirstScience
1/23/2005: Energy providers at odds over emissions standards ... - FirstScience
1/23/2005: Refrigerator makers to cut greenhouse gas emissions ... - FirstScience
1/23/2005: Water Crises Prompt Governments To Seek Community Help - SpaceDaily
1/23/2005: EAfrican Drought Threatens Millions More With Famine - SpaceDaily
1/23/2005: Drought Forces Suspension Of Kenyan Elephant Relocation - SpaceDaily
1/23/2005: Activists Quit Struggle With Japanese Whalers - SpaceDaily
1/23/2005: Record-Smashing Hurricane Season Cost 50Bn Dollars - SpaceDaily
1/23/2005: Haze Dynasty - SpaceDaily

1/23/2005: Clothe Yourself in IPod Wear  - Wired News
1/23/2005: NPD Group: PC game sales slide in 2005 - Business Week
1/23/2005: 600,000 Xbox 360 units sold in U.S.  - CNN

1/23/2005: Disney launches broadband channel for preschoolers
  - C/Net
1/23/2005: Cingular to sell phone with Microsoft software
  - C/Net


1/23/2005: Mac Hajj: The Typical Experience  - Wired News

1/23/2005: Every inch of Netherlands viewable online  - C/Net
1/23/2005: E-Trade to reimburse online-fraud victims  - C/Net
1/23/2005: Perspectives: Google in a patent pickle?  - C/Net
1/23/2005: In China, 111 million Net users counted  - C/Net

1/23/2005: Buffing up open source  - C/Net
1/23/2005: Raikes: Office Live beta on track  - C/Net
1/23/2005: • Rick Rashid: Microsoft's Right Brain - Business Week

1/23/2005: Move Over, Gas-Electric Hybrids  - Wired News
1/23/2005: Better batteries for hybrid cars?  - C/Net
1/23/2005: Lithium-Ion Batteries For Hybrid Vehicles - SpaceDaily
1/23/2005: Researchers Study Energy-saving Method For Small Office Buildings - Science Daily

1/23/2005: Aspirin Reduces Cardiovascular Risks In Men And Women -- But Differently - Science Daily
1/23/2005: Researchers Develop Portable 'Vein Finder' For Faster, More Accurate Injections - Science Daily
1/23/2005: Comedy Films Boost Blood Flow To The Heart - Science Daily

1/23/2005: Researchers Identify Target For Therapeutic Drugs To Fight Most Common Adult Brain Cancer
1/23/2005: Mutation That Protects Against HIV Infection May Raise Risk Of West Nile Virus Illness - Science Daily
1/23/2005: USC Scientists Link Variations In Growth-factor Gene To Risk Of Prostate Cancer - Science Daily
1/23/2005: Vitamin A Analog Is A Potential Lung Cancer Preventative With Few Side Effects - Science Daily
1/23/2005: Novel Mouse Model May Help Evaluate New Drugs To Treat Leukemia - Science Daily
1/23/2005: Measurement Of Urinary Protein Can Help Detect Recurrent Bladder Cancer - Science Daily

1/23/2005: 'Bird Flu' Infections In Humans Prompt New Investigation - Science Daily
1/23/2005: Measles Outbreaks Kill 34 In Ethiopia - SpaceDaily
1/23/2005: Stopping the Next SARS with Cell Phones  - Technology Review


1/23/2005: New Anti-Blindness Drug   - Technology Review
1/23/2005: Aspirin protects men's hearts and women's brains - New Scientist
1/23/2005: Nurses' Research Proves Mother Knows Best When Taking Temp - Science Daily
1/23/2005: Women's Silent Health Problem- Study Finds Fecal Incontinence Is Prevalent - Science Daily
1/23/2005: Viagra Tag Could Be Bitter Pill  - Wired News
1/23/2005: New tech measures sun's damage to skin  - C/Net
1/23/2005: Photos: Showing skin  - C/Net
1/23/2005: Repetition Reverses Med Students' Stethoscope Shortcomings - Science Daily
1/23/2005: Norwegian Torpedo Boat Service Associated With Increased Risk Of Birth Defects
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
1/23/2005: Evolution Doesn't Always Favor Bigger Animals - SpaceDaily
1/23/2005: Medieval Irish warlord boasts three million descendants - New Scientist
1/23/2005: Study Finds Evolution Doesn't Always Favor Bigger Animals - Science Daily

1/23/2005: SuperVision For US Military - SpaceDaily
1/23/2005: Suits Seek End to Domestic Spying  - Wired News
1/23/2005: Traveler profiles on feds' agenda  - BBC
1/23/2005: Intel's earnings may portend market health  - BBC
1/23/2005: U.K. cops look into face-recognition tech  - C/Net
1/23/2005: Intel's Staggering Stumble - Business Week
1/23/2005: • S&P Downgrades Google to Sell - Business Week
1/23/2005: • Videoconferencing Gets Real - Business Week
1/23/2005: Geocaching puts authorities on edge  - CNN
1/23/2005: Job hunters near catbird seat - Seattle Times
1/23/2005: New law not keeping people from bankruptcy - Seattle Times
1/23/2005: Burgeoning market for airships - Seattle Times
1/23/2005: Is The Army's Future Force A Mirage - SpaceDaily
1/23/2005: Evolving Needs Of Warfare Spur Demand - SpaceDaily
1/23/2005: Israel Will Not Allow Iran To Obtain WMDs - SpaceDaily
1/23/2005: US Sanctions On Nkorea May Trigger 'Major Conflict' - SpaceDaily
1/23/2005: Political Dissidents Turn To Cyberspace - SpaceDaily
1/23/2005: Whither the DIY Auteurs of DV?  - Wired News
1/23/2005: Mass Spying Means Gross Errors  - Wired News
1/23/2005: The New Market Bubble Theory
  - Wired News
1/23/2005: Arab states look beyond oil
  - C/Net
1/23/2005: Photos: Evolving tech center
  - C/Net
1/23/2005: Mountain Bikers Are Cautioned To Ride With Care, Major Injuries Do Happen
 - Science Daily
1/23/2005: Visual Research Seeks To Cut Through Clutter; Rutgers Work May Benefit Baggage Screening
 - Science Daily

1/23/2005: The Science Of Tickling (Ourselves) Is No Laughing Matter, Queen's Psychologist Says - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
1/23/2005: Astronomers Discover Fastest-Spinning Pulsar ...  - Wired News
1/23/2005: Astronomers Weigh 'Recycled' Millisecond Pulsar
 - Science Daily
1/23/2005: Multi-wavelength Images Help Astronomers Study Star Birth, Death
 - Science Daily


1/23/2005: Robot Cops to Patrol Streets  - Wired News

1/23/2005: Transmitting to a Million Worlds - Space.com 
1/23/2005: Probe: To the moon in 9 hours, to Pluto in a decade ...
  - CNN
1/23/2005: NASA taking fast track to Pluto ...
 - FirstScience
1/23/2005: Bush panel: private spaceport a priority ...
 - FirstScience
1/23/2005: NASA's Spacewalkers Step into a New Era ...
 - FirstScience
1/23/2005: Astronaut's memoir questions shuttle safety
  - C/Net
1/23/2005: Manned Spaceflight For India To ISS & Beyond
 - Seattle Times
1/23/2005: Apollo Chronicles: Skiing On The Moon - SpaceDaily
1/23/2005: NASA Spacewalks Increase In Number
 - SpaceDaily
1/23/2005: Super-powerful new ion engine revealed
 - New Scientist
1/23/2005: First Galileo Signals Transmitted By GIOVE-A
 - Science Daily

1/23/2005: Car sensors a $10 billion market in 2006  - C/Net
1/23/2005: • Videoconferencing Gets Real - Business Week
1/23/2005: Image Processing For Applications In Artificial Vision - Science Daily
1/23/2005: Repetez, en anglais, s’il vous plait.  - Technology Review
1/23/2005: Simulation Program Predicts Resistivity In Nanodevices - Science Daily
1/23/2005: Helping Small Firms Run Large Supply Chains - Science Daily



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