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  January 23, 2005

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Possible Breakthrough Study of Material from Beyond Our Galaxy -  For decades, astronomers have sought to pin down a source for ultra high-energy cosmic rays. It appears the first source has been located, a finding that would be considered a major breakthrough in the field. The distant sources must be among the more powerful events in the universe If proved out, it represents the first time scientists are able to study a known object from beyond our galaxy by examining actual material  
Samsung Introduces World's First 3-Dimensional Movement Recognition Phone - SpaceDaily  Left:  The Samsung SCH-S310 mobile phone, the world's first "3D movement recognition" mobile phone. Photo credit: Business Wire.  'Accelerometer' is built in to accurately calculate and ascertain movement in three dimensional space and then carry out commands according to those calculations. Sophisticated sensing technology calculates the direction in which the mobile phone is moving as well as its speed of movement. The capability extends beyond the identification of the general locus to include precise recognition of small and rapid movements as well as alphanumeric symbols. User interface: The user can "write" the number "three" in the air. The mobile phone can read this movement and then dial "3." Shaking the phone twice will conclude a call or delete spam messages.

The first prototype of the Airbus A380

'Triumph of design': The world's largest plane to reveal the future of flying?   - BBC  Left:  As wide as a football field is long.  The A-380 is the world's first two-decker aircraft, typically seating 555, with a maximum "cattle-class" seating capacity of 840 (compared to 415 in a Boeing 747). Its flight range is 15,000 km., or about 1,500 km. greater than a 747. Its cabin width is about 48 cms. or about 1.6 feet wider than a 747. The A-380 cost $12 to develop, with generous subsidies from the EU. Airlines have so far purchased 129 of these behemoths. The UK's BAE Systems owns a fifth of the Airbus company, with France and Germany as its two principal shareholders.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

1/23/2005: OSU Researcher Develops New Way To Detect Salmon Parasite - Science Daily
1/23/2005: New Rust- And Mosaic-Resistant Beans Released
 - Science Daily
1/23/2005: Scientists Develop Split Green For Tagging Protein - Science Daily
1/23/2005: DNA Region Found That Affects Fertility  - NY Times
1/23/2005: Scientists decipher genome of killer fungus ... - FirstScience
1/23/2005: Porpoises flee killer dolphins  - BBC
1/23/2005: GM beet 'can help wildlife'  - BBC
1/23/2005: Why lovesick cuttlefish pretend to be one of the girls  - BBC
1/23/2005: Bangladesh 'endorses' GM rice  - BBC
1/23/2005: Animal magnetism: Why a photographer wanted to capture the human side of nature  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
1/23/2005: Antarctic Iced Over When Greenhouse Gases -- Not Ocean Currents -- Shifted, Study Suggests - Science Daily
1/23/2005: England 'to hit recycling target' ...  - BBC
1/23/2005: Gunns sues environmentalists, attacks free speech ... - FirstScience
1/23/2005: Kemira Develops New Solutions For Reducing Nitrogen Emissions From Diesel Engine Exhaust Gas ... - FirstScience
1/23/2005: Ottawa eyes U.S. car emissions laws ... - FirstScience
1/23/2005: Airbus success will help drive global warming, says expert - SpaceDaily
1/23/2005: Temperatures rising in Alps, less snow - SpaceDaily
1/23/2005: Columbia Crew Catches A Mysterious TIGER In The Indian Ocean - SpaceDaily
1/23/2005: Study Finds Advantages To Iron Nanoparticles For Environmental Clean Up - SpaceDaily
1/23/2005: London dominates pollution list  - BBC

1/23/2005: Alchemist Fails to Make Gold  - Wired News
1/23/2005: Playing With Video Game Laws  - Wired News
1/23/2005: Games help you 'learn and play'  - BBC

1/23/2005: Cell-Phone Shushing Gets Creative
  - Wired News
1/23/2005: Hands-free kits 'cut radiation'
  - BBC

1/23/2005: Intel revamps, seeks new markets - Seattle Times
1/23/2005: Intel rewires laptop tech  - C/Net
1/23/2005: Photo: Going mobile  - C/Net

1/23/2005: Watch a Mac Mini dissection  - C/Net
1/23/2005: Is the Mac Mini Competitive Enough?  - C/Net
1/23/2005: The Mac Mini: Less Than You Think  - C/Net
1/23/2005: Putting the Mac Mini in your dashboard  - C/Net

1/23/2005: Log On and Kill an Animal in the Wild  - Wired News
1/23/2005: Net Team Taps Into Expat Brains  - Wired News
1/23/2005: Web photo storage market hots up  - BBC
1/23/2005: Legal music downloads 'take off'  - BBC
1/23/2005: Forward to all What makes e-mails funny enough to send on to your pals?  - BBC
1/23/2005: Yahoo: Lots of Ads, One Minus - Business Week

1/23/2005: Home field advantage?  - C/Net

1/23/2005: Hydrogen cars are almost here, but...  - C/Net
1/23/2005: Are Hydrogen Cars Ready for Primetime?  - C/Net
1/23/2005: George Jetson, Meet the Sequel  - C/Net
1/23/2005: Sunlight to Fuel Hydrogen Future  - C/Net
1/23/2005: Breakthrough in Hydrogen Production for Fuel Cells  - C/Net

1/23/2005: Folic acid 'cuts blood pressure'  - BBC

1/23/2005: Tot cancers 'from pollution during pregnancy' ... - FirstScience
1/23/2005: Alcohol-free beer 'stops cancer'  - BBC
1/23/2005: Malignant cells targeted in study  - BBC

1/23/2005: Some U.S. Soldiers Returning From Afghanistan Should Be Screened For Malaria - Science Daily

1/23/2005: Suspect Protein Found To Play Protective Role In Chronic Lung Disease - Science Daily
1/23/2005: Asthma Starts in the Womb  - Wired News
1/23/2005: Messy beds 'keep us healthy'  - BBC
1/23/2005: GPs 'must query cannabis use'  - BBC
1/23/2005: A&E treats '1m drinkers a year'  - BBC
1/23/2005: Cigar nation faces smoking curbs  - BBC

1/23/2005: New Fetal Heart Monitor Could Give Better Health Picture During Labor - Science Daily
1/23/2005: U.S. Study Highlights Clear Link Between Increased Fast-food Consumption And Obesity - Science Daily
1/23/2005: Tech Helps Disabled Speed Demons  - BBC
1/23/2005: UK food labelling 'may mislead'  - BBC
1/23/2005: Cutting risk How a daughter's health scare inspired a diagnostic tool  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
1/23/2005: Amazing hominid haul in Ethiopia  - BBC
1/23/2005: Early pre-human lacked sharp canines  - BBC
1/23/2005: Shackleton hut to be resurrected  - BBC

1/23/2005: Dartmouth Researcher Mines To Measure Literary Tastes - Science Daily
1/23/2005: Airbus shows off new flagship 'superjumbo' - Seattle Times
1/23/2005: Trial about to start for WorldCom CEO - Seattle Times
1/23/2005: Top Tyco executives back in court today - Seattle Times
1/23/2005: Women say U.S. fails to deliver - Seattle Times
1/23/2005: Technology Can Fix U.S. Intelligence  - Technology Review 
1/23/2005: Push-Button Wine Tasting  - Wired News
1/23/2005: Women and science don't mix ... - FirstScience
1/23/2005: Top ten news events in science, technology and industry for national defense in 2004 selected ... - FirstScience
1/23/2005: Taiwan Deploys Missiles On Mobile Launchers: Report - SpaceDaily
1/23/2005: European project: Why the giant A380 aircraft is a symbol of unity and strength  - BBC
1/23/2005: Yahoo boosted by ad boom  - BBC
1/23/2005: Pro-US Iraq weblog becomes target for conspiracy theorists  - BBC
1/23/2005: The name game: Why GPs want to rebrand themselves for the 21st Century  - BBC
1/23/2005: Brace yourself for next Monday - the 'most depressing' day  - BBC
1/23/2005: 'World's oldest mum' raps critics  - BBC
1/23/2005: Paul Allen Says "Enough!" - Business Week
1/23/2005: Down and Dirty at the Ebbers Trial - Business Week
1/23/2005: Nicholas Carr
 - Business Week
1/23/2005: Tech & You: On the Road to HDTV Paradise
 - Business Week
1/23/2005: Tech searches that really matter
  - C/Net

1/23/2005: Baby Talk: Infants Have Much To Say If Adults Will Only Listen - Science Daily
1/23/2005: Transplantation Of Monkey Embryonic Stem Cells Reverses Parkinson Disease In Primates - Science Daily
1/23/2005: Where's daddy: How a father's absence can affect a child's development  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
1/23/2005: Possible Breakthrough Study of Material from Beyond Our Galaxy -
1/23/2005: Spitzer Sees Dusty Aftermath Of Pluto-Sized Collision
 - Science Daily
1/23/2005: Astronomy's case of the missing disks ...
 - FirstScience
1/23/2005: Star Cluster Buzzing With Pulsars ...
 - FirstScience
1/23/2005: Universe measured by mapping 260,000 galaxies ...
 - FirstScience
1/23/2005: Astronomers Take Peek At Star Factory
 - SpaceDaily
1/23/2005: Organic Molecules Transport Strongest Spectral Signature Of Interplanetary Dust
 - SpaceDaily
1/23/2005: Floating Films On Liquid Mercury
 - SpaceDaily
1/23/2005: Germany credits Einstein's genius
  - BBC

1/23/2005: Do You Want to Live Forever?  - Technology Review 
1/23/2005: Aubrey de Grey Responds
  - Technology Review 


1/23/2005: Race for Next Space Prize Ignites  - Wired News
1/23/2005: Researchers Develop New Machine for Detecting Signs of Life on Mars?...
  - Scientific American
1/23/2005: The European Space Agency (ESA) and Russia on Wednesday will sign a framework contract on space launches ...
 - FirstScience
1/23/2005: Russia and Europe to sign space agreement
 - SpaceDaily
1/23/2005: Russia and Europe space deal
  - BBC
1/23/2005: Virgin boss unveils space trips
  - BBC
1/23/2005: Methane rain feeds Titan's rivers
  - BBC
1/23/2005: Titan scientist: 'We've got a flammable world'
  - C/Net
1/23/2005: Photos: Looking back at SpaceShipOne's historic flights
  - C/Net
1/23/2005: Photos: Probe reaches Saturn moon
  - C/Net
1/23/2005: Titan experiment fails:-they forgot to turn it on
  - C/Net
1/23/2005: Huygens: the missing data
  - Nature
1/23/2005: Scientists See Signs of Methane Forming as Rain on Saturn Moon
  - NY Times
1/23/2005: White House Cuts Hubble Servicing Mission from 2006 Budget Request
1/23/2005: Astronaut Hall of Fame to Induct Pilot, Spacewalkers -
1/23/2005: Huygens Probe Sheds New Light on Titan
1/23/2005: Full Moon Names for 2005
1/23/2005: Rare Spate of Solar Storms Bombards Spacecraft
1/23/2005: Similar, But Different: Huygens Probe Unlocks Another Planet in Our Solar System
1/23/2005: NASA Tests Shuttle Skin To Gauge Strength
 - SpaceDaily
1/23/2005: Liquid methane found on Titan, a 'flammable world'
 - SpaceDaily
1/23/2005: Space Watch: Cooperation's Failure At ISS
 - SpaceDaily
1/23/2005: Titan's Streams Like Earth's
  - Wired News
1/23/2005: Sharpened images from probe show pale orange surface on Saturn's moon ..
 - FirstScience.
1/23/2005: Photos show European space probe landed in mud on Saturnian moon Titan ...
 - FirstScience
1/23/2005: Titan landing just one of recent successes for Europe's space agency ...
 - FirstScience
1/23/2005: China's next manned space mission to be launched within next 10 months ..
 - FirstScience.
1/23/2005: European probe finds methane rain, river beds, deserts on Saturn's moon Titan ...
 - FirstScience

1/23/2005: Samsung Introduces World's First 3-Dimensional Movement Recognition Phone - SpaceDaily
1/23/2005: 'Triumph of design': The world's largest plane to reveal the future of flying?    - BBC
1/23/2005: Wal-Mart likes high-tech tags - Seattle Times
1/23/2005: A Fitful Relationship With Tech  - Wired News
1/23/2005: Artificial Spider Silk Could Be Used for Armor - Nat'l. Geo. News
1/23/2005: So Are You in the Mood for a Drive?  - Wired News
1/23/2005: HP To Open 'Noisy' RFID Lab
  - Wired News
1/23/2005: Computer helps NASA design the best antenna ...
 - L. A. Times
1/23/2005: Antonov An-225 still king of the skies
 - SpaceDaily
1/23/2005: Speak easy plan for media players
  - BBC
1/23/2005: Airport joining 'silent' jet team
  - BBC


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