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  January 22, 2006

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Ant School: The First Formal Classroom Found in Nature - Live Science   Ants teach other ants how to find food using a poking and prodding technique called "tandem running," a new study reveals. The process is slow. The follower pauses every once and a while—creating a gap between it and the leader—to search for landmarks. When she''s ready to continue, the follower catches up and taps the leader on the hind legs. The experiment reveals the first non-human example of formal instruction. 
Astronomers Weigh "Recycled" Millisecond Pulsar - SpaceDaily   Left:  Shapiro delay in the pulsar PSRJ 1909-3744's signal due to the gravitational field of its companion. (See larger image) In the top panel, diagrams show the configuration of the pulsar and its white dwarf companion in their orbits relative to the line of sight to the observer on the Earth at two key points in the orbit: when the pulsar is closest to the Earth (left, the point of minimum Shapiro delay) and when the pulsar is on the far side of its companion as viewed from Earth (right, the point of maximum Shapiro delay).  This result is of special interest because it gives new insight into the production of millisecond pulsars and may shed light on the laws that govern nuclear matter. 

ESA And ANU Make Space Propulsion Breakthrough - SpaceDaily  The new engine is over ten times more fuel efficient than the one used on SMART-1. "Using a similar amount of propellant as SMART-1, with the right power supply, a future spacecraft using our new engine design wouldn't just reach the Moon, it would be able to leave the Solar System entirely," says Dr Roger Walker of ESA's Advanced Concepts Team, Research Fellow in Advanced Propulsion and Technical Manager of the project. The test model achieved voltage differences as high as 30kV and produced an ion exhaust plume that travelled at 210,000 m/s     
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Alzheimer's Disease:
1/22/2005: UCLA Develops New Method To Track Neuron Cell Death Leading To Alzheimer's Disease - Science Daily
1/22/2005: Epsilon4 Allele Carriers Show Altered Brain Activity Before Onset Of Alzheimer's Symptoms
 - Science Daily
1/22/2005: Two Pathways Found That Lead To Alzheimer's Disease
 - Science Daily

1/22/2005: Ant School: The First Formal Classroom Found in Nature - Space.com
1/22/2005: World's biggest fish 'shrinking'
  - BBC
1/22/2005: Live or die: What determines whether species thrive or go extinct?  - BBC
1/22/2005: Sensors watch Barrier Reef coral  - BBC
1/22/2005: Insight into mystery of antlers  - BBC
1/22/2005: • A "Body Blow" to Stem Cell Research - Business Week
1/22/2005: Plant-derived Vaccines Safeguard Against Deadly Plague - Science Daily
1/22/2005: Climate Change Devastating Latin American Frogs - Science Daily
1/22/2005: Nearly Half Of Ashkenazi Jews Descended From Four 'Founding Mothers' - Science Daily
1/22/2005: Birds and Bees Can't Keep Up - Live Science
1/22/2005: Rare Big-Eared Bats Found in Oklahoma - Live Science
1/22/2005: Drought Kills Hippos In Kenyan Wildlife Reserve - Science Daily
1/22/2005: Trophy Hunting Endorsed As Way To Save Lions - Science Daily
1/22/2005: Stem Cell Uncertainty  - Technology Review 

Climate, Environment:
1/22/2005: Less pollution on sidewalks than streets - MSNBC
1/22/2005: Aussie Climatologists Contend With A New Trend - Science Daily
1/22/2005: EU, South Korea Seal Galileo Agreement - Science Daily
1/22/2005: China Fails In Efforts To Close Unsafe Mines - Science Daily
1/22/2005: Earthquakes Kill Nearly 90,000 In 2005 - Science Daily
1/22/2005: Winter Soot Prompts Swiss Anti-Pollution Drive - Science Daily

1/22/2005: IRS may want some of that magic wand  - C/Net

1/22/2005: Brits appear keen to watch TV on mobile phones
  - BBC
1/22/2005: Windows Wi-Fi vulnerability discovered
  - C/Net
1/22/2005: Bangladesh halts 'corrupting' night cell calls
  - C/Net
1/22/2005: Marketers interested in small screen
  - C/Net
1/22/2005: Ultrawideband group may disband
  - El. Engr. Times
1/22/2005: Invention: Cellphone distress beacon
 - New Scientist


1/22/2005: Mac attack Bill Thompson answers criticisms over his views on Mac security  - BBC
1/22/2005: Flash goes the notebook  - C/Net
1/22/2005: Seagate cranks up notebook drives to 160GB  - C/Net
1/22/2005: New GPL Is Free at Last  - Wired News

1/22/2005: • Can Murdoch Win on the Web? - Business Week
1/22/2005: Firefox gets a fifth of European market  - C/Net
1/22/2005: U.K. to host global online-gambling summit  - C/Net
1/22/2005: Digital Universe opens for public tryout - MSNBC

1/22/2005: Companies push Linux partitioning  - C/Net
1/22/2005: Microsoft, Lotus Eater?  - Wired News

1/22/2005: Britons split on N-power advance  - BBC
1/22/2005: Plextronics receives $1 million for solar cells  - El. Engr. Times

1/22/2005: Why watching comedy films may be good for your heart  - BBC
1/22/2005: Administering Stem Cells To Patients With Myocardial Infarction Leads To A Reduction Of The Infarct - Science Daily

1/22/2005: House insecticides leukaemia fear  - BBC
1/22/2005: Indoor Tanning Contributes To Increased Incidence Of Skin Cancer - Science Daily

1/22/2005: Live-in bugs fight HIV  - Nature
1/22/2005: A Clue From Macaques Yields Evidence For Impaired Retroviral Defense Genes In Humans - Science Daily
1/22/2005: EU Presses China Over Bird Flu Fight - Science Daily
1/22/2005: More Bad Flu News - Science Daily

1/22/2005: Three-week Diet-Exercise Study Shows 50 Percent Reversal In Metabolic Syndrome, Type 2 Diabetes - Science Daily

1/22/2005: Euthanasia 'extremely rare in UK'  - BBC
1/22/2005: US judges back assisted suicide  - BBC
1/22/2005: Research blocking 'costing lives'  - BBC
1/22/2005: Sight warning on impotency drugs  - BBC
1/22/2005: Flexi-work doctor scheme 'threat'  - BBC
1/22/2005: Online courses: Could your first aid skills help save someone's life?  - BBC
1/22/2005: Torpedo boat 'birth defect link'  - BBC
1/22/2005: Doctor admits Lancet study is fiction  - Nature
1/22/2005: Strict data protection may stifle health research
 - New Scientist
1/22/2005: Federal Standards For Blood Lead May Be Too High
 - Science Daily
1/22/2005: Sandia Researchers To Model Nano-size Battery To Be Implanted In Eye To Power Artificial Retina
 - Science Daily
1/22/2005: Vein Finder Would Reduce Errant Needle Pricks
 - Live Science
1/22/2005: CT Scan to Go
  - Technology Review 

History, Anthropology:
1/22/2005: Marching on: The debate over the Americas' oldest 'footprints' rages on  - BBC
1/22/2005: Cold feet and more at Sun's birth  - C/Net
1/22/2005: California intelligent-design spat settled - MSNBC
1/22/2005: Irish king left a wide genetic trail - MSNBC
1/22/2005: Some of Ben Franklin's Quirkiest Ideas - Live Science

1/22/2005: Tap in your name: The website that maps your surname against areas of Britain  - BBC
1/22/2005: Doctors abroad: Biotech deals and healthcare exports boost Cuban economy  - BBC
1/22/2005: Jobs suggests Dell should eat his words  - C/Net
1/22/2005: 102 comments  - C/Net
1/22/2005: A map of the world, charted by stereotypes  - C/Net
1/22/2005: 15 comments  - C/Net
1/22/2005: A name in the credits: Over his dead body  - C/Net
1/22/2005: Photos: Dying to be a corpse  - C/Net
1/22/2005: Man solves Rubik's Cube in 11.13 seconds - MSNBC
1/22/2005: Uncrewed combat plane prototypes revealed - New Scientist
1/22/2005: Changes in rules may lead to fewer pensions - Seattle Times
1/22/2005: Marriott to turn lobbies into "great rooms" - Seattle Times
1/22/2005: Spirit looks to soar as low-fare airline - Seattle Times
1/22/2005: Microsoft incentives aimed at small businesses - Seattle Times
1/22/2005: US Air Force Rates Raptor "Mission Capable" - Science Daily
1/22/2005: Wedgetail Aircraft Delivered To Boeing Australia - Science Daily
1/22/2005: Night Vision Capability For OZ Navy Seahawks - Science Daily
1/22/2005: Rafael's Ceramic Armor For The Modern Soldier - Science Daily
1/22/2005: EU Urges Emergency Iran Nuclear Talks - Science Daily
1/22/2005: Bremer Blames Bush, Rumsfeld - Science Daily
1/22/2005: Deconstructing Iraq
 - Science Daily
1/22/2005: Boeing Awarded USAF Contract For Energy And Space R&D
 - Science Daily
1/22/2005: India Whines About Nuke Home Truths From Iran
 - Science Daily
1/22/2005: Kim Jong-Il In China For Nuclear, Economic Briefings
 - Science Daily
1/22/2005: Musharraf Still Has Problems
 - Science Daily
1/22/2005: Rice Defends Tough Anti-Terror Drive In Pakistan
 - Science Daily
1/22/2005: Devious Tactic Snags Phone Data
  - Wired News
1/22/2005: Japan Grows a Beard
  - Wired News
1/22/2005: Your Awful Noise Is My Art
  - Wired News

1/22/2005: Leptin fights depression  - Nature

Physics and Astronomy:
1/22/2005: Astronomers Weigh "Recycled" Millisecond Pulsar - SpaceDaily
1/22/2005: Crystals light up
 - PhysicsWeb
1/22/2005: Study Highlights Role Of Hit-and-run Collisions In Planet Formation
 - Science Daily
1/22/2005: Mapping Orion's Winds
 - Science Daily
1/22/2005: Scientists 'RAVE-ing' About Most Ambitious Star Survey Ever
 - Science Daily
1/22/2005: Source of Space Fireworks Discovered
 - Space.com
1/22/2005: Scientists Find Black Hole's 'Point Of No Return'
 - Science Daily


1/22/2005: Engineers Create Mathematical Method To Design Better Robots, Structures - Science Daily

1/22/2005: ESA And ANU Make Space Propulsion Breakthrough - SpaceDaily
1/22/2005: Magnet Lab To Analyze Stardust Mission's Comet Dust
 - Science Daily
1/22/2005: Saturn special: In the loop
 - New Scientist
1/22/2005: Moon-based telescope may peer at the Earth
 - New Scientist
1/22/2005: Kuiper Belt Moons Are Starting To Seem Typical
 - Science Daily
1/22/2005: Station Access Problems Show Need For More Launchers Says ESA
 - Science Daily
1/22/2005: India To Decide On Manned Mission Within 12 Months
 - Science Daily
1/22/2005: India Eyes Commercial Launch Market - Science Daily
1/22/2005: India To Launch Own Cryogenic Engine This Year
 - Science Daily
1/22/2005: Chinese Bank Offers $200 Mln Loan For Nigerian Satellite Project
 - Science Daily


1/22/2005: Tokyo to get world's first 'maglev' elevator  - CNN
1/22/2005: DVR Would Turn Off When Viewer Falls Asleep - Live Science
1/22/2005: New Nano Law-  - Technology Review 



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