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  January 21, 2006

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Engineers Create Mathematical Method To Design Better Robots, Structures - SpaceDaily  Left:  This image shows a "multiple-platform" robot design that illustrates the practical use of "dual theorems" that combine the mathematics of civil and mechanical engineering, promising to enable the creation of better structures, robot manipulators and machines. Now, a mechanical engineer at Purdue University and a civil engineer at Tel Aviv University in Israel have created new theorems that combine the mathematics of both kinematics and statics. The dual theorems could enable civil engineers to design structures that better withstand the forces and "moments" associated with motions, such as those caused by earthquakes, perhaps at less expense than today's designs. The theorems also could be used to design a new class of multiple-platform robots.
Spitzer Finds Comet Dust Around Dead Star - SpaceDaily  NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has spotted what may be comet dust sprinkled around the white dwarf star G29-38, which died approximately 500 million years ago. The findings suggest the dead star, which most likely consumed its inner planets, is still orbited by a ring of surviving comets and possibly outer planets. This is the first observational evidence that comets can outlive their suns. Astronomers believe white dwarfs are shrunken skeletons of stars that were once similar to Earth's sun. As the stars aged over billions of years, they grew brighter and eventually swelled in size to become red giants. Millions of years later, the red giants shed their outer atmospheres, leaving behind white dwarfs.    

27 Left In Malaysia's Race To Space - SpaceDaily  Left:  A woman walks by batik cloth sold on the streets in Kuala Lumpur, 08 March 2005. By 2007, Malaysia aims to send not only its first astronaut to space but also a piece of local culture and delicacy  The race to become the first Malaysian astronaut is picking up, with only 27 candidates left fighting to be sent to space, reports The Star Online. From the initial 894 hopefuls last year, only 25 male and two female candidates will move on to the next round of the selection process. Science, Technology and Innovations Minister Datuk Seri Dr Jamaludin Jarjis said it would begin on Jan 16 and end on Jan 26. "It will be divided into three phases."  
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Alzheimer's Disease:
1/21/2005: Exercise linked to big drop in dementia risk - New Scientist

1/21/2005: Woman's scent can lure or repel  - BBC
1/21/2005: Protein 'Nanosprings' Most Resilient Found In Nature
 - Science Daily
1/21/2005: Tool Developed To Silence Genes In Specific Tissues Using RNAi - Science Daily
1/21/2005: Insects And Mammals Share Common Fat-building Pathway, Study Suggests - Science Daily
1/21/2005: Giant Protein Titin Helps Build Muscles - Science Daily
1/21/2005: Stem cells from cloned embryos keep genetic integrity- New Scientist

Climate, Environment:
1/21/2005: Crater Drilling Declared Major Success: More Than A Mile-long Core Retrieved - Science Daily
1/21/2005: The Forgotten Methane Source - Science Daily
1/21/2005: Eruptions put Alaskans on volcano alert - MSNBC
1/21/2005: Climate Change Plan Takes Heat Off US, Australia - SpaceDaily
1/21/2005: Japanese Harpoon Narrowly Misses Greenpeace Boat - SpaceDaily
1/21/2005: World Food Program Warns Of Drought 'Catastrophe' In Africa
1/21/2005: Fewer wetland birds migrate to UK  - BBC
1/21/2005: Antarctic log The BBC's David Shukman journeys to the White Continent  - BBC

1/21/2005: Doctor bans boy from Playstation to stop head twitching  - C/Net
1/21/2005: UW-Madison Programmer Gives Weather For The Palm Of Your Hand - SpaceDaily
1/21/2005: Handhelds help game firms prosper  - BBC
1/21/2005: iPod--1,000 add-ons and counting  - C/Net
1/21/2005: Camera dealers feel Web's wrath  - C/Net
1/21/2005: 600,000 Xbox 360 units sold in U.S.  - CNN
1/21/2005: Where the iPod leads, its ecosystem follows
 - Seattle Times

1/21/2005: TI helps Net telephony providers manage devices
  - C/Net
1/21/2005: Satellite Cured The Radio Star
 - SpaceDaily
1/21/2005: Broadband 'now Northern-Ireland wide'
  - BBC
1/21/2005: Q&A | Wireless pioneer looks to the future
 - Seattle Times

1/21/2005: Memory Design Breakthrough Can Lead To Faster Computers - SpaceDaily
1/21/2005: Sematech targets infrastructure for 3-D chips  - El. Engr. Times
1/21/2005: High-Tc (critical temperature superconducting) junctions show promising quantum effects  - El. Engr. Times


1/21/2005: Search engines going far beyond maps - Seattle Times
1/21/2005: Firefox for Intel Macs planned for March  - C/Net
1/21/2005: Google's shadow payroll not such a secret anymore  - C/Net
1/21/2005: Some students prefer classes online  - C/Net
1/21/2005: Go Digital podcast: Intel chips in Macs and shared computing to protect the Great Barrier Reef  - BBC
1/21/2005: Anonymity on a Disk  - Wired News
1/21/2005: Spam Scam Targets Russian Tycoon
  - Wired News
1/21/2005: When Search Maps Your Privacy
  - Wired News
1/21/2005: Online Courses Not So Distant
  - Wired News
1/21/2005: Customize Your Firefox Search
  - Wired News

1/21/2005: Apple exposed? Security is not just for Windows users, says Bill Thompson  - BBC
1/21/2005: Music companies bank on digital vending machines  - CNN
1/21/2005: Mon Dieu! Microsoft snubbed in France - Seattle Times

1/21/2005: China's Developing World Energy Strategy - SpaceDaily

1/21/2005: Thiamin Deficiency Common In Hospitalized Heart Failure Patients - Science Daily
1/21/2005: Oh, Rats! Designer Animals Reveal Possible Heart Disease Genes - Science Daily
1/21/2005: Drug Cuts Sleep Apnea In Heart Failure Patients - Science Daily

1/21/2005: Researchers Discover Protein Fragment That Helps Predict Breast Cancer Outcome - Science Daily
1/21/2005: Cancer study patients ' made up'  - BBC
1/21/2005: Study Shows Inhaled Medicine Improves Survival For Lung Transplant Patients - Science Daily

1/21/2005: Time to stamp out bird flu at source - New Scientist
1/21/2005: Bird flu in Turkey could be adapting to humans - New Scientist
1/21/2005: Immune Cells May Help Maintain Cognition And Brain Cell Renewal - Science Daily
1/21/2005: UCSD Team Unmasks Family Of Immune System Invaders - Science Daily
1/21/2005: AIDS Drug From Sunflowers - Science Daily

1/21/2005: Strong gene-link to type 2 diabetes revealed - New Scientist
1/21/2005: Blockade Of Fat Hormone Helps Halt And Heal Multiple Sclerosis - Science Daily
1/21/2005: LSD: The Geek's Wonder Drug?  - Wired News
1/21/2005: Icelandic study discovers important diabetes gene ... - FirstScience

1/21/2005: Have Your Say: Would you have cosmetic surgery? Send us your views  - BBC
1/21/2005: Hope for new way to beat obesity  - BBC
1/21/2005: Soy Phytoestrogens May Block Estrogen Effects - Science Daily
1/21/2005: UCLA Scientists Uncover Mechanism Of Response To Targeted Therapy - Science Daily
1/21/2005: Study Could Lead To A Novel Strategy For Treating Obesity - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:

1/21/2005: New Roth 401(k) struggles for acceptance
1/21/2005: Outsourced call centers raising customer ire
1/21/2005: Top fund stories of 2006 will be ...
1/21/2005: Should I pay to have my résumé mass-mailed? - Seattle Times
1/21/2005: Unethical boss: How to protect yourself - Seattle Times
1/21/2005: Diversity at the top level often gets just lip service - Seattle Times
1/21/2005: Record falls at meet of Rubik's 'cubers'  - C/Net
1/21/2005: Photos: Gamers gather  - C/Net
1/21/2005: Video: A puzzle gone wild  - C/Net
1/21/2005: Outside View: Exploring 4Th Gen War - SpaceDaily
1/21/2005: Iran Says Not Scared Of Security Council, Warns On Oil Prices - SpaceDaily
1/21/2005: Kim Jong-Il Visiting Chinese High-Tech Firms - SpaceDaily
1/21/2005: Beijing Faces Daunting Developmental Challenges - SpaceDaily
1/21/2005: China Unveils 'Win-Win' Partnership With Africa - SpaceDaily
1/21/2005: Scores Injured As China Police Quell Protest - SpaceDaily
1/21/2005: China Must Sign Safeguards To Get OZ Uranium - SpaceDaily
1/21/2005: Revolution In Central Asia - SpaceDaily
1/21/2005: Building interest in science, a brick at a time ... - SpaceDaily
1/21/2005: Covers come off UK spy plane  - BBC
1/21/2005: Allies plough billions into drones
  - BBC
1/21/2005: Fears raised over digital rights
  - BBC
1/21/2005: TV digital box sparks rescue mission after sending 'SOS' signal
  - BBC
1/21/2005: Identity cards facing Lords vote
  - BBC
1/21/2005: In tiny Bahrain, Web takes on ruling elite
  - C/Net
1/21/2005: 'Hacker' held over U.S. Navy breach
  - CNN
1/21/2005: Sandia Researchers Aim To Keep Points-of-entry Safe Through Systems-level Modeling Of Operations
 - Science Daily
1/21/2005: Overwhelmed consumers shying away from HDTV
 - Seattle Times
1/21/2005: Apple Stealing US Post Office Ads?
  - Wired News

1/21/2005: Long-term Memory Controlled By Molecular Pathway At Synapses - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
1/21/2005: Spitzer Finds Comet Dust Around Dead Star - SpaceDaily
1/21/2005: Fossil Galaxy Reveals Clues To Early Universe
 - Science Daily
1/21/2005: More To Starlight Than Meets The Eye
 - Science Daily
1/21/2005: Livermore Researchers Find New Source Of Coherent Light
 - Science Daily
1/21/2005: No Stars In The Clouds- Search For Missing Galaxies In High-speed Galactic Gas Clouds 'Comes Up Empty'
 - Science Daily
1/21/2005: Scientists Probe Black Hole's Inner Sanctum
 - Science Daily

1/21/2005: People Who Restrict Calories Have 'Younger' Hearts - Science Daily

1/21/2005: Engineers Create Mathematical Method To Design Better Robots, Structures - SpaceDaily

1/21/2005: 27 Left In Malaysia's Race To Space - SpaceDaily
1/21/2005: NASA's Comet Tale Draws To A Successful Close In Utah Desert
 - Science Daily
1/21/2005: NASA's Stardust Probe In 'Excellent' Condition After Return To Earth
 - SpaceDaily
1/21/2005: The Huygens Landing- One Year On
 - SpaceDaily
1/21/2005: Pinch of comet dust lands safely on Earth  - El. Engr. Times
1/21/2005: Pluto probe set to break speed records
 - New Scientist
1/21/2005: Saturn special: Touchdown on Titan
 - New Scientist
1/21/2005: One Giant Leap to IMAX  - Wired News

1/21/2005: NASA Restructures Aeronautics Research - SpaceDaily
1/21/2005: Sensors Detect Icy Bridges - SpaceDaily
1/21/2005: Anti-wobble boat keeps low profile  - El. Engr. Times
1/21/2005: Finally, a reliable, long-term archive system - Seattle Times
1/21/2005: Golf-Cart GPS Hits the Links  - Wired News



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