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  January 21, 2005

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Queen's Discovery Sheds New Light On Ancient Temperatures - SpaceDaily  Left: The researchers discovered ikaite (pictured) at several different levels in what were believed to be rock formations deposited in shallow, warm oceans during the interval between two ice ages that extended all the way to the equator 700 hundred million years ago. But ikaite forms in shallow water on the sea bottom at cold temperatures and melts when brought to the surface. The fundamental question for scientists is what triggered the enormous ice ages that left the oceans cold enough for the formation of this mineral?  One controversial theory known as "The Snowball Earth" hypothesis suggests that around 700 million years ago the earth was almost totally enclosed in ice. The Queen's discovery offers alternatives to this hypothesis. Was there a major celestial change that allowed the oceans to become so much colder during this period, or was there a change in the composition of the atmosphere that no longer allowed solar radiation to heat the surface of the earth?    
Repenomamus robustus fed on psittacosaurs. Image: Xu Xiaping Fierce mammal ate dinos for lunch  - BBC  Left:  These early mammals were thought to have lived in the shadow of the dinosaurs. But the picture is much different now.  The specimen belongs to a primitive mammal about 130 million years old and its stomach contents show that it ate young dinosaurs called psittacosaurs. In the same issue, the group reports also discovering the largest known primitive mammal from the same locality. But fragmentary evidence from Liaoning suggests even bigger mammals may prowled the region during the Cretaceous. Most mammal fossils from the time of the dinosaurs are about the size of mice and rats.  

Our Cosmic Self-Esteem - SpaceDaily  "We should think of ourselves as still in the early stage of the emergence of complexity and intelligence. It's hard to conceive what forms that might take on Earth or far beyond Earth. But I think we should see ourselves as nowhere near the culmination of evolution. Even if life is now very rare in the galaxy or unique to Earth, that doesn't mean life is forever going to be a trivial afterthought in the cosmos. In the time lying ahead, life from Earth could spread all through the galaxy. The Earth could be cosmically important as the seed from which life spreads more widely. It's  possible that life is very rare and almost unique to the Earth. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:
1/21/2005:Cruel disease: 'Alzheimer's took my beautiful wife away from me'  - BBC

1/21/2005:Shake-up of IVF 'welfare' checks  - BBC
1/21/2005:IVF checks: A woman describes what it is like to go through IVF
  - BBC
1/21/2005:Rhinos at risk to move to safety  - BBC
1/21/2005:Fearing New York May Fall Behind, Senator Proposes Stem Cell Institute  - NY Times
1/21/2005:New Jersey Faces Tough Competition for Stem Cell Scientists  - NY Times
1/21/2005:Ants' 'Genetic Engineering' Leads To Species Interdependency - Science Daily
1/21/2005:No Blind Mice, Thanks To University Of Florida Scientists  - Science Daily
1/21/2005:Sleeping It Off: How Animals Use Hibernation, And Other Cold-weather Survival Strategies, To Stay Alive  - Science Daily
1/21/2005:Winter Biological Processes May Help Spread Shrubs In The Arctic  - Science Daily
1/21/2005:Inexpensive, Mass-produced Genes At Core Of Synthetic Biology Advances At UH - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
1/21/2005:Queen's Discovery Sheds New Light On Ancient Temperatures - SpaceDaily 
1/21/2005:Russian bears lose sleep over warm winter weather  - BBC
1/21/2005:Tsunami: What is left for fishermen who return? - New Scientist
1/21/2005:Sewage bug surrenders toxic clean-up secrets - New Scientist
1/21/2005:Tsunami: Reconstructing a most deadly wave - New Scientist
1/21/2005:High levels of flame retardant found in household dust - New Scientist
1/21/2005:It Could Happen Here  - NY Times
1/21/2005:French Satellite Data Reveal New Details Of Tsunami  - Science Daily
1/21/2005:Second Undersea Canyon Expedition To Study Ocean Crust Construction - SpaceDaily

1/21/2005:EA to take on film and TV giants  - BBC
1/21/2005:Handheld battle starts in 2005  - BBC
1/21/2005:'Forgotten Realms' heavy on action  - CNN

1/21/2005:Comcast raises broadband speed
  - C/Net
1/21/2005:South Korea preps ban on cell phone adverts
  - El. Engr. Times


1/21/2005:The 400 PCs: Apple's Mac mini is its cheapest computer, so what is it up against-  - BBC
1/21/2005:HP's PC dreams  - C/Net
1/21/2005:You leave, computer locks - Seattle Times

1/21/2005:Where the real Internet money is made  - C/Net
1/21/2005:Online Advertisers Go Back to School  - C/Net
1/21/2005:Greetings, the Romanian way  - C/Net
1/21/2005:Google readies budget search appliance  - C/Net
1/21/2005:Gmail glitch yields access to messages  - C/Net
1/21/2005:The bug for writing bugs  - C/Net
1/21/2005:Google wants 'dark fiber'
  - C/Net
1/21/2005:ISP suffers apparent domain hijacking
  - C/Net
1/21/2005:Company offers 10GB of Net storage, for free
  - C/Net
1/21/2005:Texas sues spammers
  - CNN
1/21/2005:Government Moves to Stop Internet Advertising for X-rated Spammers
  - Technology Review 

1/21/2005:Napster offers rented music to go  - BBC
1/21/2005:Defensive maneuvers  - C/Net
1/21/2005:From TiVo to MyDoom  - C/Net
1/21/2005:Rating Gates' talent  - C/Net
1/21/2005:Gates tugs "communist" thread again - Seattle Times
1/21/2005:A new Gates hobnobs in Vegas - Seattle Times

1/21/2005:Iceland buses come clean with hydrogen  - C/Net

1/21/2005:Migraine linked to heart defect  - BBC
1/21/2005:Stem Cell Therapy For Ailing Hearts
1/21/2005:Research Finds People With Migraine Headaches Report More Angina, But Not More Heart Disease - Science Daily
1/21/2005:Study Finds Heavy Drinking Linked To Higher Stroke Risk - Science Daily

1/21/2005:Child cancer 'link to pollution'  - BBC
1/21/2005:Migraine  - BBC
1/21/2005:Olive oil may reduce breast cancer risk - New Scientist
1/21/2005:Potential Cure For Lymphoma In HIV Patients - Science Daily
1/21/2005:U.S. Researchers Uncover The Science Behind The Breast Cancer Protective Effect Of Olive Oil - Science Daily
1/21/2005:Growth Of Common Skin Cancer Blocked In Gene-switch Mice - Science Daily
1/21/2005:Finding Lymph Node Metastases In Cancer  - Science Daily

1/21/2005:Containing MRSA: Could a dressing be the answer in hospital superbug fight?  - BBC
1/21/2005:Understanding of cholera 'better'  - BBC
1/21/2005:Curing diseases modern medicine has left behind - New Scientist
1/21/2005:Vietnam's bird flu death toll rises - New Scientist
1/21/2005:Sexual Behavior, Genetics Linked To Kidney Infections  - Science Daily
1/21/2005:Finding Cures For Tropical Diseases- Is Open Source An Answer?  - Science Daily
1/21/2005:If Only It Were This Easy
  - Technology Review 

1/21/2005:Multiple sclerosis hormone link  - BBC
1/21/2005:Eyelid protein is key to allergy  - BBC
1/21/2005:Environmental Tobacco Smoke Linked To Reading, Math, Logic And Reasoning Declines In Children - Science Daily

1/21/2005:Parents fail children on lunches  - BBC
1/21/2005:Health at 50+: Why exercising in later life may give you additional benefits  - BBC
1/21/2005:Romanian gives birth at 66  - BBC
1/21/2005:Two Self-fulfilling Prophecies Are Stronger, And More Harmful, Than One - Science Daily
1/21/2005:Peanuts Rival Fruit As Source Of Health-promoting Antioxidants, Researchers Say - Science Daily
1/21/2005:Penn Researchers Evaluate Major Commercial Weight Loss Programs - Science Daily
1/21/2005:Surgeon Revives Successful Clubfoot Treatment - Science Daily
1/21/2005:'Nano-Scissors' Laser Shows Precise Surgical Capability  - Science Daily
1/21/2005:Study Shows Long-term Use Of NSAIDs Causes Severe Intestinal Damage
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
1/21/2005:Fierce mammal ate dinos for lunch   - BBC
1/21/2005:Brutal weather followed Earth's big freeze - New Scientist
1/21/2005:University Of Chicago Researchers Discovered That Humans Are A 'Privileged' Evolutionary Lineage - Science Daily

1/21/2005:Our Cosmic Self-Esteem - SpaceDaily
1/21/2005:Snooping by satellite  - C/Net
1/21/2005:Secret Service e-mail breached though hacked T-Mobile  - C/Net
1/21/2005:Ads That Annoy Also Succeed  - Wired News
1/21/2005:Urban underground 'faces risks'  - BBC
1/21/2005:Schools 'need help on self harm'  - BBC
1/21/2005:An Iranian cleric turns blogger for reform  - C/Net
1/21/2005:India To Launch Two Satellites - SpaceDaily
1/21/2005:Russia To Launch German Satellites - SpaceDaily
1/21/2005:Center for High-Tech Innovation in Ireland Closing after Failing to Attract Sponsors  - Technology Review 

1/21/2005:Alzheimer's drug for brain injury  - BBC
1/21/2005:Test hope for behaviour disorder  - BBC
1/21/2005:Chronic Epilepsy Decreases Brain Cell Production In Critical Learning And Memory Center - Science Daily
1/21/2005:Stanford Study Shows Hypnosis Helps Kids Undergoing Difficult Procedure  - Science Daily
1/21/2005:Magnetic Resonance Imaging Deconstructs Brain's Complex Network  - Science Daily
1/21/2005:Mice With Depression-like Behaviors Reveal Possible Source Of Human Depression  - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
1/21/2005:Black hole's particle jets trigger star births - New Scientist
1/21/2005:World's Most Powerful Infrared Camera Opens Its Eyes On The Heavens
 - Science Daily
1/21/2005:Spitzer Finds Stellar "Incubators" With Massive Star Embryos
 - Science Daily
1/21/2005:Green Comet Machholz -- Friend, Not Foe
 - SpaceDaily
1/21/2005:Measurements At CERN Help To Re-Evaluate The Element Of Life
 - SpaceDaily

1/21/2005:Fox Chase Cancer Center Scientists Discover Key Proteins Linked To Aging And Cancer  - Science Daily

1/21/2005:'Living' robots powered by muscle  - BBC



1/21/2005:Airbus to unveil A380 double-decker  - CNN
1/21/2005:Inside A380  - CNN
1/21/2005:A380 set for takeoff  - CNN
1/21/2005:High-tech links at the Hajj  - CNN
1/21/2005:Satellites Guide Ship Through South Pacific's Watery Desert - Science Daily
1/21/2005:New Laser Warning And Reporting System For Pilots - Science Daily
1/21/2005:Professor Discovers New Mixing Method For Microchip-Sized Labs
 - Science Daily


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