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  January 21, 2004

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AP Poll: U.S. Tepid on Bush's Space Plans  - BBC  President Bush's plan to build a space station on the moon and eventually send astronauts to Mars hasn't grabbed the public's imagination, an Associated Press poll suggests. More than half in the poll said it would be better to spend the money on domestic programs rather than on space research. Asked whether they favored the United States expanding the space program the way Bush proposes, people were evenly split,
Sunbathing Vitamin D pills cut MS risk   - BBC  Women who take vitamin D supplements are 40% less likely to develop multiple sclerosis, research suggests. The Harvard University team found eating a diet rich in vitamin D alone was not enough to provide the same protection. Nearly 190,000 women took part in the study, published in Neurology  Scientists formulated the theory that vitamin D plays a significant role in protecting against MS after data which suggested the condition was more common in countries furthest from the equator. People in these countries are exposed to less sunlight, which triggers a chemical reaction in the body leading to vitamin D production.

Feeding The Martians - SpaceDaily  NASA-funded scientists are researching methods to address current issues and future needs for efficiently growing plants on Mars. The research is being conducted in the specialized low- pressure and Mars-simulation chambers at the new state-of- the-art Space Life Sciences Laboratory at NASA's Kennedy Space Center (KSC), Fla. The research data, featured on the cover of the January 2004 issue of the scientific journal Plant Physiology, focuses on using reduced pressure environments to increase the scientific and engineering benefits of plant growth experiments. The data indicates, with the currently available materials on Mars, a greenhouse structure could only be constructed if the internal pressure of the greenhouse was maintained below approximately one-sixteenth of Earth's atmospheric pressure. "Since extraterrestrial colonies and space vehicles may well employ reduced atmospheric pressures to lower the time and engineering costs of missions, we now have the beginnings of an understanding of how those atmospheres will impact our long-term life support system," said Robert Ferl.

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Alzheimer's Disease:

1/21/2004: UK govt decision on GM crops seen in February... - FirstScience
1/21/2004: British government reconsiders stance on GM crops...
 - FirstScience
1/21/2004: Green light for transgenic crop  - Nature
1/21/2004: One is magic number for IVF clinics - New Scientist
1/21/2004: Suit Seeks to Block Sales of GloFish  - NY Times
1/21/2004: Registry Of 20,000 Subjects To Relate Gene Variants And Environmental Disease - Science Daily
1/21/2004: Corn Earworm Moths Get A Lift From The Wind - Science Daily
1/21/2004: Shocking Genes - Technology Review 
1/21/2004: Genetically Engineered Crops Up 15 Pct... - FirstScience
1/21/2004: The public is right on GM crops... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
1/21/2004: EC's final warning over coastal water quality levels... - FirstScience
1/21/2004: Supreme Court takes up air and water pollution cases... - FirstScience
1/21/2004: Why California must burn... - FirstScience
1/21/2004: U.N. aims to study link between environment, wars... - FirstScience
1/21/2004: Group Names 10 'Most Endangered' Parks - ABC
1/21/2004: Team investigates freak winds  - BBC
1/21/2004: Water Pump Case Tests Federal Law  - NY Times
1/21/2004: Court Voids a Bush Rule on Energy  - NY Times
1/21/2004: Justices Uphold Roadblocks  - NY Times
1/21/2004: Dispute Heard on Disabilities Act  - NY Times
1/21/2004: Saving Venice  - Nature
1/21/2004: Waste Motor Oil Management May Pose Threat To Health And The Environment - Science Daily
1/21/2004: EEA to launch emissions register... - FirstScience
1/21/2004: Trust homes in on emissions... - FirstScience
1/21/2004: Pollution problem hits swim spots... - FirstScience
1/21/2004: EarthTalk: Scandinavia leads world in environmentalism... - FirstScience
1/21/2004: Canada challenges EPA action against Teck... - FirstScience

1/21/2004: New tools aid ambitious gamers  - CNN
1/21/2004: The return of the cheery gadget pusher  - CNN
1/21/2004: Apple stops the rot with iPod music players - SpaceDaily
1/21/2004: Sony to launch MP3 music download gadgets under AIWA brand name - SpaceDaily

1/21/2004: Ring Tones Bringing in Big Bucks  - Wired News
1/21/2004: The Fast and the Frustrated - ABC
1/21/2004: Review: MSN Premium for Broadband - ABC
1/21/2004: Experts: No Mobile Phone Link to Health - ABC
1/21/2004: Rise of wireless travel tech  - CNN

1/21/2004: Hybrid bipolar transistor emits light  - El. Engr. Times
1/21/2004: Team tinkers with magnetic layers to build better MRAM  - El. Engr. Times
1/21/2004: Intel enlists Nanosys to probe nano-memory research  - El. Engr. Times
1/21/2004: Nanoparticle Dyes Boost Storage - Technology Review 

1/21/2004: IBM sells supercomputer using AMD chips  - C/Net

1/21/2004: There's a Gaggle Chasing Google  - Wired News
1/21/2004: Killer's Words Haunt Victim's Kin  - Wired News
1/21/2004: New Anti-Spam Laws Fail to Bite  - CNN
1/21/2004: China Authorities Battle Hard to Tighten the Web - L. A. Times
1/21/2004: Google Fans Fill Web With Buzz Over IPO - Washington Post
1/21/2004: New study shatters Internet 'geek' image  - CNN
1/21/2004: Corporations facing spam headache  - CNN
1/21/2004: Bringing order to e-mail marketing  - CNN
1/21/2004: Reliving Spam's Glorious Past  - Wired News
1/21/2004: Internet Unleashes U.S. Dogfight Craze  - CNN

1/21/2004: Rights Issue Dogs CD Protection  - Wired News
1/21/2004: Cranking Up the Volume - Tech TV
1/21/2004: Microsoft loses Internet Explorer patent appeal - New Scientist
1/21/2004: Britain Steps Up Piracy Campaign  - Wired News
1/21/2004: SCO Takes Linux Licensing Overseas  - Wired News
1/21/2004: MS Exec Whines HP-Apple Deal 'Unfair'  - CNN

1/21/2004: Fight over Yucca Mountain nuclear waste shifts to the courts... - FirstScience
1/21/2004: Finland stages nuclear drill, readies to build new reactor... - FirstScience
1/21/2004: Nuclear fusion row going critical - New Scientist


1/21/2004: Chip makers need to conduct cancer study, specialist says  - El. Engr. Times

1/21/2004: USDA Killing More Washington State Cows - ABC
1/21/2004: SARS may not be alone  - Nature
1/21/2004: Genes make some people more prone to SARS - New Scientist
1/21/2004: Focus on final push against polio  - BBC
1/21/2004: World Health Organization Monitors Outbreak Of Avian Influenza In Humans And Poultry In Viet Nam - Science Daily
1/21/2004: Vaccines Could Limit The Impact Of Cholera; Mozambique Mass Campaign Tests Theory - Science Daily
1/21/2004: No Cow Left Behind: Professor Advocates Testing Of All Cows For Mad Cow Disease
 - Science Daily
1/21/2004: U.N. health agency starts first mass cholera vaccination...
 - FirstScience

1/21/2004: Heavy Drinkers Use Narcotics To Relieve Back Pain, Despite Possible Interactions - Science Daily

1/21/2004: Vitamin D pills cut MS risk    - BBC
1/21/2004: Good Nappers - ABC
1/21/2004: Testing Testosterone - ABC
1/21/2004: Accommodating the Disabled at Work - ABC
1/21/2004: Panel Urges Universal Health Insurance - ABC
1/21/2004: An M.D.'s Guide to Ike's Heart and Hearth  - NY Times
1/21/2004: Doctors Studying Next Generation Surgery For Back Pain Sufferers - Science Daily
1/21/2004: Scientists Uncover Early Warning System For Copper Toxicity; Findings Could Influence Design Of Anticancer And Antimicrobial Drugs  - Science Daily
1/21/2004: Copper Is Crucial For Embryonic Development, Say University Of Michigan Scientists  - Science Daily
1/21/2004: Skipping Breakfast Ups Tooth Decay Risk For Children  - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
1/21/2004: Evolution of Gene Related to Brain's Growth Is Detailed  - NY Times
1/21/2004: Lion mummy found in Egyptian tomb - MSNBC
1/21/2004: Ancient DNA Mutations Permitted Humans To Adapt To Colder Climates, Researchers Find - Science Daily

1/21/2004: Currency Detector Easy to Defeat  - Wired News
1/21/2004: The Broadband Home of the Future  - Wired News
1/21/2004: Bidding For Biometric Riches  - Wired News
1/21/2004: India Lobbies Asia to Fight Outsource Backlash  - Wired News
1/21/2004: Is Big McBrother Invading Workplace Privacy?  - Wired News
1/21/2004: Japanese Manga Ruled Obscene  - BBC
1/21/2004: Army's Suicide Rate in Iraq Said Higher - ABC
1/21/2004: Personal Health: A Bully's Future, From Hard Life to Hard Time  - NY Times
1/21/2004: Look, no hands! New Toyota parks itself  - CNN
1/21/2004: Two more Oscar screeners found on Net  - CNN
1/21/2004: eBay joker auctions off state  - CNN
1/21/2004: Crashed cars to text message for help - New Scientist
1/21/2004: Advice to Census Takers: Be Wary or Be Eaten  - NY Times
1/21/2004: Pioneer in global investments pays tribute to Seattle U prof - Seattle Times
1/21/2004: The Newsletter: For MLK - Seattle Times
1/21/2004: Intel, Yahoo!, Apple lead tech gains - Seattle Times
1/21/2004: Trimble Unveils Small, Battery-Powered Automobile Locator - SpaceDaily
1/21/2004: Online Festivals Nurture Film  - Wired News
1/21/2004: Give Us a Taste of Our Own Poison  - Wired News
1/21/2004: Big Bunny Still Hopping Mad  - Wired News
1/21/2004: Wall Street: Tech Will Win Big from Tax Breaks  - CNN

1/21/2004: Transforming Thoughts Into Deeds  - Wired News
1/21/2004: Scientists Restore Crucial Myelin In Brains Of Mice - Science Daily
1/21/2004: Ecstasy Affects Memory, New International Study Shows - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
1/21/2004: Tests Suggest Scientists Have Found Big Bang Goo  - NY Times
1/21/2004: Glimpse of a new type of matter
  - Nature
1/21/2004: Supersolid is seen in the lab
 - PhysicsWeb
1/21/2004: LSU Professors, Students Part Of International Effort To Learn About Mysterious High-energy Cosmic Rays
 - Science Daily
1/21/2004: The Color of the Stars
 - Space.com

1/21/2004: Video: Staying Young: The Role of Physical Activity in Aging - ABC
1/21/2004: Health in old age: How you can stay fighting fit
  - BBC

1/21/2004: Bugs Taking Over Robot Guidance  - Wired News
1/21/2004: Robot makes acting debut  - CNN
1/21/2004: Researchers create first robot scientist  - CNN
1/21/2004: Robot conducts its own research - MSNBC
1/21/2004: Robot scientist outperforms humans in lab - New Scientist
1/21/2004: Kudos for Designer of Gene Experiment in Lab. Well Done, Robot!  - NY Times

1/21/2004: AP Poll: U.S. Tepid on Bush's Space Plans  - BBC
Feeding The Martians - SpaceDaily
1/21/2004: Think outside moon-Mars box: Maybe visit asteroid?... - USA Today
1/21/2004: U.S. Group Tours Chinese Space Facility - ABC
1/21/2004: Robot geologist: How the Spirit rover will explore Mars  - BBC
1/21/2004: Mars rover to visit deep crater  - BBC
1/21/2004: U.S. Officials Visit China's Space Center  - NY Times
1/21/2004: Mars On Earth? Researchers Find Mars-like Conditions In A South American Desert - Science Daily
1/21/2004: Rosetta Ready For Launch On 10 Year Journey To Explore Comets - SpaceDaily

1/21/2004: Wal-Mart CEO Promises 'Tough Love' Approach to RFID  - Wired News
1/21/2004: What's new - Popular Science
1/21/2004: Consumer push gains steam at MIT Media Lab  - El. Engr. Times
1/21/2004: Now You See 'Em, Now You Don't  - Wired News


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