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  January 20, 2006

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Spinning Black Hole Leaves Dent In Space-Time - SpaceDaily  MIT scientists and colleagues have found a black hole that has chiseled a remarkably stable indentation in the fabric of space and time, like a dimple in one's favorite spot on the sofa. The finding may help scientists measure a black hole's mass and how it spins, two long-sought measurements, by virtue of the extent of this indentation. Using NASA's Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer, the team saw identical patterns in the X-ray light emitted near the black hole nine years apart, as captured in archived data from 1996 and in a new, unprecedented 550-hour observation from 2005.     
LIGO Up And Running, But Gravity Waves Remain Elusive - SpaceDaily  Scientists working on the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory said Monday the facility has reached its target detection sensitivity, but the goal of finding the elusive phenomena known as gravity waves remains as elusive as ever. The instruments are able to resolve sudden distortions in space-time as small as 10 -18 meter, or one-thousandth the diameter of a proton. But even such astounding sensitivity is not sufficient to catch most cosmological events that could cause gravity waves. But that will soon improve by a factor of 1,000.    

Scooba cleaning robot, BBC

Cool tools: Gadgets to clean floors and chill consoles went on show at CES  - BBC  Left:  iRobots floor-mopping robot.  The Roomba vacuum cleaner bot from iRobot has been on sale for three years. It used sensors to work its way around the home and scoop up dirt. The company has reportedly sold 1.2 million of them since launch. Now the iRobot has created the Scooba, priced at $399.95. The machine is designed to take the place of the mop and bucket. Fill it up with detergent and it will automatically wash, scrub dry the floor. The robot can only handle hard floor surfaces, so if it wanders near a carpet, it will either turn away or come to a halt.
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Alzheimer's Disease:
1/20/2005: Key Heart And Alzheimer's Disease Protein Imaged For First Time In Native State - Science Daily

1/20/2005: South Korean stem cell probe widens - MSNBC
1/20/2005: Study Indentifies Molecule Essential For Proper Localization Of Blood Stem Cells
 - Science Daily
1/20/2005: Penguins Waddle But They Don't Fall Down, Researchers Say - Science Daily
1/20/2005: First Demonstration Of 'Teaching' In Non-human Animals- Ants Teach By Running In Tandem - Science Daily
1/20/2005: Quietly, Hawaii serves as world's biotech lab - Seattle Times
1/20/2005: Brazil Threatens Severe Punishment to Anyone Growing GM Corn ... - FirstScience
1/20/2005: Study finds 3,317 species of marine life ... - FirstScience
1/20/2005: Researchers Win $10M Pig Genome Grant ... - FirstScience
1/20/2005: Sun Protection For Plants - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
1/20/2005: Alaska eruptions prompt health warnings - MSNBC
1/20/2005: Climate talks put industry on the spot  - Nature
1/20/2005: Asia-Pacific group pledges cleaner technologies - New Scientist - New Scientist
1/20/2005: Editorial: Methane emissions cause red faces all around
1/20/2005: Deep-rooted Plants Have Much Greater Impact On Climate Than Experts Thought - Science Daily
1/20/2005: Officials battling Xiangjiang River pollution ... - FirstScience
1/20/2005: China faces severe ocean pollution ... - FirstScience
1/20/2005: Environmentalist challenged in Tara case ... - FirstScience
1/20/2005: Australia's coal-fired role in stoking global warming ... - FirstScience
1/20/2005: Environmental Groups Counter Industry Demand for Blank Check to Pollute Waters ... - FirstScience
1/20/2005: India played passive role-Greenpeace ... - FirstScience
1/20/2005: Green Party Movement Making Gains Worldwide ... - FirstScience
1/20/2005: Australia commits R450m to clean air ... - FirstScience
1/20/2005: Augustine Volcano in Alaska Erupts Again ... - FirstScience
1/20/2005: Pakistan aid 'We needed to break survivor's bones before setting them'  - BBC

1/20/2005: Cool tools: Gadgets to clean floors and chill consoles went on show at CES   - BBC
1/20/2005: Review: 'The Bible Game' tests your knowledge  - CNN
1/20/2005: Portables drive record video game sales - Seattle Times

1/20/2005: Disposable phone sales surge may have terror link
  - C/Net
1/20/2005: Take your TV programmes on holiday
 - New Scientist
1/20/2005: Mobile TV finally gets moving
  - BBC

1/20/2005: Samsung sees NAND flash-memory glut, then shortages  - El. Engr. Times
1/20/2005: Infinitesimal Rings For Speedy, Reliable, Efficient Magnetic Memory- Breakthrough Can Lead To Faster Computers - Science Daily

1/20/2005: Apple-Microsoft in odd-couple partnership  - CNN

1/20/2005: Man sues over chatroom humiliation  - C/Net
1/20/2005: Students prefer online courses  - CNN
1/20/2005: Web users judge sites in the blink of an eye  - Nature
1/20/2005: Publish on the web and be damned - New Scientist
1/20/2005: Covert Crawler Descends on Web  - Wired News

1/20/2005: Microsoft demos advertising lab  - C/Net
1/20/2005: Guitarist Fripp records new Windows sounds  - CNN
1/20/2005: Study Shows Increasing Nursing Staff Improves Safety And Quality In Hospitals - Science Daily
1/20/2005: Apple has its eye on more than iPods - Seattle Times
1/20/2005: Editing Windows registry may fix hijacked home page - Seattle Times
1/20/2005: Not all e-mail has profound meaning - Seattle Times
1/20/2005: Snooping fears plague new iTunes  - BBC

1/20/2005: Detroit welcomes tax breaks for hybrid cars  - C/Net
1/20/2005: U.S. details tax breaks for hybrid cars  - El. Engr. Times
1/20/2005: Cell, iPod recharger shines — in the sun - Seattle Times

1/20/2005: Heart implants that won't give nasty shocks - New Scientist
1/20/2005: One In Five Patients On Commonly Prescribed Diuretics Have Abnormal Sodium And Potassium Levels - Science Daily
1/20/2005: No-shock heart implant developed  - BBC

1/20/2005: Researchers At Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center Uncover Clue To Explain Invasive Brain Tumors - Science Daily
1/20/2005: Gold Probes Could Reveal Cancer in Your Body - Space.com
1/20/2005: Curry And Cauliflower Could Halt Prostate Cancer  - BBC

1/20/2005: Bird flu mutation sparks concern  - Nature
1/20/2005: Editorial: Cull or be killed - New Scientist
1/20/2005: Flu Not The Only Germ Threat This Time Of Year- RSV, Other Stealth Bugs Often The Culprit For What's Bugging You - Science Daily
1/20/2005: Gene-specific Ebola Therapies Protect Non-human Primates From Lethal Disease - Science Daily
1/20/2005: Research Details How A Virus Hijacks Cell Signals To Cause Infection - Science Daily
1/20/2005: Amid Avian Flu Fears, Other Bugs Far More Deadly - Space.com
1/20/2005: Supersized 'island' Of Resistance Genes Discovered In An Infectious Bacterium - Insight May Help In Fight Agai ...
 - FirstScience

1/20/2005: Three-week diet curbs diabetes - New Scientist
1/20/2005: Smoking During Pregnancy May Affect Baby's Fingers And Toes - Science Daily

1/20/2005: Artificial retina battery research gets funds  - El. Engr. Times
1/20/2005: Protein Finding Could Lead To Treatment For Inflammatory Diseases - Science Daily
1/20/2005: Pregnancy drug use 'too cautious'  - BBC
1/20/2005: Hope for new way to beat obesity  - BBC
1/20/2005: Losing weight: What are the main reasons so many diets fail?
  - BBC
1/20/2005: New way to stop food poison bugs  - BBC
1/20/2005: The growing appeal of going under the knife for cosmetic surgery  - BBC
1/20/2005: Thousands dial up hearing test  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
1/20/2005: Donner Party Cannibalism Legends Remain Unproven - Science Daily

1/20/2005: Turn your living room into the Tour de France  - C/Net
1/20/2005: AOL bets on blackjack with game show network  - C/Net
1/20/2005: Confab: Chips, China good investments  - El. Engr. Times
1/20/2005: GlobalFlyer gears up for record odyssey - MSNBC
1/20/2005: Hajj crowd-pressure must be eased to avoid tragedy - New Scientist
1/20/2005: Information Technologies Reshaping The Real Estate Landscape In Unexpected Ways - Science Daily
1/20/2005: Armpit Odour Can Exude Women's Fertility - Science Daily
1/20/2005: Putting Pedestrian Safety In The Driving Seat - Science Daily

1/20/2005: FAT Chance Of Becoming Manic-depressive - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
1/20/2005: LIGO Up And Running, But Gravity Waves Remain Elusive - SpaceDaily
Spinning Black Hole Leaves Dent In Space-Time - SpaceDaily
1/20/2005: Snowflake physics
1/20/2005: Space telescopes capture a cosmic jellyfish
 - New Scientist
1/20/2005: Pulsar breaks speed record
 - PhysicsWeb
1/20/2005: Scientists Make First Step Towards 'Holy Grail' Of Crystallography
 - Science Daily
1/20/2005: Spinning Black Hole Leaves Dent In Space-time
 - Science Daily
1/20/2005: Cosmic Battle Creates Milky-Way Sized Tunnel
 - Science Daily
1/20/2005: Phase Change In Fluids Finally Simulated After Decades Of Effort
 - Science Daily
1/20/2005: Space 'Slinky' Confirms Theory with a Twist
 - Space.com
1/20/2005: Photos Show It's True- No Two Snowflakes Alike
 - Space.com

1/20/2005: Turning back the years - New Scientist
1/20/2005: Caloric Restriction Appears To Prevent Primary Aging In The Heart
 - Science Daily

1/20/2005: Interview: And they call it robot love - New Scientist

1/20/2005: Cosmic Log: Titan revisited - MSNBC
1/20/2005: Brazilian astronaut to visit the space station
 - New Scientist
1/20/2005: Saturn special: Ringing the changes
 - New Scientist
1/20/2005: NASA gambles all for another shot at the Moon
 - New Scientist
1/20/2005: Stardust capsule returns to Earth
  - BBC
1/20/2005: Recruits needed to sift stardust
  - BBC
1/20/2005: Watch the landing
  - BBC
1/20/2005: Distant Pluto How the ninth planet was named by an 11-year-old girl
  - BBC
1/20/2005: Orangey world Scientists consider the different ways they could return to Titan
  - BBC
1/20/2005: NASA probe blasts off for Pluto
  - C/Net
1/20/2005: Photo: Destination Pluto
  - C/Net
1/20/2005: Pluto probe launches from Florida
  - BBC
1/20/2005: Mission guide: New Horizons
  - BBC
1/20/2005: Scientists open Stardust capsule
  - BBC

1/20/2005: U.K. sitcom to delve into lives of tech workers  - C/Net
1/20/2005: Magnetic thinking  - Nature
1/20/2005: DNA profiling moves to the scene of the crime - New Scientist


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