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  January 20, 2005

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Scientists Discover Unique Microbe In California's Largest Lake - SpaceDaily  Left: This new cyanobacterium, isolated from the Salton Sea by the laboratory of University of Oregon biologist Michelle Wood, uses a combination of infrared and visible light for oxygen-evolving photosynthesis. Transmission electron micrograph by Sunny Augustine. Scale bar is 0.10 millimeters. Credit: University of Oregon/ National Academy of Science.  The new microbe is one of only three organisms known to science that use a combination of near-infrared light and visible light to produce oxygen by photosynthesis. "While there are some bacteria that can use infrared light for photosynthesis, they do not produce oxygen," Wood explains. "This new microbe opens up a whole new range of possible habitats where oxygen could be produced by photosynthesis using wavelengths of light that exist beyond the visible spectrum."   
Drought's Growing Reach: NCAR Study Points To Global Warming - SpaceDaily  Left:  This depiction of linear trends in the Palmer Drought Severity Index from 1948 to 2002 shows drying (reds and pinks) across much of Canada, Europe, Asia, and Africa and moistening (green) across parts of the United States, Argentina, Scandinavia, and western Australia. Illustration courtesy Aiguo Dai and the American Meteorological Society.  The percentage of Earth's land area stricken by serious drought more than doubled from the 1970s to the early 2000s, according to a new analysis by scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). Widespread drying occurred over much of Europe and Asia, Canada, western and southern Africa, and eastern Australia.   

Good News From Big Bad Black Holes - SpaceDaily  Left:  This false-color image incorporates infrared data (invisible to the human eye). The blue regions (essentially the whole of Minkowski's Object) show enhanced star formation. The red background galaxy and two red foreground stars appear in sharp contrast. The red overlay is the radio jet. Image courtesy: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.   Astronomers have discovered how ominous black holes can create life in the form of new stars, proving that jet-induced star formation may have played an important role in the formation of galaxies in the early universe. "The formation of massive black holes is critical to the formation of new galaxies," Croft said. "Some 20 years ago this kind of thinking was thought to be science fiction." 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

1/20/2005: Scientists Discover Unique Microbe In California's Largest Lake - SpaceDail
1/20/2005: National Zoo puts cheetah cubs online
1/20/2005: Albatrosses routinely circle the globe- MSNBC
1/20/2005:High-Altitude Adventure in Pursuit of Leopards  - NY Times
1/20/2005: Shedding Feathers Early May Enhance Sex Appeal, New Songbird Study Shows - Science Daily
1/20/2005: Cells Don Festive Holiday Colors - Science Daily
1/20/2005: Antibiotic Resistant Bacterium Uses Sonar-like Strategy To 'See' Enemies Or Prey - Science Daily
1/20/2005: Animal Experiments More Stressful Than Previously Recognized - Science Daily
1/20/2005: Soil Fungi Linked To Insect-Associated Decline Of Resistant Grape Rootstocks - Science Daily
1/20/2005: New Computer Program Predicts Mycotoxin Levels In Corn - Science Daily
1/20/2005: Enforcing Single-Season Seeds, Monsanto Sues Farmers  - Technology Review 

Climate, Environment:
1/20/2005: Drought's Growing Reach: NCAR Study Points To Global Warming - SpaceDaily
1/20/2005: Perchlorate: Out of the Hot Water? - Business Week
1/20/2005: Tsunami moves North Pole, shortens daytime  - C/Net
1/20/2005: Aid to Indian islands 'hijacked'  - BBC
1/20/2005: Huge iceberg to ram glacier - MSNBC
1/20/2005: Town sees evidence of ancient tsunami - MSNBC
1/20/2005: U.S. to expand tsunami warning system - MSNBC
1/20/2005: Coastal Beauty Exerts Pull Even After Fatal Mudslide  - NY Times
1/20/2005: Bush Pledges Early Warning System for Atlantic  - NY Times
1/20/2005: Evidence For Sun-climate Link Reported By UMaine Scientists - Science Daily
1/20/2005: UC Davis Study Shows Lake Tahoe Is Warming Up - Science Daily
1/20/2005: Urban Ecology Study Witnessing The Birth Of A 'Designer Ecosystem' - Science Daily
1/20/2005: NASA Details Earthquake Effects On The Earth - Science Daily
1/20/2005: Catastrophic Tsunami Possible On West Coast - Science Daily

1/20/2005: Cool Look, Hot Sounds - Business Week
1/20/2005: Apple debuts new, low-priced iPod  - C/Net
1/20/2005: Apple releases 99-dollar iPod shuffle (AFP)  - Yahoo
1/20/2005: Will Apple flash iPod rock market?  - C/Net
1/20/2005: Geocaching leads adventures on high-tech hunt  - CNN
1/20/2005: Game review  - CNN
1/20/2005: Mogul looking hard at video game industry
  - CNN

1/20/2005: Face the Music, Wireless Carriers
 - Business Week
1/20/2005: The thrill is gone
  - C/Net
1/20/2005: Comcast expected to raise broadband speeds
  - C/Net
1/20/2005: Handheld questions raised in T-Mobile hacking
 - Seattle Times

1/20/2005: HP's new plan for Itanium
1/20/2005: Motorola, Oakley to collaborate on wearable Bluetooth devices  - El. Engr. Times
1/20/2005: Hitachi develops 200-Gbyte holographic disk  - El. Engr. Times
1/20/2005: Boeing 737 is cheaper than immersion litho for 45-nm - Silicon Strategies
1/20/2005: Foundry Watch: IBM to become '65-nm capable' - Silicon Strategies

1/20/2005: Apple's Bold Swim Downstream - Business Week
1/20/2005: Scenes from Macworld  - C/Net
1/20/2005: How big will the Mini be-  - C/Net
1/20/2005: Mac Mini: a killer home theater PC in the making-  - C/Net
1/20/2005: Mac Mini revs up car enthusiast market  - C/Net
1/20/2005: An Apple for your home theater?  - C/Net
1/20/2005: Mac Mini, a fixed mobile PC
  - C/Net
1/20/2005: New addition to the Mac lineup is small in size and price.
  - C/Net
1/20/2005: Mac Mini a maxi deal: Depends what you want
  - C/Net
1/20/2005: Teen accused of leaking Apple secrets
  - CNN
1/20/2005: Grids Unleash the Power of Many
  - Technology Review 

1/20/2005: Google Dodges a Bullet  - C/Net
1/20/2005: Peer-to-peer 'seeders' could be targeted  - C/Net
1/20/2005: Hong Kong Makes First File-Sharing Arrest (AP)  - Yahoo
1/20/2005: P2p file sharing is increasing  - C/Net
1/20/2005: Company offers 10GB of Net storage, for free  - C/Net
1/20/2005: Kapor on Firefox: Let's not get ahead of ourselves  - C/Net
1/20/2005: MSN's Web search picks up steam
  - C/Net
1/20/2005: eBay fee changes spark revolt
  - CNN
1/20/2005: eBay boosts fees, angering sellers
 - Seattle Times

1/20/2005: Five years of Ballmer--the effect on Microsoft  - C/Net
1/20/2005: At the heart of the open-source revolution  - C/Net
1/20/2005: Longhorn may blend Tablet PC, Media Center  - C/Net
1/20/2005: Microsoft: No flaw in Media Player  - C/Net
1/20/2005: Microsoft previews Avalon graphics engine  - C/Net
1/20/2005: Apple Sales, Income Soar as iPod Becomes Must-Have Music Player for Millions  - Technology Review 


1/20/2005: MDCT Angiography Can Potentially Help Determine Which Patients Are At Greater Risk Of Stroke - Science Daily

1/20/2005: Does Cancer Run In Families? - Science Daily
1/20/2005: Study Finds No Reduction In Breast Cancer Risk With Consumption Of Vegetables And Fruits - Science Daily
1/20/2005: Study Examines Relationship Of Vitamin A Pathway To Breast Tumor Progression - Science Daily

1/20/2005: Immune System Contributes To Evolution Of A New Fluorescent Protein - Science Daily
1/20/2005: Jefferson Virologists Coax HIV Out Of Hiding - Science Daily

1/20/2005: Healthy Mix Of GI Tract Microbes Are Key To Preventing Allergies And Asthma - Science Daily

1/20/2005: Americans handed new dietary advice  - Nature
1/20/2005: Study: 7 Percent Of College Students Used Prescription Drugs As Stimulants For Non-medical Purposes - Science Daily
1/20/2005: Mayo Clinic Discovery On Nature Of Rheumatoid Arthritis Lung Disease May Offer Patients Therapy - Science Daily
1/20/2005: Study Finds That Adherence To Diet, Not Type Of Diet, More Important Factor For Losing Weight - Science Daily
1/20/2005: Repeated Unexpected Infant Deaths Most Likely To Be From Natural Causes - Science Daily
1/20/2005: Unique Presentation Of Delirium After Stem Cell Transplantation - Science Daily
1/20/2005: Debunking Constipation Myths: The Truth About High Fiber Diets And Laxatives

History, Anthropology:
1/20/2005: Cosmic Log: Darwin debate evolves - MSNBC
1/20/2005: Judge nixes evolution textbook stickers - MSNBC

1/20/2005: What Did Ebbers Know? - Business Week
1/20/2005: The Bumpy Road to HDTV Paradise - Business Week
1/20/2005: How to Identify Fake News Photos  - C/Net
1/20/2005: Killing time  - C/Net
1/20/2005: Outsourcing to Oklahoma?  - C/Net
1/20/2005: Online shopper: Hibernation season has its rewards  - C/Net
1/20/2005: Mammoth plane ready for debut
1/20/2005: Trade-gap study focuses on China - Seattle Times
1/20/2005: Gates nonprofit picks Seattle Center headquarters site - Seattle Times
1/20/2005: Some doubt wisdom of Wal-Mart campaign - Seattle Times

1/20/2005: Mouse Brain Tumors Mimic Those In Human Genetic Disorder - Science Daily
1/20/2005: Seeking The Biological Basis Of Dyslexia - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
1/20/2005: Good News From Big Bad Black Holes - SpaceDaily
1/20/2005: Exoplanet may have been pictured at last
  - Nature
1/20/2005: Origin of energetic space particles pinpointed
  - Nature
1/20/2005: Going Beyond Einstein: Spacetime Wave Orbits Black Hole
 - Science Daily
1/20/2005: Observation Of Material Circling A Supermassive Black Hole
 - Science Daily

1/20/2005: Epilepsy drug may delay ageing  - Nature


1/20/2005: Metal meteor found on Mars - Seattle Times
1/20/2005: Amazon CEO gives us peek into space plans
 - Seattle Times
1/20/2005: Image shows probe landing site
  - BBC
1/20/2005: Latest Titan pictures show details of geography
  - Nature
1/20/2005: Metal chunk on Mars confirmed as meteorite
 - New Scientist
1/20/2005: Editorial
: ESA triumph as probe reveals Titan's secrets - New Scientist
1/20/2005: A Look Around Titan
  - NY Times
1/20/2005: Titan's Big News
  - NY Times
1/20/2005: Photos & Audio From Titan (
  - NY Times
1/20/2005: NASA Rover Finds Meteorite on Mars ...
 - FirstScience
1/20/2005: Europeans following up on Titan triumph ...
1/20/2005: Mars Opportunity Rover Finds a Meteorite
1/20/2005: George W. Bush's first four years
 - SpaceDaily
1/20/2005: Russia And Europe Sign Major Space Agreement
 - SpaceDaily
1/20/2005: Targeting Titan
 - SpaceDaily
1/20/2005: Russia Led In 2004 Space Launches
 - SpaceDaily

1/20/2005: Hewlett-Packard to accelerate ID tagging  - C/Net
1/20/2005: Special report: CNN 25  - CNN
1/20/2005: Sound wave research hits rocky waters - MSNBC
1/20/2005: MSI Reveals Invention For Detection And Precise Quantification Of Molecules - Science Daily


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