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  January 20, 2004

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Quakes Along Central San Andreas Fault Peak Every Three-Years - SpaceDaily  Left:  The San Andreas Fault dominates the geography of California  Medium to large earthquakes occurring along the central San Andreas Fault appear to cluster at regular three-year intervals - a previously unnoticed cycle that provides some hope for forecasting larger quakes along this and other California faults. A study by University of California, Berkeley, seismologists shows a higher probability of moderate to large quakes - magnitude 4, 5 and 6 - just as the frequency of smaller quakes, called microquakes, begins to increase along the northern half of a 110-mile segment of the central San Andreas Fault. The scientists found that the frequency of these repeating microquakes along the fault segment rises and falls over a three-year period, and that moderate to large earthquakes are six to seven times more likely to occur at the upswing of this cycle.
Two young orang   WWF Orang-utans 'may die out by 2025' - BBC  The orang-utan, Asia's "wild man of the forests", could disappear in just 20 years, a campaign group believes. WWF, the global environment network, says in the last century the number of apes fell by 91% in Borneo and Sumatra. Globally, it says, there were thought to be somewhere between 45,000 and 60,000 orang-utans as recently as 1987. But by 2001 that number had fallen by virtually half, to an estimated 25,000- 30,000 of the animals, more than half of them living outside protected areas. The apes, restricted to the islands of Borneo and Sumatra, are regarded as two species, the Bornean (Pongo pygmaeus) and the Sumatran orang-utan (Pongo abelii). The Sumatran animal is classified as critically endangered, with possibly no more than 9,000 specimens. Click here to find out more about endangered apes Across their range they are at risk because of the fragmentation and destruction of the forests. WWF says: "This is caused by commercial logging, and clearance for oil palm plantations and agriculture. Almost 80% of all forests in Malaysia and Indonesia have now been logged.

Astrobiologist Helps NASA Search For Life On Other Planets - SpaceDaily   One of the tough parts about finding life on other planets is knowing where to look. A University of Arizona researcher has made a list of 17,000 stars that might be orbited by habitable planets. Starting in 2015, NASA's Terrestrial Planet Finder (TPF) will look at the top 30 stars from her list. Answering these questions requires stars bright enough for telescopes to detect. Because the distance from Earth is an indication of a star's brightness, Turnbull initially considered 120,000 stars from the Hipparcos catalog, which contains information on the distance of each star.

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Alzheimer's Disease:

1/20/2004: Quakes Along Central San Andreas Fault Peak Every Three-Years - SpaceDaily
1/20/2004: Rice Centromere, Supposedly Quiet Genetic Domain, Surprises
 - Science Daily
1/20/2004: RNA Lariat May Tie Up Loose Ends To Decades-Old Mystery Of Retrovirus Life Cycle - Science Daily
1/20/2004: X Marks the Spot for Jumbo DNA  - Technology Review 
1/20/2004: GM crops to hit wildlife, says advisory body... - FirstScience
1/20/2004: UK govt decision on GM crops seen in February... - FirstScience
1/20/2004: Japanese School Makes Human Stem Cells - ABC

Climate, Environment:
1/20/2004: Orang-utans 'may die out by 2025' - SpaceDaily
1/20/2004: Quakes Along Central San Andreas Fault Peak Every Three-Years - SpaceDaily
1/20/2004: Earthquakes Can Be Predicted Months In Advance - Science Daily
1/20/2004: Ocean Floor Reveals Clues To Global Warming - Science Daily
1/20/2004: Sediment Samples Suggest How Plants Would Fare In Hotter, Drier Future - Science Daily
1/20/2004: Team Looking Into How Volcanoes Work - Science Daily
1/20/2004: Record retreat in Swiss glaciers in 2003 due to climate change- scientists - SpaceDaily
1/20/2004: Britain rises above the US on climate change... - FirstScience
1/20/2004: Everglades pollution case heads to court... - MSNBC
1/20/2004: Supreme Court takes up air and water pollution cases... - FirstScience
1/20/2004: Cow's that ... kitted out to fight greenhouse gases... - FirstScience
1/20/2004: Major Corporations Pledge Greenhouse Gas Reductions... - FirstScience
1/20/2004: EC's final warning over coastal water quality levels... - FirstScience
1/20/2004: Albatross sailor: A campaign voyage to save the albatross reaches NZ  - BBC

1/20/2004: Roundup: 17-Inch LCD TVs - ABC
1/20/2004: GameCube fights to stay in the game  - BBC


1/20/2004: Nikon to start EUV litho product development in 2004 - Silicon Strategies
1/20/2004: Intel emulator speeds 32-bit software on 64-bit CPUs - Silicon Strategies
1/20/2004: Intel to delay next-generation mobile chip  - C/Net

1/20/2004: HP back on top of PC market  - C/Net
1/20/2004: Doctors to receive PCs, handhelds  - C/Net

1/20/2004: Yahoo, Google primed for search war  - C/Net
1/20/2004: Seeds of destruction  - C/Net
1/20/2004: China's Web surfers swell to 79.5 million  - C/Net
1/20/2004: AOL makes Super Bowl play for dial-up customers  - C/Net
1/20/2004: Designs on desktop search  - C/Net
1/20/2004: Signs of trouble  - C/Net
1/20/2004: Grids 101  - C/Net
1/20/2004: Web services wish list  - C/Net

1/20/2004: Activist slams song-swap battle  - BBC
1/20/2004: Q&A: Music online: Why the UK music industry may sue song-swappers  - BBC
1/20/2004: Judge finds IE violates patent  - C/Net
1/20/2004: Linux brings in $2.5 billion for HP  - C/Net
1/20/2004: Microsoft's deja vu defense  - C/Net


1/20/2004: Mayo Clinic Researches Ways To Better Treat Patients With Heart Defects - Science Daily
1/20/2004: Discovery Changes Ideas About Damage From Strokes - Science Daily
1/20/2004: Device Perfecting Tissue-Generated Blood Vessels - Science Daily
1/20/2004: Cholesterol confusion revealed  - BBC
1/20/2004: Hard water 'stops heart attacks'  - BBC

1/20/2004: Wound-healing Genes Influence Cancer Progression, Say Stanford Researchers - Science Daily
1/20/2004: Predicting Progression Of Common Cancers - Science Daily
1/20/2004: Researchers Learn How Tumors Escape Capture - Science Daily
1/20/2004: Cancer clusters: How numbers might explain patterns of disease  - BBC

1/20/2004: Researchers Develop Model To Help Control West Nile Outbreak - Science Daily
1/20/2004: WHO Calls for Asian Bird Flu Measures - ABC
1/20/2004: USDA Tracing Suspect Cattle From Canada - ABC
1/20/2004: SARS All but Ruled Out in Australia Flight - ABC
1/20/2004: Sex infection screening extended  - BBC

1/20/2004: The Role Of Copper, Iron In Diseases- Interdisciplinary Project Targets Disruptions Of Metal Ion Balance In Human Cells - Science Daily
1/20/2004: Cost of AIDS Testing Will Drop in Africa - ABC

1/20/2004: Inadequate Water And Sanitation Adversely Effects Child Growth - Science Daily
1/20/2004: Membrane-coated Beads Make Sensitive Assay For Protein Drug Candidates - Science Daily
1/20/2004: Science panel urges universal U.S. health insurance by 2010... - FirstScience
1/20/2004: Blood Bank Broke? - ABC
1/20/2004: Bad Bellies: Helping Kids with Bowel Disease - ABC
1/20/2004: Video: Kids Coping with IBD - ABC
1/20/2004: HealthyWoman Quiz - ABC
1/20/2004: Focus on Gastrointestinal Health - ABC
1/20/2004: Is Winter Your 'SAD' Season? - ABC
1/20/2004: Keep Jack Frost at Bay? Combating Cold - ABC
1/20/2004: Tips for Layering Up Against the Chill - ABC
1/20/2004: Testing Testosterone - ABC
1/20/2004: Burger King Unveils Bunless Burgers
 - ABC
1/20/2004: Scientists pinpoint a chemical in sweat that attracts mosquitoes
  - BBC
1/20/2004: Recreational drugs 'hit memory'
  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
1/20/2004: Regal Remains - ABC
1/20/2004: Fossil embryos delight scientists  - BBC
1/20/2004: Egypt Mummified lion unearthed  - BBC

1/20/2004: China, U.S. Cooperate on Nuclear Security, Green Olympics... - FirstScience
1/20/2004: World 'going too slow on poverty' - ABC
1/20/2004: Chemical key to mosquito biting  - BBC
1/20/2004: Language tools for fight on terror  - BBC
1/20/2004: Tolkien estate wins net ruling  - BBC
1/20/2004: Playboy wins right to sue AOL  - BBC
1/20/2004: What's Next for Pharma?  - C/Net
1/20/2004: The (painful) body electric  - C/Net

1/20/2004: Nicotine Spurs Different Emotions In Smokers, Nonsmokers - Science Daily 

Physics and Astronomy:
1/20/2004: Lasers overcome the Lorentz force - PhysicsWeb


1/20/2004: Man's Best Friend On Mars Could Be A Robot - Science Daily
1/20/2004: Robot scientist proves its worth  - BBC

1/20/2004: Astrobiologist Helps NASA Search For Life On Other Planets - SpaceDaily 
1/20/2004: America's New Space Plan- A Vision in Search of Focus, Observers Say
 - Space.com
1/20/2004: Rad-Hardened Air Force Computer Guides Rovers To Mars - Space.com
1/20/2004: Go To That Crater And Turn Right: Spirit Gets A Travel Itinerary - Science Daily
1/20/2004: President Bush's Plan Calls For Return to the Moon by 2015 - Space.com
1/20/2004: The Challenge Ahead: What Bush Needs to Duplicate the Success of Apollo - Space.com
1/20/2004: Russia capable of landing man on Mars by 2014: official - SpaceDaily
1/20/2004: Americans proud to set their sights on Mars - SpaceDaily
1/20/2004: White House downplays military facet of space plan - SpaceDaily
1/20/2004: US space program to aim for exploration, not destinations: NASA chief - SpaceDaily
1/20/2004: Honeymoons could be on the Moon - SpaceDaily
1/20/2004: Countdown for Rocket Planes  - Technology Review 
1/20/2004: NASA's Rover Rolls Onto Mars Surface - ABC
1/20/2004: Can Bush's Space Plan Happen? - ABC
1/20/2004: Full Coverage - ABC
1/20/2004: Scientists: Moon Has Many Useful Materials - ABC
1/20/2004: 'Headed out into the cosmos' - ABC

1/20/2004: Digital Secrets: How Spirit Makes Great Photos - Space.com
1/20/2004: Nanotubes Grown on Plastic  - Technology Review 


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